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THE -Cv1l;¡rlJBRIv1l,JV I. SWANSEA, FitiBAY, July 27, SHIP N10VS. ARIIT VKI>, July 19, the Willnm and John, Tucker, frorij Truro, -with copper ore and block tin Queen Charlotte, J olles; and Perseverance, Davy, from Chester, with bricks;, Sallyt' Pettitt,.froirt'' Jersey ht. Vatrick, JKoss, irom JSIUHIU itcurnvn, -LEDOAW, troiii Cork Two. Brothers, Dempsey, froni Kinsafc Cumiiig, from Dungarvan Good Intent, Careless; and Redbridge, Cumliiing, fr.om Plyinputh, iii b»lWts^-yi),« William, Dalliug, trOm Bidcfbrd, "with earthenwtire; "Friends, Plomer; Swan, Hughes and Susan, Petts, froiii Cork; Judith, Harris and Benjamin; Hughes, from Wa-. 0 terford; Mary Ami, Dpnovan, 'Jrofli. Klnsalc; Young s, ,,uar Eagle, Francis, from Fishguard; Maria,. Williams; and Mona, from Amlwch and George and Fnincis, Ke- licher, from Helfordi in_ballast.—21 and 02, Rose in June, Jones, from Chester, with bricks -Prince %,V,,iiii a.iii, Cor-, mack; Neptune, Humphreys aird Aaeuuiia, Lobbett, from Dublin; Peace, -Fame, from YVatcrford; Sally, Thoi»as, from Youghall; John and Catherine> James; John and Ann,——■; and Nauey, Griffiths, -frofai Tish- guard Mary Ann, Griffith; and Greenfield, Tmiberlake, from Amlwch "Unanimity^ Crqckfbrd, from :Minehead; and Thre Brothers, Wescott, from Falmouth, irt ballast. —23 and 24, Friendship, Tregarthin, from Scilly, with po- tatoes; London, Probert, from Milford Amlwch, Owens, from Amlwch John and Matilda, Curtis, from. Padstow; Endeavour, Jones, from Dublin; and Abeona. Bryant, from Waterford, in ballast.—^25, Samuel, Loveriiig] and John and Mary, Marshall, front lllracoiuhe, in ballast. .26, PhOIllix, DiaiTioiidufroin..Bristo!, w ith sundries; United Fie 1. Brothers, Jojies; John,Thomas; Freeman, Davies; Hope, Edwards; Harioi'd, Walters; Aurora, Walters; Fle^t, Blackmore Fortitude, Jenkjns'; Fortitude, Yivian) and Princess ot Wales, Waters, from St. Ives, with copper ore; Grace, Phillips, from Scilly, with pota of Argyll^ Williams, from Jersey; Maria, Harris, from Padstow Grace, Prih, from Tariuouth; Eagle, Tonkin,, from' Penzaiice; ^Sttpply, Willi^iite, from Biiistapic i. Je- retuiah, N icliols,- from Bideford •; Ayr,- Grenfell, fro in St. Ives; Ann,. B'dlh from Fowcy; Hope. Watle', from Clo- velly; and Bec>. Llewellyn, trom Fishguard, iri ballast. Cleared out, July 20,. tfie Betsy, Barrett, for •Glocester, 4iiiiiaiiiit*' d' 6 with unmanufactured ■copper; John, Lloyd, for Bideford, with coal, èulia, and eartlien-ware j Successi Richard, for Alinwch; HM-mohy; Trick,"for St. Ives; Jenopjier, Rich- aids, for Falniotith; and Mariner, Banks, for Tww'(?y, wth co.al,or Lark, Williams; Ceres, Richards; and Eleanor, George, for Amlwch; John and Susan, Tucker; Union, Fox; and Friends, Cummings, for Plymouth; Dc: light Sperre, tor Briqgewater; Phoenix, Taylor Good- In- i tuwt, Edwards; Expedition, Morgan; and Myjiapna, Bond, lor,St. Ive.i; Mary, Cromer, for Ilfracomb; ^.Race-Horse,. I'hillips, for Ditblin; Mermaid, Grittith and 'J?ew.Blessings LVdbalUfofCdrk; Marquis, Tool Industry, Tuckcr"; and Hope, Morris, for Watertbrd; Flounder, Kelly, for Wick- low; and-Mary, Grady, for Dungarvan, alt Willi coal or. 23 and Ann, Rees, for London; and Fan I cy, Williams, for Glocester, with