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THE; SWANSEA, Friday^ Feb. 17. SHIP NEWS. AnnrvED, the Phoenix, Diamond) and Expedition, Hawkms, iroci Bristol; Unity, Jones, from ill,(l Fariiier's Ad- ■venture, Gillin, iroin Bridgewater, with sundries Venus, Lewis,from Carmarthen, with corn; Anufy, iuver, lroia ulocester; with iron; Roy a} George, Benjamin, from Cardigan, with slates; Re- solution, Johns, from St. Ives, with copper ore and oil; Friendship, Webb, fVorn ditto; and Tillers, Dal ton, from Truro, with eppper ore Sally, Couch, from St. Ives, with clay Perseverance, Griffiths, from Fishguard Summer, Thomas, from Bristol Unanimity," Crockjord, from Mine- head j' .Happy Couple, Clark, from Penzance; John, Scott, from Cork United Brbthers, Rieliards, from Ilfracoinbe and Neptune, May, from Seilly, all in ballast. Cleared out, the Amity, Fryer, and Betsy, Barratt, for Glocester; Thomas, Howell, for Newnham; and Susan- nah, Wilson, for London, all with copper; Unity, Jones, ••for Glocester, "with- copper and earthen-ware,; Neptune, May, and Mary, and William, Sanderson, for Seilly En- deavour, Davy"; John and Elizabeth, Lobbett; Good In- ill(i 1"61 tent, Marshall; and • Fortitude, Jenkins, for Bldeford; Betsy, Green Friends,' Maine and •«:>rriston, Harris, for Truro Betsy, ■'Hodge Clulow, Rite; and United Brothers, Richards, for Iliracombe Betsy, Davies Grace, Phillip Mary,- Bailey Henry, Glayns Fanii'y,. Owen Penzance, (jeorge-; llappy Couple, 'Clark Bro- thers, Rosser Providence, Piniiips; Pomona, Bowder.; Nancy, Trevas tm; Resolution, Jot". and Sally, Conch, for St. Ives Greenfield, Tjmberhike, for Amlwch; A.r«o, Holditch, for Lyun Grape, Green and Three ■'Brothers, Strebling, for Bamst-aple Pelican, Thomas; and Bro- thers, Dfilton, for Fahiibuth Good Ititent, Whiddon, for Watchet; Unanimny, Bushiu, for Minelsead and Char- lotte, Evan, for Bridgewater, all with coals; Delight," Spefre,, for Bridgewater, y/ith coals and culm; andUruon, Crow, for Teigninoutli> withcuim. 1,1 Ctirdijf.—Arrived, the St. Ptcrre, Davies, and Charming Peggy, Richards, from'Bristol, with' sundries; Trial, Bod- nam, from. G'locester, with salt aiul earthenware.; Three Brothers, Westcoit, from Falmouth; and Happy Return, flyrlo, from Bristol, in ballast. Cleared out, the Venus, Ldwther, and Hannah, Taylor, with bar iron lor London; Happy Iletuni, Hurlo, for Pembroke Hannah, Jones, for Pa^stow, with bar iron, fin plates, bacon, skins, &c. and Rover, Chant, for Fal- nip.nth, with coals and iron. Carmarthen.—CJeared out for Bristol, the Swift, Evans, with oats and butter; and Lark, Rogers, with barley and butter. x Hmelly.—,Arrived, the St.- David, Hall, from Carmar- then, with sundries; Excellent, Watkins, and Two Sisters, Hawkins, from ditto; and Sisters, Davies, from Milford, all in ballast. Sailed, the Marv Ann, Morgan, Brothers, Dalling, and Linnet, Lewis, with coals, for Carmarthen; Eagle, Pillar, for Plymouth; and Blessing, Parry, for Barnstaple, both with coals. Cleared out, the Maria, Thomas, with iron, for New- -port; and the John and Sally, .Collins, with culm, for Bridgewater, JJaugharnc. ■—Sailed, the Welcome, with .com, for Bristol. Tenltti.—Sailed, the Betsy, Lloyd, uf this port, for Bristol. Bristol.—Arrived, the Europa, Ross, from Honduras; I Summer, Thomas, from Cork; and Defiance, Mcholls, from Oporto.. Cleared out, the Nancy, Rees, and Hero, James, for Carmarthen Perseverance, Richards, for Haverfordwest; the Mary, Hurlow, for BfiUbrd; and the Friendship, Mat- thew, for Cardigan Falmouth,—Arrived, the Jupiter, Grant; George and Ann, Lovering TIendra, Mellutsh and Betsy, Gabriel, from Swansea; Economy, Sutton; and Country Lass, Worth, from Milford. Penzance.—Arr'iyed, the Union, Trick Britannia, Ball Milford, Williams; and Joker, Thomas, all from Wales, with coals for a market. ■• Charlcstmm— A-riyed, the Hope, Lelean; and Indus- try, Salt, from Swansea." St. loes.—Arrived, ..the Fortitude, Vivian John, M'Do- liald; Providence, Jones; Diligence, Davy; Fanny, Tippet; True Briton, Stevens; Friends, Tucker Amelia j. Ninnes; Mount Galpin, Noel; Rose, Davies; Harmony, Harden'; Morristown, Stevens; Good Intent, Leach; Plenipo, Sampson; Providence, Bigglestonc; Ayr, Gren- fen;—-——, Bond; Stag, Thompson; Hope, Hickes; William and Jane, Roberts, all from Swansea, with Coals. Sailed, the Spraycombe, Goss Goodson, BIackmore- and Happy Couple, Clark, all for ,Swansea. Padritow.—Arrived, the Dick, Billing; and Richard, Boyd, from Swansea; Mary Ann, Cotton, from Neadt; and Treore, Jennings, from Cardiff. Plymouth.