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TK-E I I >. •SWANSEA, FRIDAY, July 6. SHIP NEWS. ARRIVED, the Cardiff Castle, Jenkins, from Bristol; Farmers' Adventure, Gillin, from Bridgewater; and Mary and Tom, Rees, from Waterford", with sundries; John and Elizabeth* Changing; Flose, Bavies; Peiiew, Ley Thomas, Day Clulow, Itlce; Thaws and Judith, Morris St. Ives, Stevens; and Good Intent, Leech, from St. Ives Mary, Morris and Speed- well, Luge, from Plymouth; all with copper ore Resolu- tion, Rees; and Constant Trader, Griffith, from Chester, *ith bricks; Grace and Peggy, Morgan; and Betsy, Her- naman, from Dublin Alfred,. Croker, from W atertord •F«ggy»-R«se, from Wicklow; Providence, Jenkins, from Youghal; Mary, Griffiths, from Cardigan N aney. Thomas; and %U< Jenkins, from Newport; Industry, Penhorwood Uprightly, Nichols; and Magnet, Penhorwood, from Barh- staple Providence, Jennings, from Dundalk Friends, Dysart; Betsv, Edwards; Amelia, Ninths Mount Galpin, lebel; Elisabeth* Watson and Harmony, Tucker, from St- Ives; Ann, Bcvan; 'Four'Sisters, Williams; Tiger, Harding; and Liberty," Josling, from Plymouth; Eagle, Tonkin; Amelia, Bryant; Daddin, Beer; .and Astrea, ir Button, from Penzance; Friendship, Hawlcy, from Bridge- ""water Qncen, Prettyjohn, front Dartmouth Harmony, esteott, from .Wutchet; Peggy, Nichols; .and Industry, Salt, from Fowey .John and Matilda, Tonkin: and Wil- liam and B,Iatv, ilr(tkeyisli' re, from Padstow; Two Friends, %unisaui, from Hfracombe Goodwill, Heed and Three Friends, Vincent, from Bideford; Good Intent, Lemesu- • tier, from Jersey; Catherine, Hasset, from Abei-avon; Duchess of Rutland, O'Brien, from Milford; Yeoman's tr-iorv-, Bibhins, from Teignmouth; and Friends, Haxta- fele", from Falmouth, all in ballast. Cleared out. the New Expedition, Hawkins, for Bristol, with sundries Betsy, Barrett, for Glocester, with unmanu- factured copper; Mary and Tom, Rees* for Waterford, urith, coals and earthenware; Maria, Griffiths; John and Ciitherine,. James Stag, Jenkins; and Sampson, Harries, far W aterford Dove, Allen, for Cork; for Cardigan; Mary, Griffith, -for Carnarvon; London, Frobert;; .Prosperity, .Williams; William and Mary, -A Hughes; Resolution, Rees; and Alice, Edwards, for Am- .Jvs.ch j.Eljzabetb, Harries, Tor Newport 'Mary, Masters; Sequin, Pxettyjohn and Thomas and Ann, Sladen, for Dartmouth; Yeoman's Glory, Bibbins, for Exeter Wil^- liam and Mary, Brokenshife; Ebencxer, Harvey; and John and Mary, Osborn; for Padstow; Union, Roberts; Nitlilia- En. Wreit; William and Jane, Roberts; Vigilant, Styles; Providence, Jones; Resolution, John friends, Dysart and Mount Galpin, Noel, tor St. Hcs; Hope, Edwards; Betsy, Fisliley and Two Friends, Rum- sam, for Ilfracombe Erjen'ds, Tucker; Diligence; Fen- fearwood; Sprightly, Nichols; Goodwill, Lancey _and Margaret, Penhorwood, for Barnstaple; Liberty, Joslirig James, Hogg; and Maria, Mainwaring, for-Plymouth; Betsy, Lott; and Unity, Cr<)ckford, .for-Minehead Ame- lia, Bryunt; and Eagle, Tonkin, for Penzance Peggy, Curtis; and Industry, Salt, for Fowey Astrea, Button, for BidefQrd and Unity, Jones, for Glocester, all with coal or culm. Llowfhor.—Arrived, the Betsy, Hodge, from Chester, S«itl»fire-bricks; Scorpion^ Millard; and Britannia, Evans, "from Milford Mary. Roberts, from Pwlhely Elizabeth and Mary, James; Bee, Owens; and Jupiter, Bynbn, from Jfewport, in ballast. -• •• Sailed, the William and Mary, Hughes, and Prosperity, Williams, for Amlwch; '-Union, Roberts, for FalniQuth; «a.d Polly, Cook, for St. Ives, with coals. Neath.