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... SWANSEA, FRIDAY, August…

SHIP NEW s. :;-


SHIP NEW s. AnRiviiD, July 27, tlie Friends F.n- deavour, Dennis, from Truro., w ith copper ore; Perseverance, Griffiths, from Am- lwch Expedition, Morgan-, from \v,ater- ore; Perseverance, Griffiths, from Am- lweb; Expedition, Morgan-, from \v,ater- iord l'c, !nh;; lbHard., Ii-om Foivcv.-I Sprightly, Nichols, froiii ii.miu.q»le j Roebuck, W aters j and Betsy, Peake, from Cidetord at"r«uonth, Out 1 iff,' from Ilfracombe; Endeavour, JeWeJl. iroiu Ctov^ity Mjiry, Rickets,'Itom St. Ives; aud Ann, llnruaman, from Appiedore, in ballast.—i?8 -&id ^9, 'i'Junu.i*, Ihiv Dili gence, Williams; ahd Amelia, Nipnis, iwm St. lvcs,with copper ore Sf. Ives, fjtevens, from dnto, with spirits; Providence, Jones, from dittoi with clay I'eiigv, breen, from Dartmouth; Vigilant", Webb, Irom Fly mouth; Pro- vidence, jenkitis, from' Youghall; MOMIU Oal'pm, Noelj from St. Ive4^ Tidyai Recovery, Carmouth; i'tttmdship, Hoskins; and Recovery, Pawson, from Fjilmouth, in bul- last.-r\30 and 31, New Expedition, Hawkins, from Bristol; and Channing Betty, Griffiths,, from Mineliead, with sun- -dries; Amity, Friar, from St. Ives, with-copper ore; e Nancy, Morgan, from Newport, with slate Alfred, Crocker, from Waterford; Brink, Harding, from Hfra- cotnbe j Friendship, Day, from Plynjoutii Alarazion, Stevens, from St. Ives; Amelia, Bryant, froin Penzance; and Unanimity, Crockford, from Minehead, in ballast.—- Aug. 1 and 2, Providence Packet, Darke; and Unity,1 Jones, from Glocester; Mstry, Coleman, from Berkeley; and Thomas, Prance, fmia Bridgewaiec, with sundries Spraycorabe, GoM, from Truro; Starry, Epss; and Good Intent, Edwards, from Sr. Ives, w-i(h copper ore; Samp- son, HarrM, fromLMiitord Express,Luke,"from Appiedore j Speedwell, Lugg, trom Falmouth Charlotte itnd Ann, from Plymouth; Peace, Pile,, from Barnstaple; and Industry, Salt, from Fowey, in ballast, Cleared out, July 27 to 31, the Happy Couple, Phillip* and Richard, Lewis, for Bristol, with "sundries; Resolu- tion, Davies,,for Llanellv, with iron SaOy, Fallot, for Jersey; Keturah, Seys Venn*LowtherJ Nancy, Jones; and Young Eagle, Francis, for Watert'ord Two Brothers, Dempsey, for Kinsjile; Relations,- Curtail, for J>mgar- van; William, Dalling Jeremiah, Nicholl; Betsv, Peake; and Roebuck, Waters, for Bideford; Hope, Wade, for Cloveily; Sally and William, Sanders; and Penrose, Rogers, for Plymouth; Sprightly, NicIwHs, for Barn- staple-; Peggv, Curtis; Susannah, Johns; Integrity, Ro- gers; Ayr, Crrenfell; Charles, JDobb; Rose, Dawes; Pfo- vidence," Thomas • Harriet and Ann, Williams and Wil- liamand Jane, Roberts, for St. Ives; Hope, Allen, for Fowey; Friendship, Webb, for Falmouth; Wilson, Da- vidson, for Iifracombe John and Matilda, Curtis, for Padstow; Susan, Jones, for Appiedore Maria, William#, for Amlwch; Rose in June, John; Mary." Prichard; and Perseverance, Davles, for Pwlhely, all with coal or culm. -Aug. 1 and ft, Friends, Maine, for bideford, with coal and eartheiiware Juhn and Catherine, Janieg; and Nep» tune, Humphreys, for Wrater(orri Hope, fldwards; -and Princess of Wales, Walters, for Iifracombe Forest, Haw- kins, for St. Ives; Mona, Williams, for Amlwieh; George and Francis, Trattnack, tor PenzftDco; Good Intent, Curtis, tor Cloveily; Peggy, Green, for Dartmouth; Maria, Haynes, for Padstow; Industry* Salt, lor Fowey; and Samuel, Lovering, for Truro, with coal or culm. Louirhor.