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.1 THE, (C. 14m, B A I,, 11 ;yi; S'\YANSEA,l"lÙÐAy,M&y II. el .1 SHIP NEWS. ;j An RIVED, May 4, the. William arid- Catherine, Pliiliips, from Bristol; and Unity, Jones, from Glocester, with sun- dries George and Francis, Hitcliins, from Penzance and Jeremiah, Da v. from An- Johr. re',ln ballast.—5, Polly, Cook, from Truro; and orp- T> Elizabeth, Channing, from St. Ives, with copper ir ^Cnown, Tedball; Young Eagle, Francis; and Ann, TNa-Ilanian' from Dublin; Thomas and Ami, Slade, from p Ilouth; Mary, Hutchins, from Torbay; Peggy, g-pf.V. a^d Peggjv Richaril, from Fowey, in ballast.—6, Frie i i Fnemis, "Jones, from Watchei, with flour, &c.; ore ■ R Endeavour, Dennis, from Truro, with copper »i, iaTn"1' Griffiths, from Fishguard Sampson, liar du^^lm; J°hn and William, Richards; and In- f.„ -I' ^»lt, from .Fowey; Ann and William, Richards, liiwt- ?0e i Joseph and Mary, Fishlev and Union, Med- y\r ■' jirom Plymouth, in ballast.—-7, Alfred, Maine, from win Cr r^, with soldiers; Brothers, Dalton, from Truro, Sf1Sundries; Hope, Edwards; Wilson, Waters; and gP yeonihe, Goss, from St. Ives; Sally anw^ William, Kr>r- Friends, Maine; ajui Countess of Mexborough, Ri ^ni^n'.lroni Truro; and Penrose, Rogers, from Piy- Arfon copper ore Prince William, Casmack and Cork ?ri?,k°b',ett, from Dublin Ponsonby, Welsh, from •froth \< i "eccV Jrwin, from Padstow Susan, Harvey, Lord >5^ £ ,^ou'di; W'dtermomb, Cutlifi'e, from Ill'raconsl)e; beth v rn' Howe; Three Brothers, Ham • and Eliza- Betsv PlymQUth, in ballast.—8, Fanny and dftnee, T0Iiets' from Aberystwith; Hone, Perry; 'Pi'ovi- FriendAew's Bountiful, Pavies.J»nies, Tool; and fruu CoA"vet»ture#Call,'from Dublin; Blessing, Xedball, Richanjs Fpwler, from -Waterford Maria, Piyuiu^i1 {im Padstow and Friendship, Julien, from Gliepstow' baliast.-T-f?, Endeavour, Philii[is,, frour w«h eft4 tituber; Ivha aad .Catherine, James, fro'tn Milford,; Nephtne, alay> from h>ciky; rovtd_ence, Owens,' from Wic^luw.; 'Venus, jDavies} end..Pdlaead, Grosard, from Drogheda, in bauast.—10,, Fanny, ÜWCtlê. from St. hes, with copper ore; Betsy, ^Collins, .froju T(.111 pot-Ac, Brother^, Blauey, t' I' Lowther, i'rom'iiidelo-Ld Siiaer, Nichols, from Newport; St. Michael, Hood, troin Uiracombc Dove,, Cooper, lroiu Plymouth William and Mary,Biokcnshir.e Union, Burt; AVlliiam, jiarrett; and PeteteJ, Albeyston, from Padstow, all ill ballast Cleared qut, May 4, the Ann, John; and Castiemal- gwyn, Martin, for Wftcrford; Good Intent, Rice, for Baj-nstapLe Three Friends, Vincent; and Richard, Iloiling- ,ton, fur Padstow Joseph, Clark and Ayr,.G rente. for St. Ives; Asrrea, Button; and Express, Luke, for Bideford, wi(h coal or 'culm.—-5, Diana, W'ftllcV ''for 'Watorlbrd Ellen, Kellicher, for Cork Britannia, Ball; and Venus, Davies, for Fowey Najicy, C-obley, for Miiifihead Eliza- beth,. Salter, for Plymouth'; Fly, Perry, for Lope Fanny, Bowden and Providence, Joues, for St. Ives, with coal or culm.—7, Jane and Betsy, Lloyd, for Bideford, with coal and iron; Betsy, Green, for Amlwch; Industry, Lush, for Bridgewator; Providence, Phillips, for Ply- mouth Neptune, Davis, for Minehfead Prince of Wales; Walters, for Ilfracombc; John, Lowther, for Bidcford; Times, Melhuish; John, Macdonald Henry, (Jiayas; Star, Foss Diligence, Wufiams and Marazion, Stephens, for St". Ives, with coal or Culm.—3, Phcenix, Diamond, for "Bristol; and Unity, Jones, for Glocester, with sundries; 'Amity, Frver, for Glocester, with unmanufactured copper; Alliance, fcvans; Mermaid, Grillitbs; and Young Eagle, Francis*, for Waterlord; Mary and Betty, Sanderson, for Scilly; Mafia, Evans, for AberthawFountain, Bick, for Lynn; Unanimity, Bushiu, forMiiiehead; Mercury, Wi-; thy combe, for Teiguinouth Watermoath, Cutliife, for Ii- j fracoiube; Joker, Thomas; Peggy, Rickard and Bro- thers, Thomas, for St. Ives, wnh coal or tujm.