-A.rrived, the Fortitude, Jennings, from Truro arid Ann, Stephens, from St. Ives, with copper ore; Bee, Crriffittis, from Chester, withbricks. Grace, Wills, from iiacpstaple; and Nancy, Coble v, lroni Miheheadj with Siwdrics. Cleared out, the St. David, Hall, for Cartnarthen; and Sisters, Vaughan, for Bristol, with sundries; Nancy, Tho- mas, tor Gatcomb, with euppcf; Pclican, Jones, tor Car- digajv with pig iron; Thomas, Handson, for Plymouth, with ballast iron Roebuck, Rees, for Cardigan Mermaid, CiriSfiths, for Cork; Invincible, Edwards,' for Wicklow; Elizabeth,' Ilecs, for Dundalk Eliza, Hacker, for Ilfra- comb; Sally, Payne and Venus, Harvey, for Exeter; Thomas, Handson and Blessing, Handson, for Plymouth e 1" Friendship, Hole: and Good Intent, Wheddon, lor Wat- chet Bideford, Whitfield, for llye Susan and Mary, Jautes^ and "CJnicorn, Tucker, for Dartmouth, all with coal r culm. Cardiff.—Arrived, the Trial, Page; and Ilebe, Harris, from Bristol, with sundries; Five Brothers, Lukes, from Bridge water, with brick*; Diana, Sims, from Bristol; Dryades, Bridges, from Bridgewater; Union, Burt, from Padstow; and Maria, Gibson, from Dublin, in ballast. Sailed, the Ann, Alexander, for London and Castle, Evans, for EiverpooJj with iron St. Pierre, Davis, for Bristol, with sundries'; Charming Peggy, Richards, for ditto, with corn; Mary, Tryle, for Lyme.; Jane, Roach, for Ki^isale; and John and Mary, Roach, for Wexford, with coals. Carmarthen,—Arrived, the Jane, Phillips, from London, with sundries ;0etsy, Harding, from Falmoufh, with tin William and MaH", -Evans, from Bridgewater, with elin-; Susan, Jams, from Bariistaple, with earthenware; Wil- •liSIli, Lloyd, "frCtm Pembroke,-with iron ■; Mary, Long wrf IleMcca, Lloyd; from Llanclly, with coal^. Cleared out, the Pto^idti tse, Grilliths, for Saundersfoot, r'hlttnel^Aitiv< # tre ^lephenlnu1, Plnllips; Dragon, Hay; Elizabeth, D ivlos and .Alary, Lontr, from CaTniaT- then; Swari,Thoinas R& i id Petf'iv, Lewis; MarVy Leii- »ard; Joseph,^Grilhti rd "*Iary..TUOCN IIOIH Liaugharrie fly, Owenv and Tender, BArictt, fiojii "LlanstepTian Su- sannah, Lewls"from Alilfard;-Neptuiio, CnTiith and Bri- tannia, Owens, froii rCardigan; Active, Daviesj from Aher- ystwith; Peggy, Griffith, from .i criinic, Davies, from Ptymonth; fr6m Bevan and Susa-sinah; Guy, from Whitford, all in bailast. Cleared put, the Rebecca, Lioyd, for Carmarthen: Nep- tnae, Griflith5; Nelly and Alary, Williams: and Endea- vour, Thomas, for.Cardigan; Active, Davies. f i \l cryst- wilh; Providence, Roberts, for Carnarvon; P.egev, Orrit- fi.tlis, for P-wlhely Enilyn, Morris, for Bristol; liy. lieathj I for Padstow; Friends Delight. Darracott and John and Mary, Collins, for Barnstaple; Sisters, Davies. for Fal- and Susannah, Lewis, forwatei-lbrd, all with coals. Cardigan.—Arrived, the Nancy, Morgan, trom Swan- sea Friendship, Richards; Speedwell,^JenkinS; and Pelican, Jone; from, Neath; Neptuue; Griliiths and Venus, Morgan, from Lianelly; Mary and Betty, Jones, from Liverpool; ,tyict from London.. Cleared out, the Squirrel, Davies and Taunton, Owens, for Lianelly; Little Kitty, Hazard, for Milford; Betty, Roberts, for Glocester Louisa, Owen; and. DixtELli-, JonCs, for Bridgewater Nightingale, Bo\yen, for Waterford Peggy, and M irv, Alathias, for Wexford; Ann and Alary, Rees; and Charles, Lewis, for Newry. Bristol.—Came in, the Alariana; Ygareda, from Bil bo a, Swallow, Cravvford, from Waterford Charlotte, Ellis,troni Dublin Coppleston; and Prince of Wales, V ickery, from Cork. Entered out, the William and Catherine,Phimps, for Swansea Happy Return, Broomhani, -for Neath .Uet->e\r Lioyd, fof Tenby Mary, Hmiow, tor Pemorbke; Liberty, Wlutlowi for Haverfoidtveat; and Alary, for Car7 digan. I raimouth.—-Arri\ed, the Pf-wson; Two Bro- thers, Edwards and Jerries, Fasco,. Ir.oin.-Swansea Mai fUndall, from. Kidwelly John. „and :bally, Rogers, trom Carmarthen; and Friends' Aaventuie, Chapman, from Tenby. Chfrrlestown.