>-Arrived, the Union, Roberts; Sid>is, Biddgr; and Mary, Janes, from Portreath, with coppcj^ote for Pen- clawdd Stag, Jenkins.: Peggy and Mary, Mathew; Bountiful, Jenkins; and Fanny Ann, Wade, from New- port; Diana, Ellis, from Bideford; and John, M'Donald, from St. Ives, in ballast. Sailed, the Lark, Williams; Elizabeth and Mary, James Jupiter, Bynon Betiyo Hodge; Brothers, Jonea); In- dustry, ;Evitis; Britannia, Peters; Success, Richards; Ruth, Evans; Ceres, Richards; Eleanor, George; Hope, Carpenter and Pomona, Powell, for Amlwch; and Wil- son, Davidson, for St. Ives, all with coals. Neath,Arrived, the Fair Triton, Phalpiu; Friendship, Williams Betsy,. Roe Friendship, Fitigefald arid Su- sannah, Thomas; from Wiqklow; Diana, Rowland, from Carnarvon Samuel, Lovering, from Truro Joseph, Clark, from Hayle Friendship,lleyHolds and Harnionv, Tucker, from St. Ives, all with'copper Ore'; .Maria, -Evam,- from Aberthaw, with wheat Trial, Morris, from Bristol, with market goods and St. Nicholas; "Fitzgerald, from Dailgarvztn, in batia" Cleared out, the Mary, Cowling, for,Lopdon, with stone coal and tinned plates John and Sally, Collins, for Kid- welly, with plank.; Trial, Morris, for Bristol, with copper, rotten stone, k-e. Agcnoria, Pool," for Dartmouth, with ballast iron; Flora, Reauchamp, for Jersey Heart of Oak, Parr6ff; and George, Pavne, tor Cork; Betsy, Howe, tor W icklow Friendship,'Williams, for Wexford Fair Briton, Phelpin, for Dungarvan; Lark,- Isaac, tor Aberystwith Diana, Rowland, for Carnarvon Good In- tent, Wheddon, tor Wat.chet; Ann, Stephens, for Roches- ter; Garland, Ashton, for Plymouth; Betsy, Perkins, for Porlock Susan and Mary, "James; Dove," Swatijn and William, Adams, for Dartmouth Three Sisters, Ley and Two Friends, Rumsam, for Iifracombe; Nitnble, Ur- quhart, lor Yarmouth; Francis, Twily, for Eftstbourn; United Friendsi Geach, for padstow Success^ Longmaid, for Looe and Grape, Green, for Barnstaple, all with coal or culm. 7" Cardiff ^-Arrived -the Three Brothers. Farr; and Trial, Page, from: Bristol, with sundries.; Prince Edward, Cow], from Padstow, with block tin; John, Jones, from Newport,. with bloom iron MaryvHill, Irom (mtcoinb, with paung- ina .stones; Pelican, Jo'n^s, ,irom Neath ;N Thomas and Mary,. Gibson,,from Mi (lordFonstcr, Jonet, from Bristol; Iian- d\> Williams, Irom liridg\vatcr; and Maty Ann,-Cotton, fi-oift; Coilr, all in ballast.' Sifiled, the Ind.ustrioti?, Kpiimure; 7Veore, Jennings; and Charlotte,.James, for Londfcn Forestfer, Jones, for llri'stol; aiid..Mary, Coleijmh, for Glocester, all with iron-: Stert, Pettigrew,, for London, with iron, .tin, and stores; Hebe, Harries, for ties Quin- ton: Prince 6f Wale's; Evans; and Unity, Edwards, for Cork; Mary, \\hitty,"lor Wexford and Bideford, Taylor, for Kinsale, all w ith coa.Is.. Carmarthen.-—-Arrived, the Nanpy, Rees; and Peace and Plenty, Jones, from Bristol, with sundries; Lark, Rogers; Minerva, Webb-, and Expedition, Watkins, from Glocestej, With salt j Union, Rogers, from Portsmouth, nioii, with deals Clitton' Union, Meredith, from Pembroke, with iron j Mary Ann, Morgan Polly and Betsy, Llewel- hn; and Ann and Mary, Griffiths, from Llanelly, with coals. Cleared out, -the Nancy, Rees, for Bristol and Hope, Barzey, for Chicliester, with btitter and oats; Unity, George and Nancy Yetman,. far Bristol, with oats^ &iv Speedwell, Jenkins, for Greenock, with bark and Mary- Ann, Morgan, for Llanelly, with sundries, Llanelli}.—Arrived, the Mary Ann, Morgan, from Car- marthen, with shop goods Mary, Long, from Mil-ford; Catherine,. Davies; Ltnnett, Lewis"; Catherine, Richards; and Neptune, Griffiths,, from. Cardigan- Muckrel, Griffiths; from Carnarvon Requin, Prett yjohn, from -Dartmouth Mary, Jones, irom Sr. Ives ;Catherine, Jones, from Barn- staple and John, Davies, from Cork, all hi ballast. Cleared out, the Rebecca, I^ioy.d, for. Pembroke •; Marv, Lewis; Catherine, D.avies and Linnet, I.eWis. for Cardi- gan; Mackrel, GriflHhs, tor Carnarvon Dolphiii, Ri- chards for Barnstajjle Requin,- Prettyjohn, for Dart- mouth; Joseph and MHry, Ftsr.ley apd -Union, Roberts, tor St. Ives; Union, Goss. Three -Brothers, Ham; and. Nancy, Rider, for Plymouth, i Bristol.