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DEATH OF DR JOSEPH PARRY. Dr Joseph Parry, the well-known musical composer, died on Tuesday evening at bis residence, Cartref, Penarth, passing away peacefully in the presence of his family. He was taken ill a fortnight ago, and so serious were the symptom* that an operation was con- sidered advisable a few days later. This was per- formed by Dr Lynn Thomas, Cardiff, and was in every respect successful. For some days the patient pro- gressed satisfactorily, strong hopes being entertained that with the aid of a strong constitution he would fully recover. Unfortunately, however, there was a relapse, and a further operation became necessary in the early part of last week. This gave relief and hopes were again revived, but on Wednesday of last 9'1 week there was an alarming rise in the patient's tem- perature, and the following day blood-poisoning symptoms developed. With the exception of a brief rally on Saturday, Dr Parry gradually grew weaker, and passed away about 9-30 on Tuesday evening. Dr Parry was born on the 21st of May, 1841, at Merthyr. His father, Daniel Parry, worked at the Cyfarthfa, and at nine years of age Joseph Parry was enrolled as one of the workers in that busy hive of industry. He was largely self educated. He composed Blodwen," Emmanual," and "The Maid of CefnYdfa"and numerous songs. Dr Parry at one time filled the chair of music at the University College of Wales, Aberystwyth. Until his seventeenth year Dr Parry was an ironworker, living then at Dannville, Pennsylvania, where he emigrated when thirteen years of age. His success as a competitor in musical compactions gained him influential friends, and funds were raided which enabled him to enter the Royal Academy of Music in London. He graduated Mus. Bac. at Cambridge, and proceeded two years later to his doctor's degree. He returned to America, but in the early seventies came back to Wales as a lecturer on music at University College, Aberystwyth. Subsequently he established a musical institute at Swansea, and about ten years ago want to Cardiff to take up the position at the College which he held at his death. A prolific composer, his choral pieces and psalm tunes have attained great popularity in Wales and America Many of his oratorios and operas have been pro- duced in connection with the Welsh National Eiiteddfodau. Of recent years he sought to estab- lish a school cf Welsh national opera, and his opera Blodwen" has been performed 500 times. Last December his latest opera, The Maid of Cefn Ydfa," was produced at the Grand Theatre, Cardiff, by the Moody-Mannera Opera Company. His oratorios include Emmanuel and "Saul of Tarsus," while he has written a number of cantatas, over 300 songs, and 400 hymn tunes, including the famous Aberystwyth."