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f -• I I.. „ ■. GLAMORGANSHIRE. 1 TO BE SOLD 13Y AUCTION, At FHE & git of the SHIP, in the borough of LLOUGHOR, OH Monday the 26tli day of March next, ALL that MESSUAGE, TENEMENT, and LANDS, csteedUR CAE PEN Y COED, with the three ADJOINING COTTASK? and GARDENS,' now let to Mr. Rich. Soyner, and situate in tfe$borough oi Lloughor. The Lands abound with Coal, which may be wrought by level and from thsir contiguity to Burry River, are necii- eligible for the erection of » GJaai-House, or Smelt- tag Furnaces.. For.particulars apply at tha Office of Messrs, Thontas and Phillips, Swansea, v GI^MORGANSIIIRE. TO BE LET, TOR A TFIBM OV YK.IRS, THISTLE.BOON HOUSE, most pleasantly JL situate in the parish oi .OYSTER'SIOC'TII, within four iniles of SWANSEA, a healilty and sporting country, abound- ing with Fish, CogJ»*awI .other necessaries* which may be obtained at very reasonable rates. The House comprises three large handsome parlours, six feed-chambers, with^dressing-rodtas, and eight attics, with all other requisite conveniencies—-is completely and elegantly fitted up* and ready for the immediate reception of a gen- teel family.. The Premises command a delightful view of the Bristol Channel, with other extensive and picturesque prospects; and the neighbourhood affords many pleasant walks or rides, A Tenant may be accommodated with any quantity of rich MEADOW LAND, not exceeding 100 Acres. For further particulars enquire at the Office of Messrs. Thomas and Phillips, Swansea.—Written applications must be post-paid. WANTED a Genteel middle-aged Lady as a Partner in a profitable Employment, wherein no material connmnent is necessary, and between two and ,jhree Guineas may be made with ease; within a week. It is here observed that an advertisement being too confined to convey a true idea of the advantage, the particulars are left to an interview between the parties, who may ad- ttrest a letter, (post-paid) for Mrs. Beavon, to be left till called for, at the Printer's of this Paper. WHEREAS the late JOHN PHILLIPS, Esq, of Swansea, ordered FIVE HAMPERS, contain- ing a quantity of Glass Bottles, to be warehoused at the house of Mr. Abraham Clarke, in the month of July last; this is to inform his Executor, or others whom it may con- cern, that if they are not taken away, arid the, money paid til d for keeping thetn, on or before the,,26th day of February Txjst they will-be sold to defray the exoenccs due to me, ABRAHAM CLARKE. Ferry-House, Feb. t, 1?04. MINERVA PRINTXNG-OFFICE, LEADENHALL-STREET, LONDON. rr A^5i, NEWMAN, and Co. having W*, favoured with a general correspondence in England, Scotland, Ireland, America, &c. respectfully inform the Public that they have just published the following Works: FOREST of flOHENELBE, by the Author of Humbert Castle, in 3 vols. lgiho. Price 13s. 6d. sewed. PHILOSOPHIC KIDNAPPER, by the Author of the Wife and the Mistress, in 3 vols. Jgmo. Price 12s. sewed. PEREGRINE, or the fool of Fortune, in 3 vols. 12mo. Price, 12s. sewed. VILLAGE PASTOR, by La Fontaine, in 4 vols. 12mo. Price 16s. sewed. GERMAN SORCERESS, by Mr. Lyttieton, in 3 vols. lUmo. Price 10s. 6d. sewed. THE REPROBATE, by La Fontaine, translated by the Anthem of.. the Wife and the Mistress, in 2 vols. 12mo. l'riee Bs. st'ed.' VICTOR, or the Child of the. Forest, by Ducray- Duminil, in 4 vols. 12mo. Price 16s. sewed, LA BELLE SAUVAGE, by Mr. Lyttleton, in 2 vols. 12mo. Price 7s. sewed;: ly CASTLE of CAITHNESS,, by F. H. P. in 2 vols. 12mo. Pnce 75'- sewed. STELLA OF THE NORTH, or the Foundling of the Ship, in 4 vols.'12mo. Price 16s sewed. THE LOTTERY OF LIFE, by the Author of Isabel, in 3 vols. 12mo. Price 12s. sewed. ISABEL, or the Orphan of Valdarno, a Florentine Ro- mance, in 3 vols. Price 13s. 6d. sewed. LADY OF THE CAVE, 'or of the Fourteenth Century, in 3 vols. 12ma. Price 12s. sewed. WHO'S THE- MURDERER ? by the Author of the Orphan of. the Rhine, in 4 vols. i2mo. Price 18s. sewed. THE' WIFE AND THE, MISTRESS, by the Author of Ivoselia, in, .4 vols. l2uio. second- edition. Price 18s. «cved. "■ ALVAR AND SERAPHINA, or the Troubles