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THE CJMB&LAN, a. SWANSEA, Friday, March 23. SHIP NElVS. ARRIVED, the Cardiff Castle, Jenkins, J from Bristol; and Fair Trader, Forest, f rom I Minehead, with sundries; Sprightly, Ni- cholls, from Hiracombe; Good liiteiit, Rice, from Hafiistapte Dasher, Williams; Hope, Owens ami HEmry and Elizabeth, Walters, ironii Bideiord: Nancy arid i\iary, Spagnei' from Topsham; Peegy, Lobb, from Fowey and. Bird, Parrott, from Bridgewater, all in ballast. Cleared out, the Brothers, Ball; Trinity, Ayres Bro- thers, Rossei Diana, loss; Fowey, Oats Betsy, Geen Hope, Ilicks; Sally and Wnltam, Sanders; Goodson, Blackman; and. Integrity, Sanders, for St. Ives.; Hope, Edward Elinor, Coiiuis; and Samuel, Lovenng, tor II- fracombe Betsy, Tregerthin, for Truro Goodwill, Lancy Sprightly, Nicholl: Active, Bur^acott; Friends' Deligln, Darracott; Good Intent, Rice; and Hope, Fisher, tor Barnstaple; Beginning, Evahs, for- Abcrthaw; John and MktrltTa, Tomkin Ebenezer, Harvey; and Francis, Steer, for Padstow; Devonshire, Palmer, for Teignmouth; Ann, Ileinia, for Fovvey Penzance, Jennings; and Onesipho- rus, Harvey, for Penzance Nancy, Walker and Plenty, Langdon, for Plymouth' Delight, Sperre, for Bridge- water; Joseph and John, Herbert, lor Jersey; Hope, Wade; and Dasher, Williams, for Rideford; and Eliza- beth, Morgan, for Milt'ord, all with coals or culm. Llpugher—Arrived,the Oakwell, Jones; Union, Roberts; and Swallow, Tile, all with copper ore. Neath.Arrived, the Eliza Ann, Rees, from London, last from Penzance, with sundries; Nancy, Trevtirthen, and Brothers, Thomas, from St. Ives, with copper ore. Sailed, the Harmony, Jones, lor Lancaster, with cast iron Happy Return, Broomham, for Bristol, with sun- dries Fortitude, Jennings, and Brothers, Thomas, for St. Ives Garland, Ashton, and Blessing, Hendson, for Ply- mouth; Rambler, Pring, tor Dartmouth; United Friends, Geach,. for Fowey FriendsJ- Increase, W ebb, and Friend- ship, Hole* for Watchet, with coal ov culm. Carmarthen.—^Arrived, the Commerce, Patrick,, from Swansea, with oak plank; Ceres, Williams; Constant Trader, Evans; John and Mary, Stokes; and Happy Re- turn, Hurlow, from Bristol, witlj sundries; Lark, Rogers, from Glocester, with salt; and Linnet, Lewis, from LIa- nellv, with coals. Cleared out, the Hope, Barzey, for Newbaven; Indus- try, Tonkin, for Chichester; and Swift, Evans, for Lon- don, with sundries; Linnet, Lewis, for Pembroke, with poles Elizabeth, Davies, for Liverpool, with tin and iron and Carmarthen Packet, Evans, tor Irvine, with bark. Llanelli/—-Arrived, the Welcome, Davies, from Bristol, with sundries; Rebecca, Lloyd, from Carmarthen, with barley; St. David, HAIJ. and Mary Ann, Morgan, from ditto; Endeavour, Lloyd, from Swansea Ann and Teresa, Collins, from Aberthaw and Friends, Cumings, from Plymouth,, all in ballast. Sailed, the Mary Ann, Seam for London, with ordnance ( stores;. Mary, Gill, for Bideiord; Blessing, Perry, for Barnstaple; and Mary, Davies-, for St. Ives, with coals. Ttaverfordxoest.—Arrived, the New Millbrd, Luke, and Liberty, Wrhittow, from Bristol, with merchandise. Sailed, the Peggy Perkins, Philpin, for Bristol, with oats. Cardigan.—Arrived, the Squirrel, Davies, from Liverpool. Sailed, the Maria, Griffiths, and Friendship, Williams, for Wexford; Charles, Lewis, tor N ewry Britannia, Owen, for Liverpool Friendship, Matthias, and Providence, Ni- i cholas, lor Milford. Bristol.—Arrived, the Stralfund, Schultz, from Barce- lona; the Expedition, Hawkins, from Swansea; and the L L Elizar Davis, it Entered out, the Expedition, Hlawkins, for Swansea John and Peggy, Davis, for Carmarthen; Ancient Briton, r Davis, for Millord Martha, Jenkins, for Fishguard and Speedwell, Griffiths, for Cardigan. Fahmwth.—Arrived, the Peggy, Furse, from Carmarthen. Tmro.—Entered inwards, the Polly, Cook, and John, Louther, both from Swansea, w ith coals and culm and Mi- | nerVa, Foss, from Neath: with coaisO ,Charlestown .-Arrived, the Britannia, Ball, from Wales. -St. Ives.—Arrived, the joker, Thomas, and Friends, Tucker, from Swansea; and Harriet and Ann, Wilkins, from Neath, all with coals. Liverpool.