—Came in from Liverpool, last from Swansea, after receiving a little damage in the late gales of wind, the Rosa armed tender of 8 guns, having, been missing six weeks; her men for the fleet were as usual discharged oil board the Resolue, Lieut. Nicholas. The sloop Endeavour, of Lancaster, T. Williams, mas-. ter, from Bristol to the former port, laden with iron, Bri- tish spirits, &c. was stranded Oil the Goodwich Sands, near Fishguard, during a violent gale on the 4th inst, Oue man was washed overboard as soon as the vessel went aground the master and two other. betook the nisei ves to the.H-gginsr, from whence one of them %I1 into the sea ami although taken up.by aboat vVhicli had with great difficulty-approach. ed the ship from the shore, was so much injured by fall- ing on the railing, that he died soon after. The ..survivors ..J remained some hours in the rigging, but were at ^ength happily rescued from their perilous situation by the perse-, vering intrepidity of tha boat's crew, and experienced the most humane attention from the inhabitants. AnUed at Aberystwith.—The Hon. Mrs. and Miss Cuff, from Ireland. A subscription has been completed for making a canal and rail roads from Oystemiouth Castle I to this town, on the line of which there arc inex- haustible -quantities of coals and lime-stone of the best quality. An application, we learn, will also be made to Parliament during the present Session, lor an act to enable the trustees to com- plete the improvements of our harbour, by build- ing a pier on the east side of the mouth of the river, deepening the harbour, and making it a floating one. By the death of Mr. Vaughan, of Golden Grove, that ancient house now only exists in his sister's family, the children of Mr. Watkins, of Peiinoyre, m Breconshire, We have it from undoubted au- thority, that it was his intention (had he Hot died so suddenly) to have bequeathed his manors and ZL estates to that lady, who had his warmest affection; but his unexpected dissolution having prevented the fulfilment of his intention, his extensive landed property in the counties of Carmarthen, Cardigan, and Brecon, estimated tu be worth 1.5,0601. per annum, and capable of considerable improvement, devolve to Lord Cawdor under an old Will. The Committee appointed for the management of the money subscribed Tor the use of the volun- teers in the hundred of Neath, have resolved that the two companies under the command of Captains Miers and Coke shall be paid only for 20 days of exercise in the current year, Wednesday se'nnight, the Landybie volunteers, commanded by Captain Edwards, marched to Der- wydd, where they were hospitably entertained with, a comfortable dinner and fine Welsh ale; after which (they went througJi their various evo- lutions witii a correctness fully adequate to. what might be expected from their time of service; and having been- aipin regaled with their' favourite beverage, departed highly gratified with the en-' deavours of their worthy Captain to make them happy. The evening was, spent by the officers and some neighbouring gentlemen with that festive joy which true hospitality never tails to excite; We are informed, that the gentry and opulent far- mers intend imitating this laudable example, to Convince our gallant volunteers that they are re- garded as generous brethren; nbbly engaged in the common cause of defending oiif national rights and domestic comforts against the sanguinary attempts of an atrocious despot. The Dodington troop of yeomanry cavalry, com- manded by C. Codrington, Esq. was on Thursday inspected by Lieutenant-Colonel Prohyn, in Do- dington-Park, (G locestershire). After the business of the field was finished, the doors of the noble mansion were thrown open, and the whole troop was ushered into a large! room, where the tables were spread with old English fare, and each guest was plentifully supplied with famous October. A beautiful vessel, composed of solid silver, of the most exquisiteworkmanship,J and of the full size of a bushel measure, filled with rich nectar, was then brought into the room by the steward and butler, and placed at the head of the table. The agreeable novelty produced a burst of applause; and the noble bowl was again and again reple- nished before the company" separated. While pleasure and mirth excercise their resist- less sway in the more fashionable quarters of this happy isle, and cheerfully, attract their infatuated votaries, happy are we to observe; that festive Hos- jutatity; the'' homeliokl Deity of Wales, continues to welcome his favourite idols. At Jiede Gorse, the residence of MajorBagot, a ball and supper were given, onTriday night last, to the principal fami- lies of Carmarthen and its neighbourhood. Beau- ty delighted the eye, and seasonable delicacies composed a rich least sweetly relishable to each palate^ while taste (happily displayed) claimed the approving smile of every admirer. Fire-works were exhibited, and offered a brilliant, though