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LLANIDLOES. GLYN BROCHAX CHAPEL.—This place lies about a mile and a half west of Llanidloes, and belongs to the Inde- pendents. On Wednesday evening, May 8, a literary competitive meeting was held here, under the presidency of Mr. J. D. Davies, solicitor, Llanidloes. The pro- gramme, which was well gone through, consisted of recita- tions, singing, &c. The chapel was filled. The proceeds will go towards liquidating the chapel debt. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS, THURSDAY. MAY 9. — Before R. Jones, Esq. (mayor), and R. G. Greenhow, Esq. (ex-mayor.) CHARGE AGAINST THE CAMBRIAN RAILWAYS.-IM- PROPERLY CLEANSED CATTLE TRUCKS. Henry A. Sleeinan v. the Cambrian Railways Company. The Company were summoned for acting in contravention of an Order in Council dated 5th June, 1S75.—Mr. R. B. Woosnam was for the complainant, and Mr. H. C. Corfield for defendants. Henry Arthur Sleeinan said—I am the travelling inspector of the Privy Council. I attended at Llanidloes station of the Cambrian Railways on the 9th February, 1S77. I handed the station master a copy of the rules. I had no fault to find on that occasion. I again attended on the 23rd March last. I saw a lot of cattle removed from a truck, Xo. 1,123, belonging to the defendants. I then saw a man g-o in, amI with a shovel remove some of the dung from the floor. He then swept it and after- wards put a coating of limewash on the sides of the truck, but he only sprinkled the floor with limewash. The man did not in any way wash the truck or any part thereof with water before limewashin[$ it. I kept sight of this truck from the time the cattle were taken out until the other cattle were Imt in. The cattle taken out belonged to a grazier named Berry, from Northamptonshire. I saw ten other c1ttle put in after the others were taken out. The ten cattle put in were standing by while those taken out were removed. The ten cattle put in belonged to Messrs. Ash bury, of Northamptonshire. I was at Newtown yesterday, when the defendants were lined £ .10 for each of two offences. 1, on the 23rd March last.called the Llan- idloes station master's attention to the offence above stated, and he replied admitting the offence, but pleaded scarcity of water. I notified the offence in the Privy Council form to the station master on the following Sunday. The truck was not washed with water. Cross-examined—The defendants have been warned once in 1876 with regard to Llanidloes station. I have been inspector of this district for two years and a half. Had I known the circumstances I should not have allowed the cattle to be loaded. On the otner hand I pursued the instructions given me by looking on while the cattle were being loaded. Robert Lloyd said—I am a labourer employed occasionally by the defendants. I recollect cleaning a truck No. 11.113, and before I came to that I cleaned about thirty others. This was between nine and ten in the morning of Saturday, 23rd March. I swept it and removed everything out of it. I then washed it with water, and afterwards applied lime wash with carbolic acid in it to the surface of the floor and sides. Cattle were placed in the truck, and afterwards removed after having been in about fifteen minutes. After the cattle were removed I brushed the truck carefully and lime-washed it. Cross-examined—I cleaned about thirty trucks that morning with the help of two other men. I am quite sure the truck in question was Xo, 11,113. This was the only truck I cleaned twice. I am not quite sure of the number of the truck. I. saw the complainant standing by while 1 cleansed the truck a second time. Robert Phillips said I am a waggon inspector in the defend- ants' employ. I was in Llanidloes on the 23rd March last. I arrived here about ten minutes to eight in the morning. I saw the trucks being cleansed. I saw some cattle brought to the station and put in a truck. The same man afterwards brought more cattle, which he wished to go with the previous lot. There was not enough room in the truck for the last lot, so the first was brought out and both lots were put into one truck. The cattle came from the district. Iliad previously seen the small truck in which the first lot of cattle was placed, and it had been to all appearance thoroughly cleansed. Afterwards when the cattle were removed I saw the truck swept and lime-washed. Water is always used by the defendants' servants to clean trucks aUCross-examined—I am not speaking of Llanidloes Station alone, but of the defendants' stations generally. I saw the second lot of cattle put in the truck. Defendants were fined £2, and costs, making altogether —P.C. Lewis v. Richard Jones.—Complainant said ■ Vbout 12 30 p.m. on the 7th May I found defendant drunk lvin- under the Old Market Hall. He was shouting at the top of his voice I told him to go home, but he would not.—l-med 2s. 6d and Os. costs; in default seven days' imprisonment.—A secontlcase against the defendant was then heard.—Complainant s iid Between seven and eight p.m. on the 7th May I served de- fendant with a summons in the previous case at the top of Great Oak-street. Defendant rubbed me in the mouth with the sum- mons and challenged me to fight, and caught hold of my coat and pushed me about. Defendant went down street shouting. About 11.30 p.m. 1 was on duty in Great Oak-street. I saw de- fendant. He called out for me. He was drunk and disorderly, and had to be taken into custody.—P.S. Sibbald said I was with P.C. Lewis at 11.30 p.m.,and I can corroborate what he has said. Defendant drunk and disorderly.—Fined 2s. Gd., and (is. costs, or seven days' imprisonment.—John Davies, charged bv P.C. Lewis, lined 2s. 6d., and costs.—Elias Davies, charged by P. C. Lewis, fined 5s., and costs.—Ann Smith, charged by P.C. Lewis, fined 2s. Cd., and costs Strays.—Evan Jones and William Price, charged by P.C Lewis with allowing animals to stray, were each fined Is., and costs. Sreich of Peace.—John Jones, churned by Sergeant Sibbald with this offence, was fined 10s., allll ("n.,b.