—9, Iri- "dustry, D.onogan, for. '.Kinsale ..Sampson, Harries, Age- noria, I^obbett Benjamin, Griffiths; apd Bountiful, Da- vies,. for Waterford Beginning, Evans,, -for* Ahertb'aw j. Mary, Bibbins, lor Teig'nmouth Gratitude, Jenkins, ior Bidetord; Jeremiah, Day, fOr BanuitapJe Phmmx, Tay- lor; and Two Brothers, Edward, torSt Ives, all with coal or culm.—10, George and Francis, Hitehins, for Penzance, with earthenware and coals; Ponjonq, Bowden; Mariana, Bond Pomona, Powell; and Ann. Kirig.<1:on, ior St. I Yes; Betsy, Tregarthin, for Truro; Oak well,. Jones; and Clu- JO\Y, Rice, tor Ilfracolllbe; Cotton, Hofckin, for Bideford Betsy, John, for Fowey; Nancy-'and Mary, Spr'aguC, for* Plynibuth Mgry, Hntcluns, for Dartmouth>; .and Hope, Lefevre,, for Jersey, with coal or Guim; and William and, '.Catherine,'Phillips,- for-Bristol, with sundries Llciugtia\-T-AmvcdtMie Mary, Lewis, from Abçrayon; Eleanor, WiJliams, from Pwlhety";■Amlwcli. Owens, from Arplwch ;■ William arid Mary, Hughes, from Aberdovey Stiigi Jenkins, from Newport; and Betsy, Hodge, Jroni Ilfiacombe, all in ballast. Sailed, the Ann and Teresa, Colling,, with copper from Penclawdd .for Newliaveii; Mop i, A\rts, M.ary,. I^ewis Eleanor, Williams; and Amlwch, Owens, for Amlwch: and Providence, Phillips, for Plymouth, all with coals: Neath.-—Arrived, the Bee, Smith, from Bridgewator, with timber, bricks, &e.; Happy-Return, Broomhan), from Bristol, with sundries; Fortitude, Jennings, from Truro, -with copper ore j Fortune, Amy, from jersey; and Richard and Eleanor, fowler, from Cork, in baHast. Cleared out, the Commerce, Daniel, for-Carmarthen,' with iron Recovery, HaTdcastIe, for Dublin, with oak timber; Heart of Oak, Perrott, with culm and timber and Nymph, Warren, with culm, botli for Cork Jupiter, Grant, for Portsmouth, with ballast lion Rambler, Eyton Fanny, Martin and Liberty, Josling, for London f Unity, Cafe; and Blessing, Handso'n,- lor Plyinoulh; Two Friends; Rumsam; and Benevolent, Lovering, for Ilfra- combe; Henry and Elizabeth, Waters; and,Nancy, Tre- varthen, for St. Ives; Mary, Poingdesdre, for Lyme; Ann, Crocker; and Fair Trader, Reed, for Watchet; Sally, Periam, lor Exeter j Speculation, Grcnfell, for, Loo'e i Two ^Brothers, Swaihn; Fowey, Rowe Bideford, Whitfield; John and Hannah, Fry Rambler, Pring; Lord Nelson, Oliver; Sally and Ann, Winsor Susan and Mary, James; and Gatcoriibej Jordajt, for Dartinduth^ali with coal or culi-a. Cardiff.Arrived, the Elizabeth and Grace, from Lons don Charming Peggy, Richaj-ds; Castle of Carding Cfe-. merits; and Three Brothers, Page, from Bristol, with*sun-' dries; John, Jones, from N ewpôrt/with blooin iron; Prince Edward, Cole, from Truro, with block tin; Jane, George .and.Swan, Bonifant, from Dublin .Ap')nQ,,Page, from Belfast; Ann, Welsh, from Pcrtsmourh; Vigilant, Nicholas, from Penrhyn; and Pelican," Tliomas, from St. Ives, iii ballast. Cleared out, the Ann, of Cardigan, HoweH; Mid Buckle, of Chepstow, Thomas, lor Dublin,.with ifod arid bark^ Lord Nelson, Warlow, ior W<tftfrfiqfrd ^jfappy- Couple, Campbell, tor Yougiiall; Hope, Deveiimix, for Wexford; Jane, Towel Is; Eagle, Eg^^tt; and Swan, Hughes, for Cork, with coals; Betsy, Jenkins; Friends," Gowing Industry, Booth; Thatne.s, Key; Industrious, Kenmare GabriCli Bowling; -Ilufton, Garlajid Ansoy, Oliver; and Sarah, Coleman, all for Lcinddn, with iron; Hebe, Harris; and Casile of Cardiff, Clements, for Bris- tol, with sundries.. r ^Carmarthen.—Arrived, the Hazard, Davies; and Con-, stant Trader,' Tobias, from Bristol, with sundries; Lark, Rogers, from Glocester, with salt; and Rase, Owens, from Cardigan; with states. r Cleared out, the St-David, Hall, for IJanelly, with sun- dries;. Nancy, Yetrnau and Ami-ty" George, for Bristol, with barley. Llanclty.