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■ THE SWANSEA, Fkiday, August 31. SHIP, NEWS. ARRIVED, Aug. 24 and 25, Friends En- deavour, Dennis, from Falmouth, wjih copper ore; Young Eagle, Francis; Ju- dith, Ayles; and Agenoria, Lobbett, from Dublin; John and Ann, Lewis, from Car- narvon Neptune, Humphreys, from Milford; Pilgrim, Griffiths, from Amlwch; Watermouth, Cutliffe, from It- fracombe; William, Thomas; and Sprightly, Nichols, from Barnstaple; Ayr, Grenfell aiitl John and Sus;an, Tucker, frourSt. Ives; Thomas, Ballhatchet, from Bide- lotd ;t;Hzabeth, Norman, from Bos'eastle; 1' Union, Fox, from Plymouth; Times, Melhuish and Brothers, Balh frptn Falmouth.?—26- and 27, Fortitude, Vivian, from St. Ives, with copper ore; Sociable Friends, Gimblet, from >' Watchet; ."apd Delight, Sperre, from Bridgewater, with sundries Joker, Thomas, from St. Tves, with clay pros- per, Webb, from Bridgewater, with bricks; Mav'y and Jane, Crahtree and Keturah, Sevs, froin I^ublln; Henry, CampheU, from Fahnonth; Henry apd Fllisiabeth, Waters,, from Clovelly; and Unanimity,. Crockford, from Mim* head, in b^liast.~2f5, Goodwill, Laneeyv from Bideford,, er, re man with iMndnes; Mafiner, Freeman Friendship, Reynolds; Amity, Friaf; and Providence/Jonei, from St. Ives, with -copper ore;, Success, Langman, from Looe; triehds; Le Gros; and Deborah, Jones, from Plymouth; Piper, Russell, from Salconibe Jenoplier; Richards, from Itfra- combe.; Peggy, Darracott, troin' Falmouth Betsy, Strib-. ling and .William and Mary, Brokenshire, from Padstow; Industry, D(mavan,,from Ivinsale; and Elizabeth, Jones, froii) Bideford, in ballast,—Providence Packet, Lon^r; and Betsy, Morgan, from Glocester, with sundries Bris|c' .Harding, from St. Ives, with -popper ore; Providence, Biggleston, from ditto; James and John, Marshall, from Plymouth and John, Key, from Pudstow, in ballast.—SO, Phoenix, Diamond, from Bristol, with sundries Go.od In- tent, Evan, from St. Ives v and Revenue, Phillips, from Falniouth,* with copper" die Betsy-, Keen, from 'Bank staple Hope, Hail, from Bridgewater and Mary, Brown, from Bristol, in ballast.—31, the New Expedition,H&tf- kinS and Cardiff Castle, Jenkins; from Bristol, with sun- dries: the latter, we understand, has upwards of 250 sacks of flour on board. Cleared out, Aug. 24—29, Happy, Couple, Philltps, for Bristol; and Unity, Jones, for Glocester, with.Stindnes, New Blessing, Tedball; and Maria, Mainwaring, for Cork; John and Ann, Lewis, for Wexford Vigilant, Fisher;• Princess Royal, James; Nancy, Thomas; Reso- lution, Roberts; Hope, Morris; Olive, Phillips; Grace and Peggy, Morgan Naiicy, Jones Fanny, \Villiatns; Young -Eagle, Francis; Neptune, Humpnrevs; and Rising Sun, Murray, for "Waterford; Providence, Jones, for Carnarvon; Three Brothers, -Farr; and Speedwell, Rees, for Bristol; Mary, Ctiuier; Watermouth, Cutiitfe; and Wilsonj Davidson, for, Jlfracpmbe Joseph, Clark; Resolution, John; William and Jane, Roberts; William- and Marv, Cook; Brothers, Thomas; Belsy, John; and Hope, Allen, for St. Ives; Sprigjttly, Nichols, for Barn- staple; John and Susan/i'.ucker;"Umon, Fox; and Henr-f,- Campbell, lor. Plymouth; Henry, Melhuish; and Mar'v, Masters, tor Fowey John and William, Squirn', -i'or Exeter; John and Betsy, jUoyd, for Bideford and Pioer, KusseU. tor Dartmouth, all vvitli coal or pulni.—3(), Pil- gnm, Uptthths, for Wiiterford j- Williaiu, Thomas, for Ap- pled ore j, Grace, Wills, fo? Barnstaple Mary, Richard, tor St. Ives; Peggy, Darracott, lor Briugewater anci Friends,; Le Gross,5 for Plyinoilth, all with coals. | l^oughpr.