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EUSINESS ADDRESSSS; STEAM SAW MILLS, ABERYSTWYTH. R. ROBERTS and SONS, TIMBER AND SLATE MERCHANTS, HAVE JUST DISCHARGED EX "WELLINGTON," I PRIME CARGO OF PITCH PINE LOGS AND PITCH PINE FLOORING BOARDS, PLANED, TONGUED, AND GROOVED. SAWI G, PLANING, MOULDING, &c., BY MACHINERY. FIREWOOD. NEW DRAPERY .ESTABLISHMENT. DANIEL THOMAS, LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, 8, LITTLE D A RKG ATE STREET, ABERYSTWYTH BEGS MOST RESPECTFULLY TO INFORM THE INHABITANTS OF THE TOWN A\T> VTJTrw BOUliHOOD OF ABERYSTWYTH THAT HE HAS COMMENCED A DRAPERY BUSINESS AT THE ABOVE PREMISES. D. T. IS DETERMINED TO SELL ALL HIS STOCK AT THE LEAST POSSIBLE PROFIT FOR READY MONEY ONLY! JOTE THE ADDRESS—8, LITTLE DARKGATE-STREET, OPPOSITE THE INFIRMARY, ABERYSTWYTH. DYNAMITE! DYNAMITE! G. WILLIAMS and SON, ABERYSTWYTH, ARE the SOLE AGENTS appointed for the sale of the above powerful Explosive in the counties of Cardigan, Montgomery, Salop, Radnor, Brecknock, Pembroke, and Carmarthen. Magazines built at several convenient centres. TERMS AND FULL PARTICULARS, TOGETHER WITH DIRECTIONS FOR USE, ON APPLICATION. B" Mining and Quarry Requisites of EVERY DESCRIPTION supplied, including TIMBER and BLASTING POWDER, Steel, Iron, Bridge Rails, Anvils, Vices, Crab Winches, Shovels, Wire Work, Leather, Chains, Hemp and Wire Ropes, Tallow, Grease, Oils, &c., &c. JAMES Mcl L Q U H A M, BRIDGE-END HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. TT7"H°LESALE and Retail Dealer in all kinds of Glass, China, and Earthenware, Birmingham T Y and Sheffield Goods, Dinner, Tea, and Breakfast Services, French and English Dessert Services loilet bets Bohemian Glass Ornaments, Wedding Presents, &e., &c. Goods let out on hire. Te-. Meetings, Bazaars, Parties, &c., supplied. Black Glazed Pottery Ware, Cream and Butter Pots, Milk Pans and Dishes, Bread Pans, SaHing Pans, Garden Vases, lerra Cotta Ware, Flower Pots of all kinds, and an endless variety of all kinds of Earthenware, down to the commonest Culinary Articles. •n- packer kept. Sacks, Wool Sheets, Cart and Waggon Covers, Tarpaulins, any size Rick Sheets complete, Horse Covers, &c., &c., at manufacturers' prices. Extra strong 5 bushels 5 lbs' Twilled Striped backs at Is. 8d. each, or 20s. per doz.; ditto, with fun name and address printed on both sides of each sack, Is. 9d. each, or 21s. per duz., nett cash. THOMAS ELLIS, DRAPER AND MERCER (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE) TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. S, 3IAL ATTENTION SHOWN TO THE H0SIERYDEPARTMENT. CUFFS & COLLARS SCAT?T"4 TIES, RIBBONS, LACES, AND HABERDASHERY. NOTE THE ADDRESS! — OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE. ROBERT ELLIS'S FURNITURE CREAM IN BOTTLES 6d. EACH, PREPARED BY ROBERT ELLIS, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, (EXAM.) TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. THOMAS'S /CELEBRATED WELSH GRIPE POWDER FOR HOUSES, Is. 6d. per Bottle Also GRTPE \J MIXTURE FOR HORSES, 2s. 6d. per Bottle. ALTERATIVE AND CONDITION POWDERS FOR HORSES, Is. per pound packet ^Prepared only by JOHN THOMAS, Chemist, Machynlleth. — Directions 'accompany each bottle and Sole Agent for LONG'S SCAB LOTION for Sheep. — A certain cure for Scab. "ABSOLUTELY PURE." SEE ANALYSESSent Post Free on Application. ES I I C'C CRYSTAL SPRINGS. B— B Soda, Potass, Seltzer, Lemonade, also Water Tr H I Lithia and 'Potass Water. « m jr M ■araEB spra BBK MM M si r" R REGISTERED. W W ■ Hgrgj i VL ( CORKS BRANDED 'R. ELLIS k SON, RTJTHIX,' and every label bears their Trade Mark, Sold everywhere1, and wholesale of R. ELLIS & SON, RUTHIN, NORTH WALES. EDWARDS AND EVANS, TREGARON, BEG to announce that from March 1, 1378, they allow 12.\ per cent, discount from makers' prices on all A.D. Pipes. BEST BLUE SLATES (WHOLESALE), BRICKS, &c., &c., AT REDUCED PRICES. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING AND OTHER TIMBER, AT REDUCED PRICES. TERMS—READY MONEY. Goods forwarded to any Station on Cambrian and Manchester and Milford Railways. IMPORTANT TO HOUSEHOLDERS, HOTEL PROPRIETORS, &c.„ &D GREAT SAYING EFFECTED BY OBTAINING FURNITURE, BEDDING &c" DIRECT FROM THE MANUFACTURERS. SUBSTANTIAL HOME-MADE FURNITURE. HOUSES FURNISHED FROM £10 UPWARDS. ANY of the following SPECIAL LOTS of BEDDING and BEDSTEADS sent CARRIAGE FREE to Railway Stations within Fifty Miles of Oswestry, on receipt of remittance :—A Full-sized Iron French TWi stead, Straw Palliasses, and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, for 32s. the lot; better qualities at prices in nrmvT* tion. Iron Folding Bedstead and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, in stripe tick so ver, for lis. 9d, Iron Fold" Chair Bedstead, with cushions complete, from 15s. 6d. Upholstered Spring Mattress, covered in fancy check orsfn tick, with Wool Top Mattress, in cover to match, complete for 42s. better qualities at prices in proportion TMT3 size Straw Palliasses, and Wool Mattress, or Bed and Bolster, 20s. Full-size Iron Bedsteads, 12s. 6d each Household Furniture of Every Description at equally Low Prices. A Trial Order respectfully solicited JAMES VAUGHAN, CABINET, FURNITURE AND BEDDING MANUFACTURER, OSWESTRY. =- In consequence of spurious imitations of -=- LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, whtck are calculated to deceive the Publict Lea and Perrins have adopted A NEW LABEL, bearing their Signature, thus, e&X:I' r which is placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SA UCE, and witnont which none is genuine. ■iv-t'- -V'/i/ Wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester; Crosse end Blachnell, London; ana r.xp'}rt generally. Retail, by dealers in amices fh.t\neg/iout ike World.

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