coppery Cardiff Castle, -Jenkins* for Bristol, with sundries; Sally Ann,! Winsor, for Guernsey; Fanny,Williams,for Dublin; Mary and Betlv Sanderson, for Scilly; Portland, Da vies for Ahuwch Pe- terell, Rieliaid.s, and Eleanor Harvey, for Padstow; Wa- termouth, Cutliffe; George and Ann, LoveringProvi- dence, Gibb; and Wrilliamand Mary, l>taway,"foi- llfra- combe; Redbridge, Cuming, for Southampton"; Shepherd- ess, Fry; and Unitnimity, Bushiu, fbr Minehead; Villers, Dalton, forTruro; P!empo,Mo))ard; Betsy, Russell; and Brothers, Card, for St, Ives, with coal or culm William, Lobbett, for Bideford,'with Sundries.-25, Gratitude, Jen- kins, for ditto, with coat and earthenware; Ellen, Keli.- ..cher, for Cork; Judith; Harris; Success, Howell; and Rea-" jatnin, Evans, for VVaterford; Two Sisters, Davison, for Kin- XJnion, Rees, for Truto.Djttgence,.i)av.ifi$$Broli.eii, Ayres; Henrjs Gluvas1; and Resqlutipn, John, foj- St. {< es, Peggy, Darracot, for Padstow; Fioca, Roe, for FalmoiH'h .and Friends, Tucker,for llfracoiube, with coal or culm.— 26, Union. Burt, for Padstow, with coul-and e;trthtr,ware;" Brothers, Dalton: Earl of I Roberts-.fand i.'tsv, Tregarthen, for 1 ruro Susaiu.ah, Bailing and Aur< i i, Dayiuent, for St. Ives; i3etsyA Hodge, 'lor IlfracoiuN Abbey, Turpiug and Bedford, Nichols, for Wicklow Marlborough, Adams, for Waterford gtiici Joim and Ann, Lewis, for -Wexford, with coal, Neath.^Amxed, the .Si.n>uel, 'Lovering, fibm 'Truro-; Joha mnd-Mary, Treladdra; and Catheruie, Mussel, from St I^e; witli ore Friendship, Hole, from Mine- head, with tiour and mait; Dolphin/ Kley, irunt Diyigar- van Heart of Oak, Parrott; and George, Payne, liom Cork, in ballast. Cleared out, the Ann, Rees, for London Sis- ters, Vaughan,. for Glocester and Happy Return, Br-ooni- ham,for Bristol, .with sundries Lively, .Hughes, tor Wex- tort, witii oak bark Four Sisters,.Williams/lor Falmout, h, with timber and plank Lovely Cruizer, M'Donald,! for Ply mfJnth, with ballast-iron; Ann and Teresa, Co lIns, for Bm-ry, wit.h iron and^ clay Constant Packet, Simont, for Jerfeyj -John and Mary, Jefford, lor Cork Speed- well, Davies; and Speedwell, Jenkins, lor Aberystwith Fbvvey, Rowe; HacoCk, Lear; Lord Nelson, Oliver Edward, Kidde!; Aurora, Jannond Venus, Tozcr John and Haumth, Fry; Speedwell, Swallow and Thomas, Ilaudsoa, ior Dartmouth Friendship, Crompton, for Top- sham Joseph, Clark and Swallow, Tyack, for St. Ives- Claud,. Collison Hope, Stephens and' Blessing; Hand! son, for Plymouth;.Ana and Susan, Collins, for Fo", ey. Alary, Gould, for Padstow Good Intent, Wheddon; iiiial, Friendship, Hole, for Watc'het; Minerva, Foss, for Truro Frauc'i-> Jannond, for Exeter; Jenny, Davies; and Ac- tive, Drummond, for Bideford, all with coal or culm. Carmarthen.—Arrived, the John and Mary, Storks and Nancy, Yetman, from Bristol, with sundries; Swan, Jones, from Barnstaple, with cartiteunvare and Maria, Thomas, from Llanelly, with coals. Cleared out, the Coinitorce, Dattiel and William and Catherine, Leonard, for Bristol Ceres, Williams, for Berkeley Elizabeth, Guy, for Plymouth; Swift, Evans, for and Hope, Richards, for Irvine,-all with oats. Llanelhj.