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NORlTI OR SOUTH-WALES. VV ASTK|) l<> lu'nt> » MANSION-IIOUSE aV^x'1 Sl0N7-il-0USE and ioo u>, v m eittier.Nurth.or S<Mitl»-W»les.~ (bo* No ,i^U$4t ty ^tWiljjv Maaefester. "c £ *500. 'I \XTANTED jramedifilcly, the Sum of FIVE HUNDT! F.h POUNDS on Frttrhold Security. Apjrfy to Mr. Geoige Fian<*s, Linen-draper, Bridgend! •wiaiiiorgansbiie. GLAMORGANSHIRE, VI7"ANTED immediately, from FIVE to yy ri TEN THOUSAND POUNDS, on a FREEHOLD *~iAlE» in the «ai«} COUaty. The Interest will be paid -Vnuioii. For particulars apply to'Messrs. Wood, Cardiff. r WANTED immediately, a smart youM LAD of "pWeeJ-#aimlv, about fourteen or fifteen jearsoi » ■PRENTICE to a DRUGGIST, OIL aad LOLOy i vAl A A .—A Premium will be required. AppJ> to David Huylica;. Druggist, Cardiff. TlMHEll AND MEAL-YARD, SWANSEA THOMAS and LASCELLE6 EMLRACE the earliest opportunity of in- forming their Friends mid the Public, tliat'thev have just imported into the Ports o&Swa-msea and Card*f*seve- ral largo caries of PiUtf'tfBAULK TIMBER, DEALS, FOREIGN ilAH IRON, STOCKHOLM TAR, &c. <*c. 'which they are detertuined to dispose oi on such termSifS «b«ill ensure.approbation. LATHS-and-LATirVVQOP .of ail descriptions. Apply to Thomas Howell, Strand. STONE-COALS, 'ê" ANDSTQNE-COXtcULM. THE Public are respectfully informed, that ARTHUR and I10CKIN, I iw, just OPENED a. VEIN of mojt excellent STONE- CO ALS.and SIONErCOAL CULM, which they sell on moderate terms. ■Arthumt and IIock in have also a larce quantity of verv good CULM for BUtiNl'NG LIME, which they sell on nwcii lower terms than the Stone-Coal Cidm,"notwithstand- ing U. is-equal in quality to a sort of Culm shipped inthis Port, under the name of Rot Culm; as arproot of this as- sertion, the Lime-Burners of Swansea use it /n preference tu any other. Arthur and HOCK.ix give the most money for good linllast Limestones. Swansea, March 14,180t. t0 PROrtUHORSOF COPPER WORKS, COLLIERIES, Sf-c. fyc. MESSRS. hdmhiay, TAPPENDENS, and.BJRC1I, h; viug establishedan IRON WORK at ABERNANlVnear Mlh ihv k-T'idvir., G1 ainorganshire, beg to inform the Public, that they are now prepared to Cast and fit up STEAM ENGINES upouMr. Trovetliick's -and Boulton and W att's plan, or Engines of any description according iomdcl" likewise all sorts of Casting3 for Colijkuies, Coper,n, or M-rsr e-VVork.i. Mr. JAMES 4URCH, the Managing partner, (being an experienced-Engineer; flatters, himself that, from the satia- tion of the-concern, he shall be able to execute orders for Engines and Castings of-every description, in as good a Bsaiiner and upon as reasonable terms as any w*rk inthe Principality, takirjg cave to use Metal of it quality aecord- iiig to;tl»e,work tire Casting is to perforin. I'lttStNT VRl'GJiS': .Cylinders bored :y Pistons and Bottoms turned f Workiug Barrels. v- *v per ton. All. bored and tnrned goods ) -Ac ,t$ack Door^pieees; bored irrthc clack seat 21 ditto. Bucfaet Door-pieces 18 ditto. Bevel and Branch Pipes .v. 17' ditto. Plain Pipes above six inelie* diameter 16 ditto. k) Ditto iabo vet wo inches anàiundcr six 17 ditto. HailsiVnd Dram Plates 9 ditto. targe Waggijn-wheela and Isheevers ,i<2 ditto, fciuall,ditto l;> ditto. Very small ditto ;4 ditto! « Brasses 1(> ditto. Abentant Iroil-Works Marfo 1., 180t. A'IDI|- £ LZA' CUyiTdCT TUJlxFlFtl TRUST. OTiCE is hi'reby given, That tlic Trustees _L °f the .will I'urnptlic 1'rwt, under An Act for con- Uiiuing the term, ami altering and enlarging the powers J'jOl two Acts pa^->ed m th<> tilth ^nd