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LAMPETEE. 1 "E. ITOOT AXD Moi'TH DISEASE.—The foot and month dis- ease has appeared in a mild form at Green Grove, in the I' parish of Iilanfihangel, Ystrad, in a herd of cattle, owned by • Captain Vaughan, of Brynog. Four animals were afFected. Mr. Supt. R. Lloyd, has carried out measures of ¡ dvjinfeetion and isolation, and there has been no spread of TOe"8is.ease. FINE 1,i Sergeant Roynshastwo fine fowls in his possession, which have taken prizes. A cock bird, which answers to the name of Charley" weighs lOlbs, and Gweniau," a hen, not less than 81bs. PETTY SESSIONS, FRIDAY, MAY 25.—Before William Jones, Esq., Llwyngroes, and T. H. R. Hughes, Esq. Rates.—A distress warrant was ordered to be issued on John Davies, butcher, Lampeter, for neglecting to pay 17s. 5d.; and Rees Evans, labourer, and Dd. Jones, ordered to pay £ 2 (is. S-d. poor rates in a week. Drunkenness.—Mr. Thomas Lloyd, solicitor, appeared on behalf of Evan Jones, farmer, Caeglas, Llanfair- Clydogau, and admitted a charge of drunkenness and dis- orderly conduct on the 6th May. Defendant was fined 5s., and costs.—P.S. Lyons charged John Jenkins, saddler, Lampeter, with having been drunk and riotous on May S. Defendant was also charged with having been drunk and disorderly on the 17th May. P.S. Lyons, P.S. Phillips, and Samuel Davies, carpenter, gave evidence to prove drunkenness. Defendant said that on the second occasion he was knocked down as dead as dead could be by a stone thrown at him by a man named John Dump.—Evan E vans, blacksmith, gave evidence on defendant's behalf.— The Bench inflicted a fine of 5s. in each case.—David Williams, stonemason, Tregaron, charged with having "been drunk and riotous on the 8th May, was fined 5s., and coats.—Defendant denied that he was drunk, and added that although he could take beer, he could always walk a straight line.—Dd. Davies, carpenter, Jirnlge-enu, Lam- peter. for having been drunk and disorderly on May 17, was fined j., and costs.Defendaiit admitted that he had taken too much beer, but he did not think he made much noise.—James Davies, farmer, Rhiwshonucha, Llan- wenog, charged by P.C. Dd. Davies, ew Court, with having heen drunk and incapable on the highway at Llan- wnen on the 7th May, was fined 5s., and costs.—David Jones, farmer, Cwmnant, was fined £ l, and costs, for having been drank whilst in charge of a horse at New Court, Llanwenog, on April 30.—P.C. Davies proved the case. Allowing Pigs to Stray.-Samuel Rees, labourer, Llan- fairclydogau, was fined 6d., without coats, for having al- lowed his sow to stray on May 6; and David Edwards, farmer, Llettytwpa, Lampeter, fined 6cl., and costs (he having been previously warned) for a similar offence. Summons Against the County Roads Board.—Mr. F. R. Roberts, clerk to the County Roads Board, and Mr. John Vaughan, county surveyor, were charged by Mr. Rees, inspector of nuisances, with not having provided privy ac- commodation, and allowing the Peterwell Toll-house to be unfit for human habitation. The Inspector said there was, scarlet fever in the house about two months ago, and the inmates had to put a pan to catch the water which came in through the roof. Mr. Vaughan said be had spoken to Mr. Jenkins, the agent of the Falcondale Estate, respecting the acquiremant of land adjoining the toll house, but Mr. Jenkins had replied that the adjoining ground had been leased for building purposes. He now understood from Mr. David Lloyd that Mr. Jenkins referred to the wrong gatehouse. He (Mr. Vaughan) had visited the place that morning, and found that two slates were slightly out of place, and that the leakage could be soon remedied. He had erected privies for some of the houses, but found that they were used for coal sheds or some other purpose dif- ferent from that for which they had been built. More- over, Mr. Coddrington, the Local Government Board Inspector of Roads, had told him not to expend much money upon toll houses pending legislation on the subject of highways.—Mr. Vaughan having undertaken to have the house repaired, and a closet provided the Bench dis- missed the case on payment of costs. LOCAL BOARD, MONDAY, MAY 27.-Present: The Rev. Professor Edmondes, in the chair, Mr. Edward Evans, Mr. Jenkin W. Evans, Mr. Rees Davies, Mr. David Lloyd, clerk, and Mr. W. Rees, inspector. Time of Meeting.—In accordance with the resolution passed at the last meeting, the Board met on Monday at eleven instead of in the afternoon. I The Water Question.