—Arrived,, the Times, Mi Ihuish; Penzance, Jennijigs and Flora, Letv Jtrom bwansea, Pentmice.Arrived, the Brothers, Edwards; Richard and Mary, 'Sennett; and Marazio.n,. Steven.s,l'rom.Swan- sea" with coals fof a market. and Wilton, Gardner, from Bevan and Susa-sinah; Guy, from Whitford, all in bailast. Cleared put, the Rebecca, Lioyd, for Carmarthen: Nep- tnae, Gfifli'ths; Nelly and Alary, Williams: and Endea- vour, Thomas, for.Cardigan; Active, f i \l cryst- wilh; Prdvidence, "Roberts, for Carnarvon Pe Orrit- fi.tlis, for P-wlhely Enilyn, Morris, for Bristol; liy. lieathj for Padstow Friends Delight. Darracott and John and Mary, Collins, for Barnstaple; Sisters, Davies. tor Fal- mouth; and Susannah, Lewis, for Waterford, ail wnb coals. Cardigan.—Arrived, the Nancy, Morgan, trom Swan- sea Friendship, Richards; Speedwell,^JenkinS; and Pelican, Jone; from, Neath; Neptuue; Griliiths and Venus, Morgan, from Lianelly; Mary and Betty, Jones, fro.m Liverpool; and Uiiion,'——, from London.. • Cleared out, the' Sq'uirrel, Davies and Taunton, Owens, for Lianelly; Little Kitty, Hazard, for Milford; Betty, Roberts, for Glocester Louisa, Owen; and Dinah,Jonfes, for Bridgewater Nightingale, Bo\yen, for Waterford Peggy, and M irv, Alathias, for Wexford; Ann and Alary, Rees; and Charles, Lewis, for Newry. Bristol.—Came in, the Alariana; Ygareda, from Bilboa Swallow, Cravvford, from Waterford Charlotte, Ellis,troni Dublin } Coppleston; and Prince of VVales, V ickery, from Cork. ■■ Entered out, the William and Catherine, Phillips, for Swansea Happy Return, Broomhani, -for Neath .Uet->e\r Lioyd, fof Tenby Mary, Hmiow, tor Pemorbke; Liberty, Wlutlowi for Haverfoidtveat; und Alary, Serjeant, for Car7 dlgan. raimouth.—-Arri\ed, the Piero\cr} Pf-wson; 1 wo Bro- 'thers, Edwards y and Jerries, Fasco,. Ir.oin.-Swansea Mai fUndall, from. Kidwelly John. „and :bally, Rogers, trom Carmarthen; and Friends' Aaventuie, Chapinaii, from Tenby. Chfrrlestown.—Arrived,, the Times, Mi Ihuish; Penzance, Jennijigs and Flora, Letv Jtrom bwansea, Pentmice.Arrived, the Brothers, Edwards; Richard and Mary, 'Sennett.and Marazio.n,. Steven.s,l'rom.Swan- sea^ with coals fof a market. and Wilton, Gardner, from Newport, with timber for Pl>i,ioii<h St. Ives.—Arrived, the -John and Mary, Treluddra; Brothers, Thomas Joseph, CI. r. Pen ale way Harris ■ and Prince of Wales, r——, a'l iu .u Wales, w"ith coals and Happy Couple, Clark, from Newport. Padstow.—Arrived, the Ireore, Jctoftings; John and Matilda,' Tonkin Petercl, Iti itrds; llTchnrd. Boyd 5 Union, Burt; and Ebene« 1, 11 <iv« y, <dl from cwan»ea, Mayflower., Moyse and Bosea->t t, Atwill, trom i'enby. Plymouth.—Arrived, the Sirnis t> .g tic and J,ad^ W.-irrfen hired armed vessel, witb.eonvo'* from Milford.- Torbay.—Arrived, the Two Brothers, Dodridee and Francis, Jarmond, built from V\ ales.. -r L&'crpiKfl.—Arrived,W tl!«aiTi«,. from \f« r\ t with; Friendship, Tiirelibrd; -Pr<»\i<U«ne>, Willi un», f)i> patch, Hough and Alol!> Garrett fiom ('utiway, with v dries?' and Ann; Howell, 110111 Newport, -vith i-i'ori and lndes- Sailed, the Dispatth. How* for Cardiff,unballast- GLOCESTER RO\AL FLAliOR.VTORY. The No.nij.tTY, ftiiMv, cj SF,; IK-WAJ-ES, are re- spectft^ly informed thai T JhAhl s Pnnctr of this Paper, is appointed, SOLE AGENT in, thai 1 rincipahty^for T). COX'$ clequnt and lonir-estdblhlied NlJGDlCINAL, AROMATIC, and CULINARY ARl ICL^S. • Cataloguei df till Mr. Cox's Preparations may be had gratis at his ship m Swansea, where-orders for his SEA, FAMILY yrniM PORTABLE.ME-DICINE^CIIE8TS» will be received. Abstract from the List of 1 -Cox's celebrated, Charcoal Tooth-Powdi'r, Essence of Aiie opeest- Indian Soy, 1. Tarugon Vinegar, Cm/' nne ditto. Garlic, ditto, C-mjeuve Pepper, Lemon Piciilc. Ctrratche, or Sauce f01',Haslu:$'1 Sauce for Cold Meats, Ditto for Fish, Camp' Sauce, PatirdsaLozenges, • ")•< paratumj j its* ro\il cd: Paregoric, t'iHo, Balsamic ditto, Fruit ditto, Heartburn ditto, Magntsia ditto. Pejined Liquorice, Peppermint Pearls, Ginger ditto, Salt of Lemons, Calcined Magnesia, ShaÛntr Powder I Myrrh Essence for the Gums, Shading Powder, Lavender