—h.rrived, the Union, Rol.T.ert5; and OakwclJ, Jones, from Pprtrcath,. with copper.ore for Penclawdd Jolm, and Catherine, James, )row, Miiioru Commerce, Williams; and Providence, Sirotilons, from FisttguMrd; Dinah and Betty, Evans, from Cardigan' Eleanor, Wil- liams, from Amiw<;h; Fame, Lewis; from Newport; and St- Bridget, Curwen, from Dungarvan., Sailed, the Boston, Be van, for Guernsey-j Eleanor, r Wade, for Wexford; John, M'Donald; Expedition, Mor- gan Fame, Lewis; Dihali and Betty; Evans; Commerce, Williams; Providence, Simmons; and ElSaiior, Williams, for Amlwch; and Union, Roberts, lor Si: Ives, ail with coals. Neath.—Arrived, the Endeavour, PhillipS, from Chester, with e'lui timber ;'Morhing Star, Pnrry and Prosperity, Roberts, 'front ditto; vvhh bricks^ Ferret, Hughes,-from Abertliaw', with wheat ;• and'-Vigilaiit, Sundle, from Belfast, in ballast. Cleared out, the Henry and Elizabeth. Custance, for Lon- don, witti iron Sc. stone coal; Trial, Morris, lot Bristol, sun- dries; Diligence, Oa-vies, for Mil lord; Peggy, Edward; and Dove, Davies", for Abcl.)-'Ktwith; Prosperity, HolJert; and Morning Star. Parry. tor'Pwtheiv; Good Intent, Wheddoii: and Molly; Uuion* for Watchei: Clulow, Rice, for-Ilfracombe; Sally Ann, Winson and Wrilliani, Adams, for Plymouth; George and Ann, Carpenter, for Falmouth; Vigilant, Sundle, for Yarmouth' Rose, Lake, lor Dartmouth Ann, Thomas, for Cork and Si. Michaei, Rourk, for Wrexforct,l-l with coal of cuhtiv "j* Cardiff.—Arrived, the Hebe, Harris, from Bristol, with sundries John, Edmonds, frum N&wpojT, .with bttf.iro)); Pelican, Jones, from Neath; Necfar, Griihths, from B.ir- imouth Brothers, Pickey, from Penrlryn; Mary .Al))i, Needy, froiii Porlock; George" aii'd Kitty; Tostie, from Dartmouth Coriiwallrs, Power,- from Pdoie Atin, Howlfcs, u-oni Dublin;; and Victory from: Cork, ali. ifi ballast. Sail.edj/the Thdm-s, A4amsffor iLgndoa Pf}ican, Joncf-. •for Liverpool;and. Margartf, 'Thomas', lor Dublin, .-with .iron Jane,.Evans,.for DuWrf/witH'irbii atld barkrVttlCU'lf,J Landman, tor ditto antf Phcfe'Ke,' tor "Ne<yrvv With 'oark St; Pierre,-DaviesJ ■aHd.uHaljer Harrts, tor Bristol,, with sundries ;Brtt3dnW.4#e'ii, i^e^ilt'«3 fr\te, «o r Ly me Ind u stry, Fmn^h,. for r Padatuw u Runce of Wales, Evans; tei^wktenibfd-; lOrKtrtsale; ,-rtiid rviary, Baker, for" BalftriiOreVvi'jffi 'edals. t'Two)t/!en.-t-ArTiyed,. jthe liero, Saine. and .Nancy, I y«fiaan, froin Bristol,- with sundj-ies j Lark, Rogers, fi'Oin vlocester, with salt; Rose, Ow-en§,, ftP.in Cardigan Re- Otjca, 'Lloyd, from "Ne.wport,. vyith" jpig iron Clifton, Omon, Meredith$t. D^vid,' Hall; and Xlixabeth, Xh- us, lion! i,.anp!iy, with coals j jaird "John, from ..u.iolin," in ballast. ■ Clt"iltd: nll1,rhe Friends Gojrclwill, Sear,^ and Nancy, Otweus, ior Bristol,.with corn.; Peace and Eleiuy, Jones, iUiOj with butter.; Mayliower, Jenkins: and Mary, Longi or Milford," with poles; Commerce, Dkhiel, lor Liver- ;). ol,-with wheat; and. Mary. Slutai, for Glasgow, With oark iind tin. J.iqnelli!.—Arrived, the Mary, Randall, from London, with timber Speedwell, Mac.kcjMrom Pembroke>Venus, Morgan ;Peggy, Davids; Cutitoden, John; Prosperity, Yhotaas Nwrytn, Jones; Lovalty, James and Hopewell, Richards, from Cardigan; Centurion, Parry" from Bar- mouth; Union, Goss; Three Brothers, Ham Specula- tton, Prynn; Ann, Barttett; und Nancy, Reader, from Plymouth; Hannaji, Nicholas; and Blesssihg, Perry, from Barnstaple ;:J\lary, Junes; and Endeavour, Davies, from St. Ives Witiiam, Barrett, from Padstow; and. Fortune, A.uy, lrom Jersey, all in ballast. Ceared-out, the Ann, Watkiu*, for Aberystwith; Peggy, Davies; Union, Griiiiths Speedwell, Francis; Venus, Morgan; and Swan, Evans, for Cardigan, all with coals. Bristol.