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¡ CARDIGAN COUNTY COUNCIL. Tha quarterly meeting of Cardigan County Council was held at Lampeter on Tuesday, there being present Mr Morgan Evans, Oakford, chairman Aldermen Peter Jones, Aberystwyth David Jenkins, Maesteg J. T. Morgan, Maesnewydd John Powell, Troed- yraur D. W. E. Rowland, Llanddewibrefi Evan Richards, Llanfihangel William Davies, Rhydowen- fach C. M. Williams. Aberystwyth Jenkin Jenkins, Blaenplwvf and John Davies, Taincoed Councillors W. T. D ivies, Felinfach Dr Lewi, Cilcennin Rees Jones, Tregaron Colonel Howell, Llandygwydd T. Levi, Aberystwyth John Jones, Strata Florida J. E. James, Goginan Edward Jones, Talybont Wm. Morgan, Bow Street John Jones, Taliesin George Green, Aberystwyth Vaughan Davies, Llanfarian Hugh Hugnes. Llanbadarn James James, Llan- rhystyd J. Hope Evans, Llangranog D. Lloyd, Liampeter William Evans, Llanfihangel J. J. Jones, Troedyraur Evan Davies, Aberbank Enoch Davies, Llandyssul Evan Evans, Llandsiliogogo J. T. Evans, Abrarth; P. R. Beynon, Penbryn D. J. Jones. Llangopdmore Timothy Jones, Lianwenog J. Owens, Lledrod David Jones. Devil's Bridge James Stephens, Cardigan T. Mason James, Yspytty; -iy B. Jones, Llanilar Sir Marteine Lloyd, New Quay J. M. Howell, Aberayron Thomas Thomas, Nant- cwnlle Watkin Janes, Llanllwchaiarn W. O. e Brigstocke, Llangoedmore J. Watkin Jones, Llan- fair J. Williams, Llanddewibrefi; T. H. R. Hughes, Llanwnen and Mr H. C. Fryer, clerk. VOTES OF CONDOLENCE. The CHAIRMAN said that since the formation of the new Council,they had lost two members. As the Council was assembled on the last occasion a report reached them that Captain Longcroft, the new member for New Quay, had died. The report come upon them so suddenly that he supposed all of them were not quite prepared to accept it in such a way as to pass a vote of condolence with the bereaved family. Since, then another member of the Council-a very good man and a very prominent man in the district-had left them. He referred to Mr R. J. Davies, of Cwrtmawr. He could not pretend to the honour of having been a personal friend of the two gentlemen deceased but he knew enough of them to be able to say that they were much respected by a very large circle of friends. It was not necessary for him to say that he disagreed with Captain Longcroft. He did so on many things but having worked with him in public for many years, he was glad to be able to bear testimony to his honesty of purpose and devotion to duty. Mr Davies, un- doubtedly was a man of great abilities which he devoted to the advancement of his fellow-countrymen in many ways. He therefore proposed a vote of condolence with the widows and families of the de- ceased. The Rev T. LEVI seconded the proposition and it was unanimously agreed to. VACANT ALDERMENSHIPS. Mr PETER JONES, in order to facilitate business, moved the acceptance of Colonel Davies-Evans's resig- nation. Mr JENKINS (Blaenplwyf) moved, and the Rev Mr THOMAS, Llandyssul, seconded, that Colonel Davies- Evaus should be asked to reconsider the matter. Mr PETER JONES thought that would be waste of time. Members of the Council had had conversation with Colonel Evans who stated in the most emphatic manner that he would not on any terms reconsider the matter. He had paid the fine and had complied with the standing orders so he (Mr Jones) presumed that the resignation was in operation. (Mr Brigstocke nodded assent).. Mr JENKINS (Blaenplwyf) then withdrew his pro- position, Colonel HOWELL remarking that he had been in correspondence with Colonel Davies-Evans who was at present determined to stick to his resignation. The Rev T. MASON JAMES, before the papers were distributed for ballot, said that the members for the locality had selected the Rev John Owen to succeed Mr Roderick Lloyd. Colonel HOWELL was anxious to know whether the Council were willing to extend to the Conservative members the generosity shown them at the first meet- ing, when three members were allotted to Conservative members. Colonel Davies-Evans was one of those members and if the Council adopted that course, he suggested the name of Mr David Lloyd, Lampeter. Mr DAVID LLOYD said he did not wish to be nominated unless the suggestion was adopted. Mr PETER JONES thought it only consistent and reasonable to adopt the nomination of Colonel Howell. Mr BRIGSTOCKE said the County Council should be careful not to enter in any shape or way into a political compact. Ou the ballot papers being filled in, it was ascertained that thirty-seven had voted for the Rev John Owen for three years nineteen for Mr David Lloyd for six years, and eighteen for Mr T. H. R. Hughes. FISHERY BOARDS. Messrs David Jenkins, Maesteg, J. T. Morgan, and John Jones, Taliesin, were appointed representatives on the Dovey Board and Mr Richard Evans, Llwyn- rhyddod, on the Wye Board. COMMUNICATIONS. A letter was read from Mr Cully of the Woods and Forests Department, saying that he could give no