Water.' AIFDICAL POCKF.T-BOOKS, and CINES of the most select kinds. Arrived at Swansea, Mr. Low man, Miss M. W.tfts, Tklr. and Airs. R. Hill, Alast* and Mi«,1 fill, Mis ihniiham, Air. Gibbons, Mr. and Aiis. Baker, Mr* Aloore, Miss Orrnond. Our liaces comincucr i-iext and \ei;y goodsportisconndentlyanHcipsted. Friday last the Swansea Harbour and Rail road bills received the Royal Assent »by Commission as did likewise a bill to enable the Company 01 Proprietors of the- Canal to make a. Rail- way from Ruabon Brook to the Ellesmere r)0-I, t or near the aqueduct-at Ppntcysylltc'e, iu the parish of Llangollen, in the county of iienbigh: and also to make several cuts ox feeders, for better supplying the said Canal, with waier. v It has frequently been our grateful task to record () r( the high state of discipline which our brave Cam- brian volunteers haVeMtalned • vve must, there- fore, naturally be Supposed t6 fetil additional plea- pose sure -in .communicating tlie following drstingiushed 'corrobdra.tion, issued by General -Cascoyne after the review of the three Carmarthenshire'battalions on Monday .-se^nriigHV -iiS'ttiefltioned-' by us last •••-■ /BRIGADE OBDERS, Major-GcsnerahGasCoync has great pleasure'm expressing ill. I p 4sur4 his satisfaction at the steadiness and: discipline-exhibited by .the brigade this;day under arms. It >vas highly gatistuetoi to him, and could not he otherwise ,to aiid the spectators in 'general, • from tire consideration"that tills part of the Principality-is-jiow in u state to meet the -cneniy, and ecptal to contend W'ith an} jm-bable force'which they might bring, should circumstance's not admit tlie auxiliary of a re- gular force from England; which may nowfw more aetively employed in annoyins the enemy on a foreign shore. CHARLES SUTTON," Acting Alajor of Brigade. The ground was kept dprinpli.e review-by a de- tacbment of Captain Howell'sMeydrim troop and Col. Roche's whole tróop of cavalry,,(iiot by Cap- tain Howell's corps only, as Stated in, ..our last pa- per), who performed that duty to the entire satis- faction of the General. r V Tuesday se'nnight, the Royal Clarence and Fishguard battalions of volunteers, and the fourth or Derllis battalion of Carmarthenshire volunteers, (the latter being on permanent duty at Cardigan) were bflgaded and reviewed in the neighbourhood of Cardigan by Col. Stewart; when the different- corps went through their evolutions, and fired ten rounds by grand divisions, wings, and battalions, much to the satisfaction of the reviewing officer, who expressed his thanks to the officers and men, and said he should report them fit for actual service. Two troops of the Kemys Greys, (newly raised and clothed) commanded by Col. Sir Hugh Owen, were, also on the ground, and pas.sed Col. Stewart in review order, receiving from him a. well-merited compliment on their military appear-, ance. The fineness of the weather drew together some thousands of spectators, among whom were all the beauty and fashion of Cardigan and its neighbourhood, wih. several naval and military officers of distinction) forming oil the, whole an assembla-ge rarely witnessed in this country.— Col. Stewart afterwards dined at Cardigan with all the officers, composing a company of 90 in num- ber, at whose ex pence a sumptuous dinner was provided, and the evening was spent with much conviviality and good humour. It is a tribute due to. the Derllis battalion to add, that this fine body of men, disregarding the inconvenience of being from home so late in the year, mustered for per- manent duty their whole strength, (500) with the exception only of two or three chicken-hearted fellows, whose resignation was more wished for than lamented; and since the battalion has been in Cardigan, the men have conducted themselves with exemplary order and decorum. Sunday morning last the Ruabon volunteer in- fantry marched trom