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LOCAL AND DISTRICT. ........._----------...-...-....""-""V"'>..,"-"'"'-.......""'-""'-......


LOCAL AND DISTRICT. .V"'> FATAL ACCIDENT AT THE PEXRHYX SLATE QUARRIES.— A quarryman named Thomas, n married man with seven children, was killed at the Penrhyn slate quarries on Wednesday morning, May S, by a piece of rock falling on hb chest. THE RESTORATION OF TREGARON CHURCH.—It will he seen from an announcement in our advertising columns that the dates for holding the bazaar in aid of the restora- tion fund have been fixed for August 29th and 30th. The bazaar will be held at Aberystwyth. PETITfOK" FOR LIQUIDATION.—J. Rogers, Rhosllaner- chrugog, Euabon, licensed victualler; J. W. E. Coulson, Crewe, clock maker Mary Davits, Merthyr lydvil, innkeeper; H. Griffiths, St. Clears, Cannartnen, hotel- keeper; J elm Smith, of St. Clears, Carmarthen, coal Merchant and pedlar. THE CARMARTHEN BOROUGHS.—Sir Arthur K. Cowell Stepney, M.P., for the Carmarthen district of boroughs, has issued an address resigning his seat in consequence of ill-health. Mr. B. T. Williams, Q.C., Recorder of Car- marthen, has issued an address to the electors in the Liberal-interest, and is not to be opposed. LORD CASTLEREAGH.—-At a meeting of the County Rown Constitutional Association, held at Belfast, under the presidency of Lord Edwin Hill Trevor, M.P., Viscount Castlereagh was proposed by Colonel Forde as the Conser- vative candidate for the county. The resolution was tarried. A meeting of Liberal electors was held simul- taneously in another part of the town. Sir Thomas ^IcClure presided, and proposed Mr. Andrews, Q.C., as the Liberal candidate. The proposal was unanimously adopted. Mr. Andrews and Professor Smyth, M.P., ad- dressed the meeting. Both parties are preparing for a Vigorous contest. WELSH CHOIRS AND THE NATIONAL EISTEDDFOD.— The choral competitions at the forthcoming National Eisteddfod promise to excel all previous competitions. For the principal choral competitions prizes will be given ranging from :8150 to as well as numerous smaller Prizes. Among the competitions we find one for male voice choirs, and one for juvenile choirs, the members of which must all be under fifteen years of age. Two or three choirs from South Wales, that formed contingents to the South Wales Choral Union, have signified their intention to compete, as well as North Wales choirs from Flintshire, Denbighshire, and the Carnarvonshire slate quarrying districts. ANGLESEY AND CARNARVONSHIRE AGRICULTURAL ^GIETY.—The annual show of entire horses in connection with this Society was held on Tuesday, May 7, at Llan- gefni. There were seven entries in class 1, for the best Stallion calculated for husbandry," and the first prize was awarded to Mr. John Hughes, Llvslew, Gaerwen Mr. John Edmunds, Porthamel, highly commended ami Mr. Thomas Owen, Penmynydd, Valley, commended. Three entries in class 2, for the best stallion calculated to pro- duce roadsters,hunters or carriage horses," and the firstprize Was awarded to Mr. W. Edwards, of Ruthin Brewery. The judges were Messrs. Llewelyn Lewis, Aber, Andrew Laurie, Baron-hill, and H. Jones, veterinary surgeon, Llangefni. The arrangements were well carried out by Mr. John Pritchard, Bangor, the secretary of the Society. WELSH SLATE QUARRIES.—ELIAS V. GRIFFITH.—On Saturday, May 4, Lord Justice Cotton delivered jndg- Inent, which came on upon appeal from Vice-Chancellor Hall, restraining the working of certain slate quarries in Snowdon, and granting an account in respect of past Workings. His Lordship said it had been contended on behalf of the plaintiffs that there was such a difference between an open mine and an open quarry that, although a termor might lawfully work a mine opened by the free- holder before he acquired possession, he could not work a quarry so opened but in the opinion of the Court there Was no such distinction, and they came to the conclusion that the original working must be presumed to have been lawful, aruAhat as the lease, which was granted in 1811, Was clearly granted for the purpose of enabling the slates to be raised and sold for the purpose of profit, the quarry must be considered as having been opened by the authority of the owner of the inheritance, so as to enable the termor to work it. The judgment of the Vice- Chancellor would be reversed, and the bill dismissed against the defendants with costs. THE NORTH WALES NARROW-GAUGE RAILWAY COMPANY. —The Court of Appeal at Westminster, composed of Lords Justices Brett, Cotton, and Thesiger, gave judg- ment on Wednesday, May Sth, in the case of Messrs. Albert and Maurice Grant v. the North Wales Narrow- gauge Railway Company, which was an appeal argued on Monday of the defendant company from a judgment of Mr. Justice Manisty at a trial without a jury. The facts Were briefly these In an action brought by the trustees of the company against the Messrs. Grant for a breach of contract iu failing to obtain subscriptions for the gen- eral undertaking, a part of which was the Moel Tryfan undertakuig, the latter set up a counter claim of £7,000 for money advanced to the company for preliminary ex- penses, repayable with interest in five years, and by which it was stipulated that the fund of the Moel Iryfan un- dertaking, should not be available for repayment. The capital of the company not being raised the company applied for and obtained an Act for the abandonment of the general undertaking, and Messrs. Gr t therefore Sought to recover their £7,000 from the Moei Tryfan undertakinrr-all that remained of the general scheme. Mr. Justice Manisty held in point of fact ,tiia.\itj1^pWqerr_e so entitled to recover, and gave judgment for;the ilessrs Grant on their counter claim. Their lordships now held that the Messrs. Grant were by the terms of their con- tract precluded from recovering against theexisUngun- dertaking, and reversed the decision of Mr. Justice Man- isty, allowing the appeal, with costs.










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