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WHEREAS; Mrs; "ROOkK, laic of Bristol T f but now of Haverfordwest, in the' county ot Pem- broke, left it COW and CALF, upwards of Twelve Months ago, on the premises of Mr. W^t&iss, the Three-Tun*, Inn, St. Nichôlas, near Cardiff,Glamorganshire^-1 Iro is tbcM- *°te, to give Notice, that unless the said Cow and Calf are wfcen away, and the exjtencesof their keep, adertiMn i, (, ^iid, within twenty-one days,from the date heieot, they .1 «e sold to defray the same.. April 6, 1804. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO B E,. "„7 ENtEKET) A Commodious DWELL! NG-I lOUSE, si- tuate in the pleasant (own of-&iidqejjd, and within j>atf an hour's ride to the Sea consisting of 2 large purloin" kitchen, pantry, and an underground cellar; 3 good beri- I looms and dressing-room, -and roomy, garrets forscryani. and a good garden. 2.°r to-All-. Collin, Bridgend. GLAMORGAN- TO BE LET, .aWx> ENTERED ON. AT MICIIAEt/MA8 ifEXf, A Capital MESSUAGE, with FARMING -fX OFFICES, and 2"?. Acres of ARABLE, MEADOW, and PAST t) RE L A ND, called "AIIt wen, in the parish of J^otighor, hawing Wat et in many parts ofit, Coal near -and it, a Navigable Rivet adjoining, and a Lime-Kiln, '"tthtn about five miles of the great trading town of Swansea. The CuHkty t'.iere and -under Kevengorwidd, and other i ^Qn.s.adiqiping,.to be let. -The leiiaut atAtitwen, and Mr. David Bydder, ofSwan- ea, wall shew, the Premises; and letters (post-paid) to John rajiklen, Esq. aearCo\vbrid<j,e, will be answered. ■■ G L A.M ()RUA. TO BE LET, rpWO GO-GD HOUSES, one called the I Great House; in the neat market-town «f Covv- ri(lge» in the vale of this fertile count y, through which there a daily Maikco^ich frwii London, jiath, and Bristol, to, Swansea;CarmartlK-.n, Milfotd ITaven, «nd Pembroke, fa i a aood dining, clrawing,and break- off ^Qon'S> SN bedjirooms;"two. clelea garrets, with proper .u:s» a stable, lioacii-lioiife, two willed gardens, and an ■air- i or wkh'otit a clo*e of ha\ land; detached from:, other houses, arid commanding'a pleasant view of the untry. The Church i« -ne«L. and there w a Graimnar- gcnool and an Academy m the town. wbu:U is. within about Ve- ? £ thk Bristol Channel; <u*cupied some years ijy *rC t'>arc'S011> Esq. having irood nunpike all around it. 'tut' •House is called C utmm on -GastLe, held by «f "General HuddU ston, and lies, within '^botft two miles i »ie market-town of Bridgend, ten of C'owhridge, one of v.-P T a.rme'' ,and one of the main luriipike-road, over • ._u^lue>said1iinail-coach passes daily, and near Oatnore ■V(Tr". a good dining, <!ra^ing» and breakfast- Wl *our bed-rooms, and servants' rooms, with a <i Sr»ss-plot, and a stable^ eoaeh-housej a other omces, and grassland hay land niay be had if re- qotred.T-Coal^and provision are reason ibl 1 both places. L-etters (post-paid)'to J. Franklen, E q nt ir Cowbridge, a vi6w'» recom n< ndt d « WORKING BAILIFF and TO O 1 i OUGHMEN, Psed to other laYining work, Want(^.■^—(Ont'Cqncem.) cardigaxshiuh. 10 BE PETtEMPTORILY SOLI) BY AUCTION v for. the BENEFIT or' creditors, At-*M inn, ih'fhe town of Caid»e«n, on Wcd- neMay,_ the IBth day of April 'inst. between the hours of .our and six o clock in the altemoou of the same day, rp.HE following LEASEHOLD ESTATES, L? 