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THE C*4MBRIv £ JV., SWANSEA, FRIDAY, September 7. SHIP NEWS. ARRIVED, the Charming Betty, Gi-iffiths, from Mihehead; and t armors' Adventure Gittins, from Bridgwater, with sundries Abeona, Bryant, from Waterford, with sheep and horses; John, Treluddra, from Truro; friendship, JJesart; Diligence, Williams Aurora Walters; Hope, Edwards; Brothers, Ayres; Integrity' Rosser; Forest, Hawkins; George and Ann, Loverini- Amelia, Ninnis and Rose, Davies, all from St. Ives, with copper ore; Valentine, Walters, from ditto, with clay • Fanny, Bowden; Plenipo, Mollard; and Mary Ann' Bond, from St. Ives; Ann and Sarah, Prescott, from Fal- mouth Thomas and Mary,Thomas, from Portynon; Venus, Lowther, from Clovelly Goodson, Biackmore, from II. fiaconibe Union, Taylor, from Scilly William, Lancey from Biidgewater; Dove, Pasmore,- from Dartmouth' Good Intent, Wheddon, from Watchet; Ann and William, Davies; Industry, Salt and Penzance, Jenninps, from Fowcy Racehorse, Phillips; Dove, Allen and Neptune Peters, from Dublin; Thomas and Judith, Moyse • St' Mary and Patrick, Tiney William and Mary, Demn'sev and Unity, Crockford, from Cork, all in ballast. Cleared out, the New Expedition, Hawkins; and Car- diff Castle, Jenkins, for Bristol, with sundries; Duchess of Rutland, O'Brien, tor Dublin Mary and Jane, Crabtrce; Agenoria, Lobbett; Elizabeth, Whitway Keturah, Seys Deborah, Jones; and Judith, Ayles, tor Waterford S. Bridget, Curran, for Dungarvan; Elizabeth and Mary, Roche Friends Agreement, Twohig Jane and Elizabeth] Mahoney Judith, M'Cartv Jane, Dempse'y Industry', Donogan; and Jane, M'Carty, for Kinsale; Harmony' Jones; and Dove, Air, for Carnarvon; Impregnable, Jones, for Pwlhely; Harriet, Lewis; Speedwell Wil- liams Maria, Williams; John and Catherine, James; and Elizabeth, Prichard, for Amlwch Watermouth, Cutliffe • Brothers, Chiswell; William, Eastaway; and Nancy' Waiters, for Hfracombe Mary) Coleman, for GIocester Union, Burt Elizabeth, Norman; Richard, Key; Wil- liam and Mary, Brola-ashire.; Jcnopher, Richards'; and Betsy, Stribling, for Padstow; Success, Lohamead; Ayr, ,ell il Greenfill; Friends, Dennis; Bfothers, Ball Providence, Bigglostone Goodson, Brokenshire Harford, Walters Fortitude, Vivian; Harriet and Ann, Wilkins; Fanny, liowden; Thomas and Judith, Moyse; Friends, Huxta- hIe; and Freem ,n, Davies, for St.- Ives; Fly, Murtord; Ann and William, Davies; and Penzance, Walters, for Fowey Hope, Hall, for Bridgewater; Fanny, Bevan • Roebuck, Walters; Thomas, Ballhatchet; and' Roebuck,' Edwards, for Bideford ^Unanimity, Bushiu, for Mii^e- head Elizabeth, Jones Swan, Dalling Goodwill, Lan- cey and Betsy, Keen, for Barnstaple, all with coal or culm. Loughor.—Arrived, the Sidus, Bidder; and Mary, Jones, from l'ortreath, with copper ore for Penclawdd London, Probert, from Fishguard WiHiam and Ann, Morris, from 0 Newport Elizabeth, Roberts, from Carnarvon; Green- field, lirnberlake; Elizabeth, Hughes and Mona, Ayres, from Amlwch and St. Patrick, Sullivan, from DuiWr- IVan, all in ballast. ° Sailed, the Providence, Sii,nmons; Speedwell, Williams- John and Catherine, James; Harriet, Lewis; Maria, Wil- hams; and Elizabeth, Roberts, all for -Anilweli, with coals. Carmarthen.-—Arrived, the Minerva, Hooke; and-Au- rora, Jones, from London; and Unity, George, from Bristol, with sundries; Susan, Jones, from Barnstaple, with earthenware; and Fiy, Owens, from Llanelly, with coals. Cleared out, the Nancy, Yetman, for Bristol; and St. David, Hall, for Llanelly, with sundries; Enilyn, Morris, lor Bristol, with oats, 4-C. Ceres, Williams, for ditto, with barley and Susan, Jones, tor Barnstaple, with lead ore. Llanelly.— Arrived, the St. David, Hall, from Carmar- then Peggy, James,, lrom- Liaugharnc Mary, Long, t-roBi. Miliord; Catherine. Richards; Swallow^ Lewis' Endeavour, Thomas; Betty, Roberts Neptune, Griffiths Lovely, Owens; Mary. 