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WELSH ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP. DRUIDS v. WREXHAM. These clubs played their second tie on Saturday, Dec. 13, at Wrexham, when the former were successful by one goal to none. Although advertised to commence at 2-30, prompt, there was the usual delay, and the ball was not set in motion until 2-50, when Price kicked off. A run was made towards the Druids' goal by Roberts, returned by Williams, and taken towards the Wrexham goal by J. Jones, brought back and kicked in touch by Powell near the corner flag, thrown in front of goal, but after several mis-kicks by the Wrexham men the ball went behind the Druids' goal. Heywood got the ball from the kick out and made, with the aid of Williams, a smart run; Vaughan took the shot at goal and Cross kicked the ball into touch. The ball was thrown in front of goal where "Jack" missed his kick, and then Lloyd and Boden got a run but were soon stopped and another throw in was obtained from the corner flag. T. W. Davies headed the ball nicely from the goal, and Jones made a good return from Heywood. Williams put the ball again near the goal, T. Davies returned it, and Price got a start in the centre and passing to Lloyd" the latter made a good run, but sent the ball behind the lines wide. A corner kick was claimed, by not allowed. A run by the Druids' right wings followed, and Heywood kicked the ball behind the lines. Price by some very good play got the ball a little way up the ground, and then a free kick was given to Druids in front of their opponents' goal. Ketley took the kick, but sent the ball behind. A free kick was obtained by Wrexham from a foul by Vaughan. C. Edwards sent the baJl well up to the Druids' goal, where another free kick was got for hands. Crosse got the ball away, and Powell kicked it down to the Wrexham side. T. Jones returned it, and a run was made by the Druids' forwards. H. Edwards got the ball away, but it was taken back and kicked behind by Williams. Heywood again sent the ball behind the Wrexham lines, and a free kick enabled the Wrexham to reach the Druids' territory, but their stay was short as the ball was returned. Vaughan kicked it behind the goal. Ketley sent another free kick behind the line. Lloyd took the ball up to the Druids goal, and Price got a long shot which the goalkeeper kicked way. and the ball was taken back, and a shot by Jack was caught by Davies and thrown out. Bowen put the ball up to goal again, and a corner kick was ob- tained. The ball was nicely placed by Bowen; and headed at goal by Crosse, but afterwards went behind. A free kick was given to the Druids within twenty yards of their opponents' goal, but owing to a mistake by Jones nothing resulted, and after Heywood had sent the ball behind" Edwards gave another corner kick. Bowen made a bad kick, and Hughes and Roberts got a run. Powell stopped them, and the ball was taken back and another corner kick obtained. Nothing, how- ever came of it, but a free kick was given close to the goal and a shot by Crosse ;just escaped it. Two more corner kicks were got in succession, Jack "putting the second behind the lines. Another attack followed and H. Edwards headed two shots away and a third by Bowen went wide. The Wrexham for,vards made a good run, Powell returned the ball and Wrexham got a free kick in the centre and Roberts kicked it behind the Druids' lines. A run by Hevwood resulted in a corner kick. This was entrusted to J. Jones who put the ball well np to goai where it was headed to and fro several times and eventually put through, more than once, in a scrimmage and thus a goal was secured by the Druids at 3' 25. Heywood next sent the ball over the bar, and Crosse afterwards headed it behind. Another long shot by Heywood went wide, and then Roberts and Hughes got a run on the left side, a charge behind gave the Druids a free kick, H. Edwards got the ball from his goal and Davies stopped another attack and Cross made a rush in the centre, Powell re- turned the ball and the Wrexham left wings brought it back, but it was taken down again and a shot made by Jack, the goal keeper caught it and threw it out and it was behind the lines when half time was called. On changing ends the game still remained in favour of. the Druids and after an attack had been stopped by H. Edwards, Ketley sent the ball wide of the goal. A free kick was claimed by both sides but given to Wrexham and the ball was kicked to the Druids' goal and kicked away by Roberts and put near Wrexham goal by Bowell and kicked in touch near the right corner flag. J ones threw the ball in front of goal, and a shot was made. T. Davies headed it away, and Heywood, by a splendid screw kick, sent the ball a few inches over the bar. Wrexham got a free kick for a foul in the centre, and C. Edwards put the ball up to goal. R. Jones returned it. C. Edwards brought it down again, and then Heywood made a quick run, and passed the ball in front of the Wrexham goal, behind which he after- wards kicked it. C. Edwards got the ball out of a scrim- mage near his goal, and