—Arrived, the Star, Davies, from Aberystwith, with barley, oats, and eggs; Aurora,. Davies, from Pwll- i. hely, with oats Ann, Garner; Surprise, Hazlehurst; and Brothers, Williams, from Conway, with grain; Louisa, Owens, from Newport, with iron; Jupiter, Parry and Speedwell, Davies, from Bristol, with sundries. The Venus, Davies, from Swansea, with several other vessels, are reported to have been taken on the 12th iust. off St. Ives, by a: French privateer, and sent for Morlaix. The Betsy, Cundy, and William and Mary, SIceman, of Padstow, are retaken and carried into Guernsey. The Rising Sun, Bachelor, from YOllghall to Poole and William and Mary, Skenan, from Padstow to Bridport, were the vessels captured in the Bristol Channel by the Sorcier French privateer, (mentioned in our last) aud retaken by the Moucheron Sloop; and are arrived at Guernsey. La- Fleche sloop sailed on Wednesday se'iinight, from the Cove of Cork, to look after a French privateer which had captured some vessels off Sciliy. The Revenge, of Padstow, is put mto Milford, with da- mage, having been on the rocks in FreshrWater Bay. The Mary and jane, Teeling, fron* Cork tor Dublin, is wrecked in Bail iheigue. bay, inside ot the Sailers; two pas- sengers and a boy drowned. Extract of a letter. from an Officer, on board the Chan- nel Fleet, dated the 8th, instant, Our. fleet now consists of lour three-deckers, nine ol two-decks, (some of them 80's) and many H-iga-tes: formidable squadrons also watch Roch- fort.Corunna.&c. We expect to meet the hot- headed rascals very soon, and Britain may safely rest her honour on the rencontre, for such an in- stance was never known of perseverance and sla- very, in any Commander in Chief; nor were better means ever used to instil heretc principles into the minds of seamen. We anxiously wish to meet the enemy at any disadvantage-the result must be glorious! An advertisement appears in this page, calling a meeting of the .principal inhabitants of the town and neighbourhood,; at The Bush inn,.on Monday, next, to consider the merits of-the two bills now be- fore Parliament for improving the harbour of Swan- sea, and for making a canal to Ovstcrmouth. We trust the subject will then undergo cool and dis- passionate consideration, and that the result will be beneficial to the towu and trade. A meeting of the Corporation of this town was held on Tuesday last, v.;hen the canal bill was laid before them, and received their appro bation. Two four-pounders, with their carriages, &c. ar- rived here this week, purchased by subscription of the officers of the Gower Legion, to be attached to that respectable corps, Seven companies of the first or western regiment of Glamorganshire volunteers will be inspected together by Colonel Warde on Friday next. Crum- lin Burrows, we hear, is the place appointed for theirassembling. Monday' last the Pentyrch and Caerphilly volun- teers (being the first and fourth companies of the eastern Glamorgan regiment) were inspected by Col. Warde, near Nantgarw turnpike. They went through the manual and platoon exercises, and dit- ferent maceeuvres, in a manner that did both oili- cers and men much credit; and the Colonel was pleased to express his approbation of their military appearance and discipline. Sunday last the- Brecon volunteers were inspect- led by' Colonel Warde, who, after attentively ob- serving their performance of the different evolu- | tions, complimented them on their rapid progress to perfection in the military stience.—Major Davis commanded; and it is but justice to this corps to say, that the indefatigable attention of the officers to the improvement of discipline) has-been ably se- I conded by a spirit of emulation to excel on the part of the men. Monday last General Gascoyne reviewer thf Huntingdon militia, Colonel Kochc's cavalry, aud the volunteers on duty in Haverfordwest; whose appearance and discipline entitled them to the Ge- neral's ce umendation. The ladies of Cardigan and its vicinity are very industriously engaged in preparing a beautiful set of colours, which, it is said, they shortly intend to present to the Royal Clarence regiment, as an emblem of their .admiration and respect for seven hundred oi their countrymen who lyive voluntarily come forward in their defence. Thursday, the Shrewsbury yeomanry, cavalry, and loyal volunteers, the former consisting of three zD troops, and the latter of seven companies, were in- spected by Coionel Chaytor, and received his un- qualified approbation. j