'Lew; and Letlice, Richards' irom C.'trdig-aii; Oakwell, Jones, from Iifracomhe: Ores- ton,. Kilisj aad Ceres, Baker,-lroia Plymouth; Mary- Jones, from Truro; Jenny, t?avie3, from Teignmou.th; and Thomas, Harper; from Wexford, all in ballad ^Cleared out, the Speedwell, Mackey,- for Pembroke; Nevyn, James; Uhion,■ Griffiths; CuUoden, Thomas; Prosperity,. Thomas Ceifturioii, Parry; Loyaitv# James; and Hopewell,. Richards, for Cardi'gan; "Hannah, Ni- cholas Active, Burzacott; and Blessing,' Perrv, for Barnstaple; Three Brothers, Haul; and Union, GoW for Plymouth William, Barrett, for ParisWw Speculation, Grenfell, for Looe and Fortune, Amy, for Jersey, all with coals. Cardigan.—Arrived, the Mayflower, Jenkins, from Mil- ford; Speedwell, Francis and Beginning, Francis, from Llanelly. Entered out, the Martha, Jenkins, for Swansea; Cam- bria, James, for Bristol; and Two Sisters, Martin, for Cork. Bristol.—Arrived, the Joven Maria Josef a, Ximene, from the river de b Plata; Expedite, from Patrass Graces, Hodgson, from Dublin; Juliana Catharina, Schweder, from Dantzick; Mareti Rosenctantz, Falken- bergh, from Norway; Prince of Wales, Yickery, from Cork; Ocean, ——; Sk* Joannes, from Bilboa Speedwell, Rees; and Dove, Arr, from Swansea; Happy Return, Hall, from Pembroke and Milford Liberty, Whitlow, from Haverfordwest and Miifcrd and Emblyri, Morris, from Carmarthen. Entered out, the Happy Couple, Phillips, for Swansea .Peace and Piency, Jones; Nancy, Rees; and Nancy, Y etman, for Carmarthen Blessing, Rees, for Tenbv and Charming Molly, Dowel!, for Newport and Cardigan! Liverpool.—Arrived, the Fanny and Betty, Jones, from Aberystwith, with wheat, oats, and eggs; Diligence, Wil- liams, from Cardigan, with wheat, barley, mid malt; Ca- therine, Griffiths; and Catherine and Mary, Roberts,'from Pwlhely Nelly, Pierce; and John and Betty, Jones, from Carnarvon, with slates, paving stones, fowls, and eggs; Margaret, Jones, from Newport, with pig iron; Chester, Williams and Harmony, Russell, from Bristol, with sundries. Falmouth. Arrived, the Sneedwell, Lu^g Recovery, Pawson Friendship, Moore'; Pelican, Thomas Fanny, Owens; and Susannah, Harvey, all from Swansea. Irurc. Entered inwards, the Villers, Daiton Union, Rees; Cotton, Hockin Friends, Maine; Hammond, Hancorne Friendship, Webb Brothers, Daiton Samuel, Loyeriug.; Spray combe, Goss Betsy", Tregerthen Eliza- beth and Mary, Wade; Dolphin, Richards; Liberty, Loyeless_; George, Richards Earl of Uxbridge, Roberts; Union, Roberts; Countess of Mexborough, ITernaman and Minerva, Fosse, all from Swansea, with coals. .St. Ives.—tArrived, the Charles, Doble; Joseph, Clark Brother, Thomas; John and Mary, Trewheela; and St. Ives, Stevens, all from Wales, with coals. Padstow..—Arrived, the Swallow, Trick, from Swansea; and Peterel, Richards, from Neath. Repeated applications hiving been made to T. JENKINS, Printer of this Paper, for the Rev. WM. BARCLAY'S PATENT ANTIBtLIQUS PILLS, he begs to inform the Nobility and Gentry of South-Wales, that lie has just re- ceived a supply, and is enabled to serve them exactly on the same terms as at the Eiaboratory in London. These ce- lebrated Pilts have been found so efficacious in relieving all Bilious, Gouty, and Nervous Complaints, that they are ho- noured by the recommendation of his Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, the Lord Bishop of Bath and Wells, and many others of high rank, Arrived at Swansea, Mr. and Mrs. Wade, Mr. and Mrs. Patterson, Miss Emerist, Miss Bond, Miss Bevan, Mr, Llewelyn, Mrs. Burrell, two Misses Willan, Mr. Wilson, &c. &c. Arrived at Tenby, Mr. and Mrs. Vezey and family, Major and Mrs. Watts Dr. Howell, Mr. Davis, Mr. and Mrs. James, Mr. Grant, Mr. Tehipleman. We feel much satisfaction in communicating the patriotic offer made to our Portreeve by Messrs. Lee and Lock, owners of the Dispatch Ilfracombe packet, of placing that vessel at his disposal, when- ever she may be on this side the water, to facilitate the conveyance: of troops, in case of invasion, to any part of the channel, free of expence.