Lloyd and Boden took it down the right side. Powell and R. Jones stopped them, and played the ball in touch, from whence it was thrown be- hind the Druids' lines. Hughes and Roberts brought the ball down again, and Powell kicked it into the crowd. After the throw in Price took a shot at the Druids' goal, but Roberts stopped it and kicked the ball away. Price again got the ball near the Druids' goal, but it was got away and sent up the ground by Heywood. Edwards returned it, and Crosse made a run up he centre. "Jack" took a shot, which the goalkeeper stopped, and Heywood put the ball through the posts at 3.52, but the goal was disallowed on the ground that "Jack" was" offside" when he played it. A run was made to the Druids', goal. R. Jones, however, sent the ball back, and Vaughan took it up the left wing. T. Jones made a return, and Bnvon sent it up again, and Vaughan took a shot. The goalkeeper put the ball away, and it afterwards went behind. Crosse got the next shot, which the goalkeeper stopped, but the Wrexham captain gave a free kick for hands near his goal, and the ball was sent behind. It was then passed down by the Wrexham forwards, and Price sent it behind goal, wide. Roberts made a run down the left side, Heywood brought the ball up again, but the shot by Vaughan went wide. H. Ed- wards returned the ball from his goal, but Powell put it up again, and a corner kick was obtained. "Jack" made a good kick, but C. Edwards got the ball out and passed it to Roberts, who had a clear course, but he failed to make use of it. Heywood made a splendid run and shot at goal, but the latter was caught by Davies, and Crosse sent it wide at the next attempt. Runs were made by both right wings, and Heywood made a bad shot. Vaughan passed the ball to Heywood, who again missed his shot, and then Lloyd had a run. Bowen put the ball up again, and Crosse sent it just over the bar. Lloyd and Boden got a run, and the first named put the ball behind the line very wide. A run by the Druids' right wings was stopped by Jones. Cross made a run, but the goalkeeper stopped his shot. Hughes made a short run down the left side, but played in touch. Lloyd took the ball down the right side and sent it behind, and "Jaek" and Vaughan made a run. T. Jones returned the ball, and Lloyd, after some good play, took a long shot. Roberts caught the ball and made a drop kick, but a claim was made for a free kick for carrying, which was allowed. The ball was however, kicked on to the bar and rolled over. Another shot was warded off by Roberts, and Hughes sent the ball wide behind the line. A free kick was given to the Druids for hands, and Vaughan was taking the ball up the left wing when time was called. The match was witnessed by a large number of people and excited great interest inasmuch as it was considered that the club that won this match would most probably pull off the cup. The ground was very hard and had patches of ice in several places, and although the Druids had odds kid on them some misgiving, were expressed by their friends as to the effect of the hard ground on their play, these, however, were speedily dispelled, as from a few minutes after the start to the last five minutes the game was all in their favour, although luck was against their scoring more goals, those shots which were well directed getting stopped and the multitude of others just escaping the mark. For the victors Powell was in his best form and received efficient aid from R. Jones. Williams and Bowen did an almost incredible amount of work as half-backs. The forwards played so well together that it would be unfair to single any one out, and the state of the ground may be pleaded as an excuse for missing shots, and Roberts, at a critical juncture, saved his goal several times. Of the vanquished, the goal keeper and H. Edwards did the lion's share of the defence, but Jones frequently missed his kicks. Cross and T. W. Davies worked hard, but the forwards, with the exception of Price and Lloyd, were completely overmatched. The conduct of the crowd was extremely bad, even for Wrexham. An unprovoked and disgraceful attack was made on seme of the Druids at the entrance to the dress- ing room, and the presence of a police officer did not prevent several being assaulted on their way to the Rail- way Station. Behaviour of this kind will certainly bring the game into disrepute, and probably deter many clubs from entering the Association, as the prospect of playing a tie at "headquarters" is anything but inviting. The teams were:— DRUIDS. Goal, B. Roberts; backs, J. Powell (captain), and R. Jones; half-backs, W. Williams and E. Bowen; right wing, D. Heywood and J. Jones; left wing, J. Vaughan and Jones; centre, K. Crosse and C. Ketley. Umpire, F. Thomson. WREXHAM. Goal, J. Davies; backs, H. Edwards and T. Jones. half-backs, E. A. Cross and T. W. Davies; right winO" J. Lloyd and T. Boden; left wing, T. Hughes and E. J: Roberts; centre, C. Edwards (captain), and J. Price. Umpire, J. W. A. Cooper. Referee, D. Rees, Shrewsbury Engineers.


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