—Arrived, the PeggyWilliams, from Galw;' Express, Russel, fcom Belfast; Awfri and Catherine, —— Dumbarton; N eptii'iie, 'CopplestoheV'trHm- Cork Bris- tpl Irader, Phelps, from"^New York pGirdiif Castle, .ie; kins, trom Swansea; Happy,- Retei;n,iirownbHi;i, irom Ncatlij William and Catherine,and Nar.s.y„ >. Yetman, from Carmarthen; Caintrian, James, from Haver-- lord west;-and Providencc, -Davies, (rOlù Cttrdigau. Entered out, the Cardiff Castle, Jenkias, tor Swansea; Happy Relum, Broorn^arii, ibr i\<th; Charming Pe.ggy, I'icha'rds, lor Cardiff; Hero, Fioberis; and Nftncy, \e*t- man, for Carmarthen; Suianuah, Jones, lor Pembroke; and William axid Mary, Jones, for Conway. Liverpool.—Arrived; the Cattle, Evans., from Cardiff, with bar iron; Meuni, (\riCO, irom 'Newport, with pig iron Ann, Githriel; from Altilord,. wilb whale oil; .Ann, ..Gamer,, rfom Conway, .with wheat and oak bark; and Farnhaiii, Chapman, item Chepstow, with wheat and elm limber. Ful.r.CiiUh. —Arrive c!, the Ann, Harvey, from -Llanelly. Sailed, the Good^t;n, Blackmore and Friendship, Moise, "for Swansea. Truro.—Entered inward?, the Fortitude, Jennings; Po- mona, Bowden Polly, Cook; Friends Endeavour,Dennis; Elizabeth and Mary, Davies Spraycombe, Goss; Jane, Pintiips and Mary, Cronter, all from Swansea, with coals. ,re Cleared out, the Sp'-aycombe, Goss; Elizabeth and Mary, Davies; Polly, Cook; Pomona, Bowden; and Jane, Phiilips, all for Swaps«-a, with copper ore. Fowey.—Arrived, the pei^ey, Lobb, front Swansea; Ann and William, Best,.frpin Neath; and Bacchus, But- terfil, from Newport. JPenzance.—~Airived, the Happy Cotiple, Clark Union, Trick; Amelia, Bryant; and flarwony, Trick, from Swan- sea, with coals; Union, fr'om Portsinoutfi for Car- luartheri; Princess Iioyal, Richafdsj from Dartmouth for Miii'ord; Starry, Foss, from. I'lyn'outh to St. Ives, and from thence to Wales." Sailed, the Rover, Jones; Recovery; Pawson j-.Peggy, Green; and llawk; Jennings, all ofr Wales. St: Ives.—Sailed, the Valentine; Walters; Sidus, Bid- der; t!nd Joker, Thomas, aiLfor Wa'es- Padstow.—Arrived, the Three Friends,-Vincent; Wil- liam and Maty, Brokenshire; EbetMzaf, Harvey; and Petereil, Richards, all froni Swansea. Sailed, the Grace, Phillips ~and Maria, Richards, for Swansea and Prince Edw ard,Cole, for Cardiff. Poak.—Arrived, the George, Rees and Anna, King,- from -Tenby and: W llhant, 'Williams,' froni' Barmouth. a The Niobe, rof 40 guris, (SiptV S^ott, is appointed as. a cruising frigate lor The pfotection w-tbe'coast of Cornwall, from FaliriOuthr to the westward of Scilly. Dr.AFVKSg.—-So&iety has much reason to rejoice at the joice discovery oi a remedy tot this afHiction ;we mean Dp.TAY- I.OH'S Ditops; for a tew satistactSry vouchersfor its efficay> we refer out readers to the advertisement in odr nrst page;- r Arrived at Swansea* Sir W. MaijselJ, JCol, Price and fa- mily, Rev. Mr. and Mrs. SprYi JVfr. and Mrs. Shipley, Mr, Peters, Rev. iVfr. Mabtjr, SoliWyii, Mrs. Spooner> ace. &c.- The -Tontine Subscriplixin fpr building Public Rooms and a New/Theatre in t|;iis town rapidly in- creases and we,hope.sooil to announce the corh- mencement of the work.