—Arrived, the Hibernia, Davids, from Cork; George, Buliock, from Dublin; and Supply, Bellard, from Petersburgh. Entered out, the Happy Return, Broomham; and Sis- ters, Vaughan, for Neath; John aud Mary, Storks; Mi- nerva, Webb and Weleoiue, Davies, for Carmarthen and Mary, Hurlow-, for Pembroke, Falmouth.— Arrived, the Three Brothers, Wesfcott; and 11 Ann, Bibbins, frofti Swansea; Hope; Bafzey, from Car- marthen and Aurora, Davies, from Beaumaris. Charh'Motx-n. —-Arrived, the Susanna, Johiis and .Flora, Lee, fromMitfprd.. Trurp.—Arrived, tfye Jphn, Tceluddra, from Swansea, with coals; and sailed again for that port with Copp.er ore. Pe»sance.-nArrived> the AShelia, Briant"; George and Francis; Trannack -Good Intent, Curtis Fairy,; Oats Aurora, Jarmpnd Eagije, Tonkin; Rachael, "Stofford Mount Galpin, -Noeland- Mara/ion, Stevens, all from Swansea;, and Translator, Buglehgle, from Pembroke. Padstow.Arrived, the Francis, Steer; Elizabeth,-Mor- al gan; and Union, Burt, lrotu Swansea and Mary AnbJ Cotton, from Cardiff. J Sailed, the Petcrel, Richards, for Neath. Pdoit.™Arrived. the IjteWley, Bailey,. frpm_ T^hbv-. Torbay.—Arrived, the- Dove, Swalhn Peggy, Chant; and Ann, Vitterv, from Wales. Cork.—Arrived, the: Frifefidship, Palmer, from Swansea, with coals; and Thomas and-Judith, of S wansea, Rogers, from Plymouth, with bark. Sailed, the Victory, of Milford, Evan;, for Swansea. The Morrison armed brig and her convoy afrived at Falmouth on Friday last. The Plover, of 18 guns, with a cobvoy, sailed from Ply- mouth oft Sunday se'nnighf for Milford HAven and Liver- pool;. but the wind vcenna; about and 'becoming squally, j off the Dodman, they returned to the Sound, where they were, retained till the foliowingTucsday, when they linaMy sailed. Last week the. RanECr, of 14 guns, carried into PJy': mouth a iine cutter, called the Liberty, ofPoipcrro, havin" on board^ 370 ankers df spirits, wine, and tobacco. The, Ranger chaced her from within the limits of the Dodman, (to near Guernsey, where she captured Iter. She was fortnefly the Valiant lugger, in Jthe'Jicsrve of Government. There is a Tide in the affairs of Men, Which, taken in the Flood, leuUs on to Fortune. SllAKESl'F.AR. If our irnmorsal Bard had lived to seethe present Oraiid Scheme of the only State-Lottery-to be drawn this year, he would have exclaiiiied in ec^tacv, Multum in Parvol Whjit! Three Twenty Thousand Pound" Prices' Three Ten Thou- sand Pound Prices! Three Frve Thousand Pound Prices' Ino Prize less than £ 20, and only 25,000 Tickets!! Surely all descriptions of people, from the Prince"to the Peasant, will lose no time in embracing the present Golden Oppor- tunity, of realizing that independence and comfort, wliich is the duty, as well as desire, of all mankind to obtain, Begins Drawing 24th of next MONTH. I" Arrived tit Swansea, The Hon. Lady Grey and family, Hon. Mr. and Mrs. Grey, Iloli.