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PREPAID ADVERTISEMENTS. The Charges for the insertion of PREPAID ADVERTISE- MENTS referring to APAT,TMKNTS WANTED, HOUSES TO BE LET, ^MMENTS TO BE LET, HOUSES WANTEB, KSOUS WANTS, SITUATIONS WANTED, ART^CLES LOST AND FOUND SITUATIONS VACANT, ARTICLE XM* Are as follows.— 3 Lines (seven words to a line; 0 Ditto, Three insertions 1 6 i and 5 Lines (seven words to a line).. g Ditto, Three insertions • g 0 Ditto, Six insertions •" ■ V^' there is one inser F°r IS Td^when there Me three insertions, or more 3d. No Credit Advertisement is charged not less than Is 6d. WANTED. u■md D-WlLl,iM3' Pontrhydygroes. FESTINIOG SCHOOL BOARD. • ,i\ « lrWwhich for the last school year amounted (mixed) Salary (which i gcale of the Board. Appli- .to over £ lo0) aecording testimonials, and entries on cations, with copies of r h(j 26th insfc parchment (if any), to be sent to JOHN CADWALADR, Clerk of the Board. Fourcrosses, IVgtiniog. Februaryjrdll879. ~7AVrElT_a RIVER WATCHER, for the South T. Portmadoc. Clerk to the Board of Conservators. WATVTTFF) the Management or Improvement of a ANTED, tl ical M who understands farm- l arm by a rrac x Q 0ambnan News, ing in all its branches—Address A. V, Aberystwyth. ——, ,—,—, near Bh?1. FOR SALE. "v-v"J'r.v'rv- BRIDGE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. TO BE SOLD BF-TILIVATF, TREATY. A^USES.LOWTA^^ on mortgage. Also, For Sale, a FREEHOLD HOUSE and large Garden in FREEIOLDVOUSE in North Parade. 2 HOUSES in North-road. TO BE LET, A HOUSE in Corporation-street. A HOUSE in Llanbadarn-road. A Full Licensed INN, with Stabling. Also, for sale, a snug little Grocery and Provision SHOP. ^ISS|!5 tATl: TS: Darkgate-street, Aberystwyth. T~inw oa i if tb^t snlendid draught Colt HONEST E JIM tte pronertF of Mr. A? James, Gl.nfraed, _L J-LM, ti}e I11J, r<„if rising four years old, Honest Jim is a rich oreat good feet, long- full o gooclflat bone longBilky hair, &re & reaching neck, beautifulheadanieye^e make cart horse all over, and only requi m. of the most atW^orth fflmS was got by H»~»t Tom.wnner <>f ft. *»yjl six times in succession. Honest Jim s da y • Tery handsome and strong. He possesses moie bone than aQ]lonest Jim^ookthe first prize at Aberystwyth in 1876, and also took the prize at the same place m lo II. FOR SALE, a rising three year old CART STALLION, black, *6 hands high. Dam winner of first prizes at Lieyn and Eifionydd Agricultural chow. —Apply to Mr. HUGHES, Madryn Arms, Pwllheli. TO be Sold by Private Treaty, Ten new SHARES in the Aberystwyth Gas and Coke Company, fully paid up, of Ten Pounds each, and two Five Pound Shares fully paid in the Aberystwyth Corn and General Market Company, Limited. To treat for purchase apply to Messrs. ATWOOD and SON, Solicitors, Aberystwyth. "IMPORTANT TO SEEETMERCHANIS AND I FARMERS. FOR SALE, 200 QUARTERS BLACK OATS, specially adapted for Seed.-For particulars apply to Mr. ROBERT SHIEL, Bailiff, Hafod-y-Bryn Home Farm, Llanbedr, R.S.O., Merionethshire. TO BE LET. Trv r rrn Cnmnact, Well-Furnished HOUSE, ° LET, a Compaq two bedrooms, dressing- containing sittin room lete> within two room two kitchens attic « Term3j ^nutes walk of the static ^particulars apply to tWfmegper Ab^y.twytl.. —TTN R T?T m? SOTJD the GLAND ARE T°WO§LLEN FACTORY, 'Aberdare. This first- cts Swith»IJSSSTi^ ,»U the r^nisite Machinery or < Woollen trade It 1. »*f6 ufitSed would find a population, and the good favourable opportunity ready local sale. aknowledge of thi for any one possessed of caPu~' fi y.a8 ;ust been put We. The MiU is fitted»i^Ihe in thorough repair. If sold, a^po^ re!l3()[1!lbk interest. money could remain on mortga* WILLIAMS, Land —For full particulars apply to Mr. vv Agent, Oswestry. TjlRONOLEU, BARMOUTH.