—Arrived, the St. David,. Imll, from. Carmar- then, with shop goods; Mary. Ann, Morgan, from ditto Providence, Nicholas, from Cardigan; Enxabeth, Hughes, from Angles}'; Esther, Bowen, ffpEii Barnstaple; and Mary, Masters, from Plymouth, all itt ballast. Sailed, the Price, Peirce, tor London, with trop.; Louisa, Lewis; and Taunton, Owens, for Cardigaii; Brothers, '.Ball,lor Plymouth; Maiy, Jone3; and Cwinsyiulog, Davis, for St. Ives; William, Lanc^y; Barram, Waliis; Esther, Bowcn Goodwill, Lancey and Blessing, Perry, for Barnstaple, all with coais. I' Bristol.—Arrived, the Halcyon, Rossiter, from New- York and Alicia, Davis, from Cork. Erttered out, the Cardiff Castle, •Jenkins, for Swansea; and Trial, Syinons, for Neath.- Torbay, May 7.—Arrived frbm- WalfeS, tnie Francis, Jar- mond Tilomas, Adams.; Edward, Vittety; and Venus, Tozer. We have just received accounts that: the sloop Bi- deford, of Brixliam, Jasper Dugda,le master, in his passage to Wales,"fell in with a Frehch privateer, who chaced him' for four hours, but owing to" iier'superiority m sailing (in which our Torbay .sloops exceed) the Bidelbrd .got safe into Padstow. Cork.—Arrived, the John, Scott; and Summer, Thomas, from Swansea, with coals and Friends, Richards, jyiij; ford, with merchants' goods. The Nimrod cutter, with a lieet under convoy for Wales, hsailed from'Fahnouth on Saturday last,' The Albion, Wren, from Swansea fol" Lisbon, is put into Falmouth, leaky. V" About four o'clock on Thursday evening, the bng Little Charles, of Liverpool, Alex.; Keating master, bound from Liverpool to St. Michael's, in ballast, struck on Fileskirt- rock, off Ballymacaw, Ireland, and nUinediately' sunk. The crew were fortunately savfid. The bill for the, iinproyenient of our har^.otjr was read a second time in the House of Commons on Monday. The bill enabling the Company of proprietors of the Brecon and Abe gavenny Canal to raise a turthcrsum for completing the same, received the Royal Assent by Commission on Thursday. The nominations for the sweepstakes of lO -gui- neas each, to be run for on.the, first day..of Cardiff Races, will be found in the advertisement inserted in a preceding column. Lord Dynevor and family arrived on Saturday at their house in Portman-square, London, from Dy- nevor Castle. Her Ladyship, it is rumoured, in- tends giving a grand ball and supper about the lat- ter end of this month. -1 The Carmarthen militia were expected to march into Winchester barracks, this week, from Ports- mouth. It must give infinite satisiàctiQh to the Lieute- nancy of Pembrokeshire, and it reflects the high- est honour on the zeal and exertions of the ma- gistracy of that county, that their quota ton the army of reserve was fully completed early in February last, while many ther parts of-the king- dom are yet so deficient; and the-yejy handsome, compliment they have received on that head, musi' be highly grateful to their feelings. One man only having been since rejected, the vacancy, thus oc- casioned is all that now remains "to,-foe filled up. wh-ep the. whole will be complete. The venerable old mansion of the Stepney family, at Llanelly, in Carmarthenshire, which for years has wef>T for the loss of its respectable » v\ < s, now dividing mto.three distinct; fewiily .ne-.s- ■> and the out-ollices are.aiso converting into com- fortable tenements—an 'accommodation xhuch I wanted from the increase Ùf population in that neighbourhood. The ingenious Mh GfiiHths, tlie -priattgal; engi- neer at LlaneUy'j has added some considerable itn- provemeutS-in the mode tffworking MrrTre^^thick's patent engine; the sanicarti'st is abotit to introduce- a regulator on an entire lie vv principle, for ascertain- iug the powerrof any engine, iniil, or watef-wheel, at the time it gotfefiis its xilotion. >, Tuesday last, a gentleman angling, in the rivers Sleddu, caught, with a natural