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SHIP NEWS. SWANSEA.—Arrived, the Swan, Bevan, irom i ctersburgh, wifh hemp, iroH, tallow, and. dcais Biathers, Daiton and Wil- liahi and Jane, Roberts, tfoni Falmoutii; St'. Stenhens; Fofresteri Hav, kins and Union, Trick, from St. Tve& uliw^th copper ore Bee, Galard, Irom, Dart!nou.th, vnt.h deals,; Swallow, Thomas, from the Isle o! Man, with herrings Rose, Howeil, from Milt'ord, with slate •, Ponsonb_y, Walsh, frpm. Puacarvan, with sundries; c.EHnor; Collins, from Brisfof'j Mariner^ Banks; Ami and Susan,- Collins; and Hendr'a, Melhuish, from-Fowey; Agenoria, Poof r and Feroiiia, Godfrev, from Dartmouth; Lark, Graves, from, Portsmouth Hob- becbt, Lewis, from Kinsaie; Tr-aore, Jenniags, from Pad- stow; Friendship, Hoskins, from Fahuoufh; Good Intent, Marsnalj; and li.etsy, Peek,, from Cipveliy •; Comwaliis, Pawer, from Youuhal!; -Mary,- -Salter, frpui-rPi^ajouth Hebe, Carder, irom Alinehead;Edwarii, Iieyne, from Bidetbrd; 'Maratus, i ool, from Publin: and'Simpson, Harris, from Mruoru, ail in ballast. 1 •' Cleared ou tl t v Expeditrori,-Hawkins;"md Car- diff Castle, Jenkins, for; -BitstoU with: satidries'; Ann and Teresa, ColUns, tor NcwnLom, with unnranuiactured cojv per; Taunton, "Owens, for Cardigan; Ui)ity, .FraHcis, for Limerick; John and Eli'zabeih, "Shamipn, .ior.Y^ugiiaH • Industry, Bdwen, for Cork; Sa'lcomb, Wiieddon ^ieaiior' Coltins United Brothers,"Jones Clu!ow*»Riee Speed- well, Lngg Harford, Walters', alnd Starry, Eoas, for II- fracombe Fortitude,. Yiviftn Joker, Thsmas Mary, Jones. Charles,. Dobh; Rose, DH-vies.; -Nai^ey,. Waher Good Intent, Evans; Freeman, Davies; L'lt&go-ity, Ilos- ser Peggy, Lobb Joseph, Clark 'UhiorC Robert Brothers, Avres Flenipcs Moilard;' R,"espltition^ Juhn Diligence, Williams: and H-endra, Meihui'shvfor-S^. Ives- Feroma-, Godfrey and Age nor; I twl, for PaUtmouth John, Low-ther Susan, Wii'!bun-John.andBettv,LIovd and Jeremiah, .Hopkin, .of Bin-lord WispatetJ, R,>we Elizabeth, Gillard; Ahbev, 'i wpna. an«i Josfiph and MtM-y, Marshajt, for Plymoi tf- J 1 and'Alaiv, Beer, for Padstow Supply,. Sim*11, jur Bafusfciple Hswiviony, Westeoti; Ann, Croker., a^d Sociable Fuends, Griffith, for Watcliet, all with coal or. cu Lin. Neath.-—Arrived, the lrid. Morr an X- a tit Trader, SynsoRs,' from Bristol, «ith vn drt< A-t'icv. Cobley, ffom Minehead, wi/h malt and fiour; Leisv, J!u1iie, from u Truro; Marv, Brown Fieet; Blackmorc and ni'iel, Love;i:ig, tv0111 at. I\cs, all with x;op|»cr ur2-, Cleared out, tlui-Neat-i Trader, Si nions: Marv, Joim; and Trial, Morns, tor bristoi, with sundries; Cinistian, Cook, for riyruou'.h, with iron Garfand, Gold\w,rJ.hy, for ditto, with troii and butter: Frn>nds, Grown, for London; and Ecoin Sutton, icirJs-juthaiMpttm,-with stone coal; Fviendsnqi. Hole, tor atchet:, BoscaM.le, iivC -for Padstow: Pi'\ d r e, Brent, tov Bridgeu f 15 tsy, Hodge; aud :vi -■>. v, Brown, lor Hi; .iconibe-; o ,u.i», ills, for Ccbtey, lor Mmehead-; and Rose, White, for Darimo'itn, M'h coat atid ciVlfu." Cardiff— Aril'.ed, the Padstb\t;'Sfeverts, ftbfh-"London, with timber and deals; Hebe, Harris^- and CT^arniiug Peggy, Harris, trom. Bristol, w«U.sundries.froia Bircf, Tnmi* Bridge- water, 'with. brickS', &c,'lVlary Ann, Cotti.n, irom Padstow Charming Betty, Griffiths, from Mmehead Robert, from Cowes; Albion, Randall; and Success, Waller, from Plymouth, in ballast. Sailed, the Hannah, Short, for London and IJlwy Ann, Cotton, for Dnolui, with iron; Castte, Clements, tor Bris- tøl, with sundries Tredetiar, Richards, for Waterford, ,with iron and coals and Saiiy, Periam, for Exeter, with coais. .•; Carmarthen.