of Murcia, by J. Canton, in gvots. i.2mo. Price 7s. sewed. DESERTED WIFE, in 2 v6ls. 12mo. Price 7s. sewed. EDW IN, or the Heir of iEHa, fmHistorical Romance, in 3 VQIS. 12ino: Price 12s. sewed. MONSIEUR BOTTE, by Pigault Lebrun, in 3 vols. 12nio. Prjce'12s. sewed. REGINAL DI TOR.BY and the TWELVE ROB- BERS, in 2 vols. 12m0. Price 8s. sewed. TALES OF AN EXILE, by William Frederick Wil- liams, in 2 vo!s. Hitno. Price 7s. sewed. W ALTER DE MONBARY, by the Author of Herman of t- ana, in 4 vols. 12mo; Price 16s. sewed. ESSAYS ON THE ART OF. BEING HAPPY, in 2 yt)! Price 7s, sewed. CASTLE OF ST. CARANZA, a Romance, in 2 vols. 12m<>. Price 7s. sewed., é" -tHE BARONS OF FELSIIEIM, by Pigault Lebrun, in 3 vols. 12mo. Price 12s. sewed. HONORINA, or the Infatuated Chjld,, il12vols, 12mo; Priee 7s. sewed. LOBENSTEIN VILLAGE, by La Fontaine, in 4 vols. 121110. Price 16s. sewed. KERWALD CASTLE, or Memoirs of the Marquis de Solanges, in 2 vols. 12mo. Price z sewed. AMASINA, or the American Foundlini.)111 2 vols. 12mo. Price 8s. sewed. THE RAKE AND THE MISANTHROPE, by La Fontaine, in 2 vols. 12mo. Price 7s. sewed. In the Press, ] A TALE WITHOUT A TITLE, by the Author of Mi- crocosm, 3 vols. AMAZEMENT, by Mrs. Meckc, 3 vols. JANE TALBOT, by C. B. Browne, 2 vols, LESStNGTON ABBE Y, by Henrietta Rouviere, 3 vols. SOMETHING ODD, 3 vols. THE OLD WfEE AND YOUNG HUSBAND, by Mrs. Meeke, 3 vols. 8.3* The Proprietors havmg the advantage of a Printing- office on a very, extensive scale, under their own immediate inspection, with the assistance of several Literary Gentle- men, who occasionally superintend manuscripts committed to their care, assure Authors that their Works will be exe- cuted in a style of superiority for accuracy, expedition, jind elegance. Tor the Tn A DE.^—An extensive CAT A LOG UT., containing ft General Collection of Modern Works, is just published, which will be delivered to their order. An addition to which, they inform the various Booksellers, that having considerably enlarged and extended their WKlwtaking, they now receive general orders for any of London publications, in the execution of which, the almost attention shall be paid t<j their; Correspondents' in- terest, and a strict .punctuality manifested tb" merit tlieir' feyoura atyi «»?}ifid«uee. VALUABLE TIMBER FOR THE NAVY AND OTHER WORKS. TO BE SOLD BY ffRIVATE CONTRACT, THREE Lots of TIMBER, situate in the county of Glamorgan, of the description hereafter.- Lot 1. (Numbered A.)—Consisting of 422 OAK TREES., growing at Pwllgwain, in the parish- of Lantrissent. Lot 2. (Numbered B.)—Consisting of 480 OAK TIM- BER TREES, and 36 CYPHERS, growing at Penrhwy- gwyrit, in the parish of Lanwonna. Lot 3. YNinuber d G)~rConsistkig «f 256 OAK TIM- BER TREES, growing at Pqarlnw-keibir and Weru Coch, 111 the same pariah of Lanwonna. The above Timber is of the best quality, fit for the firtt naval, engineer, and other purposes, that requite Timber of the largest dimensions, is situate within froin a quarter to gftiree miles of the turnpike-road and canal to Merthyr, and the-port of Cardiff, ajid within twelve niiles of the-last place. For particulars apply to Mr.-Yaugh^t, Sviiicitor, Swuuseay who will appoint a person to Shew tne Timber. Swansea, Jan. 6,1804. SWANSEA, GLAiMORGANSHIRE. TO BE SOLD BY AUCTION, By Mr. LLEWELLYN, ? "WJTHOUT RESERVE, At the Red-Lion, on the Quay, on Tuesday, the 14th day of February next, between the hours of four,and six m the afternoon, or in the mean by Priyate Contract, r~-JT3h^ THE HOY mSE IN JUNE, Burthen per register 198 Tons, foreign built, now lying"at the Brewery Wharfj j2gKj|ifi|^gr ''with all her Materials and Stores. For particulars, or view of the said vessel and her materials, apply.at tho Cvuaiiug-liouse of William, Grove and Son, Castle Bailey-street. A STEAM-ENGINE, TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, A STEAM- ENGINE made by Messieurs Boulton and Watt, (entirely new, having never been erected,) of an improved construction, being a twenty- horse power, with rotative Shaft, BaJaucc Wheel, and Sun and Planet Wheels. The Cylinder is twenty four inches in diameter. The