—The list has very fecent- ly been honoured with the Dairies of Lord Vernon and T. Wyndhara, Esq. M. P. fOr Glamorganshire. g- We have great pleasure in stating the successful result of the trial of. Mr. Klartin's invention for making iron with stone-coal; there now being good reason to believe, that iron made according to his method will exceed in quality that made with coak, and equal what is made with charcoa.L—ThtS dis- is of the last importance to Soath Wales, as it will bring into use animxflerise range of stone- cQal, at present, comparatively, of inconsiderable value; and, we trust, will also prove a national benefit, by enabling this part Of the Principality to furnish a sufficient quantity of iron for-the con- sumption of the Empire, without the aid offb- reign supplies. We understand that an ingenious artist, m the neighbourhood of Llanelly, nas invented a cast- iron nave for a wheel, which bids fair to become of considerable import to the gubii,c, being fighter, more durable, and less, expensive in the first in- stance than those how-ih general use for carts a.nd waggons it has also the peculiar advantage of admitting a-single spoke to .be replaced; without disturbing any other part but the place required: as soon as the patent has,passed the Seal, we hope- to favour o ur readers with the ^specification. Lieutenant Voting is appointed to the impress service at this port. r • John Griffiths, Gent, is appointed second Lieu- tenaat in tlie .lloyal Carmarthonshire miHtrai- llavertbrdwest Races, Veck, attracted a most, numerous and splendid assemblage of company, -but the spm-tdid-not equal expectation. On Mon- day, Mr. R.M. Philipps's W-heatear walked over for the sweepstakes;- ilnd .the Welsh plate was won by Mr. Sadler's Little Isaac^ %,te Black -Cormorant, beating Lord Cawdor's b. and Col. Colby's b. m. 'Tuesday's plate was' won^y Mn Hatrisoo's br. h. beating Mr.——?s Trpll an^six- others. Wheatear walked over for one -of th« -plates on Wednesday^ andthe other was won by-Mr. R. M. Philipps's Rolla, beating little Isaac, and Mr. Harrison's br. h. —-Same day, a match between three horses, which afforded tolerable sport. t • Races commence next Wednesday, and Knighton Races o.n the following Saturday. Monday last, the first batt&'l'lon of loyal Brecon volunteer infantry were presented with their co- lours, by the amiable lady of their worthy Colonel, Penry Williams, J-Isq, at. his seat at penpont. A more splendid id gratifying scene cannot well -1 we be imagined/than the appearance of this fine body y of men, animated by noble. spirit, and standing forward spontaneously to defend the country that gaVe them birth, against the malig- nant designs of a desperate foe, who has sworn to annihilate our liberties and our happiness. But if the glowing, feelings of patriotism, produced by such a scens, were capable of augmentation, they must have been increased by the applauding smiles of our fair countrywomen who graced the field on this occasion, aiid seemed to say, in a lan- guage more energetic than words can' convey, Under your protection, volunteers, we are sensi- ble of our security, and present ourselves before you this day, to express the deep sense we enter- tain of the indelible ohligation." About one o'clock, the battalion formed a semi-circle, and the Colours being placed-upon the drum head, they were consecrated by the Rev. J. Williams, chap- lain to the corps; at the conclusion of which, Mrs. Williams stepped -forward, attended by a bevy of beauties, and presented thein to the Colonel in an animating and elegant address to which Col. Wil- iiains llXllncdlateJy. replied— Madam, y Lithe situation which I Ksfve the lidnour fo be -placed, I feel it my duty to express, in live name of the-^prps, -oUtr- 'unfeigned thanks