—Arrived, the John and Mary, Storks; and Cambria, Evans, frop), Bristol, mrh -.nitiries: Lark, Rogers, froni Glocester, with salt; Venns,- JJP.WTS* trom Bideford, with earthenwaie and apples: Resolution, Da- vies; and Endeavour, Davies, fromLfane!]y. wtrhcoais. Cleared out, the Ceres, Rees, for Swansea tiSul John and Peggy, Davies, for Bndgew (,:er. wtt').oa'ts; Peace and Plenty, Jones, for Bristol..and Chfton Uid'*o, Mere- dith, for Llahelly, with sundries, 1)nb, for Falmouth, with cuts and butter; and St. David, .Hall, for Llanelly, with flour"; Ltanelhj.—Arrived, the St.' David, II" from ^aTiar- then, with sundries; Cuitpn Union, Mere lnh, trom ditto, with timber; Endeavour, Pavies diV^ L 112' 1 0111 ditto Elizabeth,' Witson,, from I e ii Cn ,n. ,i!og, G.iffitlis, l'r< C rli^ari Eagle ILnco L 4r 1 > )a t mouth; Am ilei <. trow Btaetord Two tr tin.^ am- .sum, from .B l iqne SIl5é:.nnah; Gay, from i, and William and Marv, Panipe.rav, trom -Kinsaie, in bsitasr. Cleared out, the Tnend hi>. Pii_ tids, •-r Cardigan, with iron; Cwras\m!iig, (jiitnu,^ J\,cbec.ca, Hoyd and Marv Ann,,M3r|tan, icfr C&rfuartheri Pf<>v'i(lenee, psvies, for CardigMi,. Rover., Piilaty for Da»imoiitli; Hai riet and Ann, Wifkins^ for falnaouth and fBlessintr, Perry, for Barnstaple, with coals.. -• < '•' Bristol.—-Arrived, the America, Ilasw-pli, from St. An- d.ero-; Sophia;- Christiiiff, -— San.. Jnse4, ■ V\iluel- rnina, Aschendorfand Jungftr Bethe, Backir, 11 >m Bil- boa Merry Ar.dreWV Rivcft,. trom Steriord T'mice of Wale«, > kf 1 ijin -L-o,k-, H^ifllSti^ Ei.ilravour, 'Darnel and Lovely,.——, tr$mjNewlou!-irttaud';Vad JNcw h*,) tht 11', H • i n tu 11 Swansea-- ..1' Enuietout, tlie H»pp\ C« {.le, Phillips.; :and»Phaaiix, Pi-iiuondj lor b va-isea !Sancy, Ricti3rds, for Carmarthen; and Speedwell, Griffiths* fur -Cardigan. Fabmuth.—Arrived, the George- and Anh, Love ring, from Swansea and Friends, Tucker, from "Barry; Forii- 'tude, Jenilns^froto Swansea; Jol)n and Sally, Coitins, ftcitu Cariuartheti. < Churlestmn.—^Arrived, the Rashleigh, Melhuish; Peg- gy, Rickard ;'and ifetev, Slade, fronSwiinsea. Truro — ■Entftfed odt, tlie Polly, Cook and John, Tre- luddra, trom with p-envfoee.—\trived, the Fairy, Oats ;5L<<-azipn, Ste- phens; and Swallow, 'Teague, from Swansea. Sci!íY.Sa¡¡ed, the Peggy" Curtis, irom Swansea to Fowey James, Pascoe; and Polly, Cook, from Swansea to Falmouth Bothers, Bail, inttn B»rrv to 'Fowf.j; I'liion, Goes; and P10vide11.ee, TtUHiui-, *r^ni. Bm»y'-to I'Seiouth; Eii/a, Pa\ie^, Calherin.e, Jo ,e» I mods, Ju.i,. and Start, Pettigrew, from' Cardih to L"n»i«n Marg-irt tta, Dai if- from" Cardigan to. 'London j Refla- tion, GrdHih,"Miifbrd to W /vniout!; thianimity, Lea, in.in D ulwuth to Milford Johiv, Lewis, from Loti- doii to BarmouthDrvades, Jones, from Plymouth to Barmouth and Flora, League, from Newport to London. •/ iierfooi, -\tr el, the l inon, Jones, from Cardiff, with iron C net r 1 Hti^i^ fron P^ihely,. with barley, cai-, hacon- taiiwr. potatoes -&.C Bitty/aiid Peggy, Qriiy, from C'mwayv wjJtn.wU,^ Mar arct, Evans; and Jane, Pa vies, from uriotol., M( i«» sundries. Tiie Brig Grace-, from Biistoi, which was on shore oft The Brig Graces, from Biistoi, which was on shore on 'the North Bnii, Dublin, is got off' without damage to. tiie cargo. HIGH -WAT3-.lt ON SWVNSEA-BAR.. b HIGH WATER ON SWVNSEA-BAR.. f iw the ensuing Week.' Pays. M-ornin-g. Evening. 1 Height., n. M. H. M. 1'. r. Saturday It 13 11 45 10 6 Siuw.iy* 24 1 4 9 9 Monday 140 15 9 3, 'fn:esdi, 2 ''It) J 13 9 11 Tne-day 2 *»t> J 15 9 11 Vvedne-.iay 3 4? 4 9 10 3 'I'mrsday i 4 32 4- 50 11 8 Frumy." 5-10 } 5 S8 {12 8 I HiGH-WATER- AT THE PASSAGES ioj t!ie ensuing Days, Morning. :)- Eve:iing. 11. m. h. r-i. Sat ar lay H •'« 12 7 Snnda-v l'i 4G 1 2(j M-. -<v 2 2 .2 oT TueMiay 8 3 37 I Wednesday 4 5 ,.4 3L Thursday j 4 5-i I 5 12 Fn-iay o 32 ¡ S 00