ShreivsbLiry oii their route home, after being on permanent duty for three weeks during which time they had. behaved in a very orderly and soldier-like manner. The Chirk Hundred regiment of volunteers have performed 20 days permanent. duty at Mold, in a manner which reflected the highest credit on both men and officers. The second battalion of loyal Anglesea volun- teferilast week r^iirned home from perniatient duty at Beatiniart,s, w,.iere,,tiieir good conduct obtained the public-thanks oftelVIayor and inhabitants. Thursday the Monmouth vplunteers, command- ed by Lieutenant-Colonel Molyneux, were review- ed on Durdhan>Down, near Bristol, by Geiieral Eisiier, who expressed his perfect satisfaction at the.great attention of the officers*the steady- Sol- dierlike conduct of pie men, and the correct, man- ner in which they executed their various manoeu- vres.—In the evening the Right Worshipful the Ma-yol'gave a grand dinner at the Mansion-House to the officers of the Bath and Monmouth regiments. The Sheriffs, Sir John purbin, Alderman Noble, with several other gentlemen, were present; and the entertainment was in the most sumptuous and hospitable style; consisting of every delicacy of the season, the choicest wines, and the most deli- cious fruits. Sunday last, the Monriiouth volunteers arrived in that town, from Bristol, where they had been on permanent duty for fourteen days. The uniform good behaviour of this excellent corps, their strict diacipinie, and laudable anxiety to perfect them-, selves in the dsities of a soldier, during the period of their being embodied, have, we .understand, gained them the esieem and praise of the inhabi- tants jf -tlii,isto'l. The Bath volunteers returned home from.Bristol yesterday. I he officers have presented their Ad- jutant, Captain Davis, with a capital chargfcr. The Royal Chester volunteers, consisting of tip- wards of 1000 men, "marched from Oswestry and Ellesmere, On Friday, to NVrexhain, on their re- turn home duty and on Saturday they arrived in Chester.—Their exemplary and Soldier-like conduct has merited and received the highest encomiums and warmest thanks of the in- h 1 ltants of both tow.i- which the divisions were (itiartered. The Bedford, and 3d Wilts regiments of militia, marched trom Bristol last week—the former on their route towards Taunton, and thelatter for- their station at Woolwich. They have been replac- ed, in the garrison duty at Bristol, by the Carmar- then militia, consisting of fK)4 rank and file, com- manded, in the absence of Lord Cawdor, by Lieu- tenant-Colonel Brickstooke; and the South Devon, consisting of 736, under the command: "of Colonel Lord Rolle,. Last week the Rutknd militia. arrived in Glo- cester, wh,ere thej expect to be stationed for some time, in order to pc I rm duty over the depot of mi- litary ammunition placed there for the use of the district.. As- an encou ragement to onr brave Tars, we have permission to mention, that the Rev. B.Jones, of this town, has received 101. from the Committee at Lloyd's Coflfee-House (being their second donation) for Jane Amos, mother of John Amos, Iate;of Mor- riston,w ho gallantly distinguished himself, but un- fortu lately was killed, eu board the Bpllerophon, in the memorable battle of the Nile. Cit Tuesday the 36th ult. was held at Brecon the am.■ v::rsary meeting of the.Clerical Society, for the relief of the widows and orphans of Clergymen in that Archdeaconry. The subscribers attended di- vine service in the town church, where an excellent and appropriate sermon was preached on the oc- casion by the Rev. Mr. Winter. The stewards ap- poinfe<F for "the ensuing year are, the Ilev. Mr. 'Daviesj Canon of St. David's, and Benjamin .1 homa^ Esq. The gentry of Lianelly have subscribed liberally for the formation of aprotnenade near the sea- side, entirely for the accommodation of the many genteel tarpilies that annually visit that delightful spot; which, for salubrious air, and sea-bathing, ft'v places in the Principality can equal. On the scite of Bryn.