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FARMERS' COLUMN. THE PRESEN-T POSITION OF FARMING. A general meeting of the members of the Cheshire Chamber of Agriculture was held at the Crewe Arm tirpsided Thursday Feb 3 Mr. Barbour, of Kmsal Heath, presided. b Mr. RIGBY having brought before the rouncil requiring in connection and milkshops, and to enforce sanitary ie^u with them, In order to prevent ^VaHxDressed^asto veyed by way of the milk sold, some doubt was expressisa as to Whether farmers would not come^nderi P diffic^It in all Was admitted that, at any late, it WOUIUJJC milk-sellers cases to draw the distinction between farmers and mfl* Mltera. Mr. BATEMAN, of Cborley, read his paper on I he Resent Position of Farming Is there any Reme y. manufactures first glanced at the depressed state of trade And manutacrares in th! country, which resulted in so manyW* ^ein^thrown out of work, and, by reducing the purui, ■_ » I. „ people, necessarily affected the 'rests s'aown food producer. From statistics published, had oeen^saown that a British manufacturer had been pay labour would more for the labour he employed than the same iauou have cost on the continent. But wages rnu. w lters 0f Cam- to farm rents, he quoted the opinion of A depression in bridge, «»t the, SSSSESTS? 5 the prices obtained for Che;,hire c!iees gtocked market, any falling off in the quality, bafc ™ t aim at makin^ Cheshire dairymaids had been 'x j been trying to do a first-class article, but it wa.s t y all their lives (Cheers.). But; if tbi*^ s^ where hope to sell for highpncj>^h to bl3 sold in fashionable fancy prices were given for■cheese into competition with quarters. That would not bnnc wer(J 23 cowa for every the cheese from Am"ic?> which was now sending us 10o persons, or with Ca"a'la'h se each year. They found 30,000,000 lbs. of cutter and cheese except themselves amid want and moneyed classes. amongst the landed P™P"^er to this question, he pointed Knd was limited it was necessary to out that as eur .-u-ailable land -on ag possible) s0 as to raise it to as high a state oi c ,fc In order tQ dQ raise a greater ara"u"tlt°!hIe tenant should be secured for the this it was necessa-y tha d reieased from irksome and improvements he migM m^nced the happy resultS of confi- useless restrictions. H tenant in his own case, he having dence between 1'tnd o a fow years, knowing that raised his farm m value some rent on that account. The his landlord would not ra' { u rabbits, was dwelt upon plague of game, more e out /hat whilst other classes of and, in conclusion, he p together to protect their common the community g Wag .fc to be WQn mterests, farmeis were hke P occupied their once happy dered, therefore that they » both landlords position in the one Mother fairly and justly, and they would no? only benefit themselves, but also the country at wa3 discussed at some length the Chamber ap- pr?vfn|, as aTvhole, of it, and .passing a vote of tnanks to Mr. B Mr™ TosEPif sSa'did not approve of the idea of a union of farmers for he believed that unions of all sorts were wrong in oriSe in so far as their object was to combine for the pur- nose of rafsing prices. He thought that the tenant should be secured for the improvements he made, but the law which had blen nassed with that object not being compulsory had proved to be no law at all, and they saw rents constantly raised where ^Mr6 F i"^C n F T T1 defended'Vhe landlord's of Cheshire, who he said were as a rule, willing to accept less interest for their monevThan any other body of capitalists, being content with t^o or two and a half per cent, in many instances. He attri- buted the hiah rental of many farms to the eagerness of many successful men of business, wlio had been offering more than thfreal value i'i rent, but many of whom were now glad to SthSaw from farming, finding there was no profit attached to it.

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