-—Arrived, the Jane and Peggy, Lewis, from Chester, with bricks Endeavour, Ditvic-s Maria/Thomas; and llebqeca, Lloyd* froin Carmarthen Unioit, Probcrts, from Lloaghur Swallow, Lewis and Sally-, Griffiths, from Cardigan Fortune, Amy and Concord, Le Riche, jlrom Jersey Fanny Ann, Wade and Dinah ana Betsy, Evans from Dublh'i; John, Davies* from Cork Betsy, George* from Waterlord Fame, Evan, from Droglieda; Nancy, Kelly, from Duiigarvan;; Jane" and Peggy, Lewis; from Newport; Cambria. Thom.a.s, from PkvJJiely; Neptune, Cookney, nom Lyme Joseph and. Mary, Fishley;-and cI)hvIIrotii St"lves, all in ballast. Cleared out, the Mary Ann, Morgan; and Polly and J' \n, <or Carinanliep Ffajitis b ,v.■ \.i Union, Griflithft; EndeaVOur, Thomas; ui'' o i.miib, ior C.udigan; Fortune*-Amy; and Le' Hichc, tor Jersey Exeter, Bowen; Betsy, v' i ivi t!oia, Williams, for Barnstaple Neptune, C »n i. Aiiii, 11 trvey; and Ilaniiali, Ni- thols, i.'i.-i-idu.or.d ..Mary, Jones; Cwiiisymlog, Davies; and Mary, Junes, lor jSt. Ives, Bristol.—Cauie. in, th, Petronelle, Blom, from Norway HannibaJ,- Brodm, from Gesie Jungfer Bethe,. Barker; and Drio Bown, from Dantzick; Burrows. Johnson, from Mefnel; Nra. Sra. de Begona, Baroija, froni Lisbon.; Lewis, Harris, from Boston Atlas, Wilson, from Wilmington; Flora, Gardiner, from-Dublin; Alicia, Davis, from Cork; Shillelah, Long, froni Waterford; and •Peggy, Williams, 'from Galway. Arrived, the New Expedition, HaWkins, from Swansea; Hero, Roberts, from Carmarthen; Bdld Harry, Jones, from Llanelly'; Susannah, Jones, frqnj Pembroke ;$peed- well, Griiiiths; and CaHoden, John, froin Cardigan) and Mary, Jones, from Conway. Entered out, the New Expedition, Hawking for Swan- sea,; Eml.yn,- Morris, for Carmarthen Blessing, Rees,. for 'Tenby Neiv Milford, Lnke; and Perseverance, Richards, for Havqrfordwest; Speedwell, Griffiths, for Cardiglul;' and Ann, Watkiuss.for Aberystwith. • iclmou^h.- Arrived, and sailed for London, the Vine," Clark, from Swansea.—Arrived, the F-ricndjs, Haxtablej Tanny, Owens; Speedwell, Lugg; GiJodson, Blackriiqre; Betrsy, Fishley; and Ann and Sarah, Prescott, from Swan-, sea; Ann, Alexander, from CardiiFf and Bideford, \Vhit- Neatti,. Sailed, the John and William, Haraian-; -and (Economy, S"tton, from Tenby; Industry, Tucker j Laura, Rowe; and Recovery, Pawson, tor Swansea. Truro,—Entered inwards, the Fortitude, Jennings; Po- mona, Bowden; Polly, Cook; Friends Endeavour, Den- nis; and Elizabeth and Mary,. Dav-i^ all from Swansea, with coals. Cleared out/the Prince Edward, Cowl, for Swapsea, with block tin. Clutr/rstown;—'Arrived the Seven Brothers, Lelean; and'- Peggy, 1 tickeard,,l'rqm- Swansea; a'nd Baecliu«^ Butterfilk froHi Nevvport. Fowei/.—Arrived, the Jane, Philips, from Swansea.i ahd Flv, Heath, from Llanelly. Pcnzanctt.—Arrived, the Marazion, Stet'ens,from Swansea, with coals; and the Prince. Edward, Cowl, from Truro, to fake ti q for Cardiff. St. lves.-A.rrived, the Friends, Dysart; St. lves, Ste- phens- Valentine, Walters; Ayr, Grenfell; 'Sidns,; Bidder. Amelia, Ninnes and Providence, Jones, all from Wales, with coals. •' jPad»toui.Atrivedn the WUliauij Barrett; aind BetSy; Harding, from Swansea. Sailed, the Peterell, Richard; Ebqnqjser, Harvey Wil- liam and Mary, Brokenshire and Union,Burt,all for 'Swan- ,sea; Treorc, j e,nnings; and Tb.oUlQ,IJ, Adàms, for Cardiff. The Mines Royal, Sincock, is loading at London, for Swansea and'Neath. A famous smuggling cutter belonging to one of the wes- tern ports, caHed the Jobauna, which has reigned for a lorig time, was captured a few nights since, deeply laden from Guernsey, by all armed vessel off the Start.