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CARDIGANSHIRE. ABERYSTWYTH. DISTRICT COUNCIL. (WARD NO. 1). The polling for this ward tcok"place at Mr Pcpe's Grammar School in St. -Alichael's- place on Wednesday. Not much interest was manifested in the election, but in J1e evening the usual crowd of juveniles awaited outside for the result. The counting was commenced at eight o'clock, ani the result was made known shortly before nine, and was as follows: — David Jones, monumental mason, 161: Hugh Hughes, jeweller, 156; Thomas Doughton, coal merchant, 136. The Returning Otficer (Mr John Jones, Commerce House) then tleclared David Jones and Hugh Hughes duly elected. (NO. 2 WARD). Mr B E Morgan, gentlemam, 165 Mr J P Thomas, chemist, 158 Mrs Elizabeth James, gentlewoman, 115 Mr J. Edwards, Terrace-road, 114. The first two were elected. Mr R Griffiths and Mr J W Jones were the presiding officers. (NO. 3 WARD). Mr John Jenkins, old guardian, livery stable pro- prietor, 154 Mr T. Salmon, Lisburne Arms, 148 Dr T P Beddoes, old guardian, 146 Miss C Morgan, gentlewoman, 109. The first two were elected. Mr David Davies and Captain R Watkias were the pre- siding officers. (NO. 1 WARD). MrRicnard Edwards, butcher, 149; Mr Thomas Jones, cooper, 149 Mr C M Williams, chairman of the Board of Guardians, draper, 134 Mr George Green, foundry- man. 64. The first two were elected. Mr W Jones and Mr T G Thomas were the presiding officers. LLANBADARN LOWER (I SEAT). Mr James Jones, Tyllwyd, old guardian, 66; Mr Edward Owen, permanent way inspector, 48. The first one was elected. LLANFIHANGEL CREUDDYN LOWER (1 SEAT). Mr lhvid Davie.?, Ceunant, 65 Mr John Divies, Penuwchfach, 49. The first one was elected. TIRYMYNACH AND BRONCASTELLAN (I Seat). Mr Win Richards, Cwrt, o',Ll member, 48 Mr J T Rees, Broneal r,, 43. The first one WtS elected. LLANRHYSTYD ME FEN YD D (I SEAT). Mr John Jones, Ystrad Teilo, former guardian, 81 Mr John Ellis, Pencwmcanol, 47. The first one was elected. CEULAN YMAESMAWR & ELERCH (2). Messrs Griffith Morgan, Black Lion, and John Jones, Moelglomen, elected D 0 Edwards, Felin- fach, and Edward Evans. Neuaddfawr, not elected. CYFOETHYBRENIN (2). Messrs J M Williams. Brynbwl, 147 Hugh James, Borth, 79, elected R P Roberts, Garibaldi House, 71, and James Beynon, Efelwen, 24. LLANCYNFELIN (1). Messrs Wm Mason, Llettyllwyiion, old guardian, elected Richard Jenkins, Henhafod, not elected. LLANFIHANGEL CROYDDYN UPPER. Messrs David Morgan, Pentre Brunant. old guar- dian, 128; Thomas Powell. Glanllyn, 112, elected; David Jones, Cyfarllwyd View, 27. LLANILAR AND RHOSTIE (2 SEATS). Messrs T. W, Nicholls, Castle Hill and Daniel Morris, Efowpompren, elected Daniel Jones, Garthfawr, and John Parry, Dyffryn Mill former guardiatis,not elected.. elected. MELINDWR (1 SEAT). ,j Messrs Richard Rowdand, Cefncoed, 67, elected E. H. Bebb, Blaendyffryn, old guardian, 65 and H. W. Morgan, Fronllangwrda (2), not elected, f,LANFARIAN.: J DISTRICT COUNCIL (2 SEATS). James Jones, Tyllwyd, 66 T E Owen,P448. The first was elected. LLANILAR. DISTRICT COUNCIL (1 SEAT). T W Nicholls. 87 Daniel Morris, 80 Daniel Jones, 67 John'Parry 45, The first two were elected. SCUBORYCOED. I There were two candidates for one seat. The elec- tion took place on Wedn°sday, December 19th. John Jones Ynyshir, 39: Morgan Edwards, Bwlcheinion, *33 MELINDWR (9 SEATS), PARISH COUNCIL. "Messrs Thomas Owen, Goginan, 97 Rpv David Morgan, Penllwyn, 91 Richard Adams, Penllwyn, 85 David Stephens, Penbryn, 81 John Jenkins, Troedvrhiw, 80; Thomas Evans, Goginan, 77; Capt Bray, Goginan, 70 Morgan Morgan, Llerneuaddau, 69 and David Richards, Goginan, 69, elected John Morris, Penllwyn, 64 William Jenkins, Nanty- rarian, 61 William Davies, Penllwyn, 60 Job Sylvanus, Penllwyn, 54 J S Nicholls, Goginan, 45 Capt John Owens, Cwmbrwyao, 34; and E J Morgan, Penllwyn, 26." CYFOETHYBRENIN (13 SEATS). PARISH COUNCIL. Mr John Jenkins, 173; the Rev .J. M. Griffiths, 149; Messrs Richard James. 146: William Jones, Brynodvn, 117; E C Davies, 113; John Williams, 111 Edward Hughes, 109 W H O,iy, 100 James Richards. 