-HOUSE TOLET, £ g00d pasture land if rennirad. —Apply, R-D- R^HABDB. mo BE LET, from Lady Day. Aber- 1 tial FARM of Penuwch, half way between Aber adjoining the "CFTO IS DOLGELLEY, NORTH WALES. rno BE LET, the old-established and widely-known J- Family and Commercial Hotel, called THE ROYAL SHIP HOTEL. The yard contains good stabling for 20 horses, large coach houses, &c. ,TT For particulars, apply to Mr. LEWIS WILLIAMS, Auc- tioneer, Dolgelley. TWO VILLAS TO BE BUILT AT TOWYN. TENDERS Wanted for Bricklayers', Plasterers', and Slaters' Work on the above. Plans and specifications to be seen at Richard Ham- mond's, Towyn, to whom sealed tenders are to be sent, endorsed Tenders for Villas," on or before Monday, the 24th day of February next. e R. II. does not bind himself to accept the lowest or any tender. TO BE LET, ready furnished or unfurnished, WATERLOO HOUSE, No. 26, Marine Terrace, Abervstwvth with immediate possession.—Apply to Mr. *T& Solicitor. Aberystwyth. OPPORTUNITY. 'irable GRAZING VPO BE LET, one of theniolt aes t W Acres Rich FARMS in North About 500 Acres RICh deeding Permanent Pasture and Meadow Lan There •are three distinct Homesteads, situate at com em ^ces ON the lands, viz., ESCUAN HALL unfurnished), with walled Garden, Stables, C » and large Farm Steading, nearly new, commandm IMI view of the farm and extensive sea and land scenery. ESCUAN OLD FARM HOUSE and Steading, and */<>?- HAULOG FARM HOUSE and Steading. All the lands lie together within a ring fence, and convenient for letting as holding or otherwise. N.B.—Will be let subject to "Tenant Rights for liming, Manuring, &c., under The Agricultural Holdings Act of 1875," if desirable. Apply to EVAN NEWELL, Towyn, NorthWales. ™™T0n?LANra1^"S^OTSS5SR""™ B. GOLD, ABERAYRON, has a fine Stock of FOREST AND OTHER TREES, Well Rooted, consisting of 100,000 PRIME LARCH, from 18 inches to 4 feet. AUSTRIAN PINE, SCOTCH SPRUCE, SILVER ASH, ALDERS, SYCAMORES and POPLARS, from 3 to 12 feet ;useM THORNS and A good stock of FRy1^ TREES a good stock of EVERGREENS and FLOWERING SHRUBS, grown within 300 yards of the sea. AN INSPECTION SOLICITED. SALES BY AUCTION. SMITHFIELD. ABERYSTWYTH. MONTHLY SALES OF LIVE STOCK, IMPLE. MENTS, &c. MR. G. T. SMITH begs respectfully to announce that he will hold Monthly Sales of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, Carriages, &c., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, on the FIRST MONDAY IN EVERY MONTH, At Twelve o'clock. ENTRIES FOR THE SALE ON MONDAY, MARCH 3, Respectfully solicited, To be sent in at least a week previous to sale, to be in- cluded in catalogues and advertisements. 1:>. TERMS :—2^ per cent. on amount sold; and a small fixed Entry Fee for unsold lots, to meet expenses. JS3T SETTLEMENT ON THURSDAY AFTER SALE. PENUWCH, NEAR ABERYSTWYTH. IMPORTANT SALE OF FARMING STOCK. MR. G. T. SMITH has been instructed by T. W. Bonsall, Esq., who is giving up the Farm, to Sell by Auction. On THURSDAY, the 27thday of FEBRUARY, 1879, The whole of the carefully-selected and valuable Live and Dead FARMING STOCK, IMPLEMENTS of HUS- BANDRY, &c., at Penuwch. HORNED STOCK.—Pure-bred Hereford Bull, ditto short- horn Bull Calf, 7 prime short-horn Dairy Cows, 1 pure- bred Ayrshire ditto, 3 fine one-year-old Heifers, 9 Calves, 3 three-year-old Bullocks, 6 prime Fat Bullocks. HORSES.—Two very powerfiul Cart Mares 1 Yearling Cob, very promising; one Pony. PIGS.-Four store Pigs, 1 Yearling Sow. SHROPSHIRE-DOWN SHEF-P, selected, regardless of cost, from the most celebrated flocks in the kingdom 1 four- year-old Pedigree Ram 1 two-year-old Ditto, 1 Yearling Ditto, m Ewes to lamb in March, 39 Yearling Ewes, 22 prime Wethers. IMPLEMENTS, &c.-Two box carts, 1 waggon, 1 harrow, 1 four-horse ditto, 1 drag ditto, 1 drill, 1 scuffler, oilcake crusher, threshing machine, winnowing ditto, chaff cutter, turnip cutter, and horse driving gear; Dairy Utensils, &c. Also a large quantity of excellent harness, and a great variety of HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE. Penuwch is situated about four miles from Aberystwyth on the road from that town to Devil's Bridge. Luncheon at Eleven Sale at Twelve. Six months' credit on all sums above j35 on approved security. Catalogues may shortly be had of the Auctioneer. TEMPERANCE HALL, ABERYSTWYTH. Elegant and nearly new HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, comprising mahogany and marble topped wash stands and dressing tables, handsome toilet glasses, mahogany chests of drawers, wardrobes, brass and iron, Arabian, and French bedsteads, feather beds, spring and other mattresses, chamber linen, chamber ware, towel rails, Brussels, tapestry, and Kiddermingter carpets, &c., drawing room suite, mahogany chsffioniers, handsome pier glasses, ditto with console table, paintings, engraving.?, photographs, books, and ornamental items, mahogany loo and other tables, couches, sofas, fenders, fire irons, photographic camera and chemicals, dinner, tea, and coffee services, china and glass, kitchen furni- ture, cooking utensils, carpenter's tools, electro plated goods, cutlery, &c., part of the estate in liquidation of Mr. Thomas Abbott, of the Crystal Palace Hotel, re- moved for convenience of Sale. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY JyJ R. G. T. SMITH, On TUESDA Y and WEDNESDA Y, the 4th and 5th days of MARCH, 1879, At the Temperance Hall, Aberystwyth, at six o'clock each day. Six months' credit on sums above 25, on approved security. No. 1, CAMBRIAN TERRACE, BORTH. Modern and Useful HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE, con- sisting of Iron and Polished Wood Bedsteads, Palliasses, Mattresses, Feather Beds, Blankets, Counterpanes, Washing Stands, Dressing Tables, Chests of Drawers, Looking-glasses. Cane Chairs, Chamberware, Carpets, Floorcloth, Chiffoniers, Sofa, Dining and other Tables, Arm and other Chairs, China and Glass, Cooking Utensils, &c., the property of Mrs. Pritchard, who has instructed m R. G. T. SMITH to sell the same by Auction, On TUESDAY, the 11th day of MARCH, 1879, At Two o'clock in the Afternoon. TREGARON, CARDIGANSHIRE. IMPORTANT SALE OF FREEHOLD HOTEL PROPERTY. MR. G. T. SMITH has been instructed to Sell by Auction, On TUESDA Y, the ISth day of MARCH, 1879, At Three o'clock in the Afternoon, subject to conditions, on the Premises, The valuable and highly important FREEHOLD PROPERTY known as the BLACK LION HOTEL, centrally situate in the town of Tregaron, and lately oc- cupied by Mrs. Rees. The Hotel, which is of handsome elevation, most substantially built, and in excellent re- pair, contains on the ground floor, bar, large front public room, coffee or commercial room, cooking kitchen, and excellent cellarage in the basement: First floor-Large sitting-room, four bedrooms, and lumber-room. Second floor-Three bedrooms. In the yard are commodious coach-house and stabling for twelve horses, and a large storehouse over the same, which is let off to a respectable tenant. There is also a well-stocked kitchen garden. A large sum has been recently expended in alteration and repairs upon the property, which offers a most de- sirable opportunity to a person of business habits, and is offered for sale in copsequence of the recent death of the proprietor. The fixtures to be taken at a valuation, aud immediate possession may be had. The Furniture may be taken at valuation at the option of the purchaser, or the vendors reserve the right to sell the same by auction on the premises. I:> Further particulars may be obtained of Messrs. HUG-H HUGHES and SONS, Solicitors, or the AUCTIONEER, Aber- ystwyth. CARDIGANSHIRE, PARISH OF CELLAN. FREEHOLD FARM FOR SALE. MR. JOHN JORDAN JONES has been instructed to Sell by Public Auction, at the Ca3tle Hotel, Lampeter, On r, RIDA Y, the 28th of FEBRUARY, 1879, At Two o'clock in the Afternoon (subject to such condi- tions as shall be then and there produced) all that FARM and LANDS, called FFOESYFFIN," situate in the Parish of Cellan, in the County of Cardigan. The Farm is situate about a mile from the Market Town of Lampeter, and comprises a newly-erected Farm House and Outbuildings, and 32a. 3r. 39p. of excellent Meadow, Pasture, and Arable Land, in the occupation of Mr. John Griffiths. The Meadow Land is bounded by the River Teify. celebrated for its Salmon and Trout. AW- Further particulars may be obtained of Mr. David LLOYD, solicitor, Lampeter; or of the AUCTIONEER, Rhydygof, near Lampeter. 