—A boat, with51 ankers of smuggled Spirits, also been c-,iiried into Penzance a brig with,74tt.ankers, into St. Ives: and'a sloop, w ith 200 ankers, into Falmouth* i-ii, ed at Swansea, Col. and. Mrs. Gregory, Mr. and Mrs, Kendall, Mrs.. Barnes, Mr. Badcock, Miss Gay, Mrs, Yiner, Mr. G. Viner, Miss Henderson, Mr. J. Tur- ner,. Mr. and Mrs. Cox, Mr. Harrison, Mrs.- Js, Mr. Bd.vyles, Mrs. Iienshaw, Miss Ritson, &c. &c. iVhiby.—Ariivtid-'lie're.Lord- and Lady Milford, and Miss Phillips, Hev. Dr. Laws and family, Mr. and Mrs. Burgh, Mr. Dew, Mr. and MrsV Wilkinson, Mr. Parcel, Capt. Hartwell* Capt. Thompson, Mr. Shaw, Mr. and J\Jrs,SlCllraker. Wednesday the assemblies commenced for the season at die White, Lioii, -aiid.,the ball was attend- cd by anumcrousand genteef company.: We are sorry to learu by our iccounts from \Y3.. terford of Tuesday last that the practice Qf. ro- bing the yeomanry ot their arms has again been, renewed in Ireland; Sixteen men, well mounted and armed, at break of day on Friday last, broke open the houses of John Philip, and Dennis Clan- cey, in .the county of Liineriek, yeomen in the Hon. John Massey's corps, and plundered both of their arms. Tues/lay the Lord Bishop of St. David's hdd his Visitation at;.Brecon, on which octasion an appro- priate sermon was preached by the Rev.'Mr. Payne, of Llangattock; and on Wednesday nearly 500 per- :,11 sons were confirmed by his Lordship. The Lord Cliaiitellor. hai bqeii pleased to present the Rev. Mr. Spranger to the -Rectories 'of Ilston and Penmaen, in the county of Glamorgan, worth 25Oh aryeatj void by the death of the Rev. Mr. Wells, „ The recent establishment, iii thi§ town, of ajpub- lie Library, comprising art ext^hsiye and. selection of the nioiit esteemed authors in various departments of literature, M,tis,t,prove,an. invalua- ble acquisition not only to the inhabitants, but to the numerous occasional residents; and every friend to the prosperity of the town will, we are persuaded,'rejoice at its rapid advancement to a ,high rank on the list of fashionable watering places. < Mr. Edward MartitV,'of'Mprrijston/aear Swansea, has just obtained a patent for makihg pig and cast pig, iron with raw stone coal. From the inexhaustible resource's of the latter article (in the. same range, And continuation with iron-stone rind; lime-stone) iti South Wales, important advantages ;must conse- quently .arise to this part, of thg principality and Cannot fail, we should hope, to ens tire ample re-, Pe, to _e in,ciiious in e muneration to. the ingenious inventtir for nis -study and labour.—We expect1 verV|oon to be 'enabled .to. present our readers with tne''specification of the' f patent, and the result of an experiiheat nowmakiiig on a large state, to determine the httlity of the aifc- (rtivory. The. Duchess Dowager of Beaufort arrived on rir Stutday af her seat at Stoke, Stapleton,- from Loudon. Monday next is appointed for the preseutatipii ;ofcolour.s to the first battalion of Bpccby^hire vo- lunteers, by the lady of their respected .Colonel, A-very elegant" pair' of colours was preseateu to 'tie ljval Abergavenny volunteers, last.week, by \Irs.