96; John Francis, 93; the Rev W H Timothy, 89 Richard Jones, 79; Richard Morgan, 75-elected. Wm Morris, 73 R P Roberts, 73 Hugh Hughes, 69; J Llewellyn, 66; E J Williams, 61 J Hughes. 60 ;W Jones, Tynrhelig, 51 W Williams. 44 J Ellis, 39 Thomas Jenkins. 38 Richard Evans. Tyn- llechwedd. 37 John Jones. Liverpool House, 37 John Beynon, 33 and David Jones, 26-not elected LLANBADARN LOWER (9 SEATS.) Messrs R J Roberts, 97 Richard Richards, Gwar- felin, 92 John Jenkins, Rhydyfelin, 85 James Scott. Penglanowen. 82 Hugh L!oyd, Cottage. 81 David Rees, Pantygwyfol. 77 Jenkin Lloyd, Gors Farm, 73 Davil. Jones, Troedyrhiwfonfach, 71 Wm Edwards, Pantllanychaiarn, 64, elected J M Jones, labourer, 62 Stephen Jones, Pengraig, 51 and James James, Wernddu, 40. LLANRHYSTYD MEFYNYDD (7 SEATS. Messrs Evan Jones. 71 J Morgan, 63 Thomas Richards. 59 John Williams, auctioneer, 59 L. D. Lewis. 55 Wm Jones, 52 Steohen Davies, 46, elected James Edwards, 44 and T. Charles, 42. LLANRHYSTYD HAMINIOG (9 SEATS.) Messrs David Rowlands. 104 Wm Jenkins. 95 David Thomas, 88 Owen Jones. 86 J Hugh Jones, 82 Humphrey Ellis, 77 Evan Morris, 74 James James, 73 and Evan Evans. 72, elected Thomas Jones, 69; David Jenkins, 66 David Jennings,' 64^: Thomas Price, 63 and David Morgan, 53. LLANILAR. Mr JWilliam Davies, Solicitor, Brvnawel. Llanilar has been unanimously elected first Chairman of the Council for his native parish. Mr Davies refused to be nominated as a member and the Council elected their chairman from outside. The Rev J. T. Griffiths, the Vicarage, is the vice-chairman; Mr Rees, N. and S.W. Bank, treasurer and Mr Isaac Jones, Cefncoed, secre- tary. The Council held their first meeting on the 13th. December, and the Council looks to be an active one. TREGARON RURAL DI-'RICT. CARON UWCHCLAWDD. DISTRICT COUNCIL (I SEAT). Richard Jones, Cefngair. 59; John Jones, Penybont Shop 41. The first was elected. CARON LOWER (3 SEATS), DISTRICT COUNCIL. D J Williams, Pencefn, 216; William Rees, Waun- fawr, 138 Rees Evans, Chapel-street, 131 Daniel Morgan, Red Lion, 129; Evan Rowland, Ystrad, 101 William Jones, Ochr. 101 HUllh Rees, Llwyngwyn, 77 Edward Garson Leslie, birdcatcher, 2. The first three were elected. GWNNWS UCHAF (1 SEAT). DISTRICT COUNCIL. Thomas Jones, Llidiartyffair, 55; Richard Couch, Florida Mine. 25. The first was elected. YSBYTTY YSTWYTH (2 SEATS). DISTRICT COUNCIL. William Jones, Tanlefel, 80 Thomas Morgan, Tymawr, 79; Lewis Oliver, Dolchenog, 41. The first two were elected. PLLANDD KWIBREFI. GOR WY DD. DISTRICT COUNCILLORS (2 SEATS). Very heavy poll. Elected :-David Davies, Morfa, 99 Rev T. R. Davies, Vronddu, 87. Not elected John Jones, Mill, 76 William Rees, Llwyn, 72. DOITHIE UNITED (1 SEAT). DISTRICT COUNCIL. Only about oue-half of the electors went to poll. Thomas Jones. Cwmdl, 19 Thomas Joi.es, Troed- rhiwcymmer, 16 Both candidates were old guardians. LLANGE1THO (GWYNFIL). DISTRICT COUNCIL (I SEAT). W Davies, Goyallt, 40 David Jenkins, Gwynfil- house, 29. SWYDDFFVNON. PARISH COUNCIL. The following are the elected councillors for the parieh of Lledrod Upper :—Messrs D. Davies, Tany- ffordd J. Davies, Well House Edward Jones, Ffos Rev. T. R. Morgan, Baptist minister Messrs W. Bebb, Cricklas T. Owen, Tynddraenen J. Lloyd, Penlan. The Council met for the first time ou Thurs- day, December 13th, when the following gentlemen were appointed officers :—Chairman, Rev. T. R. Morgan, vice-chairman, Mr J. Lloy(l, Penlan, clerk, the Assistant Overseer, Mr T. Davies, Black Lion treasurer, Mr John Jenkins, Swyddffynon Shop. The next meeting will be ou Thursday, December 27th, at 6p.m. LAMPETER. The result of the election of three Guardians is as follows :—John Davies, Cambrian Shoe Factory, 203 Timothy Davies, Brongest, 184 Rev g C Jones, Uni- tarian Minister, 175 Rev Daniel Jones, Vicar, 109. The first three were elected. BETTWS. DISTRICT COUNCILLOR (1 SEAT). Dd. Davies, Pencoed, 21; Samuel Davies, Coedpark, 15. Mr Walter Davies withdrew from the contest. (Continued on Page S.)