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FOOTBALL. I THE WELSH CHALLENGE CUP. WHITE STAR (NEWTOWN) v. WREXHAM.—FINAL TIE. DEFEAT OF WREXHAM. The match to decide in whose custody the above cup should be for the ensuing year was played at Oswestry on Saturday, March 29, when the White Star proved vic- torious by one goal to none. Play was announced to begin at 3 "30, and shortly after that time the White Stars appeared on the ground, amidst the cheers of the spectators, but it was not until nearly four o'clock that the Wrexhamites showed up, their recep. tion being anything but cordial. Murless won the toss, aad took the goal furthest from the road, with a brisk wind in his favour, and at four o'clock T. Pryce set the ball in motion, and it was taken towards the Wrexham goal, where two throws in were obtained, but the ball was sent back and a run made by J. Price. T. Pryce got it from him, but the same player again got in possession, and landed the ball behind just outside the posts. Play remained near the Stars' goal for some little time, and the ball was sent behind by iioden and Evans respectively. J. Davies got it away from a third attack, and a run was made by the Stars' forwards, who got a throw in from Murless. T. W. Davies kicked the ball away from the Wrexham gaol, and the play returned to the Stars' territory. T. Pryce returned the ball to the Stars' forwards, but it was brought back by J. Price. A throw in again aided the Stars to get the ball near the Wrexham goal, whence Davies kicked it, and a run was made by Wrexham,Evans sending the ball behind goal very wide. It was headed behind by Price, and then Woosnam got hold of the leather, and, defying the efforts of Ed- wards and Cross, either to take it from him or knock him over, got it right up to goal, where the defenders played in touch. T. Davies kicked the ball from his goal; it was returned and kicked away by Murless, Gittins brought it back again, and got away, and, Davies putting the ball well up for the forwards, an attack was made on the Stars' goal, resulting in a corner kick, which Cross Eut harmlessly behind. Edwards next sent the ball be- ind the Stars' goal. S. Davies got the ball from a throw in, and made a fine run, and obtained a throw from near the corner flag, and an attack was made on the Wrexham goal. The ball was got away, but returned by Pryce and Morgan. Wrexham got a throw in, and Thomas getting at the ball put it well up. Cross kicked it back, and Evans put it behind the Stars' lines. Lloyd did the like shortly after, but the ball was wide of the goal each time. Gittins put the ball well up from the kick out, and getting a throw in, it was soon in front of goal, where hands was claimed and allowed for the assailants. A sharp struggle took place, and the ball nearly put through, the goalkeeper, however, managed to use his hands over the heads of the others, and the ball was got away. J. Davies returned it, and the goalkeeper again stopped the shot. The Wrexham men retaliated with an attack on the Stars' goal, but without eifect, the ball going behind, the goalkeeper stopping the first shot. Thomas played the ball in touch, and it was sent up to the goal by Edwards, returned and played out by Andrews near the corner flag. Cross threw the ball up to the goal, but the defenders got it away, and it was eventually sent wide behind the goal line. Wrexham got a free kick in front of their opponents' goal but it came to nothing, going behind the lines. "Hands" was given to the Stars near their goal, but the ball was kicked in touch and thrown back near the Stars' goal, at which J. Price headed it. Montford caught the ball and threw it away, and S. Davies and Thomas ran it right up to the Wrexham goal, at which Woosnam made a shot which the goalkeeper caught and threw out. Some good play by both sides ensued, the ball being principally in Wrexham territory, and Andrew even- tually sent the ball behind their lines. Gittins made a run and Murless played the ball in touch, and J. Price getting it from the throw made a fine run, but the ball was sent behind wide. Edwards put the ball up again to the goal, at which Price took a shot sending it just over the bar, but he was palpably off side, and a free kick was given to the Stars. Woosnam played the ball over the boundary, about the middle of the ground, and Cross sent it up. T. Pryce, however, made a good return, and Andrew took it behind the Wrexham lines. S. Davies next got a run, and Edwards played the ball away from goal, and it was again passed into the Stars' territory, and behind their goal by Evans. Rees got the ball out of a scrimmage in front of his goal, but played it in touch. An attack on the Stars' goal was repelled by J. Davies, and, after some good play by Woosnam and Andrew, a free kick was given to Wrexham near goal. A scrimmage followed, Andrew got the ball out, and Gittins, Woosnam, Davies, with some good passing, took it towards the Wrexham end, whence it was returned to the vicinity of the Stars' goal, and got away by Pryce and Thomas, and, when in Wrexham terri- tory, Murless played the ball out. Pryce