-imd Rev. Mr. Grey, Mr. S. Mrs. and Misis"Homfray,-Mr; and Mrs. Ridingtmi, Col. Lemoine and-.family, Mr.. Holford, MrvGabell, Mr. and Mrs. Emmison, Mr. and Mrs. Whattey, Mr. Airs. King, Air. Brown, icc. See. •. We have already noticed the important improve- ment which this town is about to deceive by the ewctionofPublícltooms; The tontine subscrip- tion for this purpose now amounts 'to about 2,400U A convenient and most delightfully-situated' spot of ground ou the Blirrows has been fixed upon; and we hope shortly to announce the commence- ment of the building; The new Rail-road' from this town to Oyster- mouth is already begun, and the jetty at the pier- head is in a state of great forwardness. The Act of Parliament for better supplying the town of Carmarthen with water, by theformation of ari aqueduct and reservoirs, is intended to be carried into execution immediately, agreeably to a plan now prepared and an advertisement appears, in our first page, inviting "iron-founders to send in their terras lor couiplcating the design. [ We learn that.the late Swansea legion infantry has been accepted" by bis Majesty, by the name of the Glamorgan, or Prince of Waies's Eusileers, and theA command is given to W. Vauglian^ Esq. of this town. Last week the Royal Clarence and Fishguard volunteer regiments were reviewed by: .Genera! Gasepype, near Cardigan; who was pleased. to convey his high opinion of their merits to the dif- terftnt coinniaiiding officers in thefQUowing GENERAL ORDERS. Cardigan, Auev 20<h,.1804. '•Major General,Gascoyne ieels great satisfaction in ex-. pressing his most unqualified' approbation ot the appear- ancen-fjreadiness, and Uiscipline of Ae Royal Clarence and Fishguard corps, ivpvte\ved this day • which far evcefed's .the most sanguine expectations, and he has great satutaction iH- assuring them, iliatthey are .fully equal;tp ,anv. service tliat may be required of .them, having att^ed 'a de?n;c 'ot' per- fection, at which he conceived the volunteer.'syStem. from itsuestablishtoent .and constitution, iilc-f By. order,of Major-Gen. Ga'scame, J. SUTtGN. Brigade Major." lnvasioit.'—Th'it Government expect. Ibe jjend- Devit of France speedily to atiesniit hio lon^- tiireateried iiivasroa of this country, 'appear;' cer- tarn d letter having been ved here fm.V'fnorn- ing by Mfjor Vaugnan, unimating tbre-probability '• of his corps being called upon very sudden! v-Y' advising preparation i'or such an- euier^yuey-=--and. leeomrmending that each man provide two or three days provision to be ready to take with him, as some difficulty might: possibly Hj-ise in obtuiuine: a sufficient supply on the road, in COllscquehee of a number ot troops all marching toward the same point.—Cambrians be oh the alerr. Your native courage, acknowledged proficiency in military dis- cipline, and the recollection of the glorious deeds. of prowess performed by your illustrious ancestors in former times, will stimulate you to imitate their, noble example. The Bristol volunteers, together with the united Clifton and Westburv, have received orders to pro- vide themselves with every thing necessary for ac- tual service; and in case of alarm they will imme- diately march to Marlborough. In consequence, a general inspection of the corps took place on Monday, when every'iriember appeared with his canteen, haversackj and knapsack; the latter of which is to contain the tfsuai necessaries for taking the field. ° OFFICIAL. Regulations for the ■preserrution of good order to he. adopted in ease of actuiil I/ivusio/i, in cach County- in Graft Britain. '• „ 'Ihe Magistrates of eficfi division t>f the countV feiiiain- ittg at home, tO!»{t<ldi]y at a place to be appointed in each dh'isigrti'arAhat.pnrpoi^; .