tly; a trout s^veii-. inches long,' with two heads; it was in every other respect like unto fish of that specics. In the night between Thursday and Friday last, we experienced a violent storm ot thunder and lightning, accompanied with heavy rain and hail, which appears to have been very general through- out the kingdom. South Wales felt its destructive effects only in a trivial degree, but much damage was done in some of the northern countieis of the Principality, particularly in 'Montgomeryshire, where a barn belonging to Mrs. Swain, ol Peuygaer, ill the parish of Bettws, was set on fire by the lIght- ning;, which destroyed that and another barn ad- joining, a waggon, from 40 to 50 bushels ot wheat,, a quantity othay, all the poultry, and a dog.— Many parts of England have suffered;severely; in the neighbourhood of Bath, unprecedented exam- ples ot devastation appeared, wheta the torrents ceased to tallroads torn up, gardens destroyed, and considerable portions of land removed from their situationsv Among these phajnoinena may- be reckoned—a vast body Of" earth from the "sum- mit anddeclivityof Beéchen cliff, which leil" with Iiideous ruin and combustion (for it is doubtful whether ii was occasioned by the action of the elec- trical fluid or water) loaded with bushes and trees into the field below;—the dislocation of almost half an acre in afield belonging to the ltcv. R. War- ner, at Hanging-land; and a slip of neat;y the same magnitude in a field on the Prior-park-estate. A more awiul and tremen- dous storm <?f thunder 'and lightning was never ex- perienced in the memory of the oldest person liv- ing, than that which occurred last Thursday night in the counties of Lancaster aud Chester, and, we are sorry to say, the damage sustained is almost incalculable. The thunder was succeeded b,y im- mense torrents of rain and hail. Not far from Warrington, on the Cheshire side, a bolt fell, which did great injury, and by which one person in parti- cular suffered severely in his property. At Bolton and its vicinity the people experienced a most dreadful tornado, and it is supposed that a water- spout must have burst in that neighbourhood, the river Irwell having swelled to so great a height as to sweep Mvay many buildings, and large quantities of household furniture, &c. among which, it is said, a cradle was observed, but whether an infant was in it or not, we have not been able to ascertain, though the cradle-clothes were distinctly seen. The storm appears to have been general in these parts; its duration was upwards of two hours, and was dreadful and destructive in the extreme. At Hul- ton Park ball of fire fell with such torce as to split in shivers and tear up.an old ash-tree, which had long been admired for its strength and, beauty. The effects Of this truly terrible terhpest, we appre- hend, are very extensive, and will be severely felt by the inhabitants of our circumjacent dis- tricts. Several bridges have been throwa down. by the devouring elements. II T, T. Andrews, Esq. of King-square, is appointed Comptroller of Customs at Bristol, in the room of the late Mr. Racster, who had enjoyed it but a few weeks, upon the. designation of .Mr- Harford. c l'O Monday the Royal Bristol light-horse volunteers received their standard from the hands of the lady of P. J, Miles, Esq. The standard was consecrat- ed at Clifton chvifch by the Rev. J. Vaughan. The ceremony of presentation took; place on Durdham- down, the Bristol volunteer infantry attending to keep the ground. On May-day a dinner was given by Mr. Barnes, of the Fort, near Monmouth, and the Rev. VIr. W illiams, of Goodrich, to the volunteers be- "longing to the parishes of Whitchurch and Good- rich. The table was spread in the principal court of that venerable structure, Goodfich Castle; the repast consisted of true old English fare.roast