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SHIP NEWS. SWAN SF-A .-»-The shining in our harbour fortuiidielv ieceived little or no injury dur- ing, the. previtifncf ot,the tremendous gales 011 Satuvdav, Sunday, apd Monday lasl; but.sc\eral vessels at the ilianibles were much damaged: tne Heeo--ery, Pawswi, from "Cardiff -to Falmouth,with- coafe; bunk, but as she lies. d4y <t low- water will be repairable on IieV cargo 1/e.ing disc: -urged: others lost their bow-sprite &c. The John Byrkin, oftiat- combe, arrived at the Mumbles yesterday.with the lWs of her sails: the Morristoii and Encfeavour ariue'd brigs renyiin there wind-bound. Arrived, the' Gardin' Castle, JehJcins, from "Brktel; aird Viiiity, Jones, from Glocester, with sundries; Frietltbitrp. lleynolds, froin Falmouth Hope, Yeof from Plymouth Ruse, Davie#; Fortitude,, Vivian^.CIuli>w, IUce; Pitui^o, Moliard;. Harford, Walters; Good Intent, Evans man, Davi6s;; Providericc, Jonesand DiMeiVeAVillJaift! from;St>Ives; with copper Prtaf, from cfmb, with clay Handy, VVi!liami, -fcum. iVJ'dfnrdi- KJizahefi;, Hughes, from Amlwch; Bee, Jones, Ifpni JJiistpl r S^ecia- tqr, Grenfeii; and-Peggy, Lobb, fo^,Eo;vvey.EU/ai>j^i, Jones j Goodwill, Lancey; Florai Williams; ^Viliiaui. Tjt'o- mas; and William, LobbettV'ffom.'Barnstaple; ilctMo"ntv, Sutton, from Penjsance; ^)eedweHi'lAigg; Ann and Sarah, Prescott; and J.hn and-Afaty;Beer; ftom Iltracombe Mary, Jones, from St. Anne s JPeace» Bagwett^froin Brid- port; Two Brothers, Edwards; BTary, Tuchards; -aiHl In- duitry, Quick, frofn St. I-ves*, aH in ballast. Cleared OUlf The Happy Coupte, Phillips, for.tritol and Providence Papbet, fcoiw*, >for-GUoceister, -yirti in- dries; Eliza Ann. Pvees, for Keath, with .iron-and deals-; New BtesMngt. Tedballi .for Corfc -Sany, Thomas ;A'ge- noria, Jamss and Peace, Pow'fef, for W'af6rford Nancy, Reilly, for Dangarvto; Expeditiohj Slorgan^tor Youghaff j Trinity, Ed^ar, fbr -Wexford; R,ambler,' BrowrTestdn, for r; V London A-uspicibus, Levering and JVaternjouth, Cut- liffe, for Ilfrac-ombe; Mariana, Bond Richard, Linnett; Onesiphorus, .Tremethick John and Susan, Tucker ;JIap- py Couple, Clark and Providence, Thoihas, for St. Ifes Betsy, Perkins, for Mirieliead; Fly, Williams;-foi- P«d- stow Partner's Adventure, Gim:n y.'and Ponmon Castle, Hughes, for Bridgewater Betsyi Tregartheii,for Trero Dasf«er, Williams; WnHatnj-DatUng and Astrca,Button, for Bideford Friendship,. Wehb, tor Fahnoiith and Yx- press, Luke, for Baritsfaple; all with, coat or cilm. Ncaih:— Arrived, the Ann, Williams, IrOni Chester, w i'h bricks; Nancy, Beaver* from Bridgewater," with hiitlt:'Hnd bricks; Bridgewater, Hoare, from ditto, with timber, brinks, deals, &c. Ti'IaJ.Morn"; from Bristol with sun- dries; Peliew, Ley, from St. Ives, with copper ore; and John, Key, from Cork, in ballast. Cleared out, the Fowev, Rowe, for London, wirh pig iron; Trial, Morris; and Happy Return, Broomham, far Bristoli- with sundries Sisters, Vaughan, for ditto, wiih C flron, ieather, &c. Fancy, Williams,for ditto, with copper Mary, Shapfey.; and Spes.ti.veM, Swallow, JMr .Lun.i .n, with Stone coai Susannah, Jones, for St. Ives; A-ii Jiut Sarah, PresCbtt;' and Fellevv, Ley, for- lllracombe; Blessing, -Haiidsori Rose, -Lake; aii'd' -Dart, Bin ke, far •Darthiouih; Atiii, Wi)liafnS, 'for pwlht'ly Rrnlgc>Titer, iloaw., -for Bridgewater; Fraaci*, Jar.uicjafC tor Fveter; -an<i Joi<n, Key, for Corjc, all with.coa) or cultH: 1 noibas, Ilandson, for Plymouth, wJtli,irqn bnllast; ajid ISaycv, 'for A i Cardiff.