for the very distinguished -honour which 3rou have now been pleased to confer upon uVhy fhd pre- sentation of these colours. At this awlui crisis, when we are threatened .with invasion by an inveterate and haughty foe, we have thought, it incumbent-upon us, as men and Britons, to stand forward in defence-of qur King and country, our religion, our Jawts,, and our liberties, Otir, wives and children, and every thing which is dear to us. And should the enemy dare to put Ins. threats" into execu-L tion, I trust,, nay, I am confident, that- my brave com- rades, whom I now see before me, will instaiitly rally roiiiid these banners, the eitfblemS of our loyally mid pa- tiioiism, with that ardour and zeal which the cai't^e inspires, and w.tich animates the breast of every Briton to repel the- presumptuous attack." The corps then formed a line two deep, while the lustre of the sun glittering upon their arms, joined,-to the -fine appearance ,of the men,, and their handsome- military, equipments, formed a. speetaele at.once truly .brilliant. A uetachment, consisting of the grenadier company," proceeded to the ground appointed fov the reception of the ti colours; when the Colonel delivered then) to tile- two senior Ensigns, witRthe following address Gentlemen, -• (f To your. coininit these colours, witli the full; perst.asion. that you. wHt never desert ttiei-n; and by your con duct prove yourselves worthy of the distinguished post' which 'you now enjoy." I Tlie Ensigns, attended by the grenadiers, march- I ed iip the ranks from left to right, to. their re. fpsctjve situations in the' regiment, when the ,j Colonel addressed thfe battalion, and congratu- lated them upon the acquisition they had jht day received. Three excelient vol lies and tne c,caer,ti salvne terminated the ceretnony ot the day. he hospitable doors ot the mansion were then-thrown open, and the ladies and gentlemen present partook of an elegant cold collation in the mean time, the men were liberally regaled. The loyal liolyweli ^ohnitcers, cdmmanded by Capt. Pennant, have returned home from perma- nent duty at Wrexham, where their orderly behavi- our and good conduct was truly praiseworthy. The O swestry yeomanry cavalry were reviewed on Friday last by the officer commanding at Ches- ter, and received his public testimony in the garri- son orders, of their good state of discipline, sol- dier-iike appearance and conduct. His Majesty has been graciously pleased to appoint Colonel Henry Williams, (Inspecting Field Officer,of the Shrewsbury or North Wales Recruit- ing District) to be a Brigadier General. Brecon Assizes .commence to-moj-row; Cardiff Assizes on Saturday the 11th. imhnt; and Car- marthen Assizes on Monday the 13th. Hereford Assizes did not conclude till Saturday evening last, on account df the number of civil -causes entered tortnal.—On the Crown side, Wil- liam Williams, for.stea..imga lamb, received sen- tence of death, but was reprieved Ann Haynes, Stged 16, for stealing wearing apparel, was ordered to be transported for seven years Elizabeth Blount, for steahng wearing apparel; John Jones, and Wil- liam Pyefinch, lor, stealing wheat; and Benjamin a Johnsoiiy for stealing' a watch, to b-e imprisuiieci two years each. At these Assizes., an action of ejectment, of con- -sidei^ble-iji^itahce, brought- by Mr. and 'Mrs.Williams, !qf. Br^d^ewater,- the latter of whom claimed to.;be.,thg' paternal heir of the late- Thoriias .MUMagainst H. Evans| Esqr'tir Eaglegbw'sh, near Neath, to recover a large estate in GlariiOrg'a^ishire, of which Mr. E. had taken, possession'under a .sirnilar claim.' Mr. Mills, leading Court"sel fortbe-plai-ntiff, after