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Family Notices



SHIP NEWS. SWANSEA.—The Endeavour armed brig, Capt. Blarney, which has been detained some time at the Mumbles by contrary winds, sailed from thence on Monday morning, with a number of vessels bound round land under ner convoy. Arrived, the Phoenix, Diamond, from Bristol; Unity, Jones, from Glocester; and Experiment, Phillips, from Plymouth, with sundries; Polly, Cook, from Falmouth, with copper ore Elizabeth, Davies, from Chester, with bricks; Agenoria, Lobbett; True Briton, Griffiths; In- dustry, Macarty Neptune, Humphries; Grace and Peggy, Morgan; Hope, Kirwan and Race-horse, Phil- lips, Irom Dublin; Renown, Tedball, from Cork Two Sisters, Dawson, from Kinsale; Union, Griffiths, from Ross; Flora, Williams, from N ewrv; Hester, Kinnot, from Milford Nancy, Thomas, from Carnarvon Betsy, Morgans; and Amity, Fryar, from Glocester; Fanny, Owens; and Louisa, King, from Falmouth Betsy, Bufford, from Dartiiiouth: Union, Evans, from Plymouth Friends Delight, Darracott, from Bideford Unanimity, Bushiu and Nancy, Cobiey, from Minehead Fame, Jones, from Ilfracombe; Prosper, Wells, from Watchet; Sprightly, Nicholls and Hope, Dalling, from Barnstaple, in ballast. Cleared out, the New Expedition, Hawkins; and Car- diff Castle, Jenkins, for Bristol and Squirrel, Davies, for Cardigan, with sundries; Ann and Teresa, Collins, Newnham, with unmanufactured copper; Maria, Griffiths, for Dublin Ponsovib v, Walsh; John and Mary, J'efford and Summer, Thomas, for Cork Providence, Jenkins; and Rover, Squire, for Youghall Penguin, Donovan, for Kinsale; John and Ann; Lewis, for Wexford; Pilgrim, Griffiths; Benjamin, Evans; Susan, Pitts; Expedition, I Morgan; Fanny Ann, Wade Commerce, Williams; Bee, Owens Sally, Thomas and Endeavour, Jones, for Water- I lord Louisa, Owens,, for Cardigan; Plain Dealing, Jones, for Caman-on; Fame, Angel, for Amlwch; Rose in June, Jones; and Concord, Hughes, for, Pwlhely Hammond, Hancorne; Union, Rees; aud Betsy, Tregerthin, for Truro Auspicious, Lovering; Trinity, Edgar; Lovely Emily, Sydeli; Goodson, Biacktnore Susannah, John Three Ere the rs, YVestcott;. Brothers, Hervey Resolu- lifiTi, John; Friendship; Union, Roberti; Rtt John arid Elor, iiarwick, for St. Ives Supply, Sh-xm; ;r irnstaple; John; Lowther; Squirrel, 'i bssil; Keh<V t.nv.i; aitd Saiiy and William, Saunders, for Bide lord f i a, Kjng, tor Falmouth; Aurora, Davweli; Dions'' \Vaikr; Hope, reo; and Ee(iford, Plymouth ilon, Davison; aiid Rebecca, Irwin, for Ilfracombe; I ki n t, Webb, for Pe.nfyii; Onion, Tucker; and Eliza- ti and Grace., Giliard, for Dartmouth; and Eheiieser^ Harvey, for Padstow, all with coa! or c,¡J¡¡¡. Loughor.—Arrived, .the Friends, Richards; frort Mil- iord; Speedwell, Owen, from Aberdovey; Bellona* Ihomas, irom Carnarvon Bee, Owen, irom Newport; and Honor and Mary; Murray, Item Dungarvan, all in ballast. Sailed, the London, Pfobert, for Union, Ro- bert, tor St. Ives; Bee, Owen; Commerce, Williams i and Failny Ann, Wade, for. Wexford; tire Hebe, Harris; Trial, Bodaam and Castle,' Clemeius, from Bristol and Eiiza, Daviesi from Ilfracombe; with sundries; Handy; Williams, jrom Waterford; with cattle; Hannah, Jones; Jane, Evaus; and Susan, Hudson, from Dublin; Friendship, Gasr, from Cork; New Thompson, Higgins, from Duiigarvau; In- dustrious, Kenmure, from. Ross Mary, Trite,'irom Jyihe; Young William, Quinton, from Minehead"; Speedwell, Davies, from Bristpl; Friends, Toiie., and Catherine, Jones, from Plymouth, all in