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WELSH ASSOCIATION CHALLENGE CUP. LLANERCIIRCG v. BANGop.Tlies-, clubs were drawn together in the second ties for this cup, but the first named club withdrew from the contest. WREXHAM V. FRIARS SCHOOL, BAXGOR. TheSe teams met on Wednesday, November 27, for the second ties, on the school ground at Bangor, a well contested 'ame resulting in a victory for the visitors by three goals to one°and two disputed. The game was witnessed by a large number of spectators, including the elite of the district. OSWESTRY v. CIVIL SERVICE (WREXHAM.) A match to decide a tie in the second round of this cup W?s played on the Oswestry ground on Saturday last, and resulted in an easy win for the home team by six goals to none. Play was to commence at 2 30, but owing to a difficulty in ap- pointing a referee, the game did not commence until three o clock, by which time a large number of spectators had assem- bled on the ground. The strangers, on appearing, were greeted by their partizans with a cheer, that they needed some encou- ragement will be seen from the perusal of the following notes of the game. = Oswestry won the toss and chose to defend the goal farthest from the road. The ball was scarce in motion ere ihe Oswestry right wing got hold of it, and it was sent in rear of the Civil Service goal line. The kick off was returned by Williams to Farmer, who ran the ball up the left wing and passed it to the centre, whence Heywood made a good shot at goal. A corner kick, however, was the only result, Williams sent the ball well up to the mouth of the goal, but its defenders got it away, and it was played in touch. The throw in by the Civil Service did not prevent another attack being made on their goal, to the rear of which the ball soon afterwards passed. An attempt to reach the Oswestry territory was stopped by Kenrick, and a shot by Davies passed over the b;tr. A run on the left side by Hughes and Lloyd was stopped by Williams, and then another struggle, in which Heywood was conspicuous, took place in front of the visitors' goal the ball passing over the line. Oswestry got a throw in from touch, and the ball passed the front of the goal, Savin failing to send it through. The play still kept to the front of the Civil Service goal, whence it was got away by a free kick falling to the de- fenders. Williams made a good r turn, but the shot by Farmer passed behind the line. Another free kick for "hands" temporarily relieved the position, but the attack was again re- newed and a corner kick obtained. The ball being well placed a sharp struggle ensued in front of goal, ending in the ball being kicked behind the line by the defenders and another corner kick given. No result followed, and the ball was sent from the goal and a free kick obtained for a trip, the latter enabling the Service forwards for the first time to reach their opponents' quarters, but the play again returned to their own and the ball kicked behind the line by Heywood. The kick off was returned and another assault made on the goal, but Edwards by some fin. play averted its downfall, and Lloyd attempted a run. He was soon stopped, and Farmer made a good run, but the ball was handled, and a free kick given to the visitors, and the ball shortly after found its way behind the goal line. Savin next made a run, passed the ball to Shone, who headed it back to him, but the former missed the shot. IJoyd and Hughes passed the ball up the left wing, and Kenrick returned it, and then Higham sent it well up and it was kicked over the bar by Farmer. A corner kick fell to Oswestry, and Tagg got the bau from his goal, to the front of which it soon returned, and was played behind by Savin. After the kick off, the Civil Service forwards took the ball as far as the Oswestry backs, but could not pass them, Kenrick returning it, and a run on the left side fared no better at the hands, or rather feet, of Higham. Shone and Davies then took it up the right side, a good side shot just escaping its mark Oswestry got a free kick about twenty yards from their opponents' goal, and the ball being sent well up Heywood headed it towards the goal. Phennah re- turned it in like manner, when Shone leaped up and headed it through the posts, and scored the first goal for his side at 3-30- In less than a minute the ball was again sent through the posts, but on an appeal being made the goal was not allowed on the ground of "off-side." After the kick off, the Oswes- trians again pressed their opponents, Phennah stopping a smart shot by Farmer, and another by Heywood going a little wide. The visitors got a free kick near the middle of the ground, but could not retain the advantage this gave them, J. Jones getting a good run, and Davies flooring the man who tackled him the first-named sent the ball across the goal, and Farmer kicked it against Phennah, who failed to stop it, and thus a second goal was scored at ;}':5. W. H. Davies played the baU behind the goal, a rush was stopped by Owen, and Farmer got in the way of a smart shot at goal by Heywood, when halt time was called, and ends changed. The attack on the Wrexham men's goal was quickly