^ 11 an bury Williams wh'o also most liberally tegaied the corps, after the ceremony, at Coiebiwil, <r:t, the llOrltable mansion'of this justly-esteemed lady, with roast beef, old strong beer, wines, &c. aud the entertainment vvas handsoinlcy extended to such ol the spectators as chose to partake of the festivity, The toyal Mold Vblui^firs returned home, a few- days since, havingcornpleted a permanent duty of 21 days at Warrington and Whitchurch; at'the latter of which places, for their uniformly regular and orderly conduct, they received the public thanks and most flattering* approbation, of the in- habitants of that town.—.During their residence at Whitchurch, their soldier-like appearance and,great proficiency in military discipline, engaged the at- tention and commendation of Sir Thomas Hanmer, Baronet, who, in consequence, as they passed through the town of Bangor on their return home, very liberally ordered a pint of ale to be given tc each man. Saturday last two troops of theOs'westry yeoman- ry cavalry marched into Chester on permanent duty, under the command of Major Warrington. lhey are a fine body oi then, and make a very re- spectable and soldier-like appearance and'the horses are in excellent condition. A detachment ot the ltoyai Flint, militia, com- manded by Capt. Willis/which have been actillg as artillery iii the Isle of Wight tor nearly a twelve- month, left that place a few days since to join the regiment at Woolwich. The good conduct of the officers and men dhring their stay in the Isle.of 9 Wight made their departure much regretted by the < inhabitants. The Good Intent, Rice, master, of Barnstaple, la- 1 den with copper ore from Portreath to Swansea, was seized a few days ago '{having six ankers of < contraband spirits oh board Yand carried into St, ,« Ives. It is much to the credit of the respectable i agents of the several Copper Companies m Corn- i wall, that they have'com'e torwardto assist the In- i spector-General ol the Customs, in his endeavour i to put a stop tb this petnicious 'traffic.—See. their t Advertisement-in our first page. Late on Saturday night last a quarrel took place, between some persons at the Red-house, near this town, which unfortunately became at length so sé- < rious, that one of the parties was stabbed in the side with a knife. Surgical aid was speedily prp- cured, and the man is now considered out of dan- ger; ill consequence two men'and-'a woman, who were taken into custody for being concerned in the" affray, have siqcebèenliberatedon bail. A young girl was unfortunately killed, last week, in the parish of Gwenddwr, Breconshire, by a larbe. branch of a tree, which two men were closc-cuttinli;/ falling on her, which occasioned her immediate ] death.