nineteenth \ears of "-the reiiiii ot )n< prcSfCT1f. 3I:i;e>tV> repairLig", wklen- uij;, and keeping m repair the "»f\eral ltoad>, ill the County ol Caiiii.,rthen, v» far af relate to the Kidwellv ^District ot lloads," &e. -will meet at the honse, of Samuel GntUthi, hi I l.mdwt ilot;, ou Monday, the i-Hli day of April next, at etc en </c)ock in the forenoon, in order to consult .ibout «,reeiin« a 1 oil-gate oy the side of the said lurnmke Road, at or near a certain spot, between ,Cae- jr-heol and Cae-B^ch, aoro^a ceitain liighway there lead- ing to Llanellj. Dated tUi: j,'Jtli da> of March, J.801. JOU-N STACl-LV, Clerk. I .i STATE-LOITER Y IO tip, tlttAWN Blwiidav April 23 ^'«;(l>a.y Saturday VH i lord Day Wednesday 3lav >> t'ourth Day Saturday. >j Fifth.Day Wednesday V J>t\tli Da v Saturday. lÚ Seventh Day Thursday 17 Eighth.Da^ Saturday j<) ISmtli Dav Tuesdav '2'J: Last Day .Wednesday 23 '.IMCKElS and SHARERS are on SALE, at A JA J-UY LICENSED LOTrER ',iN'" EM;UNI), SCOTLAND, and IRELAND. Prevent Price.—T.rket 17, ns. d -f 0 (J Eighth. .o <j o VJmtrter 4 11 U | StUeemh 13 6 SCHEME. Prizes of .lO.dtK) M i X^ia.000 ;• — J u,(kxj — 20, ono '[ ■— 5.000 — 15.000 iv mx) — a,ooo l'~ — 1,000 — l' — -riOO — 0„500 rj-; — i.'CX) — 4,000 50 -— 100 — t) 000 ,100 •• 50 5.000 '7,50 ,i"O" f11,000 JO,ÜOO Tickets, 2(32,500 > FirM-dravvn Ticket, First Dav £ 1,000 *ir»t-drawu ticket, Seventh-Bay 20,000 f rrst",ùrawI,Tkk(:t, Nintld).:ty¡; 5,000 Are iwrt -ot tlt*».C«f>it»l». (yi 'v ins m the Countrv will be sopplied wilb Ticket* 4itr< Sili 'P' ,UJ< sending Po^t-oftke (>r- C\e>li, Bank Note*, or l'rue* ill tbrmer Lwt- i EiC I >4.J' Lo i 1 HY-Ol nCi. 1 htm &nai ci <f Jl kt(y gridwdhi Tiding. I i .MONMOUTH AND GLAMORGANSHIRE. CAPITAL FARMING STOCK. TO BR SQLt) BY AUCTION, At JLlanthoiufrcoait. in the parish of Cwm-yoy, in the gausty ot iUoOinouth, oa Monday, April 16,1C04, ALL the LIVE and DEAD FARMING XA. STOCK, on the Court Farms, consisting of twelve draught and saddle horses;, sixty cows,.heiiisrs, and calves; thirty-tour oxen in good condition, twelve steers three butls, nventy yearling beasts, of the choice Devon, Hereford, and Scotch kindy seventy "tore-pigs and breeding sows; wag- .gons, carts, ploughs, harrows, geerimi, aiid various other implements in husbandry, ftc. 1 And aho will be SOLD by AUCTION, | at Llan&»ff Court Eann, near Llandatf, in the county,of Glamorgan, on Wednesday, At>ril 25,1«01, a ijreat varietv of SHEEP and LA.MRS, COWS, HEIFERS, OXEN', Sud STEERS, of the Devon* Hereford, and Scotch breed, being (he-well chosen stock of MARK Wood, Esq. with sundry implements of husbandry, &c. &c. The sale wiIJbegin each morning precisely at eleven o'clock, aitd .continue till the whole are sold; arid for parti- culars apply {it by letter, post-paid) to Mri Glover, Llajn- thoni^covirt-; Mr. Davies, Surveyor, Llangattock-Crick^ howeil; Mr. Rob. Jones, Newport; at Llandaff-court Farm or to Messrs. Williams and Jones, Auctioneers, Grickhowell, GLAMORGANSHIRE AND MONMOUTHSHIRE. TO BE SQLD BY AUCTION/ At the Cardiii-Arms inn, in Cardiff, on Wednesday, the 9tli day of May next, between the hours of four' aiid <Svt Ju the aacrnoon, the-ibitowing Lois, subject to such Condi- tions ot Sak as shall be then and there produced, unless in the mean unie disposed of by Private Contract, of -which apttee vail be given: '1 • Lot 1. np-HE' REVERSION EXPEC- .D™c^ TANT on the DECEASE of TWO 57 an;1 23 "f and in a EiMv? MbI()X"1101 1 AliM, PR±,M LSES, situate in the r si c t f glw vs> lan, in s the said county ot