•-•• .• -Tq/ptocn^e the trustworthy, liousekeepei's and others to; e^rsf.tUenisel.ves. to »<ji ve- a». special, coustabies uncVcr.th^ir orders*, ivbere .Jhe-.same has n^n been already do.up pur-, kuantto" .the Se^etary of^StatP'- eiicular letter of the 5}th of November last. attended at fTie pl^<-«,.apposate<i.for aeaish.division by ah officer .of the-voluhteer lorccj if;any .should remain tn th&t division, and by t'lie,^hlejfpr,?up.erintci\d8,u}; the. special eonsfatjftes ensiled lor-ifin:t division. Such vo!un- t«Wi)llice:r anti cffieFot' the special constables to receive and eXecute~th?„ordef.s of the :Magistrates, in preventiitg and. quelling -digti^rtericesi, in t akings up and. eoir.'eying; offenders to prhoc, in supplying escorts for ;all ,military: BWPOres that may be. requited, by the General.or. other; Officer, left in commahd of the district, and in furnishing a guard lot fhd county gaol wr other prisons, if wanted. It,- contrary tb^Vxpeelutiwi, • any impedimeftts should, occur in the regular ssj^Hy of-the different markets, every it-sistance tuje afforded to the persons w ho are. accustomed 'or.who offer to supply tRem, and escorts to be granted in' cases where it may be necessary fbr the secure passage ^nd conveyance of cattlealld provisions. • The constables of each "division, assisted by patroles-of volunteers, if, requisite, to sen that«.U public-houses within the same are orderly and J-egulnrLy. conducted, and< if thought iiecessarn-, by-the Magistrate, to-be shut at such 'hours as they may direct; and to bring all unknown per- sons, who cannot give a satisfactory account of themselves, before the Magislratee- A certain portion of consoles and volunteers, in rota- tion, to go such different rounds in the night, as shall from: time to time be- prescribed by the Magistrates of the divi- sion, tQ'whom they are to make their report each morning.; The Magistrates of each division to report daily ib the* Lieutehant of tlif couiify, or Deputy Lieutenants within the division appointed to receive the same. The Lieutenant or Deputy Lieutenaurs so appointed, to report, all matters of importance immediately to the Secre- tary of State for the home department, and to the General or officer left in command oi the district,' or to the officer who shall be appointed by him within the county to receive the SHine, to whom they are to apply, in case "of wanting DLtrthermihtaryaid. p A detachment of that- fine corps, the Royal Cornwall Miners, has been ordered toT "Tenby, where they-arc distinguished by attention to duty and propriety of conduct. Lieutenant-Col. Bromley is appointed Inspecting Field Officer of the volunteer corps in Hereford- shire, in the roonvof Lieutenant Col. Sladden; and Mr. ;William- Tanner, of Hampton-Court, is ap- pointed Central Commissary for that county. We hear that John- Jeffreys, Esq. of this town, has been appointed .Law Agent, &c, to the Duke of Beaufort, for-his estates in this country. The Lord Chief Baron of theC onrt of Exche- quer has been pleased to appoint Thomas Evans, Esq,of Hay-, Brecfonshire, a Commissioner for tak- ing aflidavits. in thesaid Court. The Duke and Duchess of Bedford arrived in Hefelord, last wfefek,'arid purpose visiting various pa^ts of South Wales. Her Grace the Duchess of Beaufort, Count Wo- ronzow, Sir Kichurd Hoare, and Admiral Gambier, are amongst-the last tirrivals at Bath. Sir Watkin^Willfams Wynne, Bart, passed through Shrewsbury,' the latter end of last week, t'oF W ynnstay, his delightful residence in Denbigh- shire. The R osilly lobster fishery commenced last week, of the state and progress of which we hope short- ly to give an account. No very material alteration in the price of wheat has'taken place jn the Welsh markets since our last week's repp-rt; some are on the advance, but the greater; part. remain stationary.