Engine is sufficient for working the Machinery of an extcasive Manufactory, or will turn four pair of." 4-feet mill stones. Also to be disposed of; Capital Timber prepared for the working and spring Beams, and iron and wood work for the Cistern. An upright Mill Shaft, four Wallowers with 44 cogs in each, a Spur Wheel to carry 84 cogs, four Nutts to carry 42 cogs each, a Fly Wheel to carry 60 cogs and nutts, with other materials lor erecting a Corn Mill: "Likewise 3 pak of 4-feet French Burr Stones, quite new, and a small quantity of French Burrs. For further particulars enquire of the Printer. > DUTY ON PROFITS, ARISING pnOM DIVtDENB'it AND! ANNUITIES IN THE PUBLIC FUN&S. "XTOTICE is hereby given, That an OFFICE is opened at the Old Stock Jixchang*, "for receiving Returns <*y«i-*«crsons-eutitied-to Dividends and Annuities in the Public Funds. All Persons entitled to such Dividends may pay the a- mount of the Duty thereon, being One Shilling for every Twenty-Shillings, into the Bank of England; and, by de- livering the Certificate of the payment at the Ollice above mentioned, with an Indorsement or Description of the Ac- count or Accounts, which the Certificate is intended to dis- charge, the Assessment to be made upon them, on account of the said Dividend, will be discharged without any further trouble to the parties. Office for Taxes, By Order of the Board of Taxes, London, Dec. 23, 1303. MATTHEW WINTER, Sec. FOR COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMAS, <-S'c. TITE ONXV GENUINE PECTORAL BALSAM OF HONEY, in- JL vented by SIR JOHN HILL, M. D. Sir John Hill's Balsam of Honey, so longhand deservedly esteemed for the cure of Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, and Consumptions, is now prepared and sold only by Sliavv and' Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church-yard, London. The LINNAEUS of BRITAIN (for-such was Sir John IJill emphatically called) recommends-this excellent Pre- Earation, as the most salutary and effectual remedy for all lisorders of the Breast and Lungsf-'Congealed Phlegm, Acrimony in the Fluids, and Obstructions in the Glands, are gently and safely discharged by easy expectoration. Wheezings and uneasiness in Breathing are speedily re- moved by a few doses. It takes Off the irritation, opfiis the Thoracic Ducts, and heals the soreness of the Breast and Lungs. Thirty years experience has confirmed the recoinmendation, in the' immediate reliet and gradual cure of COUGHS, COLDS, ASTHMAS, and CONSUMP- TIONS. It is the greatest preserver of the Lungs ever discovered, and contains aM the healing, softening." and soothing qua- lities of that salubrious extract of Flowers called Honey and the richest Balsams of the Extern World. It is "as restorative ?s apses' milk, and never disagrees with the Stomach aicommon cold yields to its benign influence in a few hoursi and when resorted to before the complaint is far advanced^ all danger of Consumption is certainly pre- vented. Such are the mint outlines of the merits of Sir John Hill's Balsam of Honey, "the..result of.long researches into Na- ture, by that great: Botnmst, who dedicated his life to the discovery of the true means of hctlth in the vegetable kingdom. .1 Price 3s. 6d. per bottle, or seven in one large for 22s. To guard against imposition, observe the iianie of Shaw and Edwards, 66, St. Paul's Church-yard, is engraved on the Government stamp accompanyingeach bottle, all others are counterfeits.——Sold, by appMHYtment, by T. Jenkins, Printer of this Paper, and one Vender in every town. BEAUTY AND CLEANLINESS. To sweeten the Breath, cleanse, the Mouth, preserve and whiten the Teeth; cure Guin Boils, and remove all olt'en- siveUlcerations, is recommended the AMBOYNA MrriON. The drug from which the/Lotion is prepared is, peculiarly adapted for all disorders Of the Mcriith,. Teeth, and Gums; it was first imported by a" Geiitfeman of known character and fortune, who having experiericed its wonderful effects, introduced it for the benefit of Others.