kicked it up, and Evans again sent it over the boundary. The throw in was sent to the Stars' half-backs, and Morgan kicked the ball to Woosnam, and Davies kicked it in touch in defending the goaL A free kick was given to the Stars for a foul by Cross, and another for hands shortly after, the ball being got away from the Wrexham goal, after the latter, and returned to the centre. It was again brought near the Wrexham goal, returned, and played in touch by Price, and again taken to the centre of the ground, where Owen cleverly got the ball out of a group, and sent it to- wards the Stars' goal. Woosnam then got hold of it on the right and made a run, and had obtained a throw in when half time was called. The Stars now got the wind in their favour, 'but it had lulled a little. Thomas made a run, but the ball was returned and brought towards the Stars' goal. Morgan kicked it back, and S. Davies and Rees took it along the left side, the latter, after a throw in, playing it behind wide of the posts. Thomas made what he thought a hard kick at goal, but landed the ball in the road, and an attack which followed the kick out was frus- trated by Murless, but the ball was brought back, and a throw in obtained by the Stars near the corner flag, and Thomas sent the ball just outside the posts. The kick-out went in touch, and the ball was thrown up to the goal, but again returned and kicked behind by Andrew. Thomas sent the ball again behind the lines, and then a run was made by Evans and Loxham,the former playing the ball behind the Stars' lines. The struggle was, however, quickly re- newed in Wrexham territory, Rees sending the ball be- hind. Wrexham got a free kick for hands, and Owen sent the ball well up to, and it was afterwards kicked be- hind, the Stars' goal. Another free kick had been given to the same sidfe when Gittins made a smart run, and Thomas took a shot at goal. The goalkeeper stopped the latter and threw the ball out, and Rees kicked it behind. The ball was kicked away from and twice returned to the Wrexham goal by James Davies, and a free kick given to the Stars in the middle of the ground, and an attack made on the Wrexham goal. Murless kicked the ball away, but not far enough, as Rees sent the ball into the goalkeeper's hands, and the latter threw it behind and gave the Stars a corner." S. Davies made a well- directed kick, and a struggle in front of goal resulted in another corner kick from the goalkeeper. This was put behind the lines, and the Wrexham forwards, by some clever passing, took the ball into the Stars' quarters. Tom Pryce got the ball back in his usual determined style, and Thomas sent it behind the lines. S. Davies made a good shot at the Wrexham goal, and the goalkeeper stopped it. Rees, however, was not to be denied, and by a smart kick with his left foot sent the ball between the posts, and secured a goal just at five o'clock. This was the signal for an outburst of the not by any means sup- pressed enthusiasm of the spectators, and for ominous shaking of heads by the Wrexhamites. The kick off was returned, and the ball again taken into the Wrexham quarters, and played in touch to them near the corner flag. The throw in enabled them to get the ball over the centre line, but the Stars quickly returned it, and Ed- wards kicked the ball behind his own lines, giving his adversaria ft corner kick. The latter, although well placed, was got away, but returned, and a throw in given to the Stars. The ball was again got away from the front of the goal, and taken up the centre towards that of the Stars. Andrew returned it, and after two throws in the Stars again got it in front of the Wrexham goal. Evans then made a run, and Pryce returned the ball, and T. Davies kicked it twice from goal. Rees ran the ball right up, and Edwards kicked it back and Cross played it over the line. A run by S. Davies followed the throw in. and then Wrexham got a throw. Morgan kicked the ball again up to the forwards, and a run by Bees on the left resulted in a corner kick. S. Davies made another good corner kick, and a scrimmage followed in front of goal, hands eventually re- lieving it, though only momentarily, as Davies had again to kick the ball from the front of it. Wrexham then got a throw in. T. Pryce returned it, and Cross kicked it up again, and another throw fell to Wrexham, the ball being sent up to the Stars' goal, but got away, and hands claimed for Wrexham. This was not allowed, but a free kick given to the Stars. The play, which had been very slow for some minutes, now quickened, and the ball taken towards Wrexham goal, and back towards that of the Stars. The latter got a free kick in the middle, and S. Davies took a shot at goal, the goalkeeper stopped it, and J. Price took it up near the Stars' goal. S. Davies next got the ball near the Wrexham goal, and headed it to the goal- keeper, who put it away, and after Gittins had played in touch Lloyd made a good run, and landed the ball behind the line, but rather wide. The same player again got the ball near the Stars' goal, and Price headed it towards it. The goalkeeper was, however, equal to the