¥a£, Llanclly Flats, stands an old building, occupied by Mr. John Roberts, a loyal publican, which has tor some years gone by the singular, name of jk*re>-Groro Qastle, and on which the Ancient BrF.-fn has mounted several pieces of cannon of varkrtjs calibre, declaring that he never will fly from, butl,>ttly at, the enemies Of YIIIDD '0 Great Britain. Mr. Beynon, of the Customs, and hi's boatmen,' have volunteered their services to man the battery, whenever "occasion may require and a liberal subscription for powder has: already been entered into. • • • -The thanks of the General Assembly of Swansea Canan'rop.rictors were- on Monday Wt voted to Mc. U ohn Royal- engineer^ for saving rthe life of a boy y, ho had fallen into ne *of 0.G"loeks, by plung- < ing in and talcing hm\o.tit,j by' wiiich humane and spirited condflct he.liad.the gratifieation>of rescuing a fellow-creature from pWniattrre destruction. -In the Court of -.KiniC ne h'OpSaturday,. last, came on the trial of aU mforinatwn filed against t Richard Plil"lp. ,S, Esq» of Sketty-Ifall, near S\vu4sea, by Mr. G. Thomas, attorn^y-at-law. In cqnsequencejaf some tran«^ti<Kts resulting from an -interthaiige-Of interests 'at the last general election for the county'O.f Carmarthen, a dispute arose be- tween tjie. par ties, and twoit tiers were -written- by the defehda;ht-to -Mr^Thoma* one of which was coucht>d-in the following terms It wdfbe "sufficient in ma'to tell you that in the whole ,of tlie Cai-martlbisitxshire electiorf you "have behaved yourself like a blackguard*. IshaU'expecJ tiThear from ybii on this stibjee*, and Shall/punctually'attend' to aiiy appointment vou sliall make ori'thisiiifair." Yfiurs, &e. i s" It. M. Pmi.ii'i h." On these litters two charges were founded, viz. that the defendant had either challenged, or 1 rovoked Mr. T; to fight. • Messrs. Ersk'ine, Gar- ruw, and Gurnt^y produced evidence in support of the tw o counts; and Mr. Clifford, for the defendant, argued that the letters were written merely to pro- duce a settlement of money concerns, adding, as" with perfect truth he: mightr that the defendant' was a mail of In h sense-of honour, and inca- pab le of offend 111 a irs t the laws of his country, i which he was now p tectiflg. After An address to sj the jury by Lrci£Henb<}oug they returned a verdict—Guilty of provoking to send a challenge. Lord Kensington iias, ,on the same day, non- suited in-aft action erf', ejectment, as" Lord of the Manor of Earl's Court, Kensington, to get posses- sion and receipt of the rents and profits of upwards of 200 houses in the neighbourhood of Brompton. A few days since, as a soil Of Mr. T. Bradley, of Cow'bridge,was .Ptl#l!gi,rt;îhffriypr',thers'ç was ob ced by i his' head 0 t b unuer water, in the act of turning on^his back to wim when the Faithful animal instantly-sprang in, seized hold of the'child-anti in attempting to hold him up, pierced both his templet, with his teeth. After the bc^'had disengaged himself from the dog's grasp, the'Iatter\ hot observing-him go out of the river,, dived, and ;reniained under water some time in search of hitaj suppasing^' he ha,d sunk.. -/■■ Saturday' liast,; a Woman 'searching.under."a bed with a. lighted candle for a pomb^ ii1, a farm-house at Pentremoule, near .swd.nsea;oGcupie"d,i)y' three families, set fire to the bedd-m^, and notwithstand- ing every possible assistance Was promptly "afford-: ed by the neighbourhood, grllat j)M-f of the ])rc- misesi was dfes £ ro' ul, an! fwo vi the. families un- fortunately lost their little all.—'iha names bf the sufferers are Timcfthy D"i1;.ànû- Griffith Powell; the former has a .wife- and the, lat- ter a wife and four children.. The.brig F 1 from Cardiff to London, is re- portedto hai 0 uke-n by the"vimerettx pri va- teer,-iui(i cari into pieppe the 9th of June it. is also added, th t e sa4ie.