—While it cleanses the Mouth of all impure and foetid particles, it whitens the. Teeth, heals the Gums, and instantly sweetens the Breath. Nothing is so great a drawback-to beauty as barf teelh- nothing more offensive than a fcetid breath. TheAmboyna Lotion, on the first application, improves the former and removes the latter, while by its antiputresceut and balsamic qualities prevents decay, and removes all excrescences.. The Amboyna Lotion is the greatest antiputreScent in the world, removes the Tooth-acl^ drawing from the sockets ol the teeth the acrimonious water which causes the pain, removes the spongy excrescences, and prevents any farther decay it also dissolves the tartar, and leaver the enamel perfectly smooth. The Gentleman who imports the drug and prepares these articles, pledges himself to forfeit iOOOl. if any lady or gentleman using the Amboyna Powder and Lotion as di- rected, has the Tooth-ach or a Tooth decay. The nobility and gentry may rest assured they will not again experience disappointment, as have been made to ensure a constant supply- fro/a abroad. Sold wholesale and retail by Shaw and Edwards, 66, -St. Paul's Church-yard, London, price 4s. 6d. per bottle, and he had, by their appoiutujent, of T- Jenkins, printer ot this Paper, and one Vender in every town. -,( GLAMO.fi GANSHI 1 i-E. TO IKOit-MASTERS, 1):c; TO BE L E T IM M E X> IA T R, T, Y FOR A TERM OR \PS,- THE SEVERAL VEINS QJ COAL and A IRON STONE under theCommona ot Caarphiliy and Rndry, which lie at^a 'con^snietil distance from the. iyienhyr Canal, and about six miles fro 11 Vie "-ta-port town ol Cardiff. These Commons abound with. Coal and Iron Stone of excellent quality, which, have been worked for several years; and LIME STONE may also be had, which ren- ders the situation extremely eligible for persons inclined to 1 erect Iron-works. A Survey and Plan of the different Veins niay be seen, and other particulars had, by applying to Henry Hollier, bsq. CardIff. -Pee te's Coffee-Home, Tavern, and Hotel, No. 178, ELEET-STREET, In the vicinity of all the Law-Offices and Inns of Court. MARY GGRNEY, (V/idoK of the late Thos. Gumey, who kept the above House upwards of 30 years,) RETURNS her most sincere thanks to her Friends, Customers, and the Public in general, for their kind support since the death of her Husband, and dur- ing the many years he kept the above house; and further begs leave to acquaint them that she mis increased her num- ber of Beds, and greatly improved her Room?, which are al- ways kept well dry other accommodation to render comiortable such Gentlemen and Families who may honour her house with their favours. Also continues taking in all the Irish, Scotch, Country, and Town Papers, the old tiles of which are preserved and may be referred to since the year 1772, and the London tactics since 1760. N. B. This House is particularly convenient for such gen- tlemen who have Law Affairs on hand; and also gentlemen of that profession, being frequented by the most eminent gentlemen of the Law IT) London, and being so much in the vicinity of the Law-Offices. AT a MEETING of.the MERCHANTS and SHIP-O WNERS> held in the TOWN-HALL, in SWANSEA, on SATURDAY, Nov. 5, 1803, II' ILL I A M JONES, Esq. in the Chair; A letter having been read from Major-General CAScorNE, approving the idea of providing four light FIELD-PIECES for the DEFENCE of the HARBOUR and COAST, (<is recommended by a Meeting held here the 26th ult.) and advising it to be carried into immediate .effect"i This Meeting seeing the necessity of immediate and ac- tive exertion, do enter into the following resolutions: 1. That they will, at their own expense, purchase FOUR BRiWS SIX-POUN DERS, with tlrcirCarriages and proper appendages, to be placed upon the Hills conimaudmg the Harbour of Swansea and adjacentCoast; and to be under the care and direction of the Commander of.the Sea Fencibles, imd exercised by a sufficient number of his best Gunners. Q. Thttt the Most Noble the L^rd Lieutenant oi the County be requested to apply to the Secretary of War for permission to carry the above Resolution into effect, and to request that proper ammunition be issued for the service Of such guns. 3. That the following Gentlemen be requested to form a 'Committee for carrying the above Resolutions into effect; and for soliciting the assistance of the Copper-works, Col. lieries, and respectable Inhabitants of this Town; and that any three of them be sutlicient to act; viz. Wm. Jones, Dr. Wm. Turfon, Charles Nevill, John Jones, Wrn. Grove, and George Haynes. 