—She will hold about 120 men. It will be seen by Lieut. Col. Power's letter, in the preceding column, that the volunteers in the county of Glamorgan are to form part of General Leyborne's brigade. The march ..routes for the volunteers in the Se- vern District, in case of invasion, are to be thus made out: That part of Somerset under the command of ioroa in OlocestersLire within a stage of Bristol, to march upon Marlbo- rough-, and the remaining part of Giocestershire upon Burford. u The counties of Monmouth Glamorgan, Carmar- then, Pembroke, and part of Cardigan, to march by J Glocester, upon Burford: the remaining part of Cardigan, and Radnor, by Worcester upon Burford. The county of Hereford, in part by Glocester, in part by Worcester, upon Burford, The county of Worcester, in part upon Burford, I in part by Stratford upon Banbury. The volunteers in Glamorganshire, when called out, are to assemble at Caerphilly, and march through Newport, Chepstow, Blakeney, Glocester, and Frognullj to Burford—8T\ miles. Three Brigadier-Generals are appointed to the I Severn Military District, and {he following arrange- ments have taken place: For Somersetshire, (to the southern extremity of the Severn District,) including the Bristol cavalry | and infantry, Brigadier General Moore, General Officer; Lieut. Col. Traverse, Inspecting Field Offi- cer.—Head quarters Bath. For Giocestershire, Major-General Fisher, Gene- ral-Officer; Lieut. Col. Probvn, Inspecting Field Omcer.—Head-quarters Bristol. For Worcestershire and Herefordshire, Brigadier General Bingham, General Officer; Lieut. Col. Houston, Lieut. Col. Bromley, Inspecting Field Officers.-Head-quarters Worcester. For Monmouthshire, Brecknockshire, and Gla- morganshire, Brigadier Genera! Leyborne, General Officer; Lieut. Col. Bromlev, Lieut. Col, Madden, Inspecting Field Officers.—Head-quarters Aberga- venny, For Cardiganshire, Carmarthenshire, and Pem- brokeshire, Major General Gascoyne, General Offi- cer; Lieut. Col. Stewart, Inspecting Field Officer.- Head-quarters Haverfordwest. The first battalion of loyal Breconshire volun- teers have received their route, and are to com- mence their march for Hereford on Monday the 8th October, where they are to remain for 21 days on permanent duty.—Viator is requested, in future, to transmit whatever he wishes to communicate for in- sertion to oitr Brecon Agcnti,- his favour of the 4th, M- closed to the Postmaster, having been charged is. 2d. postage.] The Chepstow volunteers are expected shortly to be placed on permanent duty at Hereford for a li- mited period. -i Last week Capt. Kenyon gave an elegant treat to the officers and men of the Wrexham yeomanry ca- valry, at his beautiful seat at Cefn. The tables were spread on the. lawn, and contained a sumptu- ous cold collation, to which were added a profusion of the choicest wines. Mr Evans contributed greatly to the entertainment, by his performances on the harp, and loyalty, mirth, and harmony united to render this meeting the feast of reason and the flow of soul. We have the pleasure to announce, this week, an intended application to Parliament for leave to bring in a bill or bills to amend various roads in this county, and to make new ones in different di- rections; an improvement, we understand, which will be productive of very beneficial consequences to this part of the Principality. Our best thanks are due to our Mold correspon- dent for his interesting Survey of that parish, (see 4th page).—His example, we hope, will stimu- late intelligent gentlemen in other towns to fa- vour us with similar accounts. Mr. Ayrton s selection of sacred music, adver- tised for performance at St. Mary's church, on Tuesday morning next, cannot faifto afford a rich treat to the admirers of divine harmonv and the concert at the Bush, onthe following, cveaing, is also expected to prove peculiarly attractive. Mt^iday list Thomas Morris, Esq. Itfajdr of Carmarthen, gave his second aud lasi'anutiL :.lh.. lier to the burgesses, &«. of that borough, j Le company, both in number and respecLalTiiitv, ex- ceeded what was ever before wituesSed upon such an occasion; among whom we noticed Lord Can- dor, (now father 01 the borough. having succeed- ed to the immense property of thio: Lttc Mr. Vaughan, of Golden Grove; Sir William Pax ton, the present worthy and esteemed Member; John George Phiiipps, Esq. the late respected Represen- tativc; Sir illiari Manseli, Bart, of iscoed Cap- tain Blome, Mr. Hughes, of Tregib; &;c. &c. Ai" ter the cloth was removed, and the usual toasts had gone round, the burgesses were canvassed on be- half of W illiam Morgan, Esq. the Mayor-Elect lor the enduing year, in consequence of a canvass some days previous tor Edward Davids, Esq. From this collision of interests the friends to peace and harmony apprehend a revival of that animosity which party-Spirit originally engendered, but which was thought to have entirely subsided.