^]^%ie'er.-captured seven other vessels at t, s me tune, The Welsh rofn-markets still remain-without anv variation -worthy-of notice. Anew writ was on Thursday ,U"sued for the elec- tion of a Meuiber to represent the town of Mon- mouth, in the roomof the Right. lion. Lord Cha. Somerset, who has accepted the office of Joint Pay- master. At Ludlow Races, last week, the maiden plate of 50l. was won by Mr, Lockley's br. f. Parapiuie, beating two others and the second day's plate of 501. by Mr. Clifton's .b..h: B'r Ui'c beat- ing three others.—Lord Stamford's b. c. Sir Oliver, walked oyer for the,sweepstakes of ten guineas each, with 201. in addition given by the town.—At Bridgnorth Races,.the 30i. plate given by J. Whit-; more, Esq. %vas won on the first day by Mr. Clif- ton's Sir Ulic-M'Killigut, beating three others; and Lord Stamfbrd's Sir Oliver walked over for the two sweepstakes Of ten guineas each. On the se- cond day, :Mt,n!êGe's,;b. f. obtained the plate of £ ol. given by L H. Browne, Esq. beating two others; and Mr. Hawker's ch. g. by King Fergus, thes'-sweepstakes of ten guineas each for horses that never started before, after a well-contested 4-mile heat with Ajr. Harrison's b. h. by Pipatot. We are informed, on good authority, that the Kingsland. Dpctress's pretended inspiration has [been artfully planned by four insolvents, in the I hop,e- the expence of the weak and superstitious. After instructing the woman, her husband, brother, and sons, in the se- veral parts they were to perform, the contrivers of ^lis.iiiiquitous .imposition» separated, and taking jdyferent^roufes,-published the fame of the impos- tpr far and near credulous John Bull believed all, and her hovel was hence daily crowded with dis- eased visitors from all parts of the kingdom. On Friday the 15th ult. three respectable gentlemen of Worcester made an excursion to Kingsland in or- der to expostulate with the Doctress on her impious conduct but her husband and other friends in the -secret refused them admittance, judging they were not easily to be deluded. As they would hot, how- 'ever, quit the place without seeing her,, she at length- addressed 'them from a window thus — Gentkenieh) I observe by your countenances that you are unbelievers, and therefore I shall not work any miracles to satisfy your curiosity; those only who have faith shall see the Wonderful works of the Lord !—After this she shut the window, and her associates proclaiming amongst the people assem- bled that rto cures would be performed until the gentlemen had retired, the latter were glad to de- camp, to avoid the indignation of a vast number of men, women, and children, then present. His Majesty has been pleased to appoint Charles Evans, Of Trefeilin, Esq. to be Sheriff of the county of Anglesey, in North Wales, for the year 1804, in the room of -Thomas Parry Junes, of Cetn Coch, Esq. The Rev. George Robson, A. M. Prebendary of St. Asaph, has been collated by the Lord Bishop of that Diocese to the valuable vicarage of Chirk, in Denbighshire. Captain Cumvay Shipley, third son of the Dean Of St. Asaph, who lately so gallantly distinguished himself in the capture of the French frigate L'Egyptiehne, of 36 guns and 230 men (the Hip- ponienes which he then commanded carrying only 18 guns and 110 men) was, on the surrender of Su- riham," appointed Captain of the Centaur, of 74, PO I the Coixiniodore's flag ship. k Mr. Fox's literary friends are consoled at his not forming a part of the long-talked ot' broad-bottomed Administration, by" the reflection that he will now Lhave more time for his Historical Researches. We are anxious to see from whence he thinks the Stuart family in Scotland originated. Hume, in his Chro- nOlogreal Abridgement o;f the History of England, speaking of