15th February, 1879. Important to Hotel Keepers, Coach Builders, Cab Pro- prietors, &c. A LARGE SALE OF HORSES, CARRIAGES, HARNESS, &c., &c., &c. MR. D. JONES has received instructions from Mr. W. C. Jones, who is giving up the Coaches between Festiniog and Bettws-y-coed, to Sell by Auction, at the Pengwern Arms Hotel, Festiniog, On-FRIDAY, FEBRUARY 28th, 1879, commencing punctually at 12 o'clock, the following sur- plus Stock of Horses, Carriages, Harness, &c.:—9 power- ful and active Horses, suitable for posting and for farming purposes, and in good working condition; 2 commodious btage Coaches, in good order; 1 do. Omnibus to carry 10 inside and 9 outside a large Waggonette to carry 14; 1 do., with movable top, to carry 6 inside; 2 four-wheel Cars; a handsome Landeau Carriage, which may be used close or open, in excellent condition; 1 Phaeton with hood 6 p urs Carriage Wheels, various sizes, with axles r\ 3 sets of Forepart of Under Carriage; 3 sets Double Harness; 2 sets Leading do., together with several other miscellaneous articles. Detailed catalogues may be had a few days prior to the sale at the Pengwern Arms Hotel, Festiniog, and the principal Hotels in the neighbourhood, or of the AUG* TIONEER, Tremadoc. Credit will be given on sums of £ 3'and upwards, on ap- proved security, until Festiniog August Fair, 1879. MRS. E. EVANS'S DINING AND REFRESHMENT ROOMS, 8, Market-street, Aberystwyth. Hot Dinners daily at one o'clock. Roast and Boiled Joints, Chickens, Ducks, &c., always ready. Mrs. Evans begs to call attention to her Pies, Puddings, and Tarts, made daily or to order. Oyster and Veal Patties, Fruit and Preserve Tarts, Cakes, Buns, &c., fresh daily. Tea and Coffee at any hour of the day. Well-aired Beds. MR. ROBERT JONES, ARCHITECT & HOUSE AGENT, 14, Montpelier Square,Brompton, London, S.W. BEGS to inform the Gentry, Committees, and others, that he is_ prepared to submit Designs, Plans, &c., for every description of work at the LOWEST CHARGES. I # SALES BY AUCTION. MONTHLY SALES. ABERYSTWYTH SMITHFIELD. MR. E. J. MORGAN, Auctioneer, begs to state that he will have monthly sales of Live and Dead Stock in the Smithfield on Aberystwyth Fair Days. The next Sale will be held on MONDA Y, MARCH 3, at One o'clock. Entries and applications for terms to be sent to Mr. E. J. MORGAN, auctioneer, Penllwyn. EVENING PARTIES, BALLS, &c. S. N. COOKE Has a large assortment of- FANS, from 1/- to 21/- each. FAN GIRDLES, 6d. to 5/- each. LACE COLLARETTES, 1/6 to 12/6. Long and Short LACE MITTS. Fancy Colours in SPUN SILK HOSE, 4/11 per pair. Two-button KID GLOVES in new Shades, 2/- per pair. LACE and other Frillings for Dresses, &c., from2d. per yd. 35, PIER STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. THE BEST BOOTS FOR MONEY ARE MORTON Ladies' — BROTHERS'. MORTON 3s. 9d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 4s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 5s. Od. BROTHERS'. MORTON 5s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 6s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 7s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 8s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 9s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 10s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON Gentlemen's BROTHERS'. MORTON 7s. 9d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 8s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 10s. 6d. BROTHERS'. MORTON 12s. 6d. BROTHERS'. EOYS' AND GIRLS' BOOTS OF EVERY DE SCRIPTION AT PRICES NOT SURPASSED. NOTE THE ADDRESS- 39, GREAT DARKGATE-STREET, (Opposite the Lion Hotel,) ABERYSTWYTH. SECOND-HAND SEWING MACHINES. SPECIAL CLEAR-OUT SALE. EWING MACHINE. —Second-hand, taken in s exchange, a Penelope Hand Machine, cost C5 5s. offered for 15s.—Jones and Co. (Limited), 50, Ranelagh- street, Liverpool. SEWING MACHINE. Genuine Wheeler and Wilson Lockstitch, nearly new, cost S7, offered for 24 cash.—Jones and Co. (Limited), 50, Ranelagli-street. SEWING MACHINE. Wheeler and Wilson kJ system cost £ 6. but having been taken in exchange, offered for 30s-J ones s Sewing Machine Depôt, 50, Ranelagh-street. SEWING MACHINE.—Secondhand, Shuttle, Lock- S stitch, taken in exchange, cost 93 15s., offered for 15s. cash.—Jones and Co. (Limited), 50, Ranelagh-street. SEWING MACHINE.—Second-hand Lock-stitch k3 "Dorcas," cost S5 5s., offered for 15s. cash.—Jones's Sewing Dep6t, 50, Ranelagh-street. EWING MACHINE.—Second-hand Lock-stitch, kJ Dorcas," cost 25 5s., offered for 30s. cash.—Jones and Co. (Limited), 50, Ranelagh-street. SEWING MACHINE,—One No. 2 Arm Machine L3 for tailoring, cost 29, now quite equal to new, offered for,24 cash.