Glamorgan, of the V cad v Calae of 1:30 0 Lot The KUV JiHSiOiSt on the same JCxpeo tancy, of and in a FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, 1ESEMEN I, and IjANDS;, situate in the said pa- lish of Eglwysylan, of the venrlv rent of. 12 12 Lot J. I he REVERSl()Ni on the same Expec- tancy, of and in a FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, ;TENEMEN1, and LANDS, situate in the said pa- rish of Eglwysvlan, of the yearly relit of 33 0 Lot 4. fhe REVERSION, on the same Expec- tancy, of and in ^a FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, TENEMEN r, ancl IiAN DS, situate in the said pa- rtshofEgIwysyJan, of the yearly rent of. S'J o Lot 5. AlW.HOLD* MESSUAGE. TENE- MEN1, and LAN.DS, containing by adtncasure- ment ltWA. 1R (more or Jess) with the Appurte- nances, called- Pen Jiwch,. situate in the parish of Lantrissent, in the said county of Glamorgan, now IUlder lease for the term of 99 years, fronÙhc first of January, 1773, determinable on two lives, of the a»e of 65 arid 39 ye acs, at the yearly rent of rf,33, but the same is well worth 'go 0 N. B. There is Coal, under this Lot which is re- served to the Landlord. Lot 6. A FREEHOLD MESSUAGE, TENE- MENT, and LANDS, called (.'mm y Volt fach, containing b> admea«nrement lflA. :JR. 15P. (more or less) with the Ajjpanenances, situate in the afore- said; parish of; Lantwssent, and now under iease to John Jones, whereof three years arc uriexjjirdd, at the yeai Ij, rent of ^.12,12s. but is well worth 23 0 Lot 7- All those Pieces or Parcels of Customary- hold (Borotigh English) L \.N D, containing by ad- rueiifurement 10. Acres, (more or less) situate in the panshof Rttmney, in the said county of Monmouth," now let to WiHiam Jones, as tenant at will, at the yearly rent of. 15 q Lot 8. All those Pieces or Parcels of Customary- hold (Borough EjaglLsli) LAND, containing by ad- tneasnremcntIO Acres, (marc or less) situate In the parish of Peterstone, in the said county of Mon- montit,' nowjet to Edjuund Harry, as. teiiiuit at will, at.the yearly rent of. go 0 Lot 9. All those Picces or Parcels of Ca-.tomarv- hold LAN D, containing by admeasurement 10 Acres,(moie or less)situate in the parish of Basaleg, in'the said county of Monmouth, now let to Win. Edmund, as tenant at w il I, at it >e ly rent of. 15 ,0 i'.f or narticuWrs apuly to Mg^r and Son, Attoynies, Cardiil. Cardiff, April 3,1304. "FOR SALE BY AUCTION, At the Ferry-House inn, in the town of Swansea, on, Wed- nesday, the 13th ofAphlinst, betweemthe hoursofthree anil five o'clock iri.the afternoon, subject to such condi- tions. a- shall then be produced, I I 'L'hc Brigcinti/ic, TEMPLE, A strong lirm-huilt vessel, about 80 T<>ns burtheir, well found, and nj good condi- tion, having undergone » thorough repair in the course of last summer; now lvin> in thh Pde, near the Quay, at which place she may be in- to the Inventories of her stores (amongst vyhich is a capital new C »bJ(. ue\er bent) may In 1111 by applying to Mr. Simpsoi), at tin place of sale, or to tin, \u<libneer, who is authorised to treat with any person willing topurchase het by Private Contract. THOS. JiOWEN, Jun. Auctioneer. Swansea, April 4(1804. t.- PURSUANT to a Decree of the I Iiah Court of. Chancery, m.ide iu a Cau.