ballast. Sailed,' tliePadstow, Stevens, for London and BeiTght, Doggaiij for.Jbxeter, with iron; St. Pierre, Davies Frieud* Richards; and Hebe, Harris, tor Brisk)!, with sundries; Sturdy Beggar, Waggeu, for Cork; Rose, Br ay ley for Waterford; and Nancy, R.oache, for Youghall, with coals. Llanelly—Arrived, .the Squirrel, Davies, from Swansea Catherine, Smith; and John and Davies, from Millord; Elinor and Catherine, Owens: Swallow, Lewis; and Bee, Jones, from Cardigan; Hope, Roche; from Dungarvan; Thdmas' and WiUmm, .Brown; f¡y, Mas- ters; and Satly Ann, Winsor. from Ply mouth,-in- ballast. Cleared out, the-Nancy, Griffiths Ti\ y, Richards Mar- garet, Davies Cwnrsymlog, Griffiths Resolution, Davies and Triton, Llewejhn, for Cardigan; Aberystwiih, VlTat- kins, tor Aberystwith Jupiter, Beynon • Venus, Williams Mary, Llewellin Elizabeth and Mary, Jaiee.2 and Dove, Llewellin, for Waterford Venus, Harper; and Ann and Mary, Rees, tor Wexford St. Martin-, Whilan, lor Dun- gar van Oak well, Jones and Jupiter, Hodge, for Barn- staple Ceres, Baker, for Plymouth; Surprise, Green; Speedy, Chiison; and Two Brothers, Pater, tor Dart- mouth, all with coaL Bristol.—Arrived, the Cornelia and Hermanus, AaLster, from Bilboa; Laurel, Withers, from Demerara Sophia, Gilmore; and Britannia, Irwin, from Dublin: Venus, .Hay, froip W aterford; Prince Williain Heury,'Knightj Lord ISlelson, Horn; and Charlotte, Sim's, from Cork; Industry, James, from St. Lucia; Cerberus, -— from Rotterdam William, from Petersburgh Java, —I—, from Baltimore; Express, Russell, from Belfast; Joseph and Betsy, Brooks, from Gal way- Trial, Morris, from I and Industry, Jones, from Carnarvon. Entered out, the Happy Couple, Phillips and Cardiff Castle, Jenkins, for Swansea; Happy Return, Brobmham; Neath Trader, Symons; and Trial Morris, for Neath Flora, Thomas, for Newport; and Mary, Htirlow; for Milford. Liverpool.— Arrived, the Ann," Watkins, from Aberyst- with, wIth gram. Poole.—?Sailed, the Pheasant, Florence, for Tenby- Falmouth. Arrived, the Penzance, J enDm2s," front Swansea. 'Sailed, the Fannv, Owens, for Swansea; and. Princess Royal, Owens, for Cardigan.- truro.—Entered inwards, the Earl ofcSTxbridge, Robarts; Friends Endeavour, Dennis John, TrVuddra and Sirius, Dobson, all from Swansea, with coals. Fowey.—Arrived, the Ann and William, Davie's and Speculation, GrenfelS, from Llanelly. Charleston.—Arrived, the Brothers, Ball, from Swansea* Sailed, the Betsy, Slade; Hendra, Meihnish Seven Brothers, Lelean Ilope, Allen; and Mary, Masters, all for Swansea. Penzancc.-Sailed, the Fairy, Oats; and Thomas, Hosk- ing, for Swansea. Padstow.-Airived, the' Jane, Gloak Betsy and Mary, Brewer; Frances, Steer; Industry, French; and Maria* Richards, from Swansea. Sailed, the Union, Burt; William, Barrett; Endeavour, Knight; and Diligence, Thomas, all for Swansea. Portsmouth.—Arrived, the Neptune* Beale, ll'oin Ten- by; and Neptune, Fisher, from Chepstcw. ■Plymouth.—Came .in from 'Burry, in Wales, the Friends Endeavour, Sullivan, with a cargo.. Torbay.—Arrived, the Peggy, Chant; and .Susanna, Snell, both from Wales. Sailed, the Francis, Jarmcnd Rose, White Aurora, Blake Dove, Swaffin and Venus, Tozer, all for WaJes. The Hector, Marshal!, from Antigua to Liverpool, is lost in Cardigan Bay • crew saved. lr HIGH WATER ON SWANSEA-BAR -1 Fur the ensuing TVeek. Days. j Morning. Evening. Height, -1 II. m. II. m. r. r. Saturday 2 47 3 25 W 5 Sunday 3 57 4 5 11 10 Monday 4 47' 5 10 13 9 Tuesday 5 6 5 47 14 11 Wednesday 6 4 6 1. 