more information about the administration of Crown lands in the county than was contained in a report of evidence given at an enquiry into administration of Crown lands. Mr PETER JONES said the information was not of the completeness desired by the Council. He had the pleasure of perusing one of the reports referred to by Mr Cully, and thought that anyone who read it would be wiser as to the sources of revenue and details of administration which the Council were entitled to know relating to Crawn property in Cardiganshire. He therefore proposed that the representative of the county should be desired to take, the first opportunity of obtaining information of a more detailed character. The Rev°J. DAVIES (Taincoed), seconded the pro- lysili'in and it was agreed to, the CHAIRMAN Observing that the only information in the report as fir as Cardiganshire was concerned was that the acreage of Crown lands i.i Cardiganshire was 26,476. A htter having been read from the Charity Com- mission relative to the intermediate education scheme, the Council assented to the appointment by the Council ot twelve governors as provided by the scheme. A letter. was rpart from the War Office saying at there were 78,000 army reserve men. Tne Covernmeiit was throwing open appointments in the Post Office and other departments for reserve men, but •oiiid not find or influence a sufficient number of annointments for all the reserve. The steady flow of the volunteer army depended upon reserve men gn^. g employment, and the office therefore suggested that a certain proportion of the county police should be made up of army reserve men. r <- The CHAIRMAN said that was a matter for the Joint Police Committee. ENQUIRIES. A letter was read from Mr Llenfer Thomas, assistant commissioner, who said he was making enquiry in the conditions of agricultural labour and asking for assist- ance. Mr VAUGHAN DAVIES said the matter was very imn-rtant and moved the appointment of a committee. ( a'ntain W DAVIES thought it useless to hold an enquiry if there was no protection for «itnesses. Mr VAUGHAN DAVIES asked if the Cambrian people had not been sat upon sufficiently to be a warning. Captain W. DAVIEs-Has the man been restored to hlVrVAUGHAN DAVIES—I am afraid not. The CHAIRMAN recalle-i the Council to the proposi- tinn to rnnoint a committee and the following were t c i p Enoch James, for Aberystwyth aPP° P,ntaL W Davies Newcastle Emlyn, Mr D. T" Will'a us Tregaron Mr J. Watkin Davies, Latn- peter and Mr D J. Jones, Cardigan and Mr Jenkin JeSikr1ManeitebL!oyy<inwai. proposed for Aberayron but Mr J. M. HOWELL did not see how Sir Marteine could give evidence on the condition of the agricul- tural labourer. Mr Howell, therefore, proposed Mr Jenkins, Blaenplwyf, and Mr Jenkins was appointed and asked to act as convener. MAIL SERVICE. A letter having been read from Cardiff relative to improved mail service for South Wales, it was agreed to support the attempt. MAIN ROADS COMMITTEE S REPORT. A meeting of the Southern Committee was held on the 22nd April, when, A] r Brigstocke was appointed chairman for the year. A letter having been read from Llandyssul Highway Board requesting that the Surveyor should be given notice with the view of reduction of salary, it was agreed that a joint sub^ committee of the North and South Committees should consider the whole question of salaries of surveyors especially with reference to the diminished mileage under their care. It was resolved to refer back to the '"F"Oo. í" 1 Lampeter Highway Board for definite plans ana proposals with details as to cost of a plan of an iron bridge for the Cledlyn at Abernant. It was abo resolved that Cardigan Highway Board should be informed that plans, &c., of new bridges at Pantcoch and Ty'rddol must be laid before the Committee before the Council could be recommended to make grants, alto that a sub committee frame bylaws regulating the width and form of wheels for the carriage of heavy weights over county road.. On the report of the Southern Surveyor, it was resolved to recommend that the road from Llanybyther to Ystrad boundary should be taken over on the production of the Surveyor's certificate, and that the road trom Troedyrhiw to Olmarch should he taken over provided it was put in condition to satisfy the Surveyor, and a sub-com- mittee. A meeting of the Northern Commits; was held on j the 2oth April, when Mr Peter Jon^s was appointed chairman. On the report of the Surveyor, it was resolved that a committee should be appoint d to con- fer with the Lower Geneu'rglyn Bo trd as to the means of getting the road from Tynyffordd to Pon'erwyd taken over by the county authority. It was also resolved that a joint sub-committee should be appointed to consider the question of main roads throughout the county aud to report to the Council. A committee was appointed to go thoroughly into the question oi providing a stonebreaker for the county and to draft bylaws to regulate the width of wheels. It