-e MO It U IS a«rain«t WtLLTAAlS, ttte Cn-onors ah<) Legatees of THdAIAS WILIJ \AlN late of 'I it 1.1,1 xiiin, 111 the parish of Saint I David,-vita the, c«>un(vot Peuiluoke, Esquire, deceased, are to cOlUcaud prove their several Debts, and claim their re- spcctiv{\.I:t:g:tcit' before Francis Paui htratlord, Esa. one ot th« .Ma^ter-f ot the said Court, at his C!IiatliberF, in South- ariipton-buildmp; ChaucerY-hme, Jondon: or in defitult thereof they will be excluded the benelit of die said Decree. TIUS MONT11, APRIL 23,1804, TIMIID:,LOITEI?ll DRAWING T. IUSII, T) ESPECTFtJLLY !icqua:nts the Public, that TICKETS and SHARES tor the Third Lottery, are now soiling in greHt-na)iet\,j<tt both his old-established Of- fices, 4, CORN 11 ILL, and 9, C.HARLNG-CROSS, where, 111 the First and Seeoiid Lottery, jllsttinishcd, the following Capital Prizes were solii, shared, and registered IN SHARES. I No. 8,221 <1.20,000 19,510 2,000 5"y.J.'2 1,000 23,118 1,000 3,235 500 -Y'l WHOLE tick pis. I No. 4,641 <.£.2,000 6,1110 1,000 ",4,083 1,000 2,626 500 12,045 500 j 1 iie loruiTifite nolders ot the. te\v outstanding ^tiaresmay have tlien-Money -oi» demand: and all persons 111 the coun- try wishing to hav e Tickets or Shares m »he pie-ent Grand "I Lotieiv, may bi-Mipplied'the same it» il pMSt-ti)., by sending their (.)mei>, (po«t-)>aid) accompanied with, trood: BiJJs, Bank \ot.e>, l'o.>t-ollK:e- Ordeis, 01 to London, wiicK all business in the Public Funds is trans- acted witlfUdelily and dkpaieh. *«* 1 BI^II itssurcs the Public, that f»< ken aad Shares: I waiiTtsc gratlu«»»ly, tbc Lot f\ eicins. CARMARTHEN. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, AVery neat. LiLMARD-TABLE, in excel- lent preservation, fit'ddem aaid ^Vw, mea^iwes eleven feet nine inches by live leet nine: it is an object worthy t.{ie attention of any person iii waiit of a Table, as it will be disposed of very cheap. Particulars may be had of Mr. Wm.1 Dati«, Auctioneer, Carmarthen. Application if by letter must be post-paid, or it will not be noticed. GLAMORGANSHIRE. To COPPER, WORKS' PROPRIETORS, and Otlkrs. TO BE SOLD, A FREEHOLD ESTATE, consisting of about _150 Acres, lyinK together; about one mile and a balf of vvliicb abiitts oua<capitai Navi<?abh: River, where Vessels ot 200 Tons burthen ,and upwards can take in their loading. Under the greatest part of these Premises there are excel- lent Veins of Coaf of ithe first quality, as well as Iron Ore and St iie-Quarries. J'or particulars enquire of Mri-William (hove, Swansea; or .Mr. Edward ,Martin, at Mt»rri«ton GLAMUilu ANSI! IRE. TO BH SOLD, Avn KX rF.RIvP Jf/PON AT MI OS 0 NEXT, ALL A 81'^ (4D years of which are unexpired) ot 1 REMISES, Consisting ot several large Build- ings, formerly employed as Cori-tri.-Woi'Jv.s, witli a larc;e Out. \Atii) and Wart,noes*,s on ttie river side, and the use ol a commodious Quay Eight,.1 j. Coxtaglp. a g^Of! lJwi.Li,iKc,-Hoi.tSE and G.\iii»i:n, an excellent four-stall oTAHtK, CQAC!HocaE< and Other convenieaces, situate at Mean Crythan/near Neath: Particulars inay be had by application on the. Premises; or hy letter (post-]Kiid) addressoa to Mr J is Coke, Neath. GLAMORG AN SHIRE! TO BE LET OR SOLD, A Good FAMILY HOUSE, with GARDEN, X X STABLES, and suitable conveniences, in a, retired situation, about two miles from Neath. Toize'jier with an adjoining. FARM of about 50 Acres of ARABLE, MEA- DOW- and.PASTURE LANJ). For particulara apply to. Mr. Vanghan, Solicitor, Swansea. tÖB-E, LET, A-yi) F, X E II E D XTPOJf IMM F. I> IA TI, T. Tr A FARM, containing FI1TY ACRES, con- sisting of ARABLE and MEADOW LAND, situate within three miles of the town of Swansea. There is a Dm no-II jpss upon the Land. and, Sta, bung for J8 horses; and the Land M in good gultavatioa. Apply «o the.Printer ot tins l'aper; or Air. Gabriel Powell, at I 1 Foiest. BKYN COliLlEKY; Nca?