beef, with plentiful libations uf ale and cider; and the entertainment was enlivened by martial music. The'greatest hilarity prevailed throughout the day; in the evening, joined by their female friends, the parties commenced the jocund dance; and all de- parted highly gratified with the liberality of the donors, and the fascinating novelty o* festive scene. A member of the Cheltenham troop of yeomanry cavalry, stationeci on permanent duty in Glocester, was on Sunday mornihe fast expelled the corps for disorderly, unsoldierlike conduct, »nd disobedi- ence of orders, The wisdom of the British Legislature knows, no difference of persons when the pevice or property of any one is disturbed or invaded. 0n Saturday last a lady of self-created distinction, in a sea-port not far west of this town, was obliged to enter into a bond to keep the. peace for making use of striking argu- ment's, not only to her dearly beloved, but to an inof-, iensive and unprotected neighbour of her own sex, OIl the visionary idea that ?iugh6 would overcome right. The impartial conduct of the Magistrate, before whom (in private) the matter was settled, deserves to be recorded; but in Consideration of 0 ity, we the younger branches of the agressoy's famiiyrwe will take no further notice of so violent a breach of ieni'ale decorum, than to remark, that the Magis- tracy of this quarter are not to be biassed by either shew, family, Or fortune, nor the weak deprived of the effect which the excellency otolIr laws has, or- damedtorfheirpTotection. Friday night last some villains stole the blue cloth lining and part of the apron from the curricle ofCo'I. Warde, at Woodland Castle, near this town, which they carried off undis<;overpd-and between Saturday night and .Monday morning, tour pigs of lead were stolen from the alum works at- Melin Crythan, near Neath, Tuesday night, a-bont half past, nine o'clock, as Lieutenant-Colonel GWft;was retiirning from Bris- tol, to his house at Brislington, on the road be- tween Mr. Maxse's antLKensington-place, he obser- ved two stout men quitting the foot-path to come toward-s him, upon which he warned them to keep off, as he-was armed. Shortly after, however, they rushed on him, seized his horse's bridle, and one of them holding a pistol to bis breast, demanded his. .money. The Colonel immediately drew out one of his pistols, but iri attempting to nre, it flashed in the pan in taking out the other, it fell to the ground. One of the fellows then stepped back, and said, Now, damme, I'll do for you, Si,r," and prepared to fire but being, now defenceless, the Colonel clapped spurs to his horse, which being a spirited animal, sprung with violence from the hands of the loot-pads, and carried him in a few minutes safe home, Colonel Gore, having re load- ed his pistol, re-mounted his horse, and with some attendants went in quest of the men. On coming to the spot where he was attacked, he found the pistol he had-dropped, but the fellows, had de- camp,e.d, ,and he could get no further sight-of them. Had the Colonel's- pistol gone on, the villain must inevitably have losthislife, as. tpemuzzle was within a span of his breast, and it was loaded with a ball and buck-.shot.. It is supposed they are the same persons who onFriday se'nnight stopped a gentleman and lady gpingiii a post-chaise to Bath. on ferislington Common;and treated them in a Very brutal maniier, alter having rifled them of more than a hundred potinds in cash and notes: In consequence of the late rains, the face of this country is quite changed, and is now clothed with the most, beautiful verdure; The cider countries have assumed a most favour- able appearancc, and indicate an abundant bearing of fruit this year. t, The price of butter iri Haverfordwest market has fallen two-pence per pound. At Llanelly fair, yesterday, there was a good, shew