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TO THE PUBLIC. ON the first appearance of a New Paper be- C y fore that august Tribunal which is ulti- mately to fix its destiny, Custom exacts a disclosure of its claim to notice: obedient to. her mandate, we intreat attention while we concisely develope the motives on which our pretensions to approbation and favour are grounded. The utility of Newspapers is too obvious to re- quire a single comment; yet, notwithstanding their great increase of late years, particularly Provincial Journals, the Principality of Wales has, till now, been denied one of those vehicles of refinement, instruction, and amusement; when in no part of the kingdom could the necessity for such an esta- blishment more strongly exist. Its numerously enlightened inhabitants have thus been subjected to various inconveniences from the same cause, the importance of the trade of Wales, its valuable resources, and commercial enterprise, are at this moment but imperfectly known. These consi- derations gave birth to THE CAMBRIAN. Our design is not merely to multiply the chan- nels of general knowledge we have formed expec- Z, tations of a more elevated nature and ardently hope to be instrumental in rendering service to the Principality lastingly beneficial. We, therefore, again earnestly invite all who can estimate the best means of promoting the advantage of Wales, by the improvement of Agriculture, extension of Trade, or otherwise, to transmit their suggestions, (post-paid) and THE CAMBRIAN shall be the means of disse- mination. It will moreover be our study to convey early and authentic details of every interesting trans- action at home and abroad we shall faithfully record the proceedings of the Legislature, and all important decisions in the Law Courts: the prices of the London Markets, and fluctuations of the public Funds, shall be correctly stated; and no subject worthy of observation shall escape our fcacar.'IitB.Our will onr-blc v.s- tc anticipate the London prints in regard to Irish news; an object, at the present crisis, deserving of remark. Independence and Impartiality shall be our basis- Truth our guide. We will never sacrifice at the shrine of Party. The envied Constitution of this Realm shall uniformly have our firmest support, and the Laws our reverence. Our unceasing en- deavours will be directed to cherish the noble ardour, and fan the generous flame of patriotism, which has roused Britain's sons to arms in defence of their sacred rights and privileges, threatened with destruction, "by a fierce and haughty foe, for that we alone among the nations have been found to withstand his violent and unjust ambition." Intelligent Agents have been appointed in the chief towns of Wales to forward regular accounts of the arrival and sailing of shipping-returns of the prices of grain, cattle, and other merchan- dise in the principal markets and fairs-names of company frequenting the different places of fashi- onable resort-and all occurrences which may be entitled to narration. To this multifarious intelli- gence will be united the local information of the neighbouring English counties. Hence, it is pre- sumed, the provincial department of this Paper will be found peculiarly attractive. The facility which THE CAMBRIAN will afford for reciprocally communicating and supplying wants of every description, must not pass unnoticed. For a comparatively trifling expence, may be ad- vertised the intended public or private disposal of landed or other property-the sailing of a ship to a particular port; or the arrival of another with a cargo for sale-schemes of invention, &c. &c. By this mode also, masters may have a choice of servants, and the latter obtain desirable situations-the artist or tradesman newly arrived will be known throughout the Principality within a week-the monied-man may abuse his security for loans, and the needy be furnished, without an exposure of names except to each other. In short, so extensively useful is a Newspaper in this respect, that it has been truly described as a resource which knows no bounds. Having now declared our views and intended system of conduct, we resign THE CAMBRIAN into the hands of a liberal and discriminating Public, in confident expectation of indulgent sup- port and patronage, so long as our actions and professions shall accord. Welchmen, acknowledged lovers of their own country, will not, surely, desert a first-born and only child, whose efforts will be steadily devoted to their benefit. Before we conclude, we deem it our duty to account for the non-publication of THE CAMBRIAN on the 7th instant, the period originally proposed and partially announced throughout the Princi- pality.-The delay arose from the circumstance of the chief part of our Printing Materials having been shipped at Bristol on board the Phoenix sloop, Captain Diamond, bound for Swansea, which was in the first instance detained several days in the former port by contrary winds, and when she at length finally sailed, encountered a violent gale, which forced her into Milford, from whence she did not arrive until the 6th of this month, and we could not obtain our goods until the 12th-the pro- traction was consequently unavoidable on our part.