- ILANELLY, T S NOW m FULL WORK, which Coals are much esteemed for the use of Smiths, Tin and Iron "Works; also fit for domestic purposes. Vessels may load at. all times of tide at Spitty-Bank, op- posite l/oughor, at ;>6- payable per tmall W e\ '"of l-O.Win- chester bushels; or at Llangennarchi at 33s. payable per' small Wey of 120 inchester bushels- j\IasteM ol V elsels will receive a handsome gratuity, and liieet. with the utmost disj)atch. )s is Enquire at the Ferry-House, Spitty-Bank, where a Stcm- ing Book is kept — ng CLOBE INSUIiAxNCE COMPANY? CAPITAL QNE M11.L10S STERIJXG, tu art runs. Sir Fredfrick M^hion IHrt. Cliairmun. Sir In tor. Mucaui ,IWt. 1). Deputy Cliairman. MilcsP Aitdrews, Es(l. 11. C. Lvuibn',Esq. AJd. M.P. Thomas Coles, jun. Esq. j Wm. Devalues, l.sq. M. I*, j Wm. Devalues, l.sq. M. I*, j Joseph Dorm, Esq. I William Duncan, Esq. 'Sir 11. CarrGl^n, Bait. Aid. Isaac L. GoldsuuU, Est}. Clacs Grill, Esq. John Latham, Esq. M. 1). Frederick Moiling, Esq, Edward Moses, Esq.- Sir Roht. Peel, Bart. M.p. f>ir' Bart. M P. John Lich.udRipley, Esq. (i. Abcr. Robinson, Esq. Mr V\ alter Stirlirm, Bai t. A, ShakesjH'tir, Exq.-M. P. Jamt"- Tiildy, Esq. Robert Livlojy j^gq. Uha.. t'dwaidWilsonn, Esq. iilynn VV jnn, Esq. i/Lsfci-* IL^is0y, Secretary. Tiie company*^ insurances on LIVES and SyRVIVOFlSI-HPs, upon which no En- trance-Money or Adinissioiff^ are inquired. The sum ot J ,l0o ij^j- be .ftssni etj: to be l>aid at the death of a person aged 20j at an imuualpremium of' .2 3 -7 :30 2-13 5 3 7 11 50 4 10 8 The Company likewise giant Annuities. The Rates of Iiisuraiice against Loss by Fire, on Build-' ings, Fai uiniQ Slock, Shipping, and every 'nther ilescriptioii: of Property, may be lioU tioiu the loilowui" Agents of the Company r ° 0 Swansea T. JENKTNS. Brecon J. B f, j. D. Cacrnarvon.. Routwr\\7YLLU-IS. Urt.stol. W 1l.LJ,UI 1;1l ¡';J' /1 RlI. Biith.AIah.sjjali. and Sos. insurances may be eilected fora shorter period than One 'Year. Insurances tor Se\en Years are charged only Six Years Premiums.—-Policies are allowed gratis, w hen the an- nuatPronhmtatnMuntstotM. Pall-Mali, Eoiuton, 1!«M, Bhistoi,, ltfth March, 180-1. STATE T.OTTERT-OFTICi:, MlLl(»S COKN-STREKT, liRI.-10r. Messrs. NORTON and SON MOST respectfully inform the Public,- that they have TICK-EL'S and SHARES 011 sale, at the Loudon prices, at their oid ;ind onlv 'FULL I.ICI'.N>El^ 'OFFICE in this Citv, w.hicli lias been eouiHicied on the mootliheral terms for these thirty-two Latteries past ;-where Capitals to a large aibotuit ui the, last aud lonner Lotteries have been sold.. Correct Brno.; Aud-TICKETS-artd .^li AH.»-> 1t¡;;O,I,l' Ii: R£ 1), AT ,fo\; X}' E. ("'1'1 ,1'1: R r, I, n. n-" KS* 'lhe prices-as tliev varv- are. pos ii nt she"; wind- of their, iv.xt t»i/ Po>t-O^!ce, .»i d e < i^ seen in the itcncra.1 Lota-sy £ u&\ vt Wii/t Sc^eias io iui>t oj tiui papefi. CARDIGANSHIRE. To be SOLD by AUCTION, or in the mesn time by PRIVATE CONTRACT, .Uth^TAi»o»-tNX,-k»t^toMniQfABERvSTwiTa,intheWcw^y,-W^«v.y,.q^#^l«My^e«itM-hour*i three and Jiveo'clogg 111 tiie altemoon, subject to«ucfc coudttions of sale asgbaJl M'then and ttwb^^icerf n^HIi ibllowmg FREEHOLD MESSUAGES, MILL, LANDS, TENEMENTS A DITAMEXTS, together, or inthe lots after-mentio ied "i j 'IWW.- Tmcincnts and.Premie. Tenants; Qbsermia^ LUfibadarn y Croyddin > A' R'^ U-.V J^ I hinfiltan A"T0 r ii" Troedrhiwkejir 19? 