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CARDIGAN. Sr'OL Bouvi)—The ordinary monthly meeting of this Board was held on Monday, the 6th May in the Council Chamber, Dr. Thomas presiding. The Clerk re- ported tha.t a balance of £10-1 12s. kl. was due to the treasurer, and that a precept was needed. It was re- solved to adjourn the meeting for a week, so as to have a correct estimate drawn out. The meeting was then for- ma'-Vs" adjourned for a week. Ij-ji'JAi; BOARD.—The monthly meeting of this Board was held in the Council Chamber on Tuesday, May 7, Mr. T- Da vies, Bank House, presiding. It was reported that the Board could make no further advances with the cemetery ground, as the occupier of the Smithy on the Net-pool had been served with a magistrates' notice to ouit and that a warrant could not be put in force for a fortnight. The meeting then adjourned until after the ivir-aut had Putin force. tjoon TEMPLAL'.Y.—The Tivy Lodge of LO.G-.T. held +W-annual festival on Tuesday, May 7, assisted by the Bla-'iiaueroh and Llechryd lodges. The procession, hea Wl by the drum and fife band, paraded the principal in their handsome regalia. After the procession meeting vvas held in the Guildhall, when M Grind Worthy Chief Templar of Wales, and the »"««• I'jOP.OUCH PETTY SESSIONS, MONDAY, MAY G.— ^Beniamin Rowlands saddler, St Mary- V unMnnesi. p „ john Kudiarde with bein- an°rt'^TdiSerly iu St. Mary-street or> the 24th day ,f a nril last.—In the absence of a witness who had been wraSoned for the prosecution, the case was adjourned for a week. W, t'T) O i:' Cr.VH.DIAXS, Wkdnksoay MAY 1ST pXent • Mr. J. T. W.%James (chairman), Messrs. R. £ ;Tnki. 0«« Thnm™, K,v J. M; £ Griffiths, B. Rees, Lew» Davies, John L.wis, 1. i>le v n 1? PVIIHDDS. and 1. \viihams. » tit RdteviM Officer for Tramps.— The Chairman A letter from the late Inspector Davies resigning read a assjstant relieving officer for tramps the appo ..n" thanking the board for the kindness Y i,T the fourteen vears he had been in othce. BWnluma-.ii^^ne secJnddd by ~\h' Jonn1 Lewis, P.S. Roberts was appointed to the oificeat tho sam. snorted that orders had bepr o^itaiiied'for the remov^'on^nces Davenport and Si from this uui'Ui t > that of Sngby and of one Eii-^u-th Kv-a-.s. to Uaver? >rdwest.— :.a\ O.ven uorna:; Sorted that Dr.' les had sent a wonnn tramp, who had released from Cardigan gaol, to the Carmarthen Asvlum, she having been previr>us]y an inmate of the Denbigh Asylum.—The Clerk was instructed to write to Dr. Hoarder, the head surgeon, requesting hini to try and get some information from the woman herself, as to her place of settlement and report it to the next meeting. RcsiJ1!(!tion of the Master and Matron. A letter was then read from Mr. Williams, the master of the Work- houso. tendering the resignation of himself and the ma- tron from the 29th day of June next, as their healths would not allow them to do their duty efficiently any longer.—Mr. liees proposed, and Mr. Owen Thomas seconded, that the resignation be accepted.














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