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FOOTBALL. JUNIOR WELSH CUP. MACHYNLLETH v SINGLETON & COLES. The semi-final tie of the Junior Welsh Cup was played on the R. W, W. Recreation Ground, Newtown, on Sat- urday between Machynlleth and Singleton and Coles. The Machynlleth team were accompanied by about a hundred supporters from that town. The sky was threatening, bjit rain did not fall until after the match. The teams lined' UD as follows :—Machynlleth Goal, J. Arnold backs, Owen Marrig and W. Evans half- backs, Weaver, Rd Humphreys, and Tom Phillips forwards, John 0, Holt, R Hughes, Bob Humphreys, W. Thomas, and Billy Vaughan. Singleton and Coles Goal, Mr,Hartley hacks, Lee and Crane half-backs, Parry, Davies, and Stedman forwards, Leyton, Roberts, Edward*, France, and Jones. Mr Menueley, Ruabon, was the referee and the lines- men Messrs J. Pugh and Hibbott. Singletons won the toss and electei to play with the wind at their backs. A lively opening was witnessed as Dick :Hughes got away and put Billy Vaughan in possession, that player running the ball out. From the free kick, Machynlleth again got to close quarters, but the ball rolled over the line from the feet of Holt. Singleton's right wing raced away with the Machynlleth backs at their heels, France winding up by sending over the bar. The game had up to the present been very fast, but the pace now slackened considerably. Parry fouled Vaughan and Billy Evans took the kick and placed well in the mouth of goal A scrimmage ensued and Billy Vaughan cleverly headed the ball into the net. This was after ten minutes' play. Singleton's next made an incursion into Machynlleth territory, Billy Evans having to concede a corner from Leyton, which almost brought disaster to his side. The ball fell at the feet of Jones, the outside left, and he banged against the post when he should have secured a certain goal. For five minutes the Machynlleth n.en were penned in and the efforts of the Shrewsbury side certainly deserved a better fate. France was next conspicuous, and threading his way past the opposing defence, found the net, thus equalising. Machynlleth renewed their efforts, but the Singleton defence was too sound. Jones got away on the left and Owen Morris conceded a corner, which, however, proved fruitless. A second corner fell to the lot of the Shrewsbury team, but this was not taken advantage of. Billy Vaughan relievedi :and Dick Hughes gave Vaughan a good opening, but Parry ioulea. A second free-kick was awarded Machynlleth close in, Out Dick Hughes shot wide. Against the wind Machynlleth were hard pressed, but the backs were generally equal to thtl occasion. However, the reward of determined ,P^ay came when Leyton, given a good opening, with a low shot found the corner of the net, thus putting his side ahead. Thp combination of the Shrewsbury men was very good, their passing being clean and accurate, For Machynlleth, Evans and Morris played a superb game at back. Che assistance of the wind gave Singleton's the advantage of the game up to half-time, when the score stood st— Singleton 2 goals Machynileth I goal Machynlleth now having the wind in their favour, the vanguard got away and were pulled up through Vaughan Getting off-side. Machynlleth returned the free kick and >ick Hughes put a long shot over the bar. Some exciting scrimmages in Singleton's goal resulted from some good §lay by Evans. McHartley listed away in fine style, ingleton's now improved, and rallied by Davies, their captain, they became dangerous. A foul against Davies brought relief, and Dick Hughes and Holt charged down to the other end, Holt shooting over. Parry fouled .Vaughan but Lee cleared, and Singletons again got into the Machynlleth balf, Arnold being called upon to deal whitalowshotfrom Leyton. Richard Humphreys obtained and put his forwards in possession, Bob Humphreys putting D. Hughes in position. From the rebound off Lee, Holt banged the ball into the corner of the net, thus equalis- ing, amid the enthusiastic shouts of their supporters. The ohrewaburyites had the best of the ensuing exchanges. i 'a"s on one occasion missed his kick, but Arnold was on"the ?hpi and cleared- Machynlleth, encouraged by the shouts of made several attempts to get ahead, but LliS ,enC2 of their opponents successfully met their „„\uIn,onc cf lhe scrimmages in goal, McHartley was Ik rls into th when Vau«han backed the ball out of his id hard ae„rtnet ,and Put his side ahead. Singletons Pr.f fh„ vvh,-Ht? tnac)e strenuous efforts to draw level, but failed, the v\nistie sounding with the score— Machynllethb 3 Singleton and Celes 2