0 0, Jolm Tliomas. i5 0- Of wiin-h U wwc uai^tpire1 LliJnfihatigely Croyddin -J | at Mtehadma, last -i'lie abpye Teneim nt has 44] Acres of- Woodhndjupon it, situated in theneighbourhooa of Lead Mines mi* 1 tin« are several Veinrof Lead. Olre running through tins lot'm various dire«Uv>W •' tOT 1'14 T A House and several j Ltaasaiatfread <z Slangs of Land on > 0 0 0 Thos.'J'hlflips,, 10 0 Q (. Morta Esgob. J lot rn. andse »>O..d.W. veral of [Havod^™.1.IS) a 0 .Morgan fc^.a'V ft I livus.all ia'l/eina; LOT V. s Kefn-Brechfa 213 0 0 ReeS William. 36 0 0 -At w'H ltL^a'r-?^^VC ^n^S;WiIi S^ew tl,e ^>rem*ses> lor turtlar particulars ap^y .to liorbert Lloyd, of Carmarthen L CARM.1RTHENSlIlItE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, On Saturday, the 14th Day ot April inst. at the Talbot Inn in the Town of Carmarthen, between the Hours- of F°ur and Six o'Cloek in the alternobn, subject to sueh Conditions of Sale which shall be then produced, LL that valuable and verv desirable FARM XJL and lAN'DS, called GARN-HOWELL and STAVLLL-V\ ENN, situate within three mile*- of the Sea- Port and Market-Town of Ltaneiiy, in the said County,' and adjoining the TurMpike Road leading front Llanclly, to, Llaiion, and within a few hundred yards to the Carmarthen- shire Railway containing about Seventy Acres of Arable^ Meadow, and Pastuie L.uids, and now" let to a Tenaiit at the Rent of 50L per annum. The continual rapid increase of trade at the Port of Llanelly, aud the plentdul supply of Lime and Coals at a very chtuip rate, and the great consumption of every arti- cle of agricultural growkii in the neighbourhooid, are coh- sideratioiis that rehderthosc Lands an object worthy of the attention of those persons who may be inclined to become purchasers, ,-Jt is opposed that there are Veins of Coaly- Culm, and lion Ore .under <hese Ijuids. For pletrs apply to John Williams, Solicitor,- Caririartliell; or W. Davies,- of die same place. Auc- tioneer. CAPITAL. FARM, CA,AMOR(iANMIRE, Wimi-ttllLES. TO BE PEREMPTORILY SOLD BY AUCTION, By1 Messrs. SKINNER, DYKE, and Co. ■ On Thursday the 10th of May, at twelve, o^clocki at Garni-' ,.WilY st:01ke-House, 'Change-Alley, CoriUjill, London, AVALUA1U,EVFR^ ESTATE, comprising .the'Capital,' 'Estettsive,;andi very Im- prowihie Fajni, called BOVERTON, r most eligibly situated in the Vale ol Glamorganshire, in the parish «,i LLANT\VH'-MA.'Oi:, evtetiding to the Bristol Channel,.six miles from,the market-town of Cow-bridge, 011 the high mail-road to Swansea, tbrcc miles from Aberthtaw Harbour, and fifteen from Cardiffconsisting of. 816 Acres of fertile MEADOVV, P'V-jl L RE, and ARABLE LAND, 111 convenient Inclouus lh« greater part lying within a Riag-Cence, and extremely productive an old^MANSIpN- HOUSE, Barns, Stabling, aud other Outbuildings, now in the possession of MessrsfDavis and Gale, very responsible Tenants, whose Lease expired at Candlemas last, at a very low rent of only £ .6-20 per Annum. The Estate pbssesses many local advantages, is capable of,the,greatest ouproYcmcnt, abounds excellent Lime- stone, and may, at a moderate expence, be made one of the first Farms in the whole Principality of Wales. • To be viewed,-anil printed particulars had, of theTenants; also at the Bear, Covyoridge; T.' Jenkins, Swansea, • King's- ■>Anns, CarmarUieii; >Jfiigel,- Cardiff; Ikuiuiort-Arms, iVIon- inoutii; Mr. Rudhall, Pliater, Bristol; Mr. AV alker, I'm, ter, Glocester; of T. Lewis, Esq; No. 6, Grav's-hni-sqiiare, 1 Lpudon; at the. Place of Sale; and of Alexis. >knmer, 'Dyke, and Co. Aldersgate-street, London. -Tattie CURIOUS in E1SH SAUCE. T?AMII.IES in general ate respectfully in- Jl ,formed, J. BURGESS and SOjN's Genuine and Su- perior ESSENCE of ANCHOVIES for FISH SKUCE. continues to be prepared by them in the same manner that has i; obtained such universal approbation for inanv years past. The iongjttj-dy acquired superiority uf that article is fully coiifirined in lhe oiiinimi 01 the country at targe, and of peir sons resident in all parts Of the wortd, and having stood the test of trial, ranks it in the situation it now maintains. 