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Family Notices



SHIP NEWS. SMTANSEA.—Arrived, the Phc»n I IDund; E;pe<Jnion, Hawk u d Happy Coupie, Phillips, froi<» Bn r 1 Unity, Jones,, from Giocester, w *t r dries; Fancy; Williams, from Nt-a sy, Margrate, from Giocester; Ann, Alexander, 'iro:i» Hrj: thl;'Oceari, Williams, tromApplcdore;.W<it'rmci L liif, from Iifracombe; Prosper, Webb, from a. i i Thomas and Judith, Moyse, irom Peuzanct, -ih i i ° Cfeared out,' the Sampson, Karris and Mar-j-s f »• for Watcribrd; Corr.wailis, Power, fofDVimi n i r; ,d Intent, Marshaii; Betsy, Peak; and, i for Bideford; St. Ives, '-Stephens ;-M.ar\, Jo. tree, Stevens and Ann and Sarah, Prt cott, ui- combe Mariner,-Banks, for Fowey a kins, tor Padstow. Neath.—-Arrived, the Heart of Oak, Perrott, from Cork, in ballast. Cleared out, the Lark, Graves, fOf. London; ? Stride, for Southampton; Staii'of Lh R lwe ib: y; mouth, with stone coal and Samuci, Lt t riu » •" Ives, with coaL Cardiff.—Arrived, the St. Pieirc, D »^ F;:c Richards, from Bristol, with sui>dii-s ,u 1 Ali" 4- ineiine, Roberts, from ditto, in baiidit. Silted, the Dxyades, Jones, lor Cor » i « Che i- uig Peggy, Harries; and Hebe, Har 1 1 sundries; Nancy and Marv, Sprige, or 1 ii • t arid coais; and Charming"feetty,~Gr,tit' c with coals. Carmarthen:Arrived, the Rebecca, L! neliy, witti -coals. Cleared .out, the Pclly and Betsy, tol, with oats, beans, and butter Lsik, P with oafsand butter; John and Mary, Swrk" aiid bria, Evans, I or -ditto, %vitit sill k l » for LlaneiUs with ditto; and Venus, Lewis, for BiielQT 3, I with ships'stores. Llmteily.—Arrived, the Mar> >, 7 > ->/ i „ mart lies; and Elizabeth, Mulard, iH'tu i Cieajed. out, the Co'.co.d, Le J >t -r>v S'v David, HnU, for CWmarthen Iwu ht" >j8.x»n., füf .Barnstaple; Eagle, Hancock, lor D<«r m uti. A..r, II j-- ve- d Cior Bid e,'otl JBristol.—Arrived, the Atneha, ————, ire S' { e"! the Swal!ov.», Cravvford 'and Elizabeth, Stott; i <. iord 1 wee Gebroeden, v\earda;-froin Samara, tina, AJ. 'gada, from Lisbott; Neptune, Cc{>,».4 *n Cork Minna, ——: iroin Biiboa; and. CJ'J Jenkms, from Swansea. Entered out, the Trial Morris arid Ka"p\ 5 Broom'sani, for. Neath. Hero, Roberts; ana Liiiiy l, lx i. is, tor Carmarthen; Weiueme, Da\ ics, tor ijiatigliarrie; i- ssuna, Jones, for Pembroke Speedwell, Maek«y,.jcf Pt .broke and Milfotd. Perseverance, Richards; and Liber;y, .VVr:ittow,forHaverfordwest. f Scitly.—Arrived, the■ Rambler,"G.yton wi<f*Ex-perimer:?, Piuilips, ifo.n Swansea ,or London; -Ind.u8try,iRobert*, from Carmarthen, with coals and iauyer ior,LoiifkHi ;» Lord |Nelson, Che^seman,- from Milford, .with culm ior$i.cre- ham: and. Industry, C.oliiu, irom Milforcf, with coals ior Arundel." roill Livt'rpoel—Arrived, the Glory; Towers, from C ep, wnli oak bark Jenny, Owen, from Bristol, with -1 luri »s • Diana, Rowlands; and Ann,- Wrench, from C*u*vj\j witti wheat. Talmnuth^.rrived, the Fortitude, Jenkins- from.Swan- sea; Endeavour, Dennis; and Four Sisters, vViilhims, tana Burry Gertrude, Cundy, fr«Sa Carditf John -and Sally, Colims, from Carmarthen; and Brothers, Oidrid^e, Irom Mniord.. v Sailed, the. Friendship, Hoskin, for Swansea.. Truro.—Arrived, the Mary, Rowe"; Bouitpn, San-rs; Marianna, Btmd;, Cotton, Hockm'; Betsy, Trei. Earl of Uxbridge, -Roberts ;■ Friends, Maine V. •Dalton and Union, Rees, all from Swansea, with Sailed, the John, Tretuddra; Polly, Cook; Sinei*, alills; Friends, Dysart; Mary,. Cromer; and Aoiiers, Dalton, all for Swansea with copper ore. St. Ices.—Arrived, the, Margam, Wiiliasn.?, from Aber- avon, with copper; Brothers,' Thomas; and Industry, Quick, from Wales, with coals. Sailed,, the Union, Tricky and ——, Torsel, for-Wales. Padstow.—Arrived, the TV ill ia»»,Barrett j. Union, Burt; and Padgey, Richards,.atliron Swansea. Sailed, the Treore, Jeiuiings; and Ebenezer, Harvev, for Swansea. I Penzance.—Arrived,^ the Richard and Mary, Sennett, from Swansea, and saiied again for Looe. The Ancient Briton, Qt Pembroke, Davies, master, from Bristol bound to Milford and Pembroke, arrived auhe for- mer port on Tuesday, abournoon. U ntortunately, after encountering s-icccsstoliy the-tiaugers of the sea, »i c striuit upon an anchor of a br.ig.lymg in Hubherston pi It.' wiuch stuve a hole in her bottom; and the water has -d.nu £ ».u al- 7 most the w hole of her cargo. Tne loss .susraine'd is ,ik< to be very considerabievas nerlading was chiefly e-rocenA. The Vra.de ioi London sod the ports in theciianne!, tailed from Mil lord on Monday, under convoy. The James, OHterbrjdge, froM -Bristol to Cork, is put into Milford w-tth the loss of boat, and sails split; and-the Catlia- nae,'Oweii,- irom JJewjrort to Liverpool, leaky.-


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