occasion, and the ball was returned to the centre of the ground, and kicked in touch by Jas. Davies (who had relieved Andrew as forward). Hands gave Wrexham a free kick near the Stars' goal, which Cross nicely placed. Rees got the ball away, but it was returned, and another scrimmage took place in front of thegoal. Again the defenders prevailed, and took the offensive, Geo. Thomas putting the ball over the Wrexham goaL The Wrexham forwards again took the initiative, and got the ball in their opponents' quarters, but it was returned thence, and sent behind their own lines. Gittins took a long shot, which the goalkeeper stopped, and the backs got away. Morgan returned the ball, and S. Davies played in touch, and Wrexham got a free kick for hands, but it was of little avail, as the Stars again renewed the attack., Evans made a long run. but could not pass the Stars backs, who played in touch. Gittins sent the ball up, Thomas had made a splendid side shot, which struck the bar, and the ball rolled over it, time was called, and the game ended in favour of the Stars by one goal to none. The game was witnessed by about a thousand persons, and had the Association laid out a few shillings in adver- tising the match, and extended the canvas to the pavilion on the one side and the corner flag on the other, many more sixpences would have found their way into the exchequer. Long odds were laid en Wrexham in fact it appeared, as was said by an enthusiastic admirer of that team, "Lombard-street to a bottle of pop on them," and for the first quarter of an hour his remark had some grounds for justification, but the Stars pulled themselves together and forced the pace so much that from that time to the conclusion the result was scarcely ever in doubt, and the Wreyhamites who" came into the town in droves, as if they intended to take the town by storm" (Nemo) re- turned sadder if not wiser men. The Wrexham team, who are usually so well organized, appeared to be utterly demoralized by the fast play of their opponents, and Price (in theearly part of the game), Cross, Edwards, Lloyd, and 1. W. Davies were the only ones who exhibited any form. The credit of mitigating < the defeat is, however, entirety due to the goalkeeper. 1 (U vintors it would be unfair to single nnt nmr "f them for special comment, as they all worked hard to attain the result, and their captain (Gittins) deserves every credit for the manner in which he worked up and handled his team on the ground and that he had profited by our remarks on previous matches was evident by the clever heading of the ball by the forwards, a department of the game in which they were hitherto deficient. None we are sure will grudge the White Stars their well-earned victory, as they had to play no less than seven matches for the cup, viz., against All Saints (Shrewsbury), Llangollen, Bangor (2), Newtown (2); while their op- ponents have only played four. Last year the teams that flayed in the final tie dined together after the match. It was suggested that they should do so this year, but the Wrexham men had ar- ranged a quiet dinner at a oosy hotel on. their way home we presume because they nØght not sit at meat with the White Stars, who were an abomination to the Wrexhamites, but nevertheless spoiled them. We may mention that most of the Oswestrians took sides with the Stars, and endeavoured to reproduce some of the sweet sounds they heard at Wrexham a few weeks ago, but it is needless to say that although they exhibited considerable lung power they fell short in the choice of appellatives used on the former occasion. The onerous duties of umpires and referee were ably dis- charged by Messrs. J. P. Davies (Corwen), R. Hamer (Oswestry), A. E. Daniell (Captain Birmingham Associa- tion). The following is a list of the players :— WHITE STAR. Goal: George Montford; backs James Davies and T. Jones halfbacks B. H. Morgan and f, Pryce right wing: G. Woosnam-and W. Andrew; left wins? S. Davies and D. Rees centre E. ,<Jittins (captain), and George Thomas. WREXHAM. Goal: J. Davies backs C. Murles3 (captain), and T. W. Davies halfbacks F. Owen, C. Edwards, andE. A. Cross; right wing T. Boden and J. Lloyd left wing H. Loxham and E. Evans centre J. Price. At the close, one of the White Star players was seized by some of the spectators and carried to the pavilion, where the team received the congratulations ef their friends. They left the railway station by the 7.25 train amidst the cheers of a large crowd, and at Welshpool and other stations they received a cordial welcome. The news of the victory was received at Newtown about half-past five, when the greatest excitement prevailed. The bells raug a merry peal, and by half past nine the approaches to the station were crowded, and the Newtown Brass Band was in attendance. When the train arrived the successful players were received with loud huzzas, and, hoisted on the shouldene of their admirers, and pre- ceded by the band, playing "See the Conquering Hero comes," carried to the Greyhound Inn, where they were warmly congratulated op the victory.


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