—Jones's Machine Depôt, 50. Ranelagh-street. S-EWING MACHINE.-One C Wheel Machine for k3 shoemaker, cost £ 8 10s., now offered for 40s.—Jones's Machine Depot, 50, Ranelagh-street. SEWING MACHINE.—One Alexandra Machine S and treadle complete, cost about B7. offered for 10s. cash.—Jones's Machine Depôt, 50. Ranelagh-street. EWING MACHINE.-One Arm Machine, suit- kJ able for tailoring, offered for 20s., as all second-hand machines must be cleared out during this week.—Jones's Sewing Machine Depot, 50, Ranelagh-street. SEWING MACHINE.—Second-hand, but nearly new, taken in exchange for one of Jones's Medium Machines. One Singer's Medium Machine, cost B8 IPs., offered for 24.-Jones and Co. (Limited), 50, Ranelagh- street. SECOND-HAND Webster and treadle complete, k3 cost £ 8, offered for 40s. cash.—Jones and Co. (Limited), 50, Ranelagh-street. SPECIAL NOTICE. As we have determined never again to take in exchange, or make any allow- ance for, second-hand machines, this must be our LAST Clearance Sale, and such bargains can never be offered again. PURCHASERS have the option for one month of exchanging their purchase for any machine of our own 'manufacture and paying us the difference in price. JONES and CO. (Limited), 50, Ranelagh-street, Liverpool. WANTED. AGENTS WANTE-D in different parts of Meri- onethshire, Montgomeryshire, and Cardiganshire, to sell Odam's Nitro Phosphates, Bone, and Chemical Manures. APPLY TO WM. THOMAS, General Agent and Wholesale Merchant, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. Coal, Lime, Glazed and Common Drain Pipes, Ridge and Flooring Tiles, &c., sold at Wholesale Prices. ASTHMA—COUGH—BRONCHITIS. Cl CAR:S 0 E J OY- GIVES INSTANTANEOUS RELIEF in the worst cases of ASTHMA, COUGH, BRONCHITIS, and SHORTNESS OF BREATH, and may be used by the most delicate patients withou the least inconvenience, as they contain no sub- stance capable of deranging the system. Price 2s. 6. per box, or seven boxes 15s., free by post -n receipt of P.O.O. to WILCOX & Co., 336, OXFORD- STREET, LONDON, and through all Chemists. None genuine unless signed on the box ''E. W. WILCOX." PUBLIC NOTICES. Public Health Act, 1875, 38& 39 Vict.. c. 55, Sch II (25), & Sch. IV. (Form L.) K >' REGISTER OF OWNERS FOR THE DISTRICT OF BARMOUTH. NOTICE OF TIME FOR MAKING CLAIMS AND OBJECTIONS. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that all persons who JL are entitled to vote as Owners or Proxies at the Election of Members of the Local Board for the District of Barmouth, and who are not on the Register of Owners and Proxies now in force, or who being on the Register do not retain the qualification or the address described there- in, and who are desirous to have their names inserted in the Register about to be made for the said District, and all persons who are desirous of objecting to any name on the Register now in force, are hereby required to give or send to me, on some one of the first six days of March next, a Claim or Objection [as the case may be] in the Form which will be supplied by the Clerk of the Local Board, on application. JOHN R. DAVIES, Chairman of the Local Board. Public Health Act, 1875, 38 & 39 Vict., c. 55, Sch. II. (25), & Sch. IV. (Form L.). REGISTER OF OWNERS FOR THE DISTRICT OF BALA LOCAL BOARD. NOTICE OF TIME FOR MAKING CLAIMS AND OBJECTIONS. T HEREBY GIVE NOTICE that all persons who J- are entitled to vote as Owners or Proxies at the Elec- tion of Members of the Local Board for the District of Bala, and who are not on the Register of Owners and Proxies now in force, or who being on the Register do not retain the qualification or the address described there- in, and who are desirous to have their names inserted in the Register about to be made for the said District, and all persons who are desirous of objecting to any name on the Register now in force, are hereby required to give or send to me, on some one of the first six days of March next, a Claim or Objection [as the case may be] in the Form prescribed by the Public Health Act, 1875, Schedule IV. DAVID MORGAN, Chairman of the Local Board. BUSINESS ADDRESSES. "r- P II A'NOFORT E S H ARM 0 N I U M S From 20 guineas to 150 guineas. From 4 guineas to 100 ineas pq > > 8 0 m S t 00 i 8 < o FOR SALE