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THE SWANSEA, FRIDAY, May 25. NrxTii DAY OF DRAWIXG-Noi. 18,S25, the TWENTY THOUSAND POUND PRIZE, was sold in one fourth, one eighth, and ten six- ,eL Y teentli, shares, by Fsickimhon, Goodluck, and Co. of CornhUl aud Charing-Cross, Londun, SHIR NEWS. ARBIVED* May 18, the RasliJeigh, Mel- huisli., from Fowev; Marazioh, Stevens; RebcCca, Irwiir; and Joseph, piark, from St. Ives, in ballast.—19, Gitoll Castle, Sanders, from Plymouth; Hammond, Hancorne Union, Roes r and Earl of Uxbridge> Roberts, f'ronv Trurg, with .copper ore Frieflds, Creedland, from Bridgewater; Penitence, Jennnigs, from Penxauee Ann and Sarah, Eastawayj from Falmouth; Lovely Emily, Svdall, from St. lyes; Thomas and Judith, Moyse; and Phcebe, Llõýd, from Plymouth, in ballad—SO, Prince of Wales, Waiters, frenn'St. hes; and-Francis, Jarinond, from Plymouth, in. ballast.—21, Unity, Jones, from Glo- ceste;; and Sociable Friends, Gomblet, from Minehead, with sundries; Young Jane, Edwards, .from Plymouth; Young Heriry, Williams, from Appleoore ;■ Sprightly, Ni- chols, from Barnstaple; Sistefs* Ley, from Illracombe; and Britannia, Ball, from la Reso- lution, Johns Rose, Davies i Aurora,, Walters; and Oak- well, Jones, from St. Ives, with copper ore John, Luce,, from Cork; Venus, Davies, from Fcnvey; Fly, Penny, from Looe; Good .Intent, Curtis, from St. Ives; Swallow, Tyack and Daddin, Beer, from Penzance, intjailast.—?,, 23, Hazard, Woolf, from Memel, with sundries; Nancy, Trevatthen; and Brothers, Thomas, from St. Ives, with copper ore; Success, Waller, from Cork Dispatch, Cant- well, from Dnngarvan.; Diligence, Thomas, from Pad- stow; and Betsy, Jepnell, from Barnstaple, in ballast.— 24, Pha>nix, Diamond, from Bristol, with sundries. Cleared out, May 18, the Fame, Evans; and Judith, Harries, for Waterford; Greenfield, Tiniberlake; Nancy, Jones; and Greenfield, Owen, for Amlwch: Squirrel, Fosseb for Bid etord; Neptune, May, for Penzance, Friendship, JuHan; and Providence, Biggleston, for St. Ives; Good Intent, Rice, for Barnstaple; Union, Goss, for Plymouth; Industry, Tucker; for Dartmouth Speed- well, Lngg, for Ilfraoombe j and Farmery' Adventure, Dingley, for Bridgewater, with coal or culm.-—19, Betsy, Barratt, for Glocester, with copper; Resolution, Davies, for Cardigan Prince of Wales, Rogers, lor Aberdovey Duck, Billing, for Padstow and tour Sisters, jlliams, for Plymouth, witfi ct/al or culm.'—21, Dncliess of Rutland, O'Brien,, for Dublin; and Princess Mary, Hunt, for Wa- terford, with coal.-—2'i, Charming Betty, Griffiths, for Minehead, with sundries i Peace, Fowler, for Waterford Betsy, Slade and Mary, Rowe, for St. Ives; Water- mouth, Cutlifte, for Ilfracombe Friendship, Creedland and Peggy, Grigg, for Bridgewater, with. coal.—23, Bea- ver, Gold worthy, for London, with copper; Dundalk Friends, Rees, tor Dublin; New Blessing, Tedball, for Cork Alfred, Crocker: and Perseverance, Griffiths, for Waterford; Ann and Mary, Eastaway; and Ilarry, Foss, for Ilfracombe Jane, Burrow, for feignntonth; Henry, Glayas: and Mary, Jones, for St. Ives; William and Mary, Brockinchin and Union, Burt, for Padstow, with coal.—24, Providence, Simmons, for Dundalk; Susannah, Harvey; and Young Henry, ,W Ilhams, for Padstow: Venus, Thompson; and Countess of Mexborough, I|erna-; man, for Plymouth Flora, Lee; Union, Trick; Joseph, Clark; and Susannah, John, for St. Ives; Thomas and Judith, Moyse, for l'3ideford; Swansea, Thomas, for Bridgewater; Supply, Williams; and Hope, Dalling, for Barnstaple, with coal or culm.. Neath,.