was resolved that £30 be paid for lamps Oil Trefechan bridge. The surveyorships of Upper and Lower Geneu'rglyn Boards having become vacant, the High- way Boards petitioned for separate appointments. The committee, however, recommended one Surveyor at f,80 a year. It was resolved to recommend a con- tribution of f200 towards the coat, of a new bridge over the Ystwyth near Pwlly on condition of a thoroughly substantial bridge being built. The com- mittees were authorized to accept tenders for the Meurig and Gwenffrwd bridges. Mr REES JONES took exception to the payment of 930 towards the payment of lamps on Trefechan Bridge. Mr BRIGSTOCKE said he was quite ready to admit the hardship, but the Council was iespon-ible for a great deal more—sewerage, lighting, sweeping and paven out. Mr PETER JONES said that in this case Aberystwyth Corporation would pay for the lighting. Mr JENKINS, Blaenplwyf, in order to make the matter short and sweet—(laughter)—moved, and Mr DAVID LLOYD seconded the payment of the 930, Mr REES JONES moved an amendment, that the money should not be paid, saying that if Aberystwyth bridge was lighted there was no reason why all other districts should not be lighted. Mr D. J. Williams, seconded the amendment. Five voted for the amendment and the proposition was carried by a large majority. Withjrefer. Hce totheamalgamationofthe Geneu'rglyn Surveyorship, Mr J. T. MORGAN, moved, and Mr EDWARD JONES, Elgar, seconded, that the Board should make separate appointments on the ground that it was the feeling of the districts and that £80 was too small a salary for one man seeing he would have to keep a horse. Mr PETER JONES said he did not understand that the feeling of the district was as stated and, apirt from probable candidates for appointments it was advisable that offices should be amalgamated as much as possible. Mr HUGH HUGHES supported the amendment thinking that the Council should not ignore the opinion of the districts. On a show of hands the amendment was carried. Mr PETER JONES said that as a stone breaker would cost between JE150 and £ 170, and a steam roller £400, the Committee recommended that the Council should try and arrange with Aberystwyth Council for the loan of their breaker and roller in order to make an experiment before proceeding to purchase. The recommendation was adopted, Mr BRIGSTOCKE saying that the safety of the bridges should be con- sidered and Mr JONES, Taliesin, asking to have notice when the experiment was being tried which was promised. With the exception of the highways Surveyors, the recommendations of the Committees were adopted. Mr VAUGHAN DAVIES was proceeding to make a lengthy speech iu order to induce the Council to grant f200 towards the building of Pwlly bridge, when Mr PETER JONES observed that there was no amendment, and Dr ENOCH DAVIES asked it if was not an election speech. It looked liked it. (Laughter). The recommendation was adopted. Messrs Levi James, John Powell, Newcastle, J. M. Howell, Aberayron T. H. R. Hughes, Lampeter D. J. Williams, Tregaron C. M. Williams, Aberystwyth; Peter Jones, O. Brigstocke, and Morgan Evans were appointed a committee to consider the whoie question of main roads. ABERAYRON LOCAL BOARD. Mr H. W. Howell, solicitor Messrs John Evans, watchmaker T. Evans, Market-street Evan Loyn John Davies. Ynys House Captain Davies, North- road John Davies, Cefn and John Williams, saddler; attended as a deputation from Aberayron and presented a petition asking for the suspension of the oraer for the formation of a Local Board for that district, seeing that it was probable districts councils would soon be given the country with greater powers than Local Boards now had. Dr ENOCH DAVIES asked if the deputation could give their word of honour not to come to the Council in twelve months time and ask for a Local Board. Mr HOWELL said that the majority of the people of Aberayron were now in fa-vour of suspension. He knew of th' ,prelim.nary mee ings, but did not attend. 1 here was no one to explain things and the matter was let slip. The CLERK said the difficulty was that the people of Aberayron had woke up two years too late. (Laughter). Preliminary proceedings had been twice ^one over after due advertisement,and the order for the formation made last August on the application of meetings which had been held at Aberayron. That order was now before the Local Government Board and he did not see what the Council could do in the matter except say that a mistake h:td been made in the whoie proceedings. Of course it was open for the people of Aberayron to petition the Local Government Board any time before the order was confirmed. Mr HOWELL therefore asked the Council to lequest the Local Government Board not to confirm the order. Mr J. M. HOWELL said the majority of the people of Aberayron when they applied for an order did not understand there was a property qualification which would limit membtrship to not more than 20 people. They also