1 luigenerahatility of their E.J i vce of Aschoviks, and i>ther rich Saocks for FHill, iduces them, from the numerous adivertisemeut? dai!\ appearing, to caution Fami- lies. dec. in purchasing; fh<in", as none is to be had of their genuine, but at their W'arehouse as-iuider. Every other article in the Oil 'i hade lor family use, Of the best quahtv. Warehouse, No..107,corner of Savoy Steps, Strand, London. TIilRÙ SI VI E LOTFERY Begins DBA1 mt. tU 3d of THIS MOUTH. THE TICKEIS and S TAiNIPT SHARES A are now oil Sale t le at tlie Roy AL "Exchange STATU LoTTiclty Ojm >, So. 88, CORN- ,HILL, eøtneroft)¡e ROYAL-EXCHANGE. LONDON, Bv HALL and Co. Su<-cci:wrt to \t r. MCHO LSO N, A,VO AT "IUE LICENSED HOl'SE OF Mr. JOHN PIUIIVE, BRECON, Where the follow ing Capital P-rizen in former Lotteries, have been sold and shafed by Mr. N iciiolsox, viz, No..17,993 > ] £ .20,000 No. L'0,135 > 28,322 i -in'Shares-. 43.8 > .<* £ ,5,000 5,499-A. hi uHolt Tickets. £ ,10,000 1 i,:?? ) 17,025" in Sharer," 52(603 Besides many of 000, 9.0o;V\ ",f, 1,000, ,ami t "SOO,l4.iQUU- 15,001 f £ .10,000 lliei-óus to ineuliuu. 17,Ot:> i.availe- '1 ickt.U, 46,076 7 .Monev tor Prizes as soon as drawhj and in fall two months alu uk L.otter\ iiniihod drawing. •i'ivi'4-ts anvi Sh>.«<:s lloEistered at 6d. per Number. -Oi '.ters. trom -U,o CL;ui"trv. F,?,ItiuilAg good Bills at a s'l'Tt < -re P u.k Note-. Cmh/ui .r\.st-.jU!cc rderi;exe. i ou .ne >ame .ufts <u> U pcrsoniily.picjsnt, Letters, j -«icU- i&opt €rtjjattp assuranrr, (Estoblished by Royal Charter in the Rcicu 01 Kin* Gtioi^e the First,) For ASSUPJXG. HOUSED, BUlLDlA'GS,GOODS, CORN. H Ay, STOCK, A'-c.; and .aho j or the ASSURANQE of -Li ahd g rtudius A A1Vb 1 TIES on jj VSS rril]': CORPORATION of the ROYAL EX- CHANGE ASSURAxNCE do hereby give Notice-* that they haVe authonseu their aWu's to rece;ve Proi>osal.s for the ASSURANCE ol FAMlNG-STOCK# at the 1! ate ot 2s od. per Ceiit. pei Annum. Peftioiii who c "Vimual Pfemiuuis fell due -011 the '*5th instant, are hereby informed that"Recemts are now ready to bedehyered by the uiidfjr-iMcinioneci. and the Parties assured are requested to aupiv for the re- newal of their Polities on or before' the 9th ot April, as tb» Vsual fifteen days allo wed foe payment, beyond the date of eaeli Policy, will U1611 expire. Glamw-grmshrre. Swawo joiti and W. R. URC W-r.. Bteesnshire. Brecon Denbighshire. Ruthin Tiiojias Joirrf, Wrexiiam Jouit Eovmis, Fliritthire. Holywell' WILLIAM Turtox. Mcntg<meryshirc, Montgomery.. Mavhice JON E ai, Mwnottifljihiw. Momiiouth.Owen Tudor! r Herefordshire. Hereford Johv Ali.j;xv Bookseller Leominster Samvel N iciiolas, ^Ledbury WILLIAM HolisBOOS* Shropshire. Slrrewsbury J. Loo-owes, Welliii Lp ti L'i q s. This Corporatiott wHl, in case> of iire, allow all reason* able ohargtfs attending the removal 0i goous, aiid pay the1 sutferer's tos, whether the good, are dostroved, lost, or da- maged by sticit JiiovaK All payments i„i losses or da^a^e. by Fire, Iareinaot by tilis N.B. Fire P011- ie- will be J.0* ed free of expence, wher« the Annual