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TREGARON. REPORTS.—The meeting of the Sanitary Authority was held in the afternoon on Tuesday, The Rev. O. Daviev presided. The Inspector's report was read. He recom- mended that the square should be raised by placing gravel upon it. The reports of the medical officers were read, but as they did not differ materially from what has been published from year to year, it was scarcely worth while to print them. The district was generally reported to be in a healthy condition. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, TUESDAY, FEB. 11.—Present: The Rev O. Davies, in the chair, Me. R. J. Davies, ex-officio, Messrs. J. Rowlands, Bettws Leikie, David Jones, Blaen- penal, David Jones, Caron Isclawdd, W. Jones, Caron Upper, J. Jones, Dorthie Camddwr, Evan Davies, J. Jenkins, W. Williams, W. Rees, W. Davies, E. Williams, H. Jones, W. Williams, Llanbadarn, D. Davies, W. D. Evans, Isaac Griffiths, J. Lloyd, Lledrod, A. Jenkins, J. Williams, Solomon. Tregoning, T. W. Davies. Mr. Rowland Rowland, medical officer, Mr. David Williams, clerk The i'aluation.- A letter was read from Mr. D. P. Davies, the valuer saying that he had got the valuation of a great many wiisiies ready, but he did not intend sending them in till he heard the opinion of the committee on the standard of value adopted in Llangeitho and Llanbadarnodyn. He asked for a sum on account, and the Board recommended the payment of £200, and agreed to borrow £800 to meet the payment on valuation account.-Tlle Board declined to give the valuer any opinion on the standards of value until they received the valuations. Statistics.—Mr. James Roberts, workhouse muster, reported that there were 11 paupers in the house.—Mr. Stephen Thomas, relieving officer for the Upper District, reported the number of paupers to be 261, and the out-relief for the fortnight j643 5s. 4d. —Mr. James Roberts, relieving officer for the Lower District, reported 80, out-door paupers, and Z20 expended in relief in the fortnight. Collector of Relatives' Contributions.-A letter was read from the Local Government Board sanctioning the appointment of Mr. James Roberts, the master of the workhouse, to be collector for the whole union.-Mr. Roberts is now master of the work- house, relieving officer, and collector. The Appointment of Collectors.—Mr. R. J. Davies's motion to appoint collectorg was brought forward.—Mr. E. Williams said that the collection of the rates in his part did not cost more than 4 per cent., and he hoped the Guardians would not sup- port the motion and introduce a tyrannous system into the Union.—Mr. W. Rees said that Garth and Ystrad paid nothing now for the collection of the rate, and he did not wish for a more economic way. —Mr. A. Jenkins said that the cheapest system was not always the best, and he believed that the way the rates are collected at Garth and Ystrad proved this.—Mr. R. J. Davies said that he felt that he had done his duty in bringing forward his motion. He would ask the Guardians to give their consideration to the facts and figures he had pro- duced. The salaries were no guide as to the amount that was paid. There were travelling expenses and other charges, which almost added twenty per cent. to the amount paid. The assistant overseers were often too ignorant to prepare the assessments, which were written by irresponsible persons and made to suit certain parties. It too often happened that the parishes thought the office was made for the man, and not, the man for the office. They dealt with the appointments as chari- ties. Seeing that the majority of the Board were not ripe for a. change so sweeping, he would for the present withdraw his motion in favour of a more mild one to be proposed by the Chairman, -The Chairman then moved that the Board express to the rating authorities of the Union the advisability of their paying their assistant overseers by a percentage on the sums actually collected and paid into the treasurer's hands before the end of the year. flighway Board. -Mr. R. J. Davies occupied the chair. The chief work was to appoint a road surveyor until the 8tb of next April, There were fourteen applications. The following were proposed :—William Lloyd, Pant, John Rowlands, Uangeitho, Solomon Tregoning, David Jones, Blaenpenal, and John Wil- liams, Bronant. Only two of these were seconded—William Lloyd, Pant, and Solomon Tregoning. The vote was taken by ballot. Lloyd received 12 votes and Tregoning 8.








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