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SHIP NEWS; SWANSEA. — The Mary, Mad^re and Thomas, Day, lroin hence lor London, have arrived in the river. Arrived, Oct. 12 — 15, the CardiiT Cas- tle, Jenkins, from Bristol, with ■sundries; fame, Evans, fioni Chester, w;Ui bricks; Elizabeth and Ann, Morgan, from Tenby.; Return, Scy<; and London, Probert, from Miiford Favourite, Griffiths, from Dublhi; Lady Kenmare, Smith, from Cork Neptune, Peters and Deborah, Jones, liolp Waterford; iiambJci uniiig- ton, from Belfast; Williarj and Ann, froVn Yotighall; Sampson, Harris,Irom Newport. 1 Jane, Wiliiams, from Plymouth; John and Elizafc .ion and Catherine, -Griffiths, from Bideford.; .mouth, Cu-.iill'e, from lifracombe; Friends,vHuStable,- from Pen- zance; Villers, Dalton Hammond, ilancorne; Mariana, Bond and Union, Rees, from Falmouth, all in ballast.— 16 and 17; New Expedition, Hawkins, from Bristol, with sundries; Dinah and'. Betty, Evans; Yoang Ea £ "'e, i'r. cis; and Industry, Evans, from Dublin Jane, M'Carty, from Kinsale.; Happy Couple, Clark, from St. Ives; Ricltard and Mary, George, from LODe; Oncsipliciu. Tremethick, from Penzance; --Betsy, Treiseruiia; i Betsy, Cundy, from Trnro^in baliasL Cleared viit-, tlie Swan, Eator., for Cc'rk; Elizabeth, Harris; Abc-ori-.t, Bryant; Ardent, Edwarq-si; and Bu- bona, Williams, for. Waterford; Elizabeth, Davies, for -AbervstwithAmlwch, Owens; aud Bubena,. Bryan1, for Amlwch; Friendship, Reynolds Marazion. Sre; Concord,- Tonkin Joker, -Thomas. Henry, OL } s Brisk, Harding; Amelia, Bryant;Mount Galpin, Noel; Fanny, Owens; Diligence, Williams; "DoVe, Davies; Betsy, Buffett- .Integrity, Rosser; Providence. Jones; and-PIenipo, Mollard, for St. Ives; Margaret, Penhor- wood Active, Burzacott and Swallow, C-iiing, for Barn- staple Teggy, Chant; and Two Brothers, Swafiin, for Dartmouth ;"Ceorge, Richards John and Betsy, Lloyd Betsy, Peak; II'ope,• Wade; John and Elizabeth, Chan- oon and Cotton, Hockin, for Bideford"; Diligence, Chalk, for Padstow Unanimity, Bushiu, for Minehead Piosper, Webb, for Watchet; Birmingham, Gill*"for Plynioutl: Concord, Moor:, for Bridgewater and Betsy, FishJev, for Illracombe, all with coal or cnlm. Neath,—-Arrived, the St. David, Hall, from Carmarthen, with cheese, &:c.-Neath Trader" Bvhians; from Bristol, «iih spndtjes> .Any .anrf William, Davies: and Deliglit, Sperre, from St Ives, with co];P« Anna Maria, lleath, from DuLhn; and St. Michaej, Sullivan, Cork, in ballast. Cleared out, the St. David,. Hall, for Carmarthen, with iron moulds for cast-ing rollers; Mines Royal, Sincock, Jun. for London, with cojiper, .qlay, r and iron; Fanev, U'llliains, for Gtocester, with copper; Two Patricks, New- port, for Ross, with barre! 'staves and cWal; Frientssljir, Davies, forAberitir<m; Tartar, Wright;-avfd William ailct Sally, Parrott, for Cork; iiiirerv'a, .-Fosse, for Truro; Mary, Brown; and. Starry, Fosse, for. Ilfracombe :)l:- ciable Friends, Griffitlis, for AVatchet Robert, Edwardr, lor Bridgewater; Dove, Matthews; "and John and Han- iia; hy, for Dartmouth;' United Friends, Geach: and Ann and Susan, Collins, for Fowey, alrwith culm or culm. Cardiff;-—Arrived, the Castle, 'Clements, iron; Bristol with sundries; Sailed, the Alert, Biigh, for London; Drvadcs, Ed- wards, for Newport; Mary, Coleman, lor Glocester: and Beginning, Francis, for Liverpool, all with iron; lIeGe. Harrts and Friends, t'or with sundries; and Swan; Dalling, for Barnstaple, with cdal. Carmarthen.—Arrived, the Industrj:, Roberts, from London, with sundries; and Ann, Beynon, from Cork, in ballast. Cleared out, tHG Elizabeth, Davies, for Bristol, with tin, oats, and.butter. -r • Llanedy.—Arrived, the Maria, Thomas, from Carmar- then; friendship, Miilbias, from Mihord; Bee, Davies; and Elinor, Owens, front Cardigan; Rover, Pillar, iVvi.» Dartmouth; and Friends Endeavour, Dennis, from St. Ives, in ballas"t.. Cleared out, the Rebecca, Lloyd, for. Carmartben William, Lloyd, for Pembroke; Squirrel, Davies; and Providence,: Rees, for Cardigan -Thomas and William. Mawr, lor Plymouth Mary/joues, for St. Ives; Friend. Tucker; and Spray combe, Goss, for Barnstaple. Bristol.—Arrived, the Quaker,' Irvine, from Honduras; Jonge Hendrick, Cold, from Gallipoli; Perseverinv Donovan, from Cork; Active, late Jones, from Africa* Susanna, M'Neice, from Belfast; -Melchbourn, parni! from Dublin; Phoenix, James, from Cardigan William and Catherine, Leonards; and Hope, ——, from Carmar- then and Happy Return, liall, from Pembroke. Entered out, thePhcsnix, Diamond, for Swansea Mfn-v, Jones, for Nemh; Pcrseverauce, Richards, for Haver- fordwest; Susannah, Jones, for Millbrd; and Betsv, Lloyd, for Tenby. Iruro'.—Arrived, the Penaleway, Harris, from Swansea, with coals. I'.idsUuc.—Arrived, the Union, Burt; William, Barret Endeavour, Kmsht; and James, Pasco,' from Swansea; and Feroney, Godlrey, from Neath. A brig from the Mediterranean, loaded with s'ilpiiur, is on sliore on Pembray sands, supposed to be bound to Bristol, t.. The. lnill 0 a vessel \vas driven on shore the 5th instant at Baiiyinurry, county of Wexford no nerson was on board. 'On her stem was marked, Miaerva', ol Cardigan and on a boat which was .washed on share, James"1 Wii- Liams." She is supposed to have been laden with wheat. some being washed on shore. The vessel is full of water, lUGIi WAT Kit ON SW-AN SEA-BAR vor tut ensuing Week." Days. Morning. • Evening, j Height. "Hr M- H. M. F. t. Saturday 6 62 7 0 i i9 3 Sunday 7 15 7 37 19 i Monday 8 0 8 ':2:) 17 it) Tuesday 8 48 9 14 id 0 Wednesday 9 42 10 9 13 10 Thursday:. 10 40 I 11 12 II o Friday 11 50 ] 12 '29 10 0 HIGH WATER AT THE PASSAGES Foi. tlte .Days.. I Morning. Evening. H. M. H. M. Saturday ? 11 7 22 Sunuay. 7 37 7 51* Moil flay 8 £ 2 B 47 Tuesday 9 .10 9 36 Wednesday 10 4 io SI Thursday 11 S I 11 >4 Priday li? Vi 12 51 Priday li? Vi ■ 12 51 t