—Arrivedr the forester, Jones and'-C-asik, Cleu*Ws, fro«j Bristol, with":feihi1fics .'Abhev, Mcft'is, Irom Chepstow, wuh elm tkii.ber; Ar^'i, Cyrje, ikji., conibo, with household goods Cwt 11111». irom Cardigan: CybeleK ,Sn»ethain, .frohi New pott; S^TI v, K«- riam, trom Exeter, anH'SH'ctff, irom- Phiiiou"tii,*in ball&st." ''r S> Sailed, the. Ja'ne-; D.iv^es "atVd^GertrJ^e, Candy, Tor Londop Birmingham, Moore, for Bristol,; Tavvyii, Jortt s, Abbey,- Morris -few Chepstow, with wpo. Castlemalgwvn, Evmjs, for Duiidaik^ with inor;, l»rk, and coals 'flarris, "for Bfisu.I, wifh sun- dries; and Mary, Go'lHd, t^r padstow, with coyis. ther i*eacc;*mi tHe^fty»VJ^ifj^e,. and Nanev, Richards^ irom Bristol, with sua. )ties; VVil- liain, Crocker, lroin P11 in^ w ith jin an.d piie.h;ird.«; aod 1*01ly and Betsy. fje*ellvn,_ from Ll.ane|y, w.uh coals. Cleareil out, the Industry, Roberts,'tor Loudon, with butter, oats:■»! d «ln}> anch«rs< Union, -Evans, for Sal, eoats, witli, Qit tin -p!atgs.,„and iron.; Ann, -Hcvaon, tor Plymtjiith, with butter, oatj, -.and -coals,; Wfuiaiu, Crockei, for Pen/.iince, with butter Welcome, Davids, for Bristol, with oats, and .butter; and Hope, Bariiey, for with oats. o Ilmr Uy.-r-Arnnedi A«"Mary Anaj"Morgan, 'from C-ar- luarthte.i, with suydo^i: Cleared out, the Friendship, Richards Peagv,-Lewis; Friendship, Matthias and Cambria, ThQaw-T,- for Cardi- gan; Ellinor, Wiiii^ias; and Unity, fOlies, for Pw!Let\ Active, Driiininotid"^ and- Friertds, iCiimisTng,fyr;.Pfy- moutli; Diligence, Le Ku^eiitj andlS'x Brotliers, W*h&. Ian, for Dungarvan. 7Jrfct«»i.Arrwedji. the Camijja, Akerman, from -Bilboa .Taffron PetTjuello, Jacobs, irout Satttaoder; sunl Brothers, D'alling, from Guernsey. Entered out, the New Expedition, HawVins and Dove, Orr, for "Sn-a-Yissa. Truni.~Eiitet2t.l. inw^ds-, ttte -Brothers, DaJton, "from Swansea, with co«ls. yed, the .Industry,-Salt,, from Swansea; Ann aiid Susaii, Collijiy; ain.d'United Friends, ocacti, rroui Kesth.. r Charicstown.—ArrPycscl, flje' Mariner, Baot:s; and Ilen- dra, Meihuislv Iroia Swansea. Padstom.— Arrived, -fne '-Jndustrsyr French'; Fraiicis, Steer; Harmony, Tucker; and Penzance, Jennings, all from Swansea.» Oct. 29.-—Arrii^d, fhe 'iftd'ustry, MvC^rthv; Pil- grim, Julian Kenow'ti, TedbaH'; ''and'Swan, Htigh'es, trom Swfiiiseaj:with coals; Taftfer,- Wirght* 'front iNeatb, with culm; Sturdy, Beggar, Waggett Mary, PhU.ips; Nancy. Triselan; all; §rr Michael, ^ilHvan, from Catdiff, s with coals and wro.ught iron.; and Lucy, -Edwards, from Pembroke, with'culiii. Nor. 1 —It was reported tjikf the Mary, from Cardiff for Cork, taden with cbelS, hdd"b*ee.h Tost; »ve are glad, how- ever, Jo loapi that ^ite is arrived in Youghall. ¡. The Prudence/ of Wexford; from Swansea to Wexford, ifc lo»t oil the Ea^JJar, Dubljn, Svith tlirce ot her crew; one man was saved by.the .CfJuden cutter.. fhe Active, of ^e'vvpo^, Nichalas, trom Swansea, was wrecked near- BfcMfojwi tni morning pt the '26th uft. J he Captain and crcVfierished. A sloop belonging to Wexford, from Milford, laden with culm, sunk on Sunday.uight,th« 28th ult. on the East Bar, Dublin. The iNep-ean revenue cruiser's boat saved-part of v-the qjew, Irpt-ihe-remainder AJiitb^tunivtely ^Miudied- TUe \.([\< l'jture, £ !vans,Trom Carmarthen Jor Weymouth, with oats; "and rtre lfn<vard,"3-ut1er, trom Cardilf tor Lcm- doi>, wi}h^ron, put kit6vMdlopd,-last week, much damaged, and .-am.-n itnload to repait'. — „ The Anna Charlotta, £ r»ck, froju BristoJ,'to Rotterdam, is on .shore near il-urs-t Castle. The Eliza and Ami, ——r—, from London to Wales, captured ou tlie Ijtll ult.-and earned nito Dieppe. IIIGII WATER ON-SWANSEA-BAR ,i Fur.the ensuing Week. f ■■■ Days, Morning. ■; Eyje.ning. Height. 11. *jU .J- H. M-, F. J. Saturday IU £ 2 11 %5.. 9 q Sunday 11" "39 ,"t* 39.. S p M onday 1 'W j 1 66 9 9 Tuesday Jy9 2" -59 11 6 Wednesday. 3-°7 3 .)• 13 B Thursday. 4" 1;J 45B r 15 y Friday a 1 |5 <i8 17 3 HIGII WATER AT TOE PASSAGES For the: ensuing Week. Days. I Morning, j Evening. I R. si. II. M. •Saturday H 34 11 47 .Sunday lii vt '1 j •Mouday 1 41 2 18 Tuesday JI f 2 '.51 3 t'l Wednesday 3 49 I 4 12 Thursday ) 4 j- 5 i) Friday; ( 5 :3, j 5 3%

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