The Royal Chester volunteers received their co- lours on Monday last, from the hands of Mrs. Barn: ston, the lady of their much-respected Colonel. Cardiff Assizes commenced on Tuesday, but as the business will not conclude until to-morrow, we are consequently unable, this week, to give any. account of the proceedings. We are concerned lo state, that. Miss Stacy, el- dest daughter of-Mr. John Stacy, linen-draper, of Carmarthen, a fine girl, scarcely 13 years of age, was found dead in her bed yesterday morning. It is supposed she expired in a fit, having been affect- ed by an attack of that nature a short time before the family retired to rest on the preceding night, but had apparently recovered. Three women in the neighbourhood of Bridgend were each brought to bed of twins last week. A wealthy farmer in the eastern part of Glamor- ganshire, had lately severalpf his fat sheep stolen from his turnip field,-and ted offered a consider- able reward for the detection of the thief, but With- out effect. Going into his field earlier than usual one morning, he found the entrails of a newly- killed wether lying on the ground,, and near it a paper with the following lines :— Mr. G—, do not weep For the loss of your fat sheep You are rich, we are poor- When, this is done, we'll come for more. A gentleman passing through this town, the other day, ha.d his ears saluted with the following excla- mation, from a mother to her child: JULIA MARIANA, come outof the kemtel you dirty Devil! Several joints of mutton, unfit for sale, though exposed for that purpose, were burnt in our market on Saturday last, by order of the Portreeve.—We hope this example will serve. as a. caution to the butchers. Last week, Ed ward Tanner, miller, while at wctk in Lanridian, mill, near this town, had the two mid- dle fingers of his left hand torn off by the machine- ry, and lost a great quantity of blood before surgi- cal assistance could be procured. He-is, however, we learn, in a fair way of recovery. A few days ago, Richard Morris, many years Mayor's Serjeant in Haverfordwest, was, by the neglect of his nurse, and the feebleness of extreme old age, unfortunately burnt to death by falling on the fire in his bed-room. We are highly gratified in being able to dispel the apprehensions which have prevailed in this and other principal towns of South Wales, relative to the Waterford packet establishment; the ex-j istence of which was menaced by some projected regulations for conveying all letters for England from the South of Ireland by way of Dublin. Had the packets been discharged, it was feared j by many that the mail-coaches through this part of the country would be withdrawn likewise, and horse posts substituted, to, the serious injury ofj the towns through which the mails now pass, and which are very considerably benefited by the inter-1 course with Ireland. The following article, there- fore, announcing the continuance of the establish- ment, will doubtless give ge&eral satisfaction:—. Waterford Packets.—We feel the greatest plea- sure in announcing, upon high and unquestionable authority, that every idea relative to the termina- tion of our packet establishment, is on the point of being for ever abandoned. The doubt of its utili- ty, which was only momentary, was easily dispel- led by a candid investigation.- Nothing more in- deed was wanting to ascertain, in the most deci- sive manner, its vast importance to the trade and improvement of the whole South of Ireland. On this occasion, the public is indebted in no small de- gree, to the prompt and vigorous exertions of the merchants of this city, ancfto the zeal and talents with which their claims have been supported and enforced by our Representatives. IS or can we pass over in silence the ready and liberal attention which have been bestowed upon the question by the Postmasters-General.1 This last consideration fur- nishes another strong and pleasing testimony, of that sincere and indefatigable ardour which ani- mates the present Government in every depart- ment of public Service; whilst it at the same time gives ample assurance, that no representation, which has the general good for its object, will be neglected.