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DOLGELLEY. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, SATURDAY, MAY 4th.— Present: Mr. John ,Vaughan (chairman), Mr. Lewis Williams (ex-officio), Messrs. J. H. Williams, John Scott, John Jones, E. D. Evans, J. Humphreys, Richard Williams, Evan Jones, John Jones, John Evans, William Williams, Daniel Williams, William Phillips, Robert Parry, H. Davies, O. Owen, D. H. LI. Williams, and E. Griffiths; and Mr. Joseph Roberts, clerk. School Attendance Committee.—The resolution appoint- ing the whole Board as a School Attendance Committee was rescinded on the motion of Mr. Evans, and a com- mittee was appointed composed of three ex-officio (J uar- dians and nine Guardians from parishes where there were no School Boards. Stati.stiC3.-The Master reported the number of vagrants relieved to be 72; number for corresponding week last year, 29; the number in the house, 24 for the correspond- ing week last year, 23. For Talyllyn district the amount of out-relief for the fortnight was jS54 10s. 4d.; for the Barmouth district was £95 9s. 4d. The Army Reserve.—The case of a woman named Jane Edwards, whose husband was in the reserve force, was brought forward. She was destitute. It was agreed to give her 5s. weekly by way of loan, and the Clerk was ordered to write for information as to the best course to pursue. I The Clerk.—A letter was read from the Local Govern- ment Board, stating that at the request of the Guardians the Local Government were willing on this occasion not to press for the resignation of the clerk, but that it must be understood if he was guilty in the future of irregulari- ties they would have no other alternative than to ask for his resignation. The Chairman said he trusted the clerk would take the warning he had received and give no furthur cause for dissatisfaction, but keep on good terms with the Local Government Board. The Clerk thanked the Board for their great kindness, and promised to merit the confidence shown in him. The Llanaber Collector.—This parish had not met its calls. Mr. Edward Griffiths said that at the last meeting it was stated that the amount due had been paid, and as a matter of fact the money had not been paid yet.—Mr. Scott said there was great neglect somewhere. Ever since he had been a member of the Board, Llanaber had been behind. Why should that be so?—The Clerk read some correspondence between the Local Government Board and the collector, in which the collector stated that his neglect of duty was owing to deaths among his relatives. — Mr. Scott said it was true the Col- lector had buried his father and mother-in-law, as stated in the letter to tha Local Government Board, but that was a long time ago, and still he was in arrears. —The Chairman said there could be no doubt the Collector was guilty of great neglect, but as the man was present would it not be well to have him in the room, and hear what he had to say.—Mr. Scott said the neglect of the Collector was very great.—A member of the Board_ob- served that the money due had actually been paid into the bank.—The Clerk asked if the costs had been paid, a.nd it was said the costs, if there were any. only amounted to sixpence.—The collector, Mr. Edward Evans, was then called in, and said that if the Board would give him: power to prosecute defaulters he would soon get in the rates. It was the rule in Llanaber parish to tell the col- lector to call again," and if he remonstrated he was told that that was what he was raid for. He had no power him- self, and the overseers would not take action against those in arrears. Under these circumstances he thought it was ver hard to blame him.—Mr. Ed. Griffith said it was quite clear that the overseers were liable, and they should be proceeded against. Besides, the returns should be sent in.—The Rate Collector said in future he would take his demand note. and then send in a list of defaulters to the overseers, who would have to do with them what they pleased. The Agenda Paper.—Mr. Evans, Llanymawddwy, asked the Clerk if there was an agenda paper.—The Clerk replied that there was not, as he had no particular business.—Mr. Evans replied that an agenda paper would be very useful, and there ought to be one. Medical Officers'' Returns.—The Clerk stated that some of the medical officers for the remuneration they received declined to prepare the returns required by the Local Government Board. There was a conversation respecting the refusal of the medical officers to do the work, but no definite course was taken. The List of Paupers.—It was agreed that the list of paupers should be printed. Some of the members were of opinion that the contract should be confined to the printers residing in the Union, but ultimately it was agreed it should be left open.







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