com- menced, and a corner kick obtained. This had no immediate effect, but Shone sent the ball well up, and Parmer made a well- directed kick. The Oswestry umpire was in the way of the goal, and the ball rebounded from him. Heywood, however, settled the case by sending the ball through, and a third goal was re- corded in favour of Oswestry. The ball when kicked off was returned to the Oswestry forwards, and taken up the right wing by W. H. Davies, and kicked behind the line by Shone. Again the ball was brought to the front of goal, this time by Jones, Edwards kicking it behind the line for safety. Davies made the corner kick, and sent the ball to Jones, who returned it, and then a scrim- mage took place directly in front of the goal in which Farmer and Savin were extremely busy. Edwards, however, made a sortie and enabled his forwards to get the ball half way up when Higham played the ball in touch, and the throw in enabled them to get the ball in the Oswestry quarters. Wil- liams sent the ball to Savin who with Fanner passed it up the left wing, and Shone got a shot at goal which Phennah stopped, and the ball was kicked to the middle of the ground by the Civil Service Captain (who at nearly the same moment lost his temper and struck Jones in the face, a battle seemed imminent, but the latter had the good sense to return to his play and report the case to his captain) and taken by the forwards to- wards the Oswestry goal, and after getting a free kick for hands the ball was for the tirst and only time sent behind the Oswes- try goal line. A run by Davies was well stopped by Edwards, and then the Visitors got a free kick, but the ball WaS returned and kicked in touch, after which Shone made a shot which failell to take effect. The ball was now three times in quick succession sent behind the goal line and then a shot by Davies was headed away by Phennah, and Shone kicked the. ball behind the line. A good shot by Farmer just missed the goal, and an attack which followed was frustrated by Thomas. Heywood, at short intervals, got twu kicks at the goal, and the ball was a^ain dangerously near, when Phennah rushed out aud kicked it away. Hie visitor's forwards again got the ball on the left wing, but Owen stopped them. They, however, got two throws in from touch, but they availed nothing, as the ball was soon in its accustomed quarters (the rear of the visitors' goal). A kick at goal by Davies was sent behind by an opponent, and a corner kick given to Oswestry; this led to anether, and the latter to a goal kicked by Davies at 4 16. A free kick was obtained by the visitors directly after the kick off, and then Shone ran the ball up the centre, a gallant sortie was now made; and the ball taken up to the Oswestry end; it was, however, a forlorn hope, as Kenrick returned the ball, and Heywood kicked a fourth goal at 1 19, the ball being passed to the latter by Davies. The last- named player soon after made a smart shot at goal, which Pheunah, as smartly, hit away, and the ball was sent behind the goal line. Phennah, in stopping a shot, gave another corner kick, but the kick at goal was sent over by Jones, and then Shone scored the 6th goal. at 4-24. The remaining few minutes were chiefly occupied by kicking at the visitors' goal. Savin, Davies, and others, partici- pating in the amusement. Phennah, however, stopped those which were well directed, and when time was called the ball was behind the goal. The match was one of the most one-sided we have witnessed, the Wrexham men being literally penned from thevstart to the finish, the ball being not less than thirty times behind their goal line, and something like half a score of corner kicks fell to the lot of their opponents. We had anticipated an interesting match, and were not prepared for the collapse of the visitors, of whom Phennah, their goalkeeper, deserved well, as he saved its downfall frequently. Edwards (the captain), played in his usual tine form, but his so far forgetting himself as to strike an opponent is an inexcusable act, particularly as a captain's temper should be above suspicion, and we trust he will see his way to offer an apology for such unseemly conduct. For Oswestry the whole team played well and together, and have only to repeat the unselfish play they exhibited in this match to render their chance of becoming the holders of the cup for th§ year, a rosy one indeed. Their goalkeeper, who made his debut in this match, had no opportunity of trying his pren- tice hand, but was in some measure compensated for this by having an uninterrupted if distant viaw of the game. The sides were — OSWESTRY. ,— Goal: F. Oswald" backs: G. G. Higham (cjiptain) and LI. Kenrick; half-backs: T. Owen; and W. Williams; right side: W. H. Davies and W. W. Shone; left side: G. Savin and A. Farmer; centre: J. Jones; and D. Heywood. Umpire R. Hamer. CIYlL SERi,,tcE.-(',oal E. Phennah; backs: R. Davies and George Thomas half-backs J. Pickering, H. Edwards (captain), and G. Tagg; right side: J. H. Jones and A. Richards; left side E. Lloyd and T. E. Hughes; centre: J. Crawford. Umpire: G. Burgess. Referee Mr. H. Dobbs.


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