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funeral of jllr Samuel IjaUrmb.


funeral of jllr Samuel IjaUrmb. On Saturday afternoon the body of Mr Samuel Holland, Caerdeon. whose death was chronicled week, was interred in the picturesque graveyard of the Church at Caerdeon, which adjoins the house and grounds of the deceased's residence. There were two other funerals at Barmouth of old and respected in- habitants, resulting in the compulsory absence from Caerdeon of a large number of people. Caerdeon also is situated in a sparsely populated district and the weather, though tine, was bitterly cold, and all this tended to keep a larye number of peaple away and to these causes must likewise be added the fact that for the pist six or seven years Mr Holland had lived in retirement during wtllch-s) short-lived is public memory when not periodically revived by acts of service and generous contribution—he had very largely passed out of the recollection of the younger genera- tion occupied by other men, other manners. Nevertheless there was a goodly number (if old friends and acquaintances who, in days gone by, had worked with the deceased in his commercial and political enterprises, as well as of old workmen and tenants, who spoke of their late ni.?st, i- and landlord with e^ery respect, kindly feeling, and deep regret hi, loss. The fuueral was fixed for two o'clock and up to that hour friends were admitted into the house for a view of the deceased. The coffin lay in one of the front rooms, in the corner of which was the very lifelike portrait of Mr Holland presented to him in 1SS6 in recognition of his public 3ervices to the county. Among the other portraits of the room was an en- graving of Mr Samuel Pope, of Hafodbryn. The coffin was made of oak with brass mountings, and on the breast-plate was engraved the words SAMUEL nOLLANO, "Rom October 17th, IS03 Pied December 27th, 1892 It was made by Mr William Williams, of Barmouth, and was covered with magnificent wreaths and crosses sent by the following Mrs Norton, Miss Gatty Jones, Miss Wilkin, Mis? Griffith, Glyn, Mrs C. V\ illiams, Mrs Gregson, Mr Leigh Taylor. Mr and Mrs Scott, Miss Schwan, Mrs Thruston Holland, Miss Evans, Mr Robert Jones, Mrs Carlyle, Miss M. Blount, Mrs Parker. Mrs Ellen Joner, Miss Gertrude Burt, Dr and Mrs P. Jones, men ald maid servants at Caerdeon. Mr Samuel Pope, Q C., Mr and Mrs Wright, the Mis-es Holland, Brook- street, Mr and Mrs Lloyd Williams, Miss Pallis-r. the Misses Bushe, Mrs Blount, JH Robins, Mr Edwards, Mrs and the Mi-ses Parker, Mips Gr-ffith, Mrs Clarke, Mr and Mrs Charles Williams, Mr Robet Jonts, Mr and Mrs Mapplc eck, Mr and Mrs Partridge, Mr and Mrs John Charles Hughes, Mr E. 0. V. Lloyd, Perth, ex-high sheriff, and others Shortly after two o'clock the body was brought from the house and deposited on tressels in front of the entrance when the Rev Mr L=>w<'s of Caerdeon read the introductory portion of the beautiful service of the Church of England for the burial of the dead. This being completed the cortege was formed in the following order :— The Rfy W. Williams, rector of: Dolgelley che Rev Mr Lewis, Caerdeon the Rev W. Thmnas, Barmouth the Rev D. Herbert. Dolgelley the Rev Mr Owen, Arthog and the Rev R. J. Morgan, Bryn- coedifor. Thomas Jones (Messrs Breese, Jones and Casson), Portmadoc, the family lawyer Dr William Williams, Dolgelley and Dr Evans, Portmadoc. THE COI FIN* followed by 'the chief mourners, Messrs Charles, Walter, Edgar, and William Holland, nephews of the deceased, and Mr J. A. Burt, brother-in-law. and attended by the following bearers Messrs William Humphreys and William Davies, Lasynys O.çpn Griffith, C&edu Lewis Lewis, Rhydgaieducha Cadwaladr Lloyd and Huph Pugh, Dolgelley Humphrey Morgan, bailiff Oweu Jones, gardener Owen Thomas, carter Robert Roberts, [blacksmith Morris Jones, Lodge James Wiliiam3, coachman R. P Roberts, Dolgelley and others Messrs John Edwards and Son, Pwllheli, agents of the estate. Tenants numbering about forty and the servants of the household. The general public including M V7 R M. Wynne, Peniarth, lord lieutenant of the "HllIty Mr A. Osmond Williams, Deudraeth Mr Owen, Ymwleh Dr Edward Jones, Caerffynon Mr Edward Griffith, prindield Mr Morris dope*, Plasuohy Mr Charles Williams, Hengwm Mr R. S. Wayne, Aberartro and Dr Lloyd, Barmouth, county magistrates Major ttc-t. c'ef constable Superintendent Jones and P.S. Williams. ex-Superintendent Hughes Bryndedwydd Mr LI. J. Evans, Broom Hall M- E. O. Partridge, Parchynys Mr Ellis Wilkin, Glanmawddach Cupt. Bailey, Tanllan Mr T. P. Jones Parry, NOdh "1.11 