-In reply to a question, Mr. Rees Davies reported on behalf of the Committee that they had not gone 011 with the gauging of springs, &c., during the recent wet weather, as there had been abundance of water everywhere under such circumstances. The slaughter- house, Mr. Davies added, had been repaired. Public Lighting.—The Clerk handed in a letter from Mr. Prestman, offering to put up a lamp pillar, &c., near the refreshment rooms for JS2 15s., and a bracket in Bridge- stret-t for S2 odd. The Clerk said it had long been sug- gested that a lamp should be placed near the refreshment rooms. The gas mains were about to be extended to the station, and an arrangement had been made with Mr. Hamer, the Manchester and Mil ford Railway manager, by which the station would be lighted. He believed it was the intention to place a lamp near the station gates.—The Board agreed to the erection of the refreshment room lamp, but not to the proposal respecting Bridge-street.— The Clerk was requested to write to the proper authorities respecting a small tree in the front garden of the police station, which obscured the light of the lamp placed near that building. ilfacadLim.-The Board agreed to purchase the stones broken at the workhouse by vagrants. Inspector's Report.— Mr. W. Rees, the inspector, re- p follows:—"Since the last meeting I have had several buildings carried out in Lampeter. The cottages near the Station have had a large cesspool constructed, walled, and flagged, and gutters with sink traps have been rfflTde leadmg from each house. All has been done to my satisfaction. The row of the houses on the oommon, belong- ing to Mrs. Harford, has been provided with cesspools, Ffynol-las, a cottuge near Dolau, which was condemned, has been repaired. The work, however, is not quite com- plete. The towl. i; now free from diphtheria from which there has been one death. Four children have been attacked by the disease at Maespwll, but they have all frecovered. I summoned the road surveyor, Mr. John' Vaughan. and. he was ordered to put both toll houses in proper repair. I have been requested by the inhabitants of College-street to ask the Board to clear all the obstacles away."—Mr. Rees Davies presumed the Inspector meant she Duilding material deposited on the side of the road.— The Inspector having answered in the affirmative, the Chairman said the subject came on with the question of the footpath along College-street. It was high time that the paths were made, and the projecting railings taken down.—Mr E. Evans thought the path ought to be made. He believed some one had been lately run over in that street on a fair day.— Mr. Jenkin W. Evans said the builders had plenty of room, and there was no necessity for them to put the materials on the r'):1d.[r..Tenkins'sletter was then read respect- ing the measurement of the property attached to the houses in College-street; and Mr. Jenkin W. Evans and Mr. E. Evans, as well as other members of the Board, said the measurement could be ascertained by measuring the land, beginning from the back.—Mr. E. Evans said he remembered that there was about a yard between the old hedge ancTthe roil.-I he Inspector was directed to have the obstructions in College-street removed. Voting by Ballot.—The Chairman read a letter from the Maesteg Local Board, desiring the Lampeter Board to join in a petition to the Home Secretary for power to vote by ballot in Local Board of Health elections.—Mr. Jenkin W. Evans We never get elections here. At least we don't get a contest here. (Laughter.)—Mr. Edward Evans No, I don't think it is worth while.—The Chair- man If these elections were conducted bv ballot I do not think anyone would take the trouble.—Mr. Rees Davies If anyone 'wishes to come in I will resign for him. (Laughter.)—The Chairman If anyone wishes to see the ballot introduced I have no objection at all. The letter says, There is a great deal of tampering, &c., with the voting papers." I don't know whether that has yet reached Lampeter. (Laughter.)—The memorial was allowed to lie on the table. Plans.—Mr. Lewis Davies produced plans of proposed erection in Mount Walk and College-street. The Board approved the latter, but refused to sanction the former, because closet accommodation was not shown to be pro- vided for.—Mr. Jenkin W. Evans having elicited the fact that plans for houses in course of erection in College- 3tr £ eLliad not been submitted, the Clerk was directed to apply for them.







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