4. That Mr. CHARLES NF.VIT,I. be appointed Treasurer. 5. That a copy of these Resolutions be signed by the Chairman, and transmitted to the Lord Lieutenant; and another to the Commander of the District. WILLIAM JONES, Chairman. 6. That the Thanks of tills Meeting be given to the Chairman. Copy of a Letter to the Chatum as, from the MARQUIS • of BUT*, sin, Cardiff, Nov. 14, 1803. I have great pleasure in informing you, that HIS MA- JESTY has been graciously pleased to approve of the very liberal and spirited oiler of the Town bf Swansea, to pro- vide loiw- Field-Pieces, with annnunitioD, for the defence of the Harbour and the adjacent Coast. "Iam, Sir, Your most obedient humble servant, "BUTE." SUBSCRIBERS. r £ d. • £ s. d. Harford and Co. JO 0 0 Dan. Jones 0 10 6 Birunngham Mm- > „ David Francis 0 10 6 mgCopperComp, S Benj. Ilose 0 10 6 J'' Freeman and ) OQ q Q Mr. Williams 0 10 6 Copper Company y Rich. Craig 0 10 6 Messrs. Williams^ A n Rich. Cleaves 0 10 6 and Grenl'el; £ Ttios. Allen.0 10 6 Dr. Turton. 21. 00 John Davies 0 10 6 The Corporation of # 10 10 q David Thomas 0 10 6 Swansea.J Dan. Jones 0 10 6 Wm. Jones, Esq. 10 100 Win. Attvvood 0 10 6 Capt. R. Jones, of-"j Tho. Johnson 0 10 6 fleers, and men of F n A Edw. Hughes 0 10 6 the sea tencibles, 1 Win. M. Evans t) 10 5 1st subscription,.) Mrs. Iltid Thomas 0 10 6 Thos. Lott and Co. 10 10 0 Wru. Phillips 0 10 6 George Haynes 10 10 0 Jos. Davis 0 10 6 Phillips and Co. 6 6 0 Mr. Clark, Boat-ho. 0 10 6 Ch. Llewellyn ..2 2 0 Thos. Morgan 0 10 6 C- and 5 5 0 Edw. David 0 10 6 Alex. Raby, Esq. 5 5 0 Wm. Spencer 0 10 6 Thos. Lott 2 20 Ja-mes Walters 0 10 6 Arthur and Hoc km 2 2 0 Rev. B. Jones 0 10 6 Rob. Prance. 2 2 0 Mr. Carver .0106 Capt. New. 15 0 David Long 0 16 6 Rees Jones 1 1 0 Mich. Williams 0 10 6 Mrs.-M. Thomas 1 10 John Edmonds 0 TO 6 Wm. Lewis 110 John Flexman. 0 10 6 L. and I.-Michael V 11 0 | Hugh Roberts. 0 10 6 Win. Grove 110 Tho. Sylvester 0 10 6 D. Perrott.. 110 Tho. Bowen 0 10 6 Dav. Saunders, sen. 1 10 Isaac Williams 0 10 6 Thos. Hughes 110 Thos. Ninnis 0 10 6 Robt. Burrall 1 10 Richard Bond 0 10 6 Mr. Wm. Vaughan 110 Edward Jones 0 10 6 Ph. Jones, Margam 1 10 Thos. Fryer 0 10 6 Geo. Russel, Esq. 110 David Rogers. 0 10 6 D.Davies, Esq. 110 Henry Griffiths 0 50 Dr. Hobbes 1 1 0 John Fowles 0 5 0 Rev. Miles Bassett 110 Mrs. Phillips 0 50 John Andrews l 1 0 J. Bevan 0 50 James Daiton 110 Mrs. Okev 0 5 0 John Dimond. 1 10 Thos. Davies 0 5 0 John Rees 1 10 Mrs. williaiiis 0'26 Wm. Harris 1 1 0 NEATH. s. d. £ s. d. Benj. Rees l 10 Henry Morgan 1 10 Rees Jones 1 10 Griffith Rowland i) 10 6 JohnLeyson 1 10 Henry James 0 10 6 James Coke. 1 10 D. Morgan 0 10 t> Richard Morgan. 1 10 John Roberts 0 10 6 J. H. Lloyd.. 110 ,1. H. Arthur 0 10 6 R. Pritchard 1 1 () John Child 0 10 6 E, Jenkins 1 10 James Cole 0 10 6 David Hopkins > 10 Subscriptions received by Mr. CHARLIE N'EVII.X, Trea- surer, iiigh-ituiet. SO I) TH-WA LES. CARDIGAN and CARUAti'i'RENSHIP-E. TO BE SOLD BY PRIVATE CONTRACT, By Messrs. SKINNER, DYKE., and Co. If acceptable offers are m rule for the \VHOI.e or any PART, WENTY-FOUR FREEHOLD FARMS, • A capable of great improvement, situate in the PA- RISHES of LLANDEROY BREFI, LLANBADARN, ODYN, KILKENNIN, KILLYAYRON, LLANWE- NOS, CARRON, and LLEROV CRWIS, and easy dis- tances from LAMPETER and CARDIGAN; containing upwards of THREE THOUSAND ACRES of MEA- DOm PASTURE, arid ARABLE LAND, and SHEEP WALKS, let to tenants at will, at tfents amounting to only 5 (io Printed particulars may be had of Messrs. Skinner, Dyke, and Co. A'dersgate-streer, London. WANTED immediately, in SWANSEA or CARMARTHEN, "or within a few, iniles of ei- ther town, a small 'comfortable HOUSE, consisting of two parlours, four or more bed-chambers, sjnd other necessary "conveniencies, wirh a garden and stable. Any person having a House