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SHIT NE Vs. Sv. avsfa, _Ai-;ived, from Sept. 23 fo Oct. 3 inclusive, the ilsip^y Coupis, i iii]- lips; and ISiew Expedition,Hawkins, iroin Bristol; and Hope, Reed, ironi Bruise- water, with sundries Rose, Da vies Di- I ligence, Williams; '-Providence, Jones; Mount Culjun, Noel Hope, Edwards; Good Intent, Lorering }ncntJ- ship, Reynolds; Integrity, Rosser Joker, Thouias • Har- mony, Tucker Henry, Glaya.s George and Ann, 'Cover- ing; Brisk, Harding; Betsy, Fishlev" Forest, Hawkins • and Amelia, Ninms, all trom St. Ives with copper ore; Swan, Eaton, from Cork; Ainlwch, Owens: and John and Catherine, James, from Amlwch; Amity, Phillips, from Mil ford; Pilgrim, Julian, from Aberdovey Mara- zion, Stevens, from St. Ives; Fame, Alien; and"Ma^nc-V, Penhorwood, Ironr Barnstaple Peggy, Darracott: tVoui Bndgewater; Concord, Moon; Watermouth, Cutlifi'e-; Saicombe, Wcddon.; rfnd Samuel, Covering, from Ilh-a' combe; Milford, Williams Swallow, Tyack; Speedwell, Grayson; and Amelia, Bryant, from Penzance; Requinj ettle Prettyjohn: Edward, Kettle Two Brothers, Swaiiin Venus, y loser; Rose, Lake; and Dove, Swaffln, fri>ui Dartmouth; Industrious Ann and Charlotte, Miller, from Bridport; Liberty, Josiin; and Uniun, Fox, from Plv- mouth; Thomas and Judith, jtfoyes, lrom Fowey Fran- cis, Jarruond; and Dart, Blake, from Exeter; Exore-s, Luke; Nightingale, Vine; and Bolton, Sanders, from Bideford, all m ballast.-Oct. 4, Union, Harvey, from St. Ives, with wine and copper ore Fairy, Oats, "from ditto; ■and John, lrom Falmouth, with copper ore; Eliza- beth, Jones, from Cork Duchess of Rutland, O'.Bricn, from Ross; Mariner, Banks; and Industrv, Salt, ffv :n Fowey Swallow, ChiAg, from Barnstaple Hope, Wade, from Cioveliy Twó Brothers, Chisweli, from IifracoinLe and PJcnipo, MollaM, .-frofn St. Ives, in ball -st. Cleared out, the Uifjty, Jones and Betsy, Margaret, for Glocester, with' unmanufactured copper"; Hercules, Frank, for Oporto Dundalk Friends, Rees, for Dublin Hope, Dalling, for Youghall; Hopewell, Kirwan, for Dungarvan; Hester,-Kehoe, lor Wexford; True Briton, Griffiths; Ann, Hernaman Alliance, Williams; Nancy, Thomas; and Judith, Harris, for Wateriord John aiid Susan, Davies, for Pwllhely Yeoman's Glorv, Bibbins, for Exeter; Friends, Darracott, for Barnstaple; Happy Couple, Clark Rashleigh, Melhuish Betsy, Siarie'; Harford, Walters Freeman, Davies; and-Wiiiiam and Janf., Roberts, for St. Ives; William and Mary, Broken- shire; Union, Burt; and Endeavour, Knight, for Pad- stow; Rose, Lake; Venus, Tozer; Edward,. Kettle; Francis, Jarmond; Dart, Blake; and Dove, SwaiFni, for Dartmouth Nancy, Cobiey and Charming Betiy, Grif- fiths, for Mincheoo, Countess of Mexboiough, Herna- man and Friends, Maine, for Truro Endeavour, Owen, for Bideford i Eagle, Tonkin, for Penzance Betsi-, jUar- shall, for Ilfracombe and Liberty, Verrall, for Plymouth, all with coal or culm.—4, Happy Couple, Phillips, for Bristol, with sundries'; Industrious Ann and Charlotte, Miller, for Bridport; London, Williams, lor Hayle; En- deavour,. Jewell, for-Plymouth James, Tool's* Alfred, Crocker; Agcnoria, Lúbbett and Eliza, Kniinan, for Wateriord, with coal. Cardiff.—Arrived, the Start, Pettigrew, from London Bee, Smith, fror) Bridgewater; Charming Peggy, Richards; and St. Pierre, Davies, i'rom Bristol, with' Sunciries; J ane, Davies, from MUf<trd;. Swan, Dalling,'from Barnstaple; Alert, Eligh, from Plymouth; Eaglebush, Cohrteiey; and Mary Ann, Cotton,.froin Padstow, in ballast. Sailed, the Eliza, Davies"; and Friends, Jones, for Lon- don; and Trial, Bodnam, for Glocester, with iron Jane, Evans; and Hannah, Jbnes,-for DubtIn.witL bark' and iron; Castle, Ciements; and Charming Peggy" HdTries, for Bus- tol, with sundries; Mary,Tryte,.for Limc; Speedwell, Dtt- vies, for Dublin; Nancy, Tresillan; Virgo,. Roach; and Mary, Maybury, for Cork, with coals. Carmarthen.