—The Captains of our packets have two objects of consideration well entitled to their most serious attention. They cannot but feel, in the first place, that the cause of all this bustle, and the danger to which a most important establishment has been exposed, originated with them. They have also to consider, that, whatever irregularities may hereafter occur, the destruction of the esta- blishment will not be the object to which the at- tention of Government will be turned.—Waterford Chronicle. Mr. Owens, of Cheek-Point, has been appointed by the Postmastters-General, agent for the packets on this station, in the room of Mr. Innott, whose age and infirmities. rendered him unequal to the duties of the office, and who has been permitted to retire on a small annuity. This nomination will, we are sure, give general satisfaction; and we are equally confident, that tile exertions and-long-triecl experience of Mr. Owens will'produce the most be- neficial effects.-Ibid. New Welsh Roads.—-A gentleman lately arrived from Holvhead, who appears to have paid great at- tention to the state of the roads, makes the follow- ing report:—" From Hangollen to Cofwen they are very bad, and from thence to Kenioga, deep and bad, Here a new road is opened to Capel Carrig, (about 14 miles) part of which is new and verv good; the rest an old country road, widening and tolerable. By this route, Llanrust and Conway are avoided, and the distance much shortened. A new road is also making from Capel Carrig to Bag Baga- let, which is to be opened in June, and from thence toPort Llayn, the entire distance of which will be about 37 miles.- This place being the only one on the coast protected from westerly winds, the mer- chants of Liverpool are about to build a pier at Port Llayn, and to establish packets from thence to Dublin, it being considered in all respects much preferable to Holyhead. This road was suggested by the Hon. and Rev. Mr. Dawson, brother to the late and uncle to the present Lord Portarlington, who has prosecuted it to its present state with unceasing zeal. Lord Penryn, whose estates extend from Ca- pel Carrig to Bangor, has been the great medium •by.which the work has been accomplished. Five miles of the road "lrom Capel Carrig to Bangor, is a temporary substitute for one which is to be made; the new road in two months will be as good or bet- L ter than by Coiiway; and of 40 miles, the distance between Kenioga and Bangor, 10'- are saved by taking the new route instead of that by Conway. t Swansea Assembly, last night, boasted a genteel assemblage of company, who were detained bv 1 the fascinating amusement till a late hour. <1 I It: may be said; when a ccrtain lady threw-away her camphire-bag, that she then parted with her only charm. Whatever may be thought of a late elopement, no One can charge the ladv with giving the gentle- man the bag., lichester election ended on Friday-evening last. The candidates were Colonel Ogle, of Pickwick, and John Manners, Esq. brother to Sir W. Man- ners, whose election was recently declared void. Mr. Manners was returned, but Colonel Ogle me axis to petition. Samuel llorrocks, Esq. (brother to the late Mem- ber) was on Saturday elected Representative in Parliament for the borough of Preston, Lancashire. Caution.—A 51. note, purporting to be drawn by the Naval-Batik at Plymouth upon Messrs. Forster and Co. London, has lately been received by a house in Binmngiiam, but which, upon presenta- tion for payment, has proved to be a forgerv. The plate is well engraved, but the paper is- 'very bad, and the written part scarcely legible. Monday last a Sentence of divorce a mensi et t!lOl'b. \vaspronouneed, by the Judge of the Eccle- siastical Court of Wells, between J. G. Goldfrap, Esq. of Bath, and Sarah his wile, Saturday night last one of the French prisoners at Stapleton prison was shot by a private of the army of reserve on duty there, in consequence of the former having seized the soldier's musquet and wrested the bayonet therefrom, while some others indicated af: intention of making an attempt to escape. The exhibition of bnlis before the Hereford Agri- cultural Society, on Monday, far exceeded in quali- ty and number those shewn on any similar occasion. The successful candidates for premiums were Mr. Barnet, of Ledburv, T. A. Knight. Esq. Mr. Samuel Tully, Mr. Joseph Tully, and Mr. Weaver, of Bun- shill. A fat pig, the property of Mr. Hewer, of Abergavenny, was much and deservedly admired. —The