perish- able lustre. The song, the glee, obeyed their re- spective calls. In short, Pleasure so incessantly rang her magic changes, that Time was totally for- gotten, till Aurora (unwelcome intruder) drew the curtain of the morn, and exacted the cruel, though undeniable reflection, that the happy hours of mirthful engagement are delusively fleeting. Tuesday last, Thomas Edwards, Esq. (who has already filled the oflice thrice with great credit) was again chosen Portreeve of Neath, in the room of the late Mr. Cuthbertson. The Ilev. David Thomas is appointed Chaplain to the Glamorgan riflemen, and the Jlev. Ilenry Bevan to be a Deputy-Lieutenant of Radnorshire. Monday night last, a small but convivial party, in the town of Llangharne, Carmarthenshire, in- stituted under the auspices of Picknickery, closed their meetings for the present season, in conse- quence of the approach ofLent. This little society has regularly met every week during the two last winters, to enjoy a well-decked board, with the ad- dition oi songs, catches, glees, and occasional reci- tation. A subscription assembly, bathing ma- chines, and other inducements, we are informed, ,are setting on foot in Llangharne, in order to in- duce strangers of lashion to visit'that town. Cantabrigian(>:■—A late Plumian Professor of As- tronomy Atas once addressed in company, as the PlumMan Professor. This, most probably, nettled him. A gentleman sitting by archly observed,See! how thatlittle bstings the Professor. Clericai; NON-RESIDENCE BiLL.—A paragraph con- II aining an erroneous statement of one of the cnadments of this bill, appeared lately in a London print, an-d was from thenceeopied into several Provincial Papers. By that pa- ragraph many of the Clergy have beer, led to believe, that such of them as are non-residents by virtue of an y legal e,x- emptipn, independent of the Bishop's licence, are bound to report themselves as such, in writing, under their liands to the Bishop, within six weeks after the 1st pf LAST January (1804). Whereas no such report is required, by the act, of •any Clergyman, but within six weeks afler the 1st of Janua- ry, 1805. The act requires, that cvpry pcrgon' who shall be non-resident in any year subsequent to the 1st day of Ja- nnary, 1804, (by reason of any legal exemption independent of the Bishop's licence) shall, within six weeks from and af- ter the Ist day of January ineveryjbllo'Willt{ year, notify the same in writing under his hand," &c. Those* therefore, who are now non-resident, or shall become non-resident in the course of the present yenr, by virtue of any _such legal exemptions, as aforesaid, nm.st: make theIr, notIficatIOn in writing within six weeks from and after the 1st of January, l130S. And those who shall become non-resident in the course of the year 1805, must make their notification within .six weeks from tlie 1st-' of January, 1806; «nd so on. The notification once made, to be repeated annually but the no- tiiications now made are not only premature, but useless, and will afford ,no security to those who make them, against the penalty of the subsequent clause. A vein of coal, some time since opened near Shrewsbury, produces a profit of SOOOl. per week. A few days since, as a post-boy was going from COwbridge to Cardiff, to convey a party from thence, (111 company with another chaise returning to the latter place) his whip got entangled with the reins about three miles from Cardiff, and in at- tempting to disengage it, frightened the horses, an which ran off at full speed, baffling all his endea- vours to check their progress. The reins atlength breaking, the poor fellow was thrown, from his seat, and,the wheels passed over his breast, but we hear he is in a fair way of recovery. The horses to the other chaise also took fright, and could not be stopped till they reached the Cardiff Arms, but no accident ensued. Tuesday last, a boy between five and siS; year old, playing near a furze mill, in the neighbour- hood of Llangennach, unfortunately fell in, and one of the teeth entering his forehead, caused his immediate death. A poor man was yesterday sådly bruised by a coal waggon falling on him, in consequence of the. stage giving way over which it was passing to a vessel, on the Strand, in this town. The danger of a journey irom hence to, or in re- turning from, the Mumbles, over the sands after dark, although so well known, does not deter per- sons from attempting it, even at the hazard of their lives.—t-A gentleman of this town, on his re- turn from thence on horseback, last night, sunk in- to a hole filled with mud and sand; and was only saved from destruction by his owivcourage and the spirit ofthe animal on which he was mounted. A report was circulated here this daj of an alter- cation having taken place between two persons at Neath last night, in which one of them was nearly deprived of lite by a blow from the other.