observing ph. the great; importance of the case, entered into the particulars of his client's claim: in the month of March last, he said^ Mr. Morgan died intestate, and the defendant took possession of the estate, stating himself to be the heir at law. Mrs. Williams's garnd-father and the intestate's grand-father were brothers. The intestate dying without issue, and the., liheal descendants of his grand-father being extinct, Mrs: Williams, as the granddaughter of the" other brother, claimed the estates in question; in support of whose title se- veral aged persons were called as witnesses, who proved, that about fifty years ago the father of the intestate and,the tatlifirof Mrs. Williams declared that they were first cousins, being brother's, chil- dren; that Mrs. Williams's family visited the intes- tate's family, and were always treated as relations. It was also proved, that about four years ago Mr. Morgan had acknowledged Mrs. Williams to be his cousin and next of ki&.—-Mr. Serjeant Williams commented very ably on the plaintiff's case, and Stated that .Mr. Eyan^S, his client, claimed the I estate as heir at law of the intestate. He denied that Mrs. Williams, Was connected with the family of Mr. Morgan; said he should prove that the I | intestate, had repeatedly acknowledged Mr. Evans to be his heir at law; and called several witnesses who proved the intestate's declaration to this ef- feet.—Mr. Mills, with his usual at>iiity? in a speech of an .hour.and a half long, replied to the defen- dant's case: After noticing the leading features of the plaintiff's ci^im, arid the strength of evidence with, which it he observed on the inconsistency of. the intestate's declaration, and insisted that greater weight shuullibe given to the declarations of his father fifty-years ago, who must be supposed to have J.)een cotter acquainted'with the tamily.—Mr, jngtlte.Lawreiiee summediap the a vexy manner, and the jury re- turned a-verdict ^ot the defendant.—-Counsel for the plaintiff, Mills,v''Abbot, Peake, and Jones for; the defendant, Mr. Serjeant Williams, an i:erjc Messrs, pevan and Uauhcey.—The trial lasted eight hours, and we Rear that -it will be brought forward.again at the neit Assizes. In an action brought' bv'theproprhtors_of the Melm-Griffith Wprks;-iiearGardiW, against the pro- prietors of the ,t>ladiorgahshire Canal Navigation, .g e -s u-,p ii s for' diverting the surplus -water of the said c-anal by 'a'weJ^b^lpC^glmy^nffith Mill, to the injury of .fhe litt^ tfte jtvry-awarded the plaintiffs- Stiol. da^ mages." At Shrewsbury Assizes, Mary Rogers, for steal- (,h ing printed cotton;"affd Lucy Vaughan, for steal- ing muslin, were sentenced to seven years trans- portation. Wni. Harris, for manslaughter, fined Is. and discharged three other prisoners, for petty thèfts, were ordered to be imprisoned six months a,nd R. B. Jones, of Whitchurch, for uttering se- ditious words,:t-o be imprisoned three months, pay a fine ot 101. and lin-dsureties for his good beha- viour for three years. A very interesting cause to landed proprietors and tenants was tried at these Assizes on Tuesday. It was an action brought by Win. C.hilde-, Esq. against Mr. Asprey, his tenant, for "a breach of two covenants in a. lease for SI years, the one in not managing the iarm.in a proper and ttusbanduiardike manner the other in not keeping the buildings in tenan-table repair when, after hearing of nearly seven hours, the,.jury retired from court, and re- turned with a verdict of SOOl. damages on the first, and ToL on the second. At Monmouth Assizes a cause was tried, the points decided in which well deserve the attention of