—We hope the contiaiy, and trust that a union of the pre- sent apparently discordant opinions will prevent the repose of the town from being interrupted. The Duke and Duchess of Beaufort and family are at Seaford, in Sussex, where his Grace's regi- ment (the Monmouth and Brecon militia) is quar- tered. At a review of General Lennox's brigade, of which the above fine corps forms a part, on Satur- day se'nnight, by his Royal Highness the Com- mander in Chief, the Duke" led his regiment in per- son. When his presence can be dispensed with, his Grace and family are expected to return to Bad- minton Park. The Duke of Bedford and Lady Nelson are amongst the last fashionable arrivals at Bath. Upon referring to the Gazette, we find that Mr. George Hamilton is appointed first Lieutenant in the Carmarthenshire militia, and not second, as lately stated. Mr. W. Pether, of Bristol, has obtained a patent for an invention to cure smokey chimnies. Last week a person was convicted in the penalty of 40s. for defrauding of his toll the keeper of a turnpike gate near Montgomery. About one o'clock on Saturday morning last, a fire was discovered in the stables of the King's Arms inn, Lancaster, which destroyed a quantity of hay, with the interior of the building, and five horses, before the flames could be subdued.—Se- venteen other horses were with great difficulty ex- tricated from sharing the same fate. Saturday night the following dreadful circum- stance took place in Pile-street, Bristol :-A man, in a fit of anger, or intoxication, threw a knile at his son, about twelve years old, which entered his left side, and almost instantly occasioned his death. A further reduction took place at Mark-lane, on Wednesday last, in the price of wheat, which now appears to be gradually returning to its former le- vel.—The Welsh markets remain tolerably steady; a decline, however, is visible in many. New wheat sold in Hereford market last Saturday for 8s. per bushel of ten gallons, and the old averaged 9s. Haverfordwest fair, on Tuesday, was unusually dull, and cattle sold:at reduced prices. Bristol fair commenced on Saturday last. There was a large shew of cattle) particularly of the Jean kind, which sold high; Horses were not numerous, but tew good ones, and the prices dear. The quan- tity of leather was small, and the following is a list of the prices:-Crops 23|d. to 2s. Welsh Hides 2s.to 2s. ld: Saddlers'Hides 2s. to 2s. id. Irish and Dutch 22d. to 2s. Horse Hides 22d. to 2s. Buffaloes 18d. to 21d. Backs 23d, to 2s. Hulls 20d. Kips 2s. 2d. to 2s: 4d. Best Pattern Skins 2s. lOd. to 2s. lid. Welsh ditto 2s. 8d. to 2s. lod. Irish and Dutch ditto 2s. 2d. to 2s. 4d. Copper Ores sold at Truro on Thursday the 30th ult. Mines. Tom. Purchasers. at per Ton. d. Wheal Unity 140 Rose CO. i2 0 ditto 139 Crown Co. 12 13 O ditto 126 Chead. O. Williams & P- Grenfell 10 0 0 ditto 113 ditto- 13 19 0 ditto 110 ditto 7 4 6 ditto 108 ditto 11 6 ditto 104 ditto 9 L3 0 Poldice 158 Rose Co. 8 6 0 ditto 153 Birmingham Co. 8 -18 6 ditto 143 Rose Co. 9 6 6 d:tt6 114 Crown Co. 11 15 6 ditto 83 English Co. 8 12 6 ditto 35 Rose Co. 4 13 6 Wheal Gorland 77 Crown Co. IS 1 0 ditto 69 Birmingham Co. 0 7 6 ditto <54 Chead. O.Williams & P. Grenfell 5 5 6 ditto 63 ditto 6 17 0 Wheal Prosper 9;. Crown Co. 10 13 0 Wheal Jewell 79 ditto, Chead. O. Wil- liams & P. Grenfell 15 2 6 New Who Virgin 20 Chead. O. Williams & ——- P. Grenfell 7 9 0 Tons lt>9e—Standard 135-8.

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