OR HIRE, ON MODERATE TERMS, AT J. EVANS'S, (ORGANIST, ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH), 8, PIER-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH. Agent for CHAPPELL & CO.'s PRIZE MEDAL PIANOFORTE, and ALEXANDRE'S IMPROVED HARMONIUMS. NEW MUSIC HALF-PRICE. PIANOFORTES AND HARMONIUMS TUNED. CARLO WITZ! CARLOWITZ! CHIEF DEPOT OF EISLER, BARNARD, & CO., 90, GREAT TOWER-STREET, LONDON. JOHN H. DAVIES, APOTHECARIES' HALL, TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH, HAVING regard to the daily increasing demand for HUNGARIAN WINES in this country, has made iLiL arrangements for a regular supply of these Wines direct from the Vintages. They are bottled by the growers with the greatest care. Their purity and excellence will be at once appreciated on a trial being given. The quotations at foot include duty and all charges. Deliveries free to any part in the district where no agency is established. RED WINES. Carlowitz .at 18s., 24s., and 30s. per dozen. Ofner at 20s. and 28s. per dozen. Erlau (special) .at 36s. per dozen. Sparkling Carlowitz .at 48s. per dozen. WHITE WINES. Somlau at 18s. per dozen. CEdenburg at 24s. and 30s. per dozen. Ruster (Sweet) at 36s. per dozen. Ruster (Dry) at 42s. per dozen. Tokay, Imperial.) Bottled at the ( at 60s. per dozen. Tokay, Crown ) Chateau. ( at 84s. per dozen. Sparkling CEdenburg at 42s. per dozen. Sparking Tokay at 54s. per dozen. (Official) Report of an inquiry of the British Government in the year 1862, printed for the House of Commons, 1862: It appears certain that the Hungarian Wine Growers do not adulterate their Wines, indeed, they are so fenerally good, that they would certainly be deteriorated if alcohol were added. While possessing a great resem- lance to the Wines of Burgundy and the Rhine, the better Wines of Hungary have greater body and strength, and would be more likely to suit our taste. There is probably no country in which so great a proportion of good wine is made."—P. 15. JOHN H. DAVIES, APOTHECARIES' HALL, TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1820. WILLIAM JULIAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, TEA, COFFEE, PROVISION AND FLOUR DEALER, 10, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. + constant supply of Fit-at-Class Australian Preserved Meats, Labrador Salmon, LobsteUS, Sardines, &c. HO ME- CURED BACON AND HAMS. A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF CROSSE AND BLACKWELL'S GOODS. NEW ELL'S MIL .L S TOWYN, WELSH COAST. PURE AND WHOLESOME FLOUR, .vIAD"3 FROM CHOICE ENGLISH AND COLONIAL WHEATS, SUPPLIED to Consumers direct and through Agents in sealed bags or sacks of various sizes, as below, a proportionate and uniform prices, which plan Evan Newell has adopted, and feels sure will be found to posses very many useful qualities. Such as 1—The seal is a protection and a guarantee of quality. 2.—The smaller bag are more portable. 3.-They are a great saving of time to Agents and Consumers by being easily and quickly handed from one to the other. 4.-Being ready weighed, they save the Agent the great loss of weighing out small quantities, and thus enable him to do away with the necessity of the usual extraordinary charge on the few shillings purchasers of Flour. 5.—The various sizes enable small and large families to suit their consumption, and have the Flour always fresh and good. 6.—It facilitates ready-money transactions. WEIGHTS OF BAGS. GROSS WEIGHT. NETT WEIGHT. CLASSIFICATION. j Quarter. Quarter. Half. Sack. Lbs. Lbs. Lbs. Lbs. Newell's Top Brand Four 35 70 r 140 280 Newell's Household Flour 35 70 140 280 Newell's Sheaf Flour — — 140 280 GROSS WEIGHTS. SPECIALS: -~r Lbs. Lb Lbs | Lba Newell's Pastry Flour — 50 100 Newell's Special Fancy Flour 50 Newell's Prepared Entire Wheat Flour 10 25 50 — Newell's Choice Oatmeal 10 25 50 FEEDING STUFFS: j GROSS WEIGHTS. Lbii[ Lbs. Newell's Feeding Mixture 110 220 Newell's Prepared Horse Feed 100 200 Newell's Prepared Sheep Feed 100 200 Newell's Prepared Poultry Feed 50 100 Newell's Condiment for Calves 100 200 Indian Meal 120 240 Sharps 100 200 Bran 100 Indian Corn 240 ADDRESS-MR. EVAN NEWELL. Bodtalog Mills, Towyn, WelshlCoast. G. WILLIAMS, TIMBER AND SLATE MERCHANT, TREFECHAN, ABERYSTWYTH, BEGS to announce that he has just discharged the following excellent Cargo of Wood Goods, viz. 1st Quality Red Fir Timber (very useful for mining purposes). 