—Verdict, Accidental Death. Friday last the Right Hon. Lord John Thynne r. .was re-elected one of the Members in Parliament for Bath, having vacated his scat by accepting the appointment of Vice-Chamberlain to the King. .Mis& Beckford has rejected the matrimonial offers of the Spanish Count D'Egmont, in coiise- quence, as is said, of her preferable regard for the •, Marquis of D. heir to the Ducal honours of the house of Hamilton. The bulk of the late Lady Salisbury's fortune is divided between two of her Ladyship's nephews, Sir It. Salisbury, ofLanwem, in the county of Mon- mouth, and the Rev. Lynch Saiusbury, of Hitchen, Herii—who share a very .considerable-sum of ready money, md an income of at least 12,0001. per .Y aiuunn. v. "v The BathrEaston Coal-Mining Company, in con- sequenpe-ofvery Mattering prospect and almost mpral certainty of discovering- coal, have deter- mined -to commence the works immediately, add to prpsecute the same in the most vigorous and ,'spirftfed manner. w • The Bristol dock go" on rapidly, and it is sup- posed \illbe completed,niiich earlier than the pe- riod limited for that purpose. The Collector and Comptroller of the Customs. at Bristol, have received directions from the.Board to transmit such pians and descriptions of ware- houses, as may be produced to them bvmerchants who wish to avail theHlselves of the Act of last session of Parliament, permitting the warehousing of certain articles of merchandize without pay- ment of duty* which, it is presumed, will be at- tended with very beneficial consequences to the trade of that port. I We are sorry to state, that although the pre- mises sustained little damage by the fire which broke out in the turpentine manufactory of Messrs | Bushell and.Co, in Bristol, (mentioned iti our last paper) yet a youth who had been very active in en- deavouring to. save his master's property, perished in the dames; and a labourer was so severely burnt, that he died in great agony the next morn- irigat.the Infirmary. Saturday evening fast a fire broke out in Davies's rope-yard, in this town, occasioned by a tar-kettle boiling over; which totally destroyed one of the sheds, together V'ith part of the working imple- ments, three barrels of tar, &c. and greatly da- maged another shed, before the flames could be subdued. Hay-making is now very nearly finished through- out the Principality; and our accounts from va- rious places enable us to state, that the crops have generally proved -abundaht, and are well got in.— The corn harvest will shortly commence,^and al- though feome fine fields of wheat have been, laid by the recent heavy'rains, yet we have the pleasure to learn tha-t it has sustained little or no injurv, ai-id a plentiful supply of that hidispensible article is at present confidently expected. At Ross wool fair, on Friday last, there was a small quantity of Spanish wool which sold at 38s. per stone. from the Ryland flocks there was a large assortment of wool and trintled averaged from 28s. to Welch, and Iambs wool, from 16s. to 21s. §d. and 25si per Stolie. So great a number of sheep was hardly errcmembered; of which man;y,,were'.sdd btftäf\'ery' reduced prices. The shew Qfhorses was small, and the;sale dull. Spine of the light-fingered tribe'attended, as usual and a farmer-jnear Ross had-his poeket-picked of niae guineas, during the Glocester Assizes cohoRided'on Friday evening last, when James Fraricis/fbtT-ud guilty on separate, indictments of stealing fronf Marsh Commpn, four oxen and two; heifers, the property pf Mr.: W. Ser- geant and Mr. G. Fisher, of Almond sbury William Cool e, for breaking into the1 d\velling-house of Mr. W. Shuter,X)f Toading^on, and stealing.a