ascertained that the election, being open, would be no election and therefore preferred waiting for the formation of district councils. He therefore moved that the Local Government Board should be asked to suspend the order for twelve months. Capt. W. DAVIES seconded the proposition. Dr LEWIS, Llanon, wanted to know what Aber- ayron was going to do in the meantime ? Mr HOWELL, solicitor, siid there was power under Public Health Act equal to that which could be exercised by a Local Board. Dr LEWIS said that if Aberayron had plenty of power it did not make use of it. Mr HOWELL replied that it would be the same under a Local Board. Let them take New Quay for instance. Dr LEWIS added that Aberayron had no water supply the streets were insanitary and the con- tagious Diseased Notification Act had not been adopted in the union as in every other union. A member of the Deputation said the deathrate was very low. Dr LEWIS replied that it was 25 per 1,000. Mr HOWELL said that included deaths of old people in the workhouse. After further conversation, it was agreed to forward the petition to the Local Government Board; FINANCE COMMITTEE'S REPORT. A meeting of the Finance Committee was held on the 26th April under the presidency of Alderman C. M. Williams. It was resolved that all payments in respect of pauper lunatics to Boards of Guardians should be based upon the expenditure incurred by the Boards for the twelve months ended 29<;h September. The Committee examined the accounts of the returning officers in the recent election and recommended the payment ot £ 349 19s. 6d. The Cleik was directed to take the necessaty steps to obtain a loan of £ 1 250 for the new county bridges; also that an attempt should be made to re-arrange the present loan debts of the county in order to reduce the interest. It was also resolved that the Council should make a contribution of 1:200 towards the cost of the Pwlly bridge on con- dition that the bridge was erected at a cost not below JE600. It was resolved to recommend a rate of 5d. in the pound, viz 2d. for each six months. It was resolved that an application should be made to the M and M. Company for greater facilities to members and officers of the Council when travelling upon public business. Mr C. M. WILLIAMS, moving the adoption of the report, said there were thirty-two contests in 1889 at a cost of £ 96220s. 8d. and twenty-two contests in 1892 at a cost of fi49 3s. 6d. As £1,250 was about to be spent in permanent work on county bridges, it was agreed to obtain a loan and spread repayment over a series of years. Finding that the loans of the county had been borrowed at interest ranging from 3î per cent. to 5 per cent., it was agreed to consolidate, repay and again borrow at a lower rate of interest, as smaller authorities than the County Council had been able to do. In 1889 the liabilities of the county were tl7,000 odd, and in the course of three years that had been reduced to £ 13,2-10. The rateable value of the asylum was 1-2,600 and be hoped that Dr Enoch Davies would be able to take that matter up and obtain the co-operation of the other joint counties in getting a considerable reduction. The report was adopted. It v/as agreed to refer to the Finance Committee the question whether it was advisable to alter the date of quarterly meetings r.f the Council in consequence of I the obligation to hold a statutory meeting in March. LAMPETER ROADS. The CHAIRMAN having pointed out that the matter must emanate from the Main Roads Committee, Mr DAVID LLOYD proposed, and it was agreed to refer to that Committee a claim of Lampeter Town Council to retain their i-iain roads ac an annual payment by the Council at £ 50 a mile per annum. REPORTS. Reports of County Aualyst, Food and Drug Iu- spectors, Weighs and Measures Inspectois and I Inspectors of conta^io'-s disease of annuls wete adopted. REVISION COURTS. The CLERK stated that if the Council required a revision comt to be held in each polling place he should have to give notice in order that arrangements might be made. There were forty-nine places and if the proposition was agreed to, it would occupy the whole time of one revising officer. Mr C. M. WILLIAMS believed it would meet the approval of the county and the proposition was adhered to. DAY OF MEETING. On the proposition of Mr REES JONES, Tregaron, it was agreed to refer to the Finance Committee the question of changing the day of meeting of the Council to Wednesday instead of Tuesday. WAGES. On the proposition of ths Rev T. MASOK JAMES, who said the labourers of Cardiganshire roads were paid less than in any other county, it was resolved to refer to the Main Roads Committees the question hether the road labourers should not be paid 3s. a day instead of 25. 6d as at present. STEAM ROLLER. The matterfof the steam roller having been dealt with, Mr J. M. HOWELL withdrew a notice that a joint committee should be appointed to go thoroughly into the matter. The Council then rose.