thedeathbf^lalcolm the Third, King ol Scotland^in an action- hear Alnwick in 1093, says, In this war Malcolm had with him one Walter, who had fled- from Wales, whom he made Grand Steward of.hisjiousehold; and from this Walter, sprung the race of theSttnirtswho reigned so long in Scotland, and who likewise succeeded to the Eng- lish.Throne .The hop plaatalions in Worcestershire arid He- ,r|fordshke, says t.a corcespondent, never looked more promising for .an abundant crop; the apple trees have failed in- soine, parts, but the pear trees .are likely to be very productive. Swansea fair, on Monday, was well supplied with Store cattle, but prime-beasts- were rather scarce; ijid the sale was dull, pt reduced prices. Horses were numerous, and good OJlfS, sold high. At Brecon leather fair, on Monday, the several kinds maintained the-prices which tliey sold for at the preceding fjiir in May.. in Nlay AtJlereford wool-fair," the same day, fine wools averaged from to 3.15. 6d. per stone; the se- cond sorts experienced a depression in price of two or three shillings per stone,; from what they sold for last year; the cattle fair, exhibited a very in- different-shew,-and fat.beasts sold at advanced prices the horse market-.was remarkably thin of animals, and very few-gqod ones were offered lor sale, which were .soon bought up, and fetched high prices. Hops,of which there were but a small quantity, sold from 41. 4s. to 4l. 12s. per cwt. At Abergavenny fair,last week, there was a. con- siderable shew of,hors.es and oxen, but very few buyers. .i At. Shrewsbury fair, on Tuesday, cattle, sheep, and pigs went off at little variation in price from last fair.—The,, shew ..of horses was not large, and good ones fetched high, prices..—.Wool from-16s. ls. to 27s. per stone.—Cheese from 65s. to 72s. AtBridgnorth fair, on Saturday last, fat,beasts, sold from 7d. to 71. per lb. sinking the offal, and sheep at about the same prices gqod horses Sold at high. prices and wool went ■ off briskly at ad- vanced prices. At Beijry-Barton, near Totness, on the 27th ult. a labourer named Tliornas Ilelmes, now in his 70th year, with. seven of his sons by one wife, mowed a field of grass for hay, a very great Crop, containing nine acres and upwards. The father took the lead in the morning, and kept it all day; the sons fol- lowed according to their respective births (the youngest now in his 20th year.) The mother as- sisted in helping them to "cider and beer. There were many spectators to witness this remarkable sIght. Copper Ores sold at Truro da "Thursday the 28th ult. Mii Tons. Purchasers. aiver Ton. Wh. Unity, lSZ/Chead.O" Williams'St P. Grenfell 15 7 0 dittg 13. diuo 9 18 6 ditto Co. 16 10 0 ditto 1^9 Che:id.-Q. Wilrtams 8c > P. Gienfdl 7- 4 6 ditto 122 Mints llowd Co. 15 10 6 ■ ditto 107 1 lCeliian Co. 1,8 7, 0 ditto 106 London Co.- 10 9 6 Poldice 140 Comish Co. 6 0 0 dittol 11 0 0 ditto -ISO Cheadi 0. Williams & P. Grenfoir 8 6 6 ditto -88/Brass Wire Co* 8 4 b ditto 67 English Co. 8'11 0 ditto 40 Freeman Co. 5 8 6 Wh.'Gorl'and- 101 Chead. 0. Williams k B. Gr'niVU' 7. 6 0 ditto* -70 ditio 8 10 6 ditto, 14 17 6 ditto 65" English Co. r Creegbraw's 4 6 4 New Wii. Virgin- 17" Cornish Co. ,3 i 0 Tops 1791——Standard 131 to 131. I" Hereford Agrictilttiki! Soci' >v,j very fullv and respectably attended at L^-c 1-" on- fri.iav. feir (jeorge CoruewtiU, Bart. :\1. ^resided'; and it being announced thdt a gener.U meeting ^ould be held anhuaUy ic Leomiiislar fV»'r th' lutiuv several new members were adnuttEd. The suc- cessful candidates for premiums at Leominster were, Mr. Fencott, of the Broopie, in Eufrl,island, for. the best three-year old bull; Mr; Lowe, of GaterHop; tor the best yearling. ditto Mr. \"1:1- •liams, of. Brinsop, lbf the best three-vear ujd heiter; and Mr. S. Pritchard, of Eyton- for the best yearling ditto.

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