tenants, and, as. such, we report it: It was an ejectment commenced by Thomas Swinnerton, Esq..of..Wonas..tow, (Recorder of Stafford,) against his tenants, Messrs. North, of Brecon, grounded on^anotice to the course of the trial, the following, points .arose,, and were determined by ''Mr. Justtce Le Blanc, in favour of tbe, defendants lst, tllat a notice to quit, if served on, a, servant, musthe delivered-either on the premises demised, or at |he dweilin^-ihoySg of the tenant, should lie teside eIsewrfterie;^»A.nd)-2dj if a notice to quit, is delivered to-a: iseryant the demised, (and not at t}ie'd\vclling-hquse of the tenälit,) the tenant's acknowJe.d.^tiient of its receipt: will not ren- di'r such seryiee valid, unless the acknowledgment is made a-full half year previous to the termination of his .tena.ucy,The Counsel for Mr. Swinnerton were, Messrs,iMills, Mauley, and Touchett; At- ta.rney, .Mr:; Bourne, Monniouth, For Messrs. -'North, Mr., Serjeant W'illiams, and Mr. Abbott: Attomies-, Messrs, .Jones and Church, Brecon.— Another action, -which also occasioned some inter- "Vii est; was triedvat the suit of a Clergyman, upon a composition..fi&r tithes, in which he recovered a verdict. We are. extremely sorry to relate an afHic-tius accident-.which happened last week in the neigh- bourhood of .Cardigan Lieut. Morgan Davies,"of tbe li'oyal Clarence volunteers, -and youngest son of W. G. Davics, Esq. pf Cwm, having gone out to enjoy the amusement of rabbit-shooting, in get- ting over avhedge with his gun full cocked, it un- fortunately went off, and the whole charge lodged in his body, He expired on the following morn- ing, leaving a young widow'and child, with a nu- merous circle of relatives and friends, to bewail his melancholy fete- Monday last. a farmer's servant, riding upon the top. of a of hay, at Llyswen, in •the neighbourhood of 'Broyntless, Breconsbire.' tell.therefrom, and was so much hurt that he died I the next hiorhipg. A boy riding on the shaft of a waggon,ear oriagead, last luesday, lell do\rn. anU ..tie wheel passed cfyer lilivi, by V-hicii he was so se/ereiy bruised as to'Occasion his, (Ic^tli on We-h'' i.v Mr. Satnuel TuiIt."of Hrinii'nc^tdn, niar licrefori. the celebrated breeder of n, morning gored by one cfhlS own bulls, had several of his ribs broken, and lies dangerofifK-ill. Mr; Sh.cwatd, of Diiwyn, Heretbfdshire, had three lieifcrs killed under a tree wh'crc th'cv had t;«- ken shelter, during a violeat th'trndef-siunua few days since. Agricultural Report for July.—The harvest is com- menced in many parts of the eastern district, where all the rye, and many pieces of oats, are already cut, and some wheat has been reaped on warm sods, where they are smitten with the blight, or mildew, which prevails too-general ly. thro ugh most districts.—The corn in the western counties and I r- (- -r most part of North-Wales,, is,.freer from infection tnan those of any other .-district.—The new corn, bill has occasioned an immense-, quantity of ccrn to have been imported, .which would otherwise have remained in foreign parts.—.Oats and barley are likely- to rise to a full average crop; and both beans and .pease are well podded for abundant pro- duce.— Potatoes are likely to prove a'large crop, aud good in quaht,Y.-Turnips have panted Lt- 'vourably every where.—Hops are now securely set for a unusual crop. the duty is laid at 200,0001.—The cider counties of Devon and Here- lord have lately lost their apples: in Worcestershire they reckon on a third:, of a crop.—Smithfield has been rather thinly supplied through the mouth with, good beet, mutton, and lamb, ana higii prices yre still sustained in -consequence.