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CARDIGAN. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS. MONDAY, THE 20TH MAY.—Before the Mayor and Dr. Thomas. -n- Assatilt.-David Owens, water bailiff, charged Edward. Reilly, a travelling tinker, who was brought up under a warrant, with assaulting him on Saturday evening, the 18th May, at Pontycleifion.—Fined 20s., and costs. Charge of Wilful Damage— Thomas Davies, Pendre, charged David Owens, carter, Pendre, with doing certain damage to the clay pits, of the value of is. —Case dismissed. A Straying Pig.—-Inspector Roberts charged Samuel Griffiths, Pendre, with allowing a pig to stray on the highway near Northgate- terrace. Defendant's wife ad- mitted the offence.—Fined 6d., and costs. Sureties of the Peace.-At a special petty sessions for the lower hundred of Troedyrawr, held in the Shire Hall, on Monday, the 20th May, before S. H. Jones-Parry, Tyllwyd, and T. Davies, Bank House, Esquires, Eleanor Williams, Pwllmelin, Blaenporth, sought for sureties of the peace against her husband, Benjamin Williams, stone cutter, who was brought up in custody, having threatened to hang himself. Prisoner was bound over to keep the peace for six months, himself in 240 and. two sureties in I 920each. The Bench waraed the prisoner that if h again threatened to destroy his life he would find himself in Car- marthen Asylum. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, WEDNESDAY MAY 15.— Present: Mr. J. T. W. James, in the chair, Messrs. W. O. Brigstocke, R. D. Jenkins, the Rev. J. M. Davies, John Lewis, Benjamin Rees, J. Griffiths, Thomas Llewellyn, William Thomas, William Woodward, John Hughes, Owen Thomas, B. Richards, David Jones, Lewis Davies, Evan Philipps. and B. Uewellin. The Master and Matron.—.The salaries of the Master and Matron were fixed as follows :—If a man and wife, JESS and B15 respectively but if. separate, Master to get P,35, and Matron £20, with rations, house room, &-c. Ad. vertisements to be inserted in the newspapers, aud the age < t lof the applicants to be not less than 30, and not more than 50 years. An application by the present Master and Matron for a superannuation allowance will be considered at the Board to be held on the 11th June next. Resignation of a Relieving Officer.—The resignation of Mr. Morris, relieving officer for No. 2 district, after a ser- vice of 28 years, was accepted, the subject of his super- annuation to be considered that day six weeks.—On the motion of Mr. W. O. Brigstocke, a committee was ap- pointed to consider whether it would not be better to do the relieving work of the union with two officers only in- stead of three, and pay them accordingly. The Commit- ee to meet on Saturday next in the Magistrates' Room, at Cardigan, and report at the next meeting. TOWN COUNCIL, THURSDAY, 16TH MAY.—Present: The Mayor, Alderman Davies, Messrs. John Lewis. J. M. Phillips, Rev. William Jones, Levi James Lewis Evans, W. W. Smith, William Woodward, and o. P. Davies. The Wa-terivorki.-The Mayor said the committee were in a position to carry out the work, and they hoped to improve the quality and quantity of the water. It was re- solved that the water committee originally appointed should go into the matter and get on with.the work as soon as possible. Guildhall Pctrements. -Three tenders were received for repairing the front of the Guildhall, and it was resolved + a,Cemmittee do see contractors their tender for paving with brick, six inches by twelve inches, afc. 1Od* Per yard, the good flags now down to be utilised as much as .possible. Public Lights.-Cheques were ordered to be drawn for the payment of 240 balance due to the Gas Company for lighting the public lamps, and for 210 Os. 10d., for gas supplied to the public buildings for the quarter ending the 25th of March last. Colouring the Buildings, -It was proposed and seconded that the Guildhall Council Chamber, staircase, &c., be coloured, and it was also resolved that Mr. Woodward be requested to draw out specifications, and that tenders be obtained. Sanitary.-Mr. H. C. Noott's (the medical officer of health) report was read for the quarter ending March, 1878. Mr. Noott's sajary was ordered to be paid. A report from the Inspector of Nuisances was also read.