of the above description to- let, may hear of an eligible Tenant, by addressing particu- ars of rent, situation, -isc. (post-paid) to the Printer of this Paper. '• TIMBER AND DEAJ^YAKD, SWANSEA. THOMAS and LASCELLES IT* M.BRACE the earliest opportunity of. in- U. forming their Friends and the Public, that they have just imported in-io the Pons of S w axs r a and C* 11 b 1 ff, seve- ral large cargoes of PRIME BAULK TIMBER, DEALS, FOREIGN ?BAR IRON, STOCKHOLM TAR, &c,-&e. winch they are deternnned to dispose of OIl such terms as shall ensure approbation. LATHS and LATHWOOÐdf all descriptions 'CAUTION AT THE PRJISENT SEASON. By his Majesty's Royul Letters Eatev.t. ..y DR. SIBLY's RE-ANIMATING SOLAR TINCTURE is particuiariy' recommended during the present varied Season of heat and eld; which, as a preventive of fevers, a strengihener of the system, and a general preserver of heuhh, lias-no rival. -its effects on decayed constitutions, whether brought on by indiscretion, or otherwise, are self-evideiit and the UHmycúscs in which it has completely succeeded, have powertully re- commended it to numberless families. EXTRAORDINARY CAgE. Mr. JOHN SWAJJ, of Wind-street, Swansea, was seized with a dreadful lever, wuieh, when it abated, leit'an in flammation on his lungs, -which became ulcerated, and lie was reduced to a mere skeleton. In this deplorable situa*- tion, which had baffled ail medical skill, a friend, who had some time before been nearly as bad, advised him to try the SOLAR TIN'CTITRI:, which had cured him. Following the counsel of his friertdrilir. S. purchased two bottles, • which immediately relieved, and shortly after entirely re- moved, his complaints, and restored him to his- loimer health. Alr, S. iojw says, he must have sunk into the orave, had he not taken this valuable medicine, and considers himself twenty years younger,, such were its wyndcnul effects. Additicmal advtmitage.—Persons taking the TiifCTiTRF, on sending t)ie particulars ot their ,co;nplaints (poar-paid) tc the Solar Tincture Warehouse, No. 40, New isndge-itreet, Ludgate-hili, London, may have medical advice %-utis. Tiiis incomparable preparation is sold by T. Jankins. Frinier of \tlHS Paper; J. Bird, Cardiff: \V. M, Davis, Merthyr Tidvil; Daniel, Carmarthen J. Potter, Haver- fordwest; WiJiuot, Pembroke; Hughest Kilgeran: vV. and G. North,- Brecon; J. Roden, Denbigh; Owen, Welchpoolj./ Mrs. Tye, Wrexham; Griffiths, Ludlow- Salter, Oswestry.; .Grkfiths, Bishop's Caxde Allen, Here- ford Tudor, Monmouth C. Junes, Glocesier ]• (iie, Bristol aiul by: all Arenders of Patent Medicines—ki bottles at 14s. 7s. 6d. and Cs. each, duty included;—oi whom may be had, printed pamphlets ot remarkable cures. THE LUNAR TINCTURE, for tlie FtJJALE Stxj at 10s. 6d. per.,bottle. RHEUMATIC, PARALYTIC, and GOUTY Atfections-; with their usual concomitants, Spasm, or Nying- Pah's, Flatulency, Indigestion, and general Debi- lity, (originating -in-whatever source) are relieved and fre- quently cared -ey WHITEHEAD'S ESSENCE of MUS- TARD PILLS, after every other means had failed. The FLUID ESSENCE of Mustard, (used with the IJiHs in those complaints, where necessary,) is perhaps the most active, penetrating-, and effectual remedy in the World, ge- nerally curing the severest SPRAINS Avn BRUISES in less than half the time (bllally falien by Opodeldoc, Ar- quebusade, or any other Embrocation ana if used im- mediately after any accident, it prevents the part turning black and the stiffness naturally arising ivuni the first use of tlie MUSKET,'it 'immediately removes. It is prepared and sold at 2s, 9d. each Box or Bottle, by R/ Johiiston, Apothecary, No. 15, Greek-Street, Soho, London and may be had ot T. Jenkins, and T. Allen, Swansea. COMFORTABLE HANJ)S AND EACE. r~jH JENKINSr. Printer, S WAX sr. A, has this JL O day receiveu a large Supply or MIDDLEW OOD's ROYAL ABYSSINIAN FLOWER SOAP, which, is patronised by the PRJJCCKSS of WALES and the DUKE and DucjiLst ot YORK, the Nobility and Families throughout the United Kingdom; airn all Europe celebrates its inestimable, virtue, winch makes the Hands and Face de- licately." White, Smootn, and