Pieiuiams amount to (is, ur upwards f-iiis C<>nipauy maaegoou Losses by lure, occasioned by Lightning, Propo-ah m.n tx- had of Uie difrerent Agents. ASSURANCE?? on LIV .E^> being luinid to be ad* vantagecui» to pers >us hav iiAg otlice. employmenis, estates' or otter incomes, deteruinia'ble qu the lue o*>Th e.s of' theia-. selyes or.otli.Lis, 1 ubles i.t tr.e R,ite»-.f:or sncii Assurances, and lor the granting :Ulltilrit,Ù ouLms, 111a, be had ef th« saul. Agents, Vnd, tor the g:catcx n" of tt«r Pub. lie, die Company have dt-tcp;mn;d tu cm end (bij. special -QgWi-iMUt)- the Assurance 011 Li^ es to the age ot JseveiU"- live years. J .March'.30,1804, S VM, FENNING, JUD. gcc. BAIICL \Y"s ASTHMATIC CANDY. ^PHIS warm and pleasant Loznncre lia-s for A many year-, iieeu t<mnd a imM elti>c,uaf preservative from the badellects ut tO(iS and P\M!J AIR, which at this season of the year are •, > pn-vudv u, r K, tl,ose who are atleeted with AsniMAl lC COUGHS and SHORTNESS of BREATH- Its effects are to expel wind: to defend the stotuach iron) the ad minion uf damps; and to relieve thos. who sutler from ditiiculty of breathing. Prepared and sold,:w5iolesale and retail only, by Bstrcla* and Son.No. 95, Fleet-Market; and retail, by"their appoint- rneiit, hy T. Jenkins, Printer of thIS'. Paper J. Bird,'Car- diti; I-N M. Davis, Merthyr-Tidvil; J. Daniel, Carmar- then; J. Potter, Haverlowlwest VVilmot, Pembroke and most Venders of Medicines inthe kingdom. *• But observe,-none, can po.tribly be genuine,mnlcss the label aflixed to each bo* is signed hi red ink by Bsrclav aud5 Son, and much danger'niay ariaefrom neglect ofthis caution." HEALTH AND LONGEVITY DR. JAMES's ANALEPTIC PILLS. TO obviate the impositions which have long been practised in regard to this Medicine, a small at- tention only is requisite; lor fu by iav,,ur of the Commis- sioners of the Staiap-Ofhce, sepai Jle putes have been pre- pared for Mr. Nevvbery s use, with Ins name engraved in theStamps, the imitation ot winch, would be a capita! offence, the genuine preparation may lIOW be ieactily ascertained- it is the re fore re commend ed to pui chasers not to open any- box in future, unless thev observe the words, « E. Neiebet i1 No. 45,-St. Paul's," printed in the Stamp. The superior excellence of these Pills in RHEUM 1- TISMS and COLDS, as well as isi otliercbmplaiiits to w hich the humair fjraiiie is liable, from ..the vicissitude^ of our cJi- mate, is universally ackndwledgc-d. They are admirably calculated lor Bilious, and other, disorder* of the stomach aud bowels; for Head-Aehs .occasioned by indisenion- and for preventing Pahies and Appple.viesy so orten thj consequence of ,fre« living. Recourse should be had to thcuIaftecevery excess, and opon every slight iudispojition- and thus their-weil-kriown characteristic uf proHMttn" lon- gcvity will be maintained for by assisting na ture ni the due discharge of the .animal factions, and bv^ keeping the con- stitutibn, as iw ere, iu^bhtiiiual repair^ ri.e v preserv e the body in health and yigottr, and prevent premature decay. Theyreiiuire no pai tieular confinemeat, nor attention to diet". L They-are sold by F., Newbery fond SOH8) at the warehouse C fot Dr, j Ames's Powder, iN o. '45, St.. Pauley London; in bbxes price 4s. 6d. each, stamp iuciuded 1 or six 111 one large box for 1). 4s. and by Uioae Vctidcts ollJymthecúuntrv who offerilic miLiei its ttvpi-ofjrt'jtc Stunip- SoW also bv T. Jei,kins. Printer or tVi- Paper; J. Bird, Cardifi; \V. M- pav-us Mertnyr Li- j. Dan- Car- ut%rtik#uj aad J,