purse containing about lOl. Giles Parker, aged 13, for stealing two handkerchiefs/and other articles, the property of W. Thompson, of Ilawkesbury; and George Turner, aged 14, for stealing 28l. in money, -in the -dwelling-house of' Mr. T. Cuilimore, of 01- veston, received s^tmterkle of deiith—but were all' reprieved before the Judges deft the place. Evan .Jenkins, for stealing timoer in the Forest" of Dean, was sentenced to seven years transportation. Mary .Marshland- 'EliŽ<lbeHi Rosser, tried for the- niurder of their bastard children, were acquitted of the capital part of the kidictment, but were each c ordered to be imprisohet.l twelve months, for con- cealing the, hinh; agfeeabiytothe provisions of the act' passed last session o*~ Parliament.-—Robert Lftl'd, tor stealmg a trltš of Cloth,the.properly uf D. Nil>let,.Esq, »f Painswick:/ty be imprisoned twelve -monthsand Ester Tnrvey, for -steali'n'ier a cotton gown, i n the parislv-6f St; Phillip and Jacob, jthree months imprisonment.- At Aihniftoitth Assizes} on.Mo-uday a;nd Tuesday, William Williams, charged with stealing a horse .belondng tv -iioms;-of Xtethvin, in that county; and also with stealinganother, the pro- perty of W. Edwards, of-Merthyf J'idvil, vvas found guilty on the second ladictuxant, aad'received sen- tence of death, but was. alterwards reprieved. WiHiallY blwë,rds, charged with stealm^ a cow was onlcred, to be removed by habeas corpus to •Laidim r\iary Cuuaeil^tor utterifig base coin was sentenced, to be imprisoned six months, fined one .shilling, and to find-sureties for six iiijii os after the expiation of her imprisonment. The Judges opened their commission in Here- ford O1 -and after attendingDiviue Service on the following morning, proceeded to business. At the last Hridgwater Sessions, Richard Gs- borne, waggoner, in the employ of r. Parsons, of 1" Bath, for embezzling.money Le¡<J1}gils to his ma's- ter, which he had received ior the carriage of goods "v was found guilty, and sentenced to ior seven years. Suicide.—r-A letter from Cheltenham, dated :thcr v 18th inSbllt, says, "Captain Smith, kite comman- derof an Imperial-. KasMndiaman, beldngmg to Obtenvi; leit this, place ycSier*Iav about three o clock, and drove to -Glocester in his own currj'c. e. Some of his n-iend^wiiometiam ou the rodd, Ivere r-ttliei- si\i prjsed 3.t hts^^ -in ot dri v- )etuuus -III:Illltlr 01 1 ing, as he WAS in the habit sparing his horses. A t rive he.arrived at the Beildnn, ClocesLef,'or iered dinner to be ready at six t (;cl.ock, and went out the unfortunate man purchased-a case' Of razors ^alked down a street by the water side, took off bis' Rothes, which he scattered abou t, a;ld u ith two ra- zors cut his throat m both direction*. A poor alacksmith hearing a dreadful groan went "out ;rom his for^e to see what was the matter, but "hot time r motigh to save him from failing on his face to the ground, where he immediatteiy-^xpired^No po Live reason is assigned for this rash act. However :-tis supposed, that it-las-been- committed in con- ;equ,euce of an att:lchmentwhich did not meet a iui return. He was a man of handsome proper- ,y, and bore a most respectable character." Copper Ores sold at Redruth on Thursday the 12Ui. inst. ■ ■ ■ P-nrrhaser*. • at'per Tod. jodolphin 1Q^Cbead.' O. Williams & £ s. d.r P. Grenfell jy.:i"g ditto • v 17 .1.;(f 70 /ditto. 