—We have, however, the confident assurance of a speedy re- duction; the prices in the London market, by which all others kingdom are regulated,-be- ing rapidly on the decline. In addition, to the gra- tifying report of"last' Monday'sprices, in our 4th page, we. are happy to state that wheat- again fell 3s. and 4s. per quarter on Wednesday and flour is 10s. per sack lower than last week. There were" sevgrat.Samples of excellent -new wheat ;at H^re-lbfd.iirarket last Saturday., anil the' prices-\i'er'§ pjJ t'h.6 decline. ■ At Kiigefraii"lair, last week, there was a prodi- gious shew of cattle, very few of which remained unsold jfjiorses v/^re few in number, but most.; of tirose calculated ior the use of cavalry went oil veryweU. 'Y So great was the quantity of butchers meat on hand in Launceston market, Cornwall, last iSatiiTr ;day se'nnight,ttiat the common cryer was sent round the town to offer beef (prime cuts) at 5d. per lb. and veal and lamb at 3d. •-■ | ,ers, an iers iit,erqslt, 1.1 The report of keepersVand ot'iers interested in.| the pursuit of game, is highly favourable to sports- men. Partridges, they .say, were scarcely ever known to be more plentiful than at the present season. ';1 A. Brr.qebridge and C. Mordaunt, Esqrs. have offered.themselves as candidates to suceeed the late Sir G. S. Evelyn, ui tlie representation for War- wickshire.—The latter is son to Sir or. Mordaunt, :Bart. formerly Mcmbdr for that county, but who de- clined, at the last General Election, on account of ili health, and received the thanks o'f the freehol- ders for his attention to their interests while in Parliament. Their Majesties, in their journey to Weymouth, (see ,our 4tkpu{1:c) reaohed- Salisbuty about mid- night. Notwithstanding the lateness of the hour, on the entrance of the royal party into the city be- ing. announced, aril ranks became eager to behold and welcome their beloved Sovereign; The com- pany assembled by reason of the "music-meeting left the ball-room, and, with the inhabitants, croud- ed aro.und the inn." His Majesty was received by the Lord Lieutenant, (the Ear! of Pembroke) Loril Bruce, (Commandant of-the Wiltshire yeernaisry), and- several, gientleraen of character and conse- queiic-e. Warde, by order of his Royal Highness the Duke of Cumberhind, was in attendance; And a Tield-Ofhcer' guard oflionour was furnished by the Salisbury volunteers and the j Wiltshire yeomanry cavalry.' His Majesty, on put- -i Y, ting down-the g-lass of bis carriage, appeared to', those who had the satisfaction-of beholding him; in perfect health. He conversed for some tune with General Wards relative 10 -the- strength of the re- '-pe^y^of'f^'&r': sua espres«.ed.hiis r- re Iitt being called vtit at so late an hour. Tiie delicti ted uiuitivn.Je evinced, their loyalty and jot bv reite- rated bursts of appkutfe—the ringing uY bells and Loiig.lav lite King" resou?xded from all quarters. The different corps made an offer to line the road for sijueea miles or toe.way which his Majesty was to pass, but which was dispensed with, it is wor- IS t'j'a thy of remark, that his Majesty tt-aveHeJwith only two