—Arrived, the John and Mary, Storks, from Bristol, with sundries; Clifton Uriion, Meredith; and Si. David, Hall, from Newport, with pig iron Mary, Long; Rebecca, Lloyd; Friendship, liennys; Mary, Lewis; and Elizabeth, Davies, from Llanelly, with coals. Cleared out, the Minerva, Hooke, for London, with butter and eeal; Adventure, Evans, for with oats; and Hope, Richards, for SoIVa, with oak'timber. Llanelly.—Arrived, the Providence, Phillips," from Piv- mouth, with timber; Polly and Betsy, LlevveFlin, from Carmarthen Endeavour, Thomas Linnet, Lewis Bee, Jones; Betty, Probert; .Catherine, Richards.and Provi- dence, George, from Cardigan; Peggy, Gritijfhs, from PwIIhely Sisters, Davies; and Brothers, Bfeli, from Fowey Three .Brothers, Ham William, Adams; Union, Goss Active, Drummond; Friends, Cummings; and Charming Molly, Watkins, from Plymouth, in ballast. Out' Cleared out, the Speedwell, Francis, for Cardigan Hope, Roche, ibr Cork; Resolution, Roberts, for Water- lord; Four Sisters, Williams, for. Plymouth ;• Hope, Hicks, for St. Ives;. 'Ann, Harvey; and Good Hope, Cribiis, for Bideford, with coal and culm. Bristol.—.Arrived, the Emanuel, from Bilbos Fjiceaix, from Petersbargh Victorv, from N urva Alexander, ——, lrom Halifax; "Jacobus, from Longsound and Betsy. Lloyd, fromTenby. Entered out, the Cardiff Castle", Jenkins, for Neath Trader, Symons; and Trial, Morris, for Ne-th, Dove, Arr, for Newton ;'Minerva, Webb Nancy, Rees; and Welcome, Dillvi, for Carmarthen; and Eliza, Lewis, for Aberystwith. Fahr.outh.—Arrived, the Vigilant, Nichols; Brothers, Wescotty Diana, Waller; and Gratitude, Jenkins, front Swansea; Oakwell, Jones, from Buny Lis, BrowlI, fwm Cardiff; Aurora,'Jones; and John and Edward, Evans, from Carmarthen; John and William, Hanson; Provi- dence, White; Havant, Murray; Forrester, Two Friends, Cooper; and Redbridge, Cumiuings, all from Tenby. Truro.Entered inwards, the Sirius, Dobson Villers, I Dalton Union, Rees; Mariana, Bond and Hammond, Ilancorne, all trom Swansea, 'with coals. • Entered out, the John, Treluddra, for Swansea, with copper ore. iotoey.—Arrived, the Nettie. Tadd, from Swansea and Ann aud Susan, Collins, lrom Neath. Chinkst.m.—-Arrived, the Industry, Salt and Mariner, Banks, frouv Swansea. .) Sailed, the Brothers, Ball, for Swansea. Arm ed, the Bu-scastle, Atwill; John and Matilda, Curtis; Brothers, Gard and Ebenezer, Harvey, from Swansea. Penzanc.e.—- Arrived^' the Union, Tre.gartheH.; and Charles, Doble, from Swansea Ceres, Baker, from Burrv Milford, Williams Three 'Brothers, Edwards Kitty., Fotir Brothers, Barut-s, from Wales; Experiment, Phillips, from .Yiynuiuth to Swansea: Jane, Phillips, ol Fowey, dor- Swansea Ca- therine, Jones, of BarÙlOuth; and Swan, Evans, for Bar- mouth. S1:. lues.—Arrived, the Plenipo, Moilard Penaleway, Harris Joker, Thvnias Pellew. Ley; Brothers, Tlw!!1<is; and A r, 411 ftroi-,1 Dover.—Arrived, the Nimble, Andrews; Plenty, Bond and Catherine, Davies, from Kidwelly for London. Liverpool.—Arrived, the Pelican, Jones, trom CarditT, with Iron; and Cambria, James, from Milford, with wheat. Cork.—-Arrived, the Rose, Brog-ey, from Carditf; and Joseph, Griffiths, from Milord, with coals. The Mary Ann, of Dartmouth, from Cardiff, for Exeter, is driven on shore, near leilby, alter being deserted by the crew, in a leaky srate_. P.o/uUtFi.—Came in, the Pelter gun-brig, of 12 guns, Lie n't. Evelyn, from a cruize, and brought in tic Dove, of Falmouth, from Guernsey, laden with about 500 casks of ■tyirits, which she captured between the Lizard and Prauls also the Eagle excise cutter's tender, from a cruize, aiid brought in the Stag, ol l'owey, lrom Guernsev, laden with 300 casks of spirits, which she captured off the Dcadman. ÚraH WATER ON SWANSEA-BAR For the CII"U in. W-ck. Days. Morning. -• j" E-wuing. Height. H- m. { n. m. p. I. Sat nr day 7 26 j 7 -i-j !4 8 Sunday 7 63 j 8 13 13 8 Monday 8 30 8 46 12 6 Tuesday 9 3 19 ';to 10 10 Wednesday 9 ? 9 59 i' 9 4 Thursday" ¡ 10 iO 10 4? 8 K Fndav j t 15 i 12 0 7 y HIGH WATER AT THE PASSAGES l or the 'lijufing H'vtk. Dsys. Morning. i.vcrnnt1. n. K.. u. M. Saturdav 7 43 B 4 Sundav 8 i'O B 8 52 9 3 Tuesday 9 v5 9 42 iay 10 l 30 81 'i riursday 10 42 11 9 Fnday 1 11 37 1< £ £ 2