of fat cattle, and prices were rather high: oxen computed to weigh 40 score, fetched from Q2 to 23guineas; good draught oxen, ,351. per pair; milch cows with their caives, lo to 12 guineas; ewes with iambs, 15s. to 30s.; Jean cattle were very heavy of sale, owing to the scarcity of grass. At NewtowH fair, Montgomeryshire, on Tuesday last, but few cattle were sold, and those at lower prices than have been of late demanded—of pigs, many were sold low—wheat from 7s. to 7s. 6d. per customary measure of 40 quarts; A five-years-old ewe, belonging to Mr. John Ar- mistead, near Melliug, ycaned. a lamb ou the 14th ot April, and, what is very singular, yeaned ano- ther oil Saturday last, after an interval of 17 days. Neze additional stamp duty upon Conveyances of land- ed'property:—Oil bargains above 5001. and under lOOOl. value, each transler skin of parchment is to to have a '25s.stamp; above 10001. and under 20001. 30s. and so on, according to the amount of the pro- perty conveyed. Five Pounds 'lost to sâve One" Penny!-Two but- chers were last week convicted at the public-office, Coventry, in the penalty of 51. for sending- skins to tanners without being first inspected at the office appointed for that purpose. .I Committed to Gflocester gaol for one year, unless he sooner^pay a fine of 201. Stephen Woore, for hav- ing in his possession the scalp and horns of a deer. folunteers.A. curious trial came on at the Den- bighshire Assizes, held at lluthin, a few days since, beiore Judges Mansfield and Burton: It was an action brought by Mr. Robert Williams, attorney- at-law, of that town, against Messrs. Richard Hughes and William Ellis, two of the Aldermen and Justices of the Peace of Ruthin, to recover a compensation in damages ( laid at 10001.) for an assault and false imprisonment. In consequence of a meeting of the inhabitants called by the defend- ants, as Magistrates, in July last, several hundreds of persons, it appeared, enrolled their names as vo- lunteers, who assembled on the 20th of August, for the purpose of taking the oath of allegiance, which was administered in English and Welsh by Mr Ellis to 270 persons. The plaintiff was present, but did not offer-to, take the oath and at a parade on the following evening, he placed himself in the front rank: the men who had not taken the oath on the preceding day being directed to ad- vance a few paces, and form in the centre in order to their being told to attend on the morrow to take the oath, they all cheerfully obeyed, except the plaintiff, who, on being desired so to do, not only refused, but behaved very insolently; upon this the defendants ordered their constable to turn him out, which was done, and this was the ground of the action. After the evidence had been gone through,, the Chief Justice (Mansfield) proceeded to sum up, and in an impressive address to the Jury, he ridiculed the charge of imprisonment, en- forced the necessity of implicit obedience on the part of volunteers, as. insubordination would pro- duce distruction, and was of opinion the Aldenfien had done no more than they had aright to do, and what he should have done in a similar situation.— The Jury withdrew for a few minutes, and on their return gave a verdict for the defendants, to the s'a- tisfaction of a very crowded Court; upon which the Judge certified double costs to the defendants, according to the statute. Cork, May 5.