attendants-thus tru&il.igtb the iove. ainl loyalty ot ari afiet'tionafepeople;- every individual of whom may be considered a guard to a Monarch whose heart ha^ ever been failhiul to their best, and dear- est interests. A survey of the rivefr Wye has been taken this week, for the purpose of ascertaining the most practicable modes or lowering the various shal- lows, tiid of a horse towing path on its banks: Lancaster Assizes conchtded last week, and se- ven prisoners were left fbr execution, viz. two for forgery, andii-ve fot mtering-forged notes. Cheater, Aitg. 28.—Ve are happy to be abielto state, that at our Assies, upon the trial of Daniel Humphreys and two others, 'charged' with beinf concerned in the tuhnilt which took- place in trnl city upon the 28th of December last, it was proved by a. very respectable Magistrate, who wa-s produced as a witness on the part-of the Crezcn, that n t above twclv'e ot the "Royal Cluster- Volunteers were con- cerned In the riot, it was also proved that the corps contained "about ticmlve-hundrtd mm. We confess ourselves unable-to reconcile-to" the pi;0i- ptes either ot--coinrnufl: justice or of common st-nse he conduct of thos^who, whether in a Jouri-ia" a Senate, or a Conit^of Jiistic^ ha^ve endeavo'ured to involve in disgtace the regiment"atFotrge; and-we with triumph opp^tii^MbsttLntiated I'ac'ts Which we have mentro«e.(i.,Ofg^J £ fife unwarrantable asser- tions and malicictu^ ifi^ikafatibns of any rofti, in whatever.situation., iWv are friends to the liberty ot the press, we respent the deliberations 01..Par- liament, and we gkipr^ the triab.by jury j trirt w-, despise the language.of hnp^tioeoe<randioq.Uicr ty, wherever it may be found whe» that -Li.giun:-e is also false and injuiio.us, wedft^est it. Tl^r-: a ditferenee between- the due discharaje of -d(1'. ttes of'a situation, and a transgression of the It- mits of tho&e duties.: -We are sorry that the dis- tinction is net generally known. The Retort Courteous.A brace-ot uc a'niedtt (an? na- val, the other a military bero) r?Uyiag.-and iirmfi, cheii squibs and sallies, oi the &rffi»„at each.otie, the-fed cuated gentleman taking out h:s ..poukfit-book,.sc ,d, "1 wlii, you what you have not spen s.iiice-.the. cmiflnsion ot las' war," and immediately.prod^e'ed^a*"ban/, note of ,i>i: — Very good," savs. "the otiierv j".cfut .io^kj tier, -,s, sight as you never saw in jour life taKiiU:,rt paper side pocket, here's a tailor's bill win a r. t< roit." A lawyer uporrthe last circuit ..1 liei -.ad, who was plead- ing the cause of aii inVant 'plaintiff, took" the oft. III in his arms, and presented it to the Jury, SILiJ, ,cu «itti Ita, This had a great' effect, -until the opposite luw. asked t. child what made him cry .f '«He pinched- me," tu«wei«-i* ;•>. Ittle innocent.. The whole. Court was laughter. Copper Ores sold at: Redruth on Thurs 23d inst. ■ Mines'. Tims. Purchasers* at i ■■t ■' W heal Jewell 140 Chead..0. W illiams & P. Grenfell 1 .1 ditto 109 ditto 8 14 ditto 90 Rose Co. 7- *13> '• C- ditto 79 not ditto & -7 1 >' Wheal Damsel 110 Brass AVtre Coi' • 13 17 o ditto 127 Rose'Co- v ■/ 14; **C ditto .-75 CheadL-O: \Viliianis'& 'P.'Grenfcifc' ■ 1-1 9 C ditto 59 Rose. Co. j 13 1a 0 Wheal Hawke. ;-jBi-ass-. Wire Co., 11 Hi "0 ditto P, JOíf- ditto 6" ,-10" 0 ditto -.105 ..ditto 15 2 ti Wheal Quick y^'Chead. 0. W'illiamsic ■ T'Grybfeif" w, 0 ditto 54- itto 8 4 v Wheal Maria 16 -ditto v.. Ö.10 6 ;'4: TO,16

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