—Arrived, the Sisters, Vaughan, from Bristol, with sundries; Brothers, Bebell; and Friendship, Palmer, from Cork, in ballast. Cleared out, the Happy Return, Broomham • and Trial, Symons, for Bristol, with sundries; Charlotte, Phillips, for (Cardigan, with oak plank and culm; Ann and iamty, Thomas, for Pwlhely Brothers, Bebe.U; and Friendship, Palmer, for Cork; Hopewell, Kirvan-; and St- Peter, IIarneY, for Dxingarvan; Margaret, Kennedy', for Wex- ford; Venus, Harvey, for Padstow y Fortitude, Jennings, for St. Ives • Edward, Kiddell; William, Adams Chris- tian, Veil; Rover, Jones; Aurora', Jarmond; Two Bro- thers, Swaffm Lord Nelson, Oliver; part, Jarmond and Thomas, Handson, for Dartnlonth United Friends, Geach and Ann and Susan, Collins, for Fowey'.j Tallyiho, Harvey, for Exeter Friends, Hole; Molly, Union; Good Intent, Wheddon; and Friends Increase, Jones, for Watcbet; Two Friends, Rumsdiu, tor Ilfracombe; Bucchus, Kent, for Plymouth Thetis, Chamberlain, for Falmputh; and Feronia", Godfrey, for Portsmouth. Cardiff.—^Arrived, the Castle of Cardiff, Clements, from Bristol, with sundries; Minerva, Hook; from Carmarthen; Hannah, Jones, from Exeter; Eaglebiish, Courtney, from Padstow; Mary, Hill, from Berkeley; Frances; Steer, from Bridgewater; and Mary, Silvan, from Minehead, all in ballast. Sailed, the Hebe, Harris; and Castle of Cardiff, Cle- ments, for Bristol, with sundries; Apollo, Page; a.. Elizabeth and Grace, Giilard, for London Industry, Oriel; andMury, Cott'man, for Glocester and Vigilant, Styles, for Pcnrvn, all with iron; Pelican, Thorns, for Falmouth and Prince Edward, Cowl, tor Padstow, with coals. Carmarthen.—Arrived, the Swift, Ev'ans, from London; Welcome, Davies^ Minerva, Webb; New Speed we'd,' Jones;and Nancy, Rees, from Bristol, with sundries': Union, Rogers, from ditto, in ballast; and Clifton Union, Meredith, from Llanelly, with coals. LluneUi/.—Arrived, the Providence., Davies, from Ches- ter, with bricks; Speedwell, Rees; and Dove, Davies, rrom Cardigan; Caroline, Periman, from Llougluyr; Sis ters, Davies, from Fowey Hanston, ;rom ,l)urt- .mouth and Excellence, Davis, from Liverpool, in balia.-r. Sailed, the William and Mary, Cock, lor Fowey a:i ■. Frie'i.s,Us Delight, Derricott, for Bqirnstap'c, with coals. Bristol.Entered out, the Bold Harry, JdiK's,- for b welly N(,w Mil ord, Luke, for Ha'veriordwest; Sailv, Taylor, for Newport. Liverpool.—Arriyed, the Impregnable, Jones; >, i ei tess, rralcisi rroin Pwlhely, with -sittidri'es; Experiment, Campbell, and Dfyades, Jones, from Glocester, wIth elm timber andbaik.. • Falmouth.— Arrived* 'the-'Brothers, Ball; Union, Roes; and Recovery, Pawson, from Swansea; and Frear, Jel- ling; from Newport. f rivro.—Entered; inwards, the John, Trcluddra. from Swansea, with coaL- ttie Henry, Glayas Mary, Brown Pomona,. Bowden Amelia, Nni'nis JMaraiion, Stevens Valentine, Waters, :Pravidenee, -Jones j Hawke, ———: Swaltow, Wi!iaiuis.; and Peggy, '•■:•■■ "y all irouSwansCa, With ,coals and. Happy Con-pie,'Cjark, from Newport. Cork.—A'rrivedj the Punsonby, V\ aJsii, from. Swansea Hearts- of Oak; Perrot; Nymph, Warreil; arid Ellen, Kellicher, from Neath, -alfwith culm Honor, Christmas and New Kernson, Barber,>trom Cardiii, With coals. The Fanny, Martin; from Neath," is arrived in the River Thames., i The 'Catherine', .Sto'thart,-vfi'oni Bristol, bound to the West-Iiidiea and»Hdnduras, is taken by a French privateer, and carried into, Gm'tdalol1pe.

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