10.15 O "!tf0 53 ditto. 2Q 4 6. ,?te A heal Alfred, l«o English-Co. -7 y ditto- 100 Crown Co. 87 ditto 72 Chead. 0. Willi ,aias ,P.;€freBf«il • 4 g- q- ditto 48 EnglishJGO. H 4 "6 • Penbcrthy Crofts 3X)0 Crowj^ Oo^ 12- ditto 85 ditto cj § fresaveaa 57 CheacC O. Williams, P. CrcHfeil, u(L: Lpndon Cos. -10 9 6* ditto 55 Cheaff.'O. Williams 6c" ^tentyil. /6.14. O ditto 49 'diltO 0 .0 »Vheal Prosper 110 EnghsfrCo". 12'j.1' g"" •f«rth B. Downs 97-. Bfys?Wi;^Co/ "ir' -5 Wheal Treasury. 51 GlwM. 0: VvifiafflS & > 4 17"6 Wheal Nelson 52 7 7 Wheal Dolphin 28 Cheafh; Wj.lliaSns&■ V-B. Gtenfell ;> -.to. if «-q.' Wheal Hope 4 14;- Priuee (j eorge 15 c, ,clt. 9:({j 0. "ditto'" 10 Crown Co" ,< Tons 1408-—Staud ard 1- 3 Gz v: Copper Ore sold at ljedruth on Thursday the- 19th inst.„ Mines. Tuns. 0rcuver 1 ltl Buj0uu%ham Co,. 9 -1 6 ditto 109 _dit!/> "i3 '6 dittcr- .'95, Cornish Co.. 4 14 0 Oatifield '107 M; Kbyaf &3,,Wiie j. '9 ..<j • "ditto 77 FreeuiSn'Cot/^ 4 9 6 ditto 11 15 "O Who Abraham 4 '7 O heal Music Toi •• The quarters Tin coinage at Tairo, ended -on S;Iturat senmght. number oi blocks cuiued amounted to ^200 common and 875 grain, try. Totaf Jtj75. UJvcJrs", f, BIRTH, On the 9th inst. the lady of John S vmmonds, Esq. of Llangennech Park, Carmimiibiislure, .01" a.son. MARRIED. „• at Pemi!y chftrch, near„Tenbv, by .the. toLadyMa)U))x,ofTeuby. At near the Rev. Charles Price, of Lianynis, to -Miss M. Â. liowen, daughtef of .tne -Rer. Mr. Boive, P,ector of fl/e fbrmei- place. v. ace Air. Thomas Evans, brazier,, of Tenburv, Worcestej-shirei- to MissKvans, ot^'Fres'teign,-Radnorshire.' ^'ytchurch, William Edwards, Esq. of Brook Side, near Cnirk Castle, to M' Eytoii, widow of tiie late Eyton, Esq. of Ey ton I fall, Denbighshire. (* • At Cauierbuiy, Capt. IiorseUy, of the Blues, and lietihew to tne- Bishop of St. Asaph,'to Siiss. Maria Cha.-u^ion-^Jre*. pigny, third daugiiter ot the late Philip Champion C.es-. pigny, Esq. of Aldborougl!, Suffolk. Charles Beghurst Browne, Ese, to Miss Maria Dowries, seeond daughter of the late Mr. Myddciton' Daivnes, 01 Churchstokt^ near Montgoniery. Eyre, to Miss Sihitii, botii of the Theatres-Royal Batli and Bristol. J DIED. r Tuesday nioming last, at Tenbv, Miss Phil lips, late of Lampeter. Lately, at Gwrych, in the county of JQenhigh#«ifi^• Browne, aged 17. Last w eek, at Newport, Monmouthshire, deser've,dfy'i(> gretted by all who knew him, Mr.Jahii Williains toWi«rlv' au eminent gun-smith, but lately a considerable dealer by commission. At Ross, John Rickards, Esq, of LlaiisanfreaA Courts Monmc)uti«hire.-i-I'his gentleman was thfj. thirteenth,, iti lineal descent, proprietor of this 'mansion and demesne. His ancestor, Tiionias Gw.lhuj Jetakin, Esq. lrom'Uh;r,«'ti;e Herbert-laimIies are descended,-lived there in the reign of Richard II. and w^as iiiierre^ at Llansant'read ehtirini^ uly 8, 1438.. Mrv-Rickards, a few days before his death, was so reigned aiii collected, that lie Set down in writing many ibffigs to be observed concerning If is internient.; Saturday last his body was d, a vault under tli3 ut that Chvitch, which.has been in the gilt of his fa- Vnily oq.") years. Monday last, Thomas Tyhdall, Esq. banker, uf Bristol.