—Two gentleman of this city had the curiosity to openä. vault, belonging to the family of b n the Grants, in Lower Shandon church-yard, which j had not been disturbed' for aboye-jtwenty-two years, and to theirasturiishmeiit discovered a coffin emp- ty, with the lid removed, and the corpse lying prostrate alongside of it. From the inscription on the coffin, it appeared that the body it contained was that of a Mr. Grant who was interred in the year 1782. As many instances of premature inter- ment have occurred in this country, it is highly probable that this gentleman had been only appa- rently dead, and might possibly have recovered, but for the' culpable haste of his inhumation. AGRICULTURE. Monthly Report for April- The winter's rains having been succeeded by almost constant northerly and north-east winds, vegetation lias been nearly at a standthroughout the country, and both the natural and artificial grasses are very backward; in some pafts, the latter are considerably injured. This wantofkeepmust reduce the price of lean stock. In some few quarters the sheep have suffered "Severely, from the wet first, and afterwards from the cold winds; but particularly those fat wethers which have been sheared in this unfavourable season, previous to their being driven to the London market-—a practice as cruel as it is hazardous; for, withthe view of ..saving perhaps eighteen-pence in a tieece, and perhaps nothing, the risk is incurred of the losis of five to seven shillings a-head on the sheep, which catching cold at being deprived of its extremely warm clothing at such an unfavourable season* will often lose a stone or upwards extra in weight, and more than a. shilling per stone in quality of mutton. On Easter-Sunday morning a very great blight was per- ceived in various parts, extending in some to. a consider- able distance the cifects-of which may be considerably felt by and by." The Wheats have in general planted well, and wear,at {his time a most promising appearance, excepting upon Cold and exposed hilly land, \v here they now begin, if not to fail, yet to shew plainly a want of genial spring weather, The Beaiis, and Pease are up in forward soils, and appear to. plant Well, Oats are scarcely sown-'yet, and. Barley-sowing but beginning in many parts. The heavy pda hy lands have given the farmer much trouble this spring, and indeed are. scarcely yet got into any tolerable tilth. The Mop plaiitaxiprts in Kent and Sussex have thrown out their bine uhusnally late, but it is strong and healthy. Hay continues reasonable in all counties, except near the coast, where the demand is large,for the use of the army. Lean Cattle are somewhat lower, but good stock is scarce, particularly Scotch runts, and Irish oxen. Stock Sheep have increased in value. Horses are lower, except of superior kinds, and these fetch as high prices as ever. The Wool markets are dull, and have had little or no va- riation since the last month's report. BIRTHS. Friday last, at Llanblethian-House, near Cowbridge,tlie Lady of Sir Robert Lynch Blosse, Bart, of a son.—We are concerned to add, that the infant died on Tuesday morning, and that her Ladyship is much indisposed in consequence of the loss of her child. Saturday last, at Garuons, Herefordshire, the lady of Colonel Cotterell, of a daughter.. » f MARRIED. Sunday last, at St. Mary's.church, Havcrfordwest, by, die Rev. Mr. Evans, Mr. T: Meyler, saddler, to Miss Ellen Griffiths, haberdasher, both of that town. Lately at Liverpool, Mr. Giles Pritchard, grocer,.of. Coawydd, Merionethshire, to Miss Ann Symcock, of Nant- wich. DIED. At Broughty Ferry, near Dundee, the Rev. Dr. Francis Berthie, Rector of Lamniaes, Glamorganshire.. Saturday uight last, Mr. William James, aitorney-at- law, of Swansea. Mrs. Davies, wife of Mr. Da. vies,' cabinet-maker, of Swansea.. Last week, Mr, Walter Lloyd, shopkeeper.- of Church- street; Monmouth, 1asf, at juatli, ivlrs. Eathursf, or cv P.^rkj UI oc este rs fare -—By the death of this iady, fcih.rles' Lraggjj, E?rj.. M.. P. succeeds.tp xtrv vaiuabie.estates; Last week, at Srauuton-u;-cn-\Vyef lleielordsitire, Kliza- bcch SLèpLèrd; at the great age >. i VJo—i'bis venerable llitftrUii re!killed her iacultes to tHe last, and had never known ail hour's illness] till wnhui two dsys of her death.