Agreeable, in the most intense Frost or Shs.rp Winds, however rough and unpleasant the Skill may have been. Til washing 'i oung Chiktren, whose delicate skin requires great attention to be preserved in its pure state, its elhcai.y is invaluable. Also ivlihtary4ud Gen- tlemen in general, exposed to the incUnnency of the'wmter, will prove its efhcacy in rendering Siiaving, condort'uble, even where smartmg-«od the most unpleasant sensations have been experienced; indeed the estimation in which it stands with the public, is too generally known to fur- ther encomiums—price Is. the square. Neat SUA VINO BoxkS filled with the above Soap, Brush, and on. the- top copper-plattf directions, which, if attended to, will very lauch assist the teuderest face.—Price 2s. 6d. ALSO, HIS ROYJL COSMETIC POWDER has for many years "gained- the admiration of Ladies in the leading circles of elegaftce, who universally use and recom- mend it (particularly fur the ball-room) as an agreeable and necessary appendage to the Toilet, to make the FACE, NECK, and ARMS, delicately fan- and elegaut attei wash- ing or perspiration, Is. the packet. To prevent imposition each packet of CofinQtic, and square of Abyssinian FiWer Soap, will be inclosed in a printed pa- per, signed J. W. hiidtiletvwH*" For convenience of* Country V'endftis Messrs. ltendrie and bons, Tboinas, West, and Co. Messrs. tlowncys, Air. Sowerby, periumeis, Messrs. Howard and Eyans, Barclay and Sons, Cbing and Butler, Shaw and Edvyards, Dicey and Sutton, Mr. Hurst, book- seller, and most wholesale nouses, are authorised to suuply their friends at theinanufactory prices. Orderswiih iwoney fro in venders, not Jess than five doze-I1, to J.W. ^'Stddlftwiuid, Abyssinian I lowcrSuap Maker, High-street, Whitecha[K=L London^ w Ji be .sent at the wliole- sale price, ire.e- of ca^tWc and eici- exuencc, to any nart iol tl, -I"A GLAMORGANSHIRE. F TO BE LET, Fnni LADY'-DAY vat, THE Capital MANSION ofBlRCHGROVE, witii ei without the adjacent FARM and LANDS, situate within be Miles of tlje Town of Swansea, and very accessible- from the two Turnpike Roads which pass near it.—'1 he House-is modern, and irs situation, com- fort and convenience,- are siv mg recommendations. ^or particulars apply by letler (post-paid) to Mr. Levi Jones Swansea. J:tHt!11I'Y :!tah,180<f. GLAMORGANSHIRE. TO BE LET, A FARM of 220 ACRES of ARABLE and PASTURE LANDS, with a good HOUSE and Out- Duddnigs, adjacent to the turnpike-jroad from Swanst-a to. Loughor, sea-ports, at an equal distance from belli, abo-ut three miles and a half: it adjoins three excelle'uf Commons, en which it hath extensive rights. A stream ot water runs through it, abounding with Fish, and sufficiently pow erful lor any works "of Tin or Iron, for both of which it is particularly adapted, as being situated near Coai lit tor all purposes; and in a woodland7 country, where an ample supply ot "Char- coal can be assured. Particulars, when required, addressed to JMr. Levi Jones,. Swansea, will be attended-to, post-paid. :XXTANTEI) an ASSISTANT, to teach "rfce> T » CLASSICS, and assist in the other Departments of a School.^ A Clergyman of the Church of England,- who is a good Matiiemaiician, will be preferred. Letters (post— paid) addressed to Mr. Andrews, Lidney, with satiable references, wiitbe attended-to. FARMING. A PERSON v,'Ko has been bred to FARM- ING and STOCK in sundry parts of -England, and the last four years in Wales, would be sjSud to engage with • an) Gentleman as STEWARD or BAILItF, 011 reason- abieterms. A line directed to J. T. at Wm. Lewis's, Llandarug, near Carmarthen, will be attended to.. Satisfactory reference may be had. VALUABLE SCHGOL JSOORS. This Day is published, in One closely-printed Volume.. price 4s. Cd, in boards, cr 5s. bouad, SCRIP URE BIOGlf APHY; or, the Lives: and-Characters o^Tweniy-two of the prindpaf"Per- sonages recorded in the Old c NT-starileiil, pl'Z -ALA adapted-to the Instruction -of Youth and private Families;' By the Rev. JOHN. WATKLXS, LL. D., Author of the Biographical Dictionary. «cc., Prmted ior Richard -No- 71, St. Pa j''s Church- yan; ana ;¡;"J by Mrs. Oake?, Swransea 5 Mr. B;,rd, Cardilfivir. Walters, Cowbxidge Mr. Darnel, Cariaar- tbcu; Air. Grniu^s,. Tenby My. Wnffuit, Pembroke; Mr. Poccer, Haverfordwest; and by alt other Booksellers. Of whom may be 1.