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tJ^-IBFTIAN RAILWAYS.—-Approximate return of traffic re3<%>t3 for the Vvcel; ending 26th May, 1878. Miles op<jn, 17Sji_ ..Passengers, parcels, Ac., £ 1,887; mer- chmlise, minerals, and live-stock, £ 1,924; total for the week, £ 3,811. Actual traffic receipta for the correspond- II v. oek !wt year. Miles open, In¡. assengers p.vv^Lv- mejchaodise, .aiiaexals^ and Hve fit TTt, -fit,807; total for the week, ^3,894. Aggregate firrrr commencement of half-year to this date, £ 70,482, 1.,year,^70,044. • IVOVAL AGRICULTURAL SOCIETY OF ENGLAND.-At a general meeting of mebe held on Wednesday May 22 Chanel Kingscote, C.B., M^ fi the chair, the Earl of £ Vwis, itt ziioVBSg that the Prince of Wales be invited to undertake the office of president of the society for the 1378-9i said ey v all aware that it was proposed to.h ^d nexf; year s exlubvtiCHi in Middlesex. Thesite near Wrllesdcn which had oeen selected would beeasily accessible from all parts of the metropohsi and the council trusted thit the show would attract a very considerable number ef; s¡'ctt(), n-" be worth}'f the society and of the co'fn'ry in respect of the exhibits. It was with great satis- fact! in that he was able to say that the Prince had in- timated his willingness to accept the presidency. The was seconded by Mr. T. C. Booth, and unani- m visly adopted. Twenty-three retiring members of the co r.ioil were re-elected, ami Mr. James Howard and Mi. William Sheraton, were added to the council. Tn secretary (Mr. H; M. Jenkins) read the report of the council, which stated that the society now consists of 81 life governors, 72 annual governors, 2,328 life members. 4,130 annual members, and 26 honorary members, making a total of 6,637. The funded property of the society relmains the same as at the last general meeting—namely, £ 26,511 lis. 5d. new Three per Cents. Tue balance of the current account in the hands of the bankers on the 1st May was £ 3,668 13s. §1., and £3,000 reuirdned oil deposit; these sums w- r/entually be re- qun-»dto meet the expenses of the Bristol meeting. The a-Lotion of the report was- moved by Sir .John Herop- I\1J.x\flli1: seaflinded by Mt. William Botley, and unani- mously agreed to.








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