——' 1 eastern and northern fairs have had large shew. of lean cat,tleT. and a of price has taken place, particu- larly in Scotch runts, and Irish steer's.-CKtore sheen and lambs are in demand,, and iet-ch mo re money.-— .The wool markets are very brisk DoÚ;nwlQü(has reached 22d per lb.-and the prime long Keece* 5"8d. Reports of a partial failure intÄe wheat crops, from blight, have occasioned a.rise in tlie price'of that article in most parts of England; and 'althquo-ii" it is admitted that the crops in Wiles are neafiyyif not quite free from the infection, yet the baiieful* influence of the rumour has extendect to the prin- cipality, and produced a trifiing advance in the markets. From some information we have receiv- ed, we will .hazard an opinion, that the reports al- luded to have been much exaggerated. The wheat harvest has already commenced in." Herefordshire, and a very luxuriant and abund crop is expected to remunerate the industrious mer.—rl he hop gardens also appear very A o .i and strong; but the apple trees, generally -( c- ing, have tailed this year: in several piact having southern aspects, peas have been bacTd, ana housed: Nearly 11,500 bags of wheat arrived last weelr at Liverpool from Dantzic. Neath fair, on Tuesday, had a'moderate sup /-y of cattle, which experienced but little tiuctuaxioa in price. At Landovery fair, the same day, there waS but an indifferent shew of cattle, and many weft driven awayuns.old: The.' pig fair on vYedday was dull, and the .sale heavy. Saturday last. the annual wool fair was h'oldeu on Harlow-Rush Common, wlien, more wool.Xvas sold, and athigller prices, than in any y.ear "since the establiahoneiit- of the fair. South Down Wo.bl -for 2ld. aad .21 !'d.p^r poiinu 'Welsh for 2Jd. Herts for IGd, and"l7d, Wc-ter jol fdr 15d. At Swafiham fair,-th.e^am d iv Uie finest fleeced Norfolk and South Dowmwools >11 readily at.56s. per tod, and a considerable deal.of business was done". Monday, -a-t the fair on Dicker-cQiumoii, Stissex, there was a shew- of upwards, of .'50D0 sheep aad lambs, which ••c;pmmaiKled-.a;bxisk'l^ Wethers fetched from 2.8s, to-,3-5s. Lambs irom 11s. od'. to t3s.17's.. antb^j;hj2jr.e was. also, a good shew or Welsb cfa-ttle. ,f Horshaln rtair^ on -Wednesday, ,which was we!; attended, exhibited as large a coil^qtion--of h'5ri;- eu cattle and sheep as.was ever known^ but *3> ler sal-e was iifeyerexpeTienced. ^T-iie prkicip i) chasesre-'ofbeasts. Welsh r.. in such, little, request,-that,very viewy/ -re disposed' of. The "demaud .for-, s'he^p ,a r ,:s was but litfcletetter,as appeared by. A ■ hers that were-driven 4way unsold. "I By accounts from Norfolk, the-ttwn-ipa.crops th" vear turn Out remarkably good, and are already tir. lor hoeing in many parts of that county. ,$o .aburi- •nant were the>xtops of grass, that new hay from the meadows sold at front, ?ps: to lbs. per waggon load of about two tons. Copper Ores": sojd at Truro on Thursday the 26th inst, • jMtries. ■■ JTons.. pur. at p;r Ten. ci, s. d. •Wheal Towan 109 Brss.s V L! 11 6 ditto 10-t .Chcad. ns & P. G 12 "0 0 ditto S-* liliiies lioval • 13 15 5 ditto 93 Cliei.-d. O. Willmnis & P.C'renfeli lo 17 0 ditto. ditto la IS a c:tto 8i)'Birmingham Co. • 19 0 c1;tto 41 ■ 3-ondc-iiCo< "9 2 6 United Mine* B i, a4 6 10 ditto 52 Birmingham Co. 6 0 6 PoldQrv 36 Crown Co. 4 5 6 St. George -81- Mines Royal 11 18 0 ditto S9 ditto, 8 1 6 ditto 34 Chead. O. VvTilliams ic — P. Grenlell 2 19 6 Wheal Squire; ,49. English i B. Wire Co. 11 5 0 ditto 43 ditto "and ditto 11. 0 Good Forty ue -lit. Itose Co; 12 6 6 Tcii:s lOyi——Standard135—8.

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