'L.D ESTATES,, 'V SEPARATE T.OTS, viz- ^0t H-V* ZQME- and PROFITS of all that Field or ^eot tomd, (formerly in two fields but now made S^-0Ae)^^AR^V-FYMNON. situaied in the Pa- Ot bt. Do«meHsrm thfe county of Pembroke, late in the Mr 1^ Kr- Bave-Si Surgeon, deceased, and late of .V-fty* two lives, under 21 years of age, 111 good dlJS|at ^e reserved r<jnt of^\10,10s. and a small duty, iins 1'ield is cdhtigiious'^b tlie.: town of Cardigan afore- v> Said. and in aood heart and,condition. ^-The WSE and PROFITS of all those four riff i' Parcels'of Meadow and PaMure Lands, .MlvMiEAX) flELDS,. gituated near-the town of- Wnf'^ in tlw acciibaUmi of the said Mr; terrT,r of Hector T^avie.^ K<q». for the residue of a efiaoi? •, y^^i^Jiereo] about 10 unexpired at Mi-* ftiaehnas last,.at the reserved rent of a Co'ctage. and Garden on these Premises, of t OGCilPatioii of David'John, at the -yearly-runt oftK0i^-lU^eas> will be paid to the purchaser iiMis r^rawd there is a Mill Stream running through I °'. -fielcbi, and are a very desiratile I10IU- T n*. « ^rp?r inhabitant of tins town 01*Cardigan. •t\eOHTt?!^PSST- INTEREST in the LR\SE of, of tL • HOUSE, GARDENS, <S- FIBLDS, Eso fn ^Vorra! held by least; k6m John Colbv, nl h% of Mrs; Anne ijawif, widow of U10. late deceas^ J 1?S,;°i1-^l^oyd J^c.k,in the conuU of Cardigan, Esq. occuiiafv about5a years, a healthy person, late in the £ V3q ,a.°? "tl)e s«iid Ivlr. W,o^ralli at the yearly rent of X]jg to tfie towvi o'i Cardigan afoi'Q,said.- °use is iu very good repair, and the Gardens ■ti- planted with ErAiitTreti?, aj'd is a desira- jesidenee7for a.'respeetahli* tans 1\, the profit of "early..sufficient to sr'y the rent/ ■' tpvney at MPP1! to Mr. liabeit Llo^d, At- i, TO BE LET BY AUCTION, On Saturday, the 21st of April, 1004, at the- Wynanam's Amis, in the town of Bridgend, unless dispoited of in the nieun.tiirio by Private Contract:, of which due notice will be givcn, .• ^p.IlE GREAT and SMALL TYTIiES of A NEWT0N-N.01T,4GE,'subject to such conditions as will be then produced.. • For further particulars, Mr. Bradley, Caidiit. • GLAMORGANSHIRE.' TO BE let, AND EFTEItF.D UPON IMMEDIATELY,. A Commodious Newly-built MESSUAGE or x\bWELEiNG-HO-XJSE, situated on the S-rn/v^D, in the town Of Swansea, comprising, i flu i- two parlouts artd a kitchen, pantry alid .scullery,, with a large well of water behind, vvhich never dries, lfj.rinerly used, as a Cold from -which water is conveyed by lead pipes into the kitchen and other parts of the. house ou the first- floor, a large drawing-room, lobby*arid three bed-cliaiiibers;; and 011 the second or atticaioryi',a" lobby ;niid four bed- chambers together with; a a!id cou\c)UeMtnew-bui!t Storehouse, adiomins; the d weHlng-hotlse, coiitaiuhiu 4.1öHs" The Tenaut'ntay be Hccontmodated with a good Three- stairStable, only a few-yards distant from the above preniises. For further particular;! apply to John William^ Mansfield, Attorney at Law, Sw.cnsea. • ■ .»- ■ WANTE1), as CQOK, to live i,11 the.Couii- try., a Wnman wh<Hnderstands her business, w'eli,' ,rstaiid! and can have an une-vitiptionable character. all all Apply to tk' Ace, Swaffica.■■

,.,"'.,'ill, SWANSEA, Friday.,…

'- " -'''"FAST- I-N.PIES.…

- IRELAND.'..-''j

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