—As we cannot trace the rumour to any authentic source, we must at present decline entering into further particulars. A few days since, as a girl about nine years of age, was passing by the wheel of a corn-mill, at Dinnom, near Ludlow, for the purpose of procu- ring water from the river Team, the cob of the wheel unfortunately caught her hand, tore off her arm, and the flesh from her side, down to her thigh; she expired almost immediately. Last week were committed to the house of cor- rection at Cowbridge, by E. Snead, Esq. Thomas Roberts and John Williams, for unlawfully de- stroying game on a Sunday, At Leominster fair, on Monday last, there was a tolerable shew of cattle, which sold at very redu- ced prices; horses, of which there were not many good ones, did not go off so briskly as usual, and pig8 experienced a considerable reduction. Hops averaged from 41.10s. to 4l. 15s. per cwt. 7 At Ludlow fair, fat beasts sol'd, to sink the offal, from Tcl. to' fkl, per pound Jat sheep from 7d. to ^+c'- sinking the5Jial; fat 1 Jig's from5.1. to 5Tcl. per pound; store pigs, -of wi/ich there 'was a large stock, sold at reduced prices good horses of ail kinds, sold at. very fiiga priced °Hops of the last year's grdwtii, sold from -il. 5s. to 5l. per cwt. Rait butter irom lis. to i^s. 3d. per gawn of 12 pounds. 0 The following if\ a faithful abstract of the bil now before Parliament forconsolidatiusaud amend- ing the provisions of the several acts relating to vo- lunteer corps^wiilcli, we doubt-not, wilf prove highly acceptable to many of our readers:— Ihe pteamble recites generally the provisiois of the acts upon the same subject, passed in the and 43d 01 his Majesty; and goes on to state, that those-acts should be re- pealed and Consolidated into one act. The first clause gives a right to his Majesty to continue the services of such Corps of yeomanry and'voiunteers ac- cepted before; and also to aoveiit the services of any such corps that may hereafter be formed, under such regulations as may seem nt and proper and t(5 disband or discontinue the same, whenever expedient. The next clause-provides that every person enrolled, or to be enrolled, anc serving as an effective member of anv corps of volunteers in GfSat-jjritrdn, duly returned- and cer- tified as such, shall be .cxor.pt ..r&iu serving, or iilldjng H substitute, in the militia of Great-Itam, or in any addi- tirmal force to be raised (of the defence of the realm- such exemption to continue so long as be shall remain an'eii'ec- five member. It is then provided, that no person shall, be deemed, taken, or construed to be an^ifcetive member of ;y corps/who shall not have duly. attended, proper!v armed dj":tI a'-cou- | .tred, if cavalry, days if infant rv, 'day s, at the lea'st; in I the course of montlis preceding the last ft turn, unless ab- sent Yiith leave, or from sickness, to becerwlied byr some I medical practitioner. The next provision relates to the cases in which corps are not provided with arms at the.cxpcnce of his Majesty, and directs that every member who shall have duly attended the regular musters and exercises shall nevertheless be deemed and taken to be effective members. In the succeeding-clause., commanding officers are em- powered to grant leave of absencc to any mejuber from flifc days of muster. and exercise, provided such member sli^l, in the months succeeding, make good his days of mus- ter and exercise for the whole of sucli period but in de- fault of so doing, he shall be struck out of the list of uaec- *1*ie,,nbets> a.ud .^e returned as non-effective, and be pre- cluded from.enjoying tiie exemptions under the act. Oonimandlng officers of corps shall be bound to make re- tvirns ot then-corps at certain penods to be fixed by this bill, distinguishing ui the said return the effective members from the non-effective. Commanding oflicers are required to give certificates to effective members residing in other counties or places, in order to entitle them to exemptions. Exemptions not to be allowed unless commanding officers certify that the corps has been inspected once at least in the space of the preceding months by some General or I) ield. Officer of his Majesty's regular forces; or in case no such inspection has taken place, that such corps has been willing to be inspected. The clerks of the general meetings of the different coun- ties in Great-Britain shall transmit the said returns to one of his Majesty's principal Secretaries of State at certain periods mentioned in this act. The next clause provides a penalty any comiuand- ing officer who shall return a lalse muster rofi, or ^ive a false certificate. The Deputv Lieutenants shall enter in a separate list the names of those who have been ballotted to serve in the mi- litia, or other force, but who have been exempt by the ope- ration of this bill; in order, that if such corps should be dis- banded, or its services discontinued, or thafif the member having before claimed an exemption should quit or be dis- charged such corps, he should in such case be liable to serve, either personally, or by substitute, in the said militia, or ad- ditional force. All volnnteers shall take the oath of allegiance to his Majesty. 