Society unanimously voted a silver cup, of I the value H of twenty-five guineas, to Mr. Joseph Berrington, of Buttas-Green, near Leominster, in approbation .of his professional skill and services as a veterinary surgeon. At Shrewsbury fair, on Saturday, the sale of cat- tle, sheep, and pigs, was heavy, and prices lower. Good horses sold well. Chesse from 58s. to 68s. per cwt. At Ross fair, on Thursday, fat and store cattle rather advanced in price, while sheep and pigs were on the decline. Good horses sold readily at high prices. Cheese was plentiful and the demand brisk; best-making brought from 70s. to 78s. per cwt. and two-meal from 60s. to 70s. Last week salt butter sold, at the market-house, J Hereford, at 10s. 6d. per stone, or lid. by the lb. At Hereford Assizes, five prisoners were capitally convicted, and received sentence of death, viz. Susan Williams and Diana Bent, for burglary; and Thomas Cawser, Thomas Butcher, and Stephen Price, alias Preece, for sheep-stealing.—They were all reprieved, except Price, who is a notorious offen- der, and is left for execution.—John Williams, for stealing a watch and money, was sentenced to seven years transportation.—Robert Thomas, for stealing a'watch, Amelia Thomas, for stealing wearing apparel, andSarah Jones, for stealing a piece of calico, to be imprisoned twelve months.— Five were acquitted, and 3 discharged by proclama- tion. The two female convicts, Williams and Bent, after receiving sentence, pleaded pregnancy; when ajury of matrons were summoned, who delivered a verdict, that they might be pregnant, but were not quick with child. At Shrewsbury Assizes, this week, Thomas Clough, for horse-stealing, received sentence of death, but was reprieved.—Catherine Jones, for stealing a pocket-book, to be transported for seven years.Four others were sentenced to imprison- ment.-The bill was not found against J. Wash- ington and W. Golden, charged with murder. On Wednesday two men were apprehended, by the Magistrates of Bristol, under the following cir- cumstances They had taken places in the mail for London; a gentleman of that city, who had also taken a place, having considerable property about him, had his suspicions raised by the shabby ap- pearance of the men, and was unwilling to risk get- ting into their company. He accordingly applied to the Magistrates, and on examination they were found to be two deserters from the Monmouth and Brecon militia. They had been living at the Bush- tavern, and had been noticed some days before lounging about the town. Saturday last a man and a boy, both of Hereford, were taken up on a violent suspicion of having broken open the Leominster post bag; and stolen 0 1* out of it a letter containing Brecon 101. Bank bills to the amount of 1501. addressed to a person at Penybont, from the Bank at Brecon. We at pre- sent forbear entering into the particulars, as they are not yet fully committed for trial. Tuesday last an inquest was held on the body of a new-born male child, which was found in a pool of water on Froome's Hill, Herefordshire, with stones tied to its hands, and a piece of tape tightly fastened round its neck.—Verdict, Wiffui Murder. —On Saturday the body of a fine female child, six months old, was found in a ditch near Manches- ter, supposed to have been murdered.. Copper Ore sold at Redruth on Thursday the 15th of March. Mines. TOils. Purchasers. at pcr Tim. Wh. Alfred 1 '16 Brass Wire Co. 7 19 6 ditto 110 Chead^ t). Wrilliams ,&P. Grenfell 7 0 6 ditto 100 ditto 61 6 ditto .60 London Co. 3 2 0 Godolphin lot Chead. 0. Williams &!>. Grenfell 20 13 6 ditto 128 English Co. 1U196 ditto 95 Chead. O. WiHuurls &P. Grev-fell 7 11 0 Tresavean 92 Brass Wire Co. 6 10 6 ditto 63 Chead. O. Williams & P-Grentfell 9 15 6 ditto, 53 ditto ditto, and Lon- don Co. 5 8 6 Penbeithy Crofts 77 Cornish Co. 8 17 0 ditto 65 London Co. 8106 Wh. Prosper 122 Biringm. & Cor. Cos. 8 10 6 N. B. Downs 119 English Co. 10 14 G Wh. Hope 75 Cornish Co. 6 10 0 Wh. Dolphin 65 Chead. O. Williams & P. Grenfell 6 10 0 Herland 60dtitoditto 0.: Eng. lish Co. 6 1. 6 Wh. Treasury 52 Rose Co. 3 11 1 Print-p George 42 Cornish Co. 16 5 0 New W. Virgin SO Mines Royal Co.• 5 11 6 West's Ore 17 Chead. O. Williams & P. Grenfell 11 12 0 Tons 1675—-Sta n d ard' 126 to 129.

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