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PWLLHELI RELIEF FUND.—Owing to the severity of the weather, which has so much interfered with the working classes, most of them have been unable to follow their usual em- ployments during this winter. The fishermen have also suffered much in consequence of the herring season turn- ing out so very unsuccessful. Of these there are aboutfifty, and some of them have large families, whose living is mostly dependant on the result of the herring season. In conse- quence of this the Mayor (Mr. J. Morris) caused a meet- ing to be called last week, to take into consideration what steps should be taken in order to relieve the wants of the sufferers. It was unanimously resolved to make a collec- tion about the town, which realized about 264. On Saturday, January 25, various tickets were distributed, enabling them to obtain provisions and other necessaries. A similar distribution will a train take place at the latter end of this week. The Committee worked very energeti- cally, and they, as well of the Mayor, are worthy of praise for their timely help. CONCERT.—On Tuesday, Jan. 28th, a concert was held at the Tabernacle (Baptist chapel), the proceeds of which are to go towards reducing the expenses of the chapel. The mayor (Mr. J. Morris), on taking the chair opened the meeting by expressing his surprise at seeing such a large audience, especially as hard weather and bad trade had prevailed for some time. The Mayor also observed that the concert was in aid of a very good cause. He thought it the bonnden duty of everybody to promote every movement of that kind, especially those who lived in the locality. The following pro- gramme was then gone through Pianoforte, Professor Powell glee, Mae'r nos yn do'd," Pwllheli Glee Party; song, When the heart is young," Miss Edwards trio, Mor fwyn yvv'r awelon," Mr. Hughes and Party; song, Ysgydwad y llaw," Mr. Davies; duet, "Y ddan awenydd," Mr. Williams and Mr. Hughes song, Miss C. Jones; song, Fy uniggalon fach," Miss Edwards; song, "Y Gardotes fach," Mr. Davies; song, Mair Tyddyn song and chorus, Y bwthyn bach to gwellt," Mr. Jones and Party; piano- forte, Professor Powell; song, "Nazareth," Mr. Davies; song, "Yr eneth amddifad," Miss Humphreys; chorus, Y nefoedd sydd yn dadgan," Pwllheli Glee Party; song, Y deryn pur," Miss Edwards; song, Mr. Hughes; song, Mair Tyddyn; song, Baner ein gwlad," Mr. Davies; song, "Dafydd y garreg wen," Miss Edwards chorus, Cyfoded Duw," Pwllheli Glee Party; Finale, God save the Queen." It is a long time since we have witness 3d such a large assembly of people at a concert as there was on this occasion. Every pew was crowded as well as all the porches, &c. The firstand second seats were all filled a long time before the commencement of the concert. The platform presented a very gay appearance having been decorated with flowers, vases, and evergreens. The singing was excellent. "Y gardotes fach," by Mr. Davies, was loudly encored. Mair Tyddyn and Miss Edwards were also encored several times. The singing by Miss Humphreys and Miss C. Jones was also very good. The usual vote of thanks terminated a very suc- cessful concert. PETTY SESSIONS, WEDNESDAY, JAN. 29. -Before Owen Evans, Esq., Benjamin Thomas Ellis, Esq., Robert Carreg, Esq., F. W. L1. Edwards, Esq. (chairman), and the Rev. Thos. Jones, R.D. Sacrilege.Robert Roberts, Glanafon, Llangwnadl, a boy of nine years of age, was charged with having stolen from 15s. to 20s., from a drawer at Capel Penygraig.—Mr. R. Ivor Parry ap- peared for the prisoner.-G. Roberts, Berthaur, said I air. a trustee of the Penygraig Chapel and a member. I am aiSo the treasurer. On the 14th of this month I deposited money in a cupboard, but not b a drawer. It was the small cupboard. There was money in the drawer, about from los. to a pound. I placed it in the drawer, and locked it, and kept the key. There was half a sovereign in gold, besides some silver and copper. I am not positive as GO ihe amount of the silver. I last saw the money there on Sunday, the 12th of this month. I opened the drawer on the night of the 14th, but did not see the money there. On the following Thursday, the 16th, I went to the drawer, and it was locked as usual. There were some papers adjoining the Deacons' seat. I afterwards received 7s. 3d. of the money from Mr. Williams, schoolmaster, Llangwnadl.-By the Bench None of the other deacons could have access to the drawer.— Cross-examined The money was collected about a month ago. I keep an account of the collections. I have not got it with me to-day. I can't say what amount was collected on the night in question. I put the whole amount of the collection in the drawer. It was about from 15s. to 20s. Anyone could go in the chapel with a key that would tit Ithe whole. I have a reason for keeping the money in the cupboard and in the drawer. On the 14th I opened the drawer, and took an account-book out. I cannot swear that the money was there then. It was in conse- quence of seeing papers on the adjoining seat to the drawer that I looked if the money was safe. There were no marks of violence on the drawer. Part of the money might have been taken out of the drawer without a key.—John Jones said: I am in the habit of locking the door of Penygraig Chapel. I re- member locking the door of the chapel onthe 14th Jan.— Cross- examined: I left the key at the shop where it is usually kept.- Thomas Hughes said: I live at Plas Morfa, Llangwnadl. On the night of the 16th of this month I went to Penygraig Chapel. I noticed that the chapel door was not locked. I don't know where the keys were kept on that night. There were no signs of violence.—Cross-examined: There was a meeting to be held on that night. I did not expect to see it opened. I went there at half-past six p.m. It did not seem as if it had been opened to let! people in. I cannot say whether the door was unlocked by a member of the chapel.-G. Morris Williams said: I am a schoolmaster and live at Llano ywnadL In consequence of what I heard I made enquiries among the boys at my school. It was a general enquiry. I had occasion to call the prisoner to the floor for playing truant on the previous day. I took him out to the schoolhouse, when he began to cry, and said he 'vould bring the money back to me. He also said, 1. I will fetch all the monay I got in the chapel." Between 12 and 1 p.m. he brought me 7s. 3d. (seven shillings in silver and 3d. in copper). He said he spent the rest.—By the Bench: I afterwards gave the money to the first witness.-Cross-examined: It is frequently the case that children will cry when they think they are to be punished. It was the accused that spoke about the money first.-Edward Jones said: I am a police-officer stationed at Sarn. In conse- quence of information received I apprehended the prisoner at Glanrafon, Llangwnandl. on Saturday, Jan. 18. I charged him with the offence. He admitted the charge, and said, I took the keys from the chapel house, the keys of the stable, and opened the chapel door. I had two other keys. I took two small keys from the bedroom." I showed him these keys produced. He said, Yes, those are the two keys. I have thrown the other two into a field near Capel Hebron.' On the morning I went there, and found the keys.—By the Bench: I cautioned the prisoner before charging him. I told him to tell the truth, that whatever he should tell me would be brought as evidence on his trial. The prisoner was crying.-Cross-examined: I cautioned the prisoner in Welsh. His uncle was not near enough to hear my caution. I don't know whether the prisoner did understand the caution.—The Chairman having read the caution, Mr. Ivor Parry, on behalf of the prisoner, reserved the defence.—Committed to take his trial at the next Carnarvonshire Assizes. Bail accepted. Non-Payment of Seamen's Wages. -Robert Jones v. John Roberts, Gronant.-Complainant said: I had shipped for jE3 5s., and served for one month and two days, from 18th November to 19th December. The master 'paid me 2s. Ordered that com- plainant be paid in full, and costs. Killing Game.-Police v. John Hughes, Nant bach, Llan- iestyn.—Pleaded guilty to having on the 22nd January killed a hare.—Fined 5s., and costs.

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