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Quality Red Deals. Do. 0 Spruce Flooring Boards, Square-Jointed, and Planed, Tongued, and Grooved. Do. Red Do. Do. Do. In addition to his previous Stock of Pitch Pine, Yellow Pine, American Oak, Spruce Deals, Yellow Pine Deals, Hand and Machine-made Laths, &c., &c. PRICES ON APPLICATION. N.B.-G. W. begs also to announce that he has just discharged a cargo of the best (London) Portland Cement. ONE OF THE BEST MEDIUMS FOR BUSINESS I ADVERTISEMENTS. THE RAILWAY RECORD FOR SHROPSHIRE AND NORTH AND MID- WALES. PRICE ID. A COMPLETE record of the Railway Trains of the above-named district, and_ the G.W., and L. & N.W. service to most of the chief towns of the I kingdom. Sold at RAILWAY STATIONS and by BOOKSELLERS. Carried in the pocket for a month and often consulted. Also kept at Hotels, &c. TBRMS MAY BE OBTAINED OF THE PUBLISHERS, WOODALL AND VENABLES, CAXTON STEAM PRINTING WORKS, OSWESTRY. THE GOSSIPING GUIDE to Wales Contained last year OVER 50] PAGES of various Advertisements, Including those OF ABOUT SIXTY HOTELS, Among which were Many of the LeadingJHotels OF NORTH WALES And on the Borders Besides those of LODGINGS AND TRADES. Advertisements for the 1879 Edition are now received by WOODALL & VENABLES, Pnblishers, Oswestry. EDUCATION. 'V'V'v'V'I. BRYNARVOR SCHOOL, TOWYK PRINCIPAL Mr. EDWIN JONES, M.R.C.P., Assisted by qualified RESIDENT MASTERS for Classics, English, Mathematics, Modern Languages, Music, &c. BRYNARVOR HALL, commodious and well- fitted, has been specially erected for the accommoda- tion and tuition of boarders. It is beautifully situated in an eminently healthy locality, with extensive playgrounds, cricket field, and gardens attached, altogether making tha finest and most desirable school premises in the Princi- pality. Pupils are prepared for the various examinations con- nected with the universities and colleges, for the learned professions, banking and commercial pursuits. Classes are held in connection icith the Science and Art Department, the examinations being held in May in each I-car. The school year consists of three Terms. FOR TERMS, &c., APPLY TO THE PRINCIPAL. Duties will be RESUMED on January 20th, 1879. ARDWYN SCHOOL, ABERYSTWYTH. Head Master-The Rev. LLEWELYN EDWARDS, M.A., of Lincoln College, Oxford, and Graduate in Classical Honours. Second Master—J. F. TYE, Esq. Mr. Tye has recently passed the First Examination for the B.A. Degree in the University of London. Third Master—L. PROSSER, Esq., C.M., M.R.C.P. Fourth Master—W. L. HAWKINS, Esq., A.A. TERMS:- For Boarders.from 40 to 45 guineas per annum Day Scholars 6 8 The next Term begins Sept. 9th, 1878. The Ardwyn School Scholarship of -1.90 to be competed for at the next examination of the University College of Wales. Also a £5 scholarship for the best boy who enters. The School re-opens on Monday, January 20th, 1879. DRAWING SCHOOL, QUEEN'S ROAD, ABER- YSTWYTH. THREEHAND, Model Drawing, and the Antique, -8- on Tuesday and Friday forenoons. Painting in oil or water on Mondays, from ten till twelve. Children's classes on Wednesday and Saturday afternoons. Addi- tional classes may be formed and private lessons given, if desired. Particulars as to terms, &c., on application to Miss VERNON DAVYS. Next term commences on the 13th January, at Hardwicke House, Queen's Road. MAENGWYN GRAMMAR SCHOOL, MACHYNLLETH. Conducted by Mr. J. OWEN, late Inspector of Schools for the British and Foreign School Society and Tutor at the Society's Training College, Swansea. Terms and prospectuses may be had on application. School will RE-OPEN on Tuesday, January 21st, 1879. ABERYSTWYTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. FOUNDED IN 1812. Trustees-Rev. Canon Phillips, Sir Pryse Pryse, Bart., Thomas Bonsall, Esq., Rev. John Pugh, Vaughan Davies, Esq., and George Williams, Esq. Head Master-EDWARD JONES, Government Science Master (in honours of the University of London, and First B.A.) Out of a single class in this school, at an examination held in connection with South