South Wales Bank, Dolgelley and Mr John Edwards, Liverpool, representing Mr George Rae Mr R. Rowland, Plasissa, Portmadoc Mr T. E. Morris, barrister-at-law, representing his father (Mr W. E. Morris, Portmadoc) Mr Charles Breese, Portmadoc M- Thotras Roberts, C.E.. the Rev John Davies, C.M., Bontddu Mr W. R. Davies, solic tor Mr Robert J. Griffith, Rock Cottage Mr O. D. Robert- Clogwyn Mr Richard Williams, Tanyeader Mr Robert Owen, Cwmorthyn Mr William Owen, Welsh Slate Mr Griffith Owen, Glanrafon Quarry, Carnarvon Mr R. J. Davies, Mr Recs Robert,. Mr Barlwlydon Davies, Festiniog the Rev R. Wood, Ludlow Mr Henry Roberts, Portmadoc (brother of the late Dr Roberts) Mr David Morris, Welsh Rlate. Mr IL J. Morris, gProfe=sor Jones, Mr J. Jones, Brynteg, and [Mr H. Wynne Williams, Barmouth Mr Robert Isaac, Union Iron Works, Portmadoc Mr Bryan and Mr Smith, Castle, Harlech Mr Hugh Owen. chairman Barmouth Local Board Mr G. J. Hughes, Gmigymor. Harlech Mr Hugh Parry, Bont- ddu Mr David Jonei and Mr E. D. Jones, B.A., Traw^fynydd Mr Hugh Jones, Llwyncrwyn Mr Rees Evans and Mr J. P. Jone., Harlech Mr E. R. Jones, postmaster, Barmouth Mr John Edwards, saddler, Dolgelley and many others. Among the families represented were those of Heu- gwrtucha. Glandwr, and Bodowen. The family vault is on the south side of the Church. I was lined with moss in which were embedded crysanthemums and other white flowers. The Vicar, who was accompanied by a surplioed choir, met the body at the lych gate, reading the in- 11 rtfnrtT oonf onnoo Clr\\v\rt infn ,1">. /"M. I J tiuuuuvuij .UU'l.U. \a\ji 114^ tutu me v/iiurcn aim depositing the coffin in the chancel, the favourite hymn of the deceased was sung I could not do without thee, For years are fleeting fast, And soon in solemn loneliness The river must be passed But Thou wilt never leave me, And though the waves roll high, I know Thou wilt he np-ar Tue, And whisper, It is I." After Psalm xc. was chanted, Bishop Lloyd, of Bangor, read the Lessons, and the funeral hymn- Now the labourer's task is o'er Now the battle day is past- being sung, the body was conveyed to the grave where the service was read by the Vicar and by the Rev W. Williams, rector of Dolgelley. After the body was consigned to the grave, the Welsh hymn Bydd myrdd 0 ryfeddodau was sung, and the congregation separated. It appears that there was was a discrepancy in the historical account of the Parliamentary representa- tion of the county reproduced last week from the report published in 1886 wherein it was said that Mr David Williams, of Deudraeth, was returned owing to the fact that Mr Holland had canvassed the county in his behalf, Mr Williams being ill at thetime. In 1859, Mr David Williams, of Deudraeth, made his firiot appearance as Liberal candidate for Merioneth against the late Mr W. W E. Wynne, of Peniarth, and was beaten by a majority of 40. In 1S64, when Mr Williams contested the seat against Mr W. R. M. Wynne, Mr Wynne was returned with a majority of 31. Prior to IS6S, the year of the next contest, a Reform Bill had been passed in 1867 and, the lease- holders of Festiniog being enfranchised, the constitu- ency was ni-ch enlarged. Mr Wr, R. M. Wynne was then nominated en behalf of the Conservatives and Mr Williams on be0alt of the Liberals, but before the day of the poll, Mr Wynne retired and Mr David Williams was returned unopposed as the first Liberal member for the county. In 186.1, Mr Williams died. In the following year, 1870, Colon 1 Tottenham came out for the Conservatives and Mr Holland made his first ap- pearance as a candidate for the, Liberals and was returned with a majority of 647. In 1874, Mr Holland was again returned, this time unopposed. In 1880. however, he was opposed by Mr Dunlop but was returned with a majority of 786. In 1885, there wis a split in the Liberal party through Mr Morgan Lloyd coming out in opposition to Mr Robertson, Pale, on which occasion Mr VV. R. M. Wynne, Peniarth was nominated by the Conservatives. Mr Robertson w a= returned bv 3 784 votes, Mr Wynne receiving 2.209 \otes, and Mr Morgan Lloyd, 1,906. In 1886, Mr Robertson retired, when Mr T. E. Ellis for the rir-t time made his appearance as a parliamentary c-,n(li ;a, and was returned with 4,127 votes against Air Vaughan, of Nannau, who, received 2,860 votes. In 1892, Mr T. E. Ellis polled 5,175, against Mr Henry Owen, of Cei*wyn's 1,937, and, on being appointed Junior I ord of the Treasury, was returned on August •J6t.li, 1892, unopposed. A vote of condolence with Mr Holland's family will be found in the following report of Merioneth Quarter Sessions.