0 Adjutants, Serjeant-majors, and others, who receive pay, shall be liable to the military laws. It is further enacted, that volitjiteers who shall neglect'or refuse to assemble or march, when summoned bv the Lieu- tenants, or any general signal of alarm, in case of actual invasion, or appearance of the enemy in force upon the coast, or in case of any insurrection or rebellion in conse- quence of the enemy so appearing in force upon the coast, shall be considered as deserters, and liable to the punishment of the laws in force for punishing desertion. Corps doing niilitary duty, or voluntarily inarching upon the appearance of an actuai invasion by the ericniv, shall be subject to military discipline, and liable to the mutiny laws. A similar enactment is also made with respect to Ireland. The volunteers assembled in such manner, shall be liable to serve under the command of any General Oilicer his Ma- jesty shall be pleased to appoint. None but or-volunteer officers shall be at liber- ty to sit upon the Court Martial 011 any officer or private in tlie yeomanry or volunteers. ■Volunteer officers having commissions, shall rank with his Majesty's regular and militia officers, as the youngest of their rani. It is expressly enacted, that volunteers shall have the right of resigning, (giving notice in writing to the commandinsfbf- ficers) tin less in case of being summoned for actual service, or having voluntarily assembled to do military duty the per- son however so quitting hiscorps, must return such arms and accoutrements-as he has received at the public expcnce and such person shall thereupon be liable to serve, if he shall have before been chosen by ballot in the militia, or any such additional force as aforesaid, and shall also be liable to pay, and shall pay all the taxes in respect of keeping or using any horse, mare, or gelding, or wearing hair powder, from which he shall have been exempted, under any of the provisioIl" ofthis act. Oflicers disabled on actual service are entitled to half pay, accordingto their rank, and non-conunissioned officers and privates to the benefit ofChelsea Hospital.. On the desire of a volunteer corps, or the majority of them to assemble for the purpose of training, the Lieutenant ofthe county may make an order for that purpose, in which case the said volunteers may receive quarters and billets in the same manner as the rest of his Majesty's forces. The, commanding officer of each corps is to make up an account of all the monies received and paid to him according to a form herein prescribed. & This act is hereby declared not at all to affect the prero- gative of his Majesty, as declared in the act called, "the defence act." Volunteer corps, whencallcd upon military duty, to be entitled to pay, and to be billeted and quartered. The wives and families of persons enrolled under this act to be entitled to the same relief as the wives and families of the militia. The subscriptions, fines, and penalties due by each mem- ber, according to the regulation of bis corps, may be reco- vered by distress, or sale of his-goods, under the warrant of any neighbouring Justice ofthe Peace. Persons who shall refuse when legally required to deliver up arms, accoutrements, or cloathiiig, which they may have received from his Majesty, shall be liable to pay the sum of to be le vied in-like manner. Lastly, it is further enacted, that this act may be altered, varied, or repealed by any other actor acts in this session of Parliament. 'Copper Ore sold at Truro, on Thursday the 9th inst. Mines. Tons. Purchasers, at per Ton. Wli. Fortune 141 English Co. 7 0 0 ditto 119 ditto 6 16 0 ditto 100 ditto 4 8 6 ditto 99 English Birmingham 8c Freeman Cos. 3 19 0 ditto 98 Chead. O. Williams £ y P. Grentell 7 12 0 ditto 73 ditto g 13 (j Wh. Virgin 108 Brass ire Co, 9 4 6 ditto 100 Chead- O. Williams & P. Grenfell 6 13 6 ditto 78 Brass Wire Co. 6 19 G ditto 76 Freeman &. Co. 7 14 6 Wheal Maid 101 ditto- 6 5 0 WestWh. Virgin 37 Brass Wire CD. 8 14 0 St. Georgj 68 Chead. O. Wiliiams & P. Grenfell ?10 17 0 ditto 52 diuo a g 14 0 Good Fortune 21 ditto 7 18 6 Tons 1271——Standard 126 to 1'29.

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