15 4 Thursday 6 37 J 6' 54 15 6 Friday 7" 0 .7 10 15 3 HIGH WATER AT THE PASSAGES For the ensuing Week. Days. I Morning. I onmg H. M. II. M. Saturday 3 9 3 47 Sunday 4 19 4 47 Monday 5 9 5 St Tuesday 5 48 6 0 Wednesday 6 2G 6 43 .Thursday 6 59 ¡ 7 16 Friday 7 22 7 32 To the EDITOR of The CAMBRiAN. si it, I cannot but feel a singular pleasure and satisfaction id seeing the attention of the Royal Humane Society turned to a question which involves the happiness qf tiwusilnds of our fellow-creatures. A Life Director of that distinguished Charity has invited those of enlarged and philosophic minds to compose a Pr,' Essay 011 the means of preserving mariners from, shipwreck, a subject so intimately connected with their exalted views, whose grand object at aii times must naturally excite the emulation of ingenious, inquisitive men. The Managers, whose efforts. have been constantly de- voted to the preservation ot' human life, are'entitled to pe- culiar regard .or adopting a subject so interesting-to the feelings of the humane and benevolent; and I doubt not but their exertions will call forth the abilities c who are well qualified to throw light upon so important a question. I cannot but.anticipate the happy consequences arising from a zeal and ardour so friendly to the best and dearest affections of humanity. I rejoice there exists a Society which comprehends in its extensive circle every rank and situation in life and I hope to see the day when it will be fixed upon a solid aud substantial basis, and be enabled to diffuse its benefits to a large portion of the human race. Questions determinable in 1806. 1. What are the best means of preventing shipwreck ? 2. What will be the most probable means of keeping vessels adoatli" they spring a leak, or are otherwise ill extreme danger ? S. The most certain methods of assistance from shore to vessels in distress within a certain distance, of land, and when boats dare not venture out to their aid ? Treffcnnon, 180*1, Sept. 24. Cysi&o. To the EDITOR of The CAMBRIAN. sin, The exaggerated accounts frequently given in the public papers ot the valuable properties oi foreign grain, and other vegetable productions introduced into this country for the purpose of agriculture, tend greatly to impede the general culture 0,1 such as would provrf extremely profit- able for disappointment must necessarily follow expecta- tion too highly raised, and then it is not allowed even the degree oi merit it might be entitled to. Such is the ac- count given in the Cambrian of the loth inst. of Egyptian wheat. The description is tolerably accurate but as to the quality of the straw, it will be" found very different indeed from what it is there represented to be. "The outer coat is thicker and coarser than common straw, and con- tains a tough, spungy substance; very like the pith of cider. From this description the reader may easily judge whether it can be so peculiarly nutritious as to render unnecessary the use of hay and corn for hl)res. A prac- tical agriculturist of the first eminence who has grown it for some years in Essex, says, that it is very productive, yielding a much greater return than other wheat, particu- larly oil poor, light, and dry land therefore, he considers it as well worthy me attention (J farmers, whose .soil is of the above description. 1 [The insertion of the concluding part of our Correspond- ent's letter, mentioning wheat may be ob- tamed on much lower terms than it'the rate or ten guineas for fourteen pounds, would subject us to the ativeyise.went