Kensington, 6 passed, one only failing, five gained Queen's prizes for mathematics. One of these, direct from this school, was senior Optime in 1878. Another was Wrangler in 1879. Two gained Scholarships of R80 a year, tenable for 5 years, at Jesus College, Oxford; the other came eut first in the first class at the Training College, Bangor. For a list of successes at Lampeter and other colleges, the preliminary examinations, the banks, &c., and for reports of examiners, apply to the HEADMASTER, Jasper House, Aberystwyth. The Headmaster receives a few boarders Terms, 40 guineas a year; no extras. The Head Master receives a few boarders.' BRIGHTON HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. PREPARATORY SCHOOL FOR YOUNG BOYS. LADY-PRINCIPAL—MRS. H. N. GRIMLEY, Assisted by Resident Masters and Governesses. THE First Term for 1879 Commences en JL Tuesday, the 21st of January. Prospectuses may be had on application to Mrs. GRIMLEY, Brighton House, Marine Terrace, Aberystwyth. "GWELL DYSG NA GOLUD." LADIES' COLLEGIATE SCHOOL L ABERYSTWYTH. Principal, Mrs. E. MARIE JONES, (F. C. College, Glasgow). Pupils are prepared for the Local, the Civil Service and the Training Colleges Preliminary Examinations. Arithmetic, English Grammar, and Analysis-Rev. E. P. Jones, M.A. History, Geography, and Literature—Mrs. Jones. Latin, Bible History, and Domestic Economy—Mrs. E. Marie Jones. French Italian, and Calisthenics-Signorina Chambeaud. Geology, Botany, and Astronomy—Mrs. Jones. Music—Miss Turner and Signorina Chambeaud. Drawing, Painting, and Book-keeping—Mrs. Jones. Elocution—Mrs. E. M. Jones (late pupil of Harcourt Beatty, Prof. of Elocution at Glasgow university). A TRAINING CLASS FOR GOVERNESSES. SEVERN GROVE ACADEMY, LLANIDLOES. ADAY and BOARDING SCHOOL for young ladies and gentlemen. PRINCIPAL: MR. HUGH JERMAN, M.C.P., C.M. Certificated by the Society of Arts and the Science and Art Department, Prizeman and Medalist of the National and other Eisteddfodau, late seven years Master of the Well Grammar School. Assistant1 Languages tauSht a thoroughly qualified The young ladies are in a separate apartment, under Mrs. Jerman s supervision. Pupils prepared for the University, Law, Medical, Civil Service, College of Preceptors, and other Examina- fcions. Re-union, January 21st. Prospectuses on application. THE ABERYSTWYTH COMMERCIAL AND GRAMMAR SCHOOL. Conducted by Mr. T. OWENS, C.M. (in honours of the London University, and late Scholar of the University College of Wales). Pupils prepared for Commercial Pursuits, for the Civil service, for the learned Professions, for the Universities nd for the various Training and Theological Colleges r™ss:^ro £ atepirt.i:"siish ,™d Terms may be had on application. The school opens on MONDAY, SEPT. 23rd 1878 16, Queen s-street, Aberystwyth. ABERYSTWYTH.-CAERLEON HOUSE. SCHOOL FOR YOUNG LADIES. PRINCIPAL —MISS TRUBSHAW. Assisted by Masters, and Resident Foreign and English Governesses. Pupils prepared for the Oxford and Cambridge local ex; animations. puties will pe re-commenced (DV.,) on Monday, Jan- uary 27th, 1879. For Terms, &c., apply to the Principal. BORTH PRACTICAL NAVIGATION SCHOOL for Mates, Masters, and Extra Masters.—Con- ducted by J. JONES, Tymawr. I CRICCIETH GRAMMAR SCHOOL, NORTH WALES. Head Ma.ster :-Rey. W. 1. FRANCIS, B.A. (Oxon), late Open Exhibitioner of Jesus College, Chaplain of Tre- aiadoc Church. THIS School is designed to afford a liberal educa- tion adapted to prepare pupils for the public schools and universities, and for entering upon commercial pur- suits. The Head Master receives a limited number of BOARDERS into his house. The term commences Monday, January 27th, 1879. Prospectus, &c., on application to Rev. W. I. FRANCIS, Tremadoc, N. Wales. I RICHARD ELLIS, Unicorn Lane, Dolgelley, IGENERAL BILL STICKER, POSTER MESSENGER, &o. Contracts may be made with Auctioneers and Publishers NOVELTIES FOR CHRISTMAS S; N. COOKE IS now showing a large variety of FANCY ARTICLES, suitable for CHRISTMAS .,r AND EW YEAR'S GIFTS. Also New Designs in Fancy Needlework. BASKETS, WORK-CASES, ALBUMS, &c., &c. An allowance of 7% per cent, will be made'on all Ready money Purchases for Bazaars or Fancy Sales. 35, Pier-street, ABERYSTWYTH-