(.1 the under.-neniwnea valuable end ts 1. Dr. MAVOR's Brifi-li N epos, price 4s. 6d. 2. Di cto's il: atural History, price 5s. o. Ditto's Selection Irom tl a:arch's Lives, 4s. 6d." 4. Ditto's Universal boon-hand, price 7s. 6d. .5. —— Ditto's Improved Speiiing Book, price Is. 6d. 6. —— Diuo's Roman H;stof\ w1:. 15s. oc .iOs. ud. 7. ——Ditto's Grecian Hutoiy, 2 vols. 10-. and 7s. 8. Dr. GREGORY'S Elements oi a Poine Education, price 4ts. 6d. 9., Dr. WATKINS's Universal Biographical and Histori- cal Dictionary, one latge. volume, 8vo. unce K) od. R>. Dr. MAVOR's and Bit. PixAi 1 's Selection oi C.as- s;cai Poetry, pfice -5s. by.und.. n. lü. "íHNIl\G's Elements cf English Cotnpoiitior., price 4s. 6d. bound. iS. GEOGRAPHY for the USE 01 SCHt new, popular, and fascinating piali, illusirau beaotifuf Engravings, by the Rev. J. GoidoJ. :i.). bound. 13. AN EASY GRAMMAR of GEOGRAPHY, on a Plan entirely new, with Maps, -by the Hev. J..GoIdsnntfc, price 2s. 6d. 14. POETRY for CHILDREN, by Mis^iim, 2s. 6d. 15. BIBLE STOlllES, containing all tne most interest- ing Histories ill the Old ami New Testament, printed in a, large type, and decorated with 12 plates, 2 vols, price 4s. LONDON THE IJMGE^AND^OSTPOPU- LOUS CITY IN THE WORLD. This Day is Published, A new edition, corrected to the present time, ii histraied with a large modern Map of London, with another Map y: tb-^ Environs and embellished witu several Views, Price Five Shillings, bound in red, THE PICTURE of LONDON, for isoc; being a run, and CORRECT DKSC;RIPTICN 01 tlie BRITISH METROPOLIS, and of its VICINITY; and a. FAITHFUL GUIDE to allits CURIOSITIES, AMUSKMEM.S, EXHIBITIONS, PURXIC INsTITvn¡jNf<, and whatever is remarkable and deserving of ootice witn a great variety of VsLI ULTABLES, contaimng the Hackney-coacii Fares, £ ist« oi Strfcets, InM, aad Coffee-houses, Ciiurcnes, Pubhc Othces.&c. It is impossible, in tl.p compass of an advertisement, to enumerate, the great number ot useful topics, which are treated of in this small volume;, [but, it may suffice to GI)- serve, that a total Stranger may, by means of it, become hotter acquainted with tli;e British Metropolis in a few day., than many"thousands of intelligent persons who have re- sided in it during many years. Printed tor R: Phillip*, No. 71, St. Paul's Church-var-f, and sold by Mrs. Oakey, Swansea; Mr. Bird, Cardiff, Mr. Waiters, Cowbridge Mr. Daniel,. Carmarthen Mr. Grif- fiths, Tenby j Mr. Wilmot. Pembroke; Mr. Potter, Haver- fordwest; and by every Bookseller in the United Kingdom, and at the bars of all tlie principal Coffee-houses in London. Of whom may be had, by the same Editor, A GUIDE to the WATIHING and S E A-B A M 1 O PLACES; with sixty Maps and. V rewsj price 12s. in boards. THE GREAT RESTORATIVE TO HEALTH. ]\/FANN'S APPROVED MEDICINE for iH Violent Coughs, Colds, Asthmas, Consumptions, Hooping Coughs, &c. &c. W. F. Sullivan, A. B. called on Mr. Mann, of Sussex, on the 2d of Nov. 1803, and voluntarily gave him the following Case Sir, I have witliin tliese four years past used your Approved Medicine, and have provecf it such my Case has been a Rheumatic Complaint, always preceded bv a violent cold, cough and hoarseness, which symptoms vanished 111 taking t>ne 2s. 6d. Bottle, and another totally removed the com- plaint I always use it at this time' of the year as a pre- ventive, and recomaipnd it strongly to the Alixted. I am now in my 47th year, and have been better m health since I have used your invaluable Composition.—You arc at li- berty to publish this, or show it to whom you please. I am, Sir, with gratitude, Your obliged humble servant, W- F- SULLIVAN, A. B. Late if the Theatres'Royal, Wuidsor, Weymouth, cS,.e. <|'c- Sold in Bottles at 2s. 6d. and 4s. 6d. each,.di;ly included, by T. Jenkins, Swansea,, and by the Principal Vendc-rs of Medicines in Great Britain. Engrmwl an the Stamp. Tkos. MjJW, Hershain. Sussex, to CQititCcrftit iphich is Felony,