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BALA. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, SATURDAY, APRIL 20TH. Present: Dr. Richards, ex-officio, Messrs. John Wil- liams, Gwernliefin, David Morgan, currier, William Ellis, Red Lion, Evan Jones, Mount-place, F. Parme- ter, Bryn'raber, Robert Williams, Llechweddiigin, John Jones, Braichdu, Peter Jones, Bryntirion, John Jones, Llandderfel, Thomas Jones, Cefngwyn, Morris Peters, Rhydwen, and Thomas Ellis, clerk. Appointment of Chairman and Vice-Chairman.—This being the first meeting after the election of Guardians for .>- the several parishes comprising the Union, the appoinl ment of a chairman and vice-chairman was taken int consideration.—It was proposed, seconded, and carrie unanimously, that .Dr. Richards be re-elected chairman and Mr. John Williams vice-chairman, for the ensmini year. Sanitary ComnLittee.-It was moved and carried that th whole Board be appointed same as last year. Assessment Committee.—Three ex-officio and six Guard lans were appointed to constitute this committee, namely Dr. Richards, Messrs. E. G. Jones and W. P. Jones Messrs. John Williams, David Morgan, Thomas Jones, F. Parmeter, Evan Jones, and John Jones, Braichdu. School Attendance Committee.—Llangower and Llanuwch- llyn—Proposed and carried that Mr. Morris Peters be substituted for Mr. Richard Jones, who had resigned — The other old members, viz., Messas. John Williams, F. Parmeter, Thomas Jones, and Morris. Peters, were re- elected with the two ex-officio. Visiting Home Cotiziii ittee. -Pro nosed by Mr. Williams seconded by Mr. William Ellis. and carried, that the whole Board of Guardians be appointed to serve, and that an arrangement amongst themselves should be made to serve in rotation at various times during the year, and that the following should undertake the duties to the end of May-, namely, Messrs. David Morgan, William Ellis, Evan .Jones, and Peter Jones. Land and Building Committee.—The following were elected, Dr. Richards, Messrs. Win. P. Jones, Win. Ellis, Evan Jones, F. Parmeter, and John Williams. Statistics. Second week—In-door paupers 13, out 277 amount paid C28 4s. 9d., vagrants 26. Third week—In paupers 12, out 277, out relief i:26 15s., vagrants 27. Sale of Land, and Loan.—Phe results of the meeting held on the 8th April were explained to the Board, namely, that the piece of land as pointed out, measuring fifteen yards in width, and about eighty-one yards in length, was sold to the Gas Company, and accepted by them for the sum of 2s. od per square yard, the Guardians to oear the expense of building" a boundary stone wall, with mortar, five feet high, and the Gas Company to contri- bute £ 15 towards it.—Ordered that the Clerk write to the Local Government Board to sanction the saJe, and also for their permission to borrow JS600 towards paying the following sums, viz., Mr. Robert Roberts,contractor, £ 475 Mr. Spaull, architect, £ 64, mortuary, sheds, tramp sheds, and yard, £100, expense of -building a wall, £ 50. Bad IVater.-A letter from the Medical Officer of the Union was presented and read. The following is a copy —" Bala, 20th April, 1878.—Dear Sir,—Some of the in- mates of the Workhouse have been suffering from diarrhoea, caused most probably by the water, which is strongly im pregnated with coal tar, and therefore utterly unfit both for drinking and domestic purposes. Will you please ask the Guardians to see to this at once?—Yours faithfully, R. HUGHES. T. Ellis, Esq."—Ordered that the matter be referred to the Visiting Committee. The Medical Officer and Inspector of Notisaiices.-Pro- posed by Mr. John Williams, seconded by Mr. Robert Williams, and passed unanimously, that Dr. Jones be re- elected sanitary medical officer for the union, and Mr. Edward Morris, jun., be re elected inspector of nuisances. The reports of the Inspector of Nuisances were laid be- fore the Board, and inspected by some of the Guardians duly selected to look over them, by which it appeared that special attention was called to a drainage in Llan- dderfel Village, to seven cottages or dwellingbouses in Parkbach which were without one privy belonging to them, Mr. Edward Jones, of Llandrillo, being trustee of this property, and also to a case in Llanuwchllyn parish. —Ordered that steps be taken to remedy the nuisances forthwith. The report of theJMedical Officer of Health was read by the Clerk J To the Chairman and Membera of the Bala Union Rural Sanitary Authority. Gentlemen,—I beg to enclose tabular statements of the sick- ness and deaths which occurred in the Bala Union Rural Sani- tary District during the year ending 31st December, 1877 Deat.hs.- The number of deaths registered during the year was 81, making a death-rate on the estimated population of the dis- trict of 15 3 per 1,000. The average annual rate of mortality in England and Wales in 1877 was 216, so the death-rate in this district is less by six than the general rate of mortality. From the enclosed tables it will be seen that only six deaths were due 5ases. an infectious character—Whooping cough 1, typhoid ljSimpIe fever 1, diarrhcea 1, pyamia 1, and puerperal fever l. rhe following deaths occurred at the undermentioned es :-Under one year, 13 under five years, 5 under sixtv 25; seventy to ninety and upwards, 33. Births.-Tlie number of births registered in 1877 was 114 making a birth-rate of 21'6 per 1,000. The Sanitary State of the Disrtict.-In compliance with the requirements of the Sanitary Act, 1872, 1 made special inspec- tions of the district, as follows Parish of Ltanycil.-Popul-,ttion 1,025. Inspected this parish four times. There are many houses in a very poor state, but I saw nothing in their condition that was detrimental to health. \Vhenever I came across a nuisance, a verbal request that it should be immediately removed or abated was complied with. The sanitary state of the parish in the past year was satisfac- tor> Water supply good. A general system of land drainage would be a great improvement to the parish. Llanuwchllyn Pariah. — Population 1,171. Inspected this parish seven times. What has been said of the parish of Llany- cil may be equally applied to this parish as regards the condition of the houses and want of a general system of drainage. All the cases of scarlet fever that were reported to the Sanitarj Authority recovered. The usual means were adopted to arresi and prevent the fever spreading. The two schools were closed for about three weeks. Llangower Parish. -Population 322. Inspected this parish three times. I found it in a satisfactory sanitary state. Llanfor.—Population 1,438. Inspected this parish six times What has been said of Llanycil and Llanuwchllyn parishes wili also apply to the condition of this parish. Llandderfel Pariih.-Poptil-,ttion 1,109. Inspected this parist four times. I found it in a fair sanitary state. The rainfall for the year 1877 was 60 95 inches. I have the honour to remain, gentlemen, your obedient ser vant, RICHARD OWES JONES, „ „ Medical Officer of Health. Bala, 15th March, 1878. Vouchers.-It was ordered that cheques be drawn on the Treasurer, payable to the following persons :-Out-rehef, Edward Jones, £ 55; non-resident poor Wrexham Union I £1 12s. 6d.; county and police rates, £ 277 19s. 3d. vaccination, £ 1 Is.; extra medical fee, 10s. 6d. sundries, 5s. 5^ gas, Mr. J. R. Jones, £ 4 18s. 4d. J. Thomas, sundries. 10s.; Mr. Thomas Ellis for election of Guar- dians, £ 7; tlw like for Llanycil contested election, 97 18s. 2d.; Llandderfel COai^atad election, £ 3 3s. lid. Contribution by the parish of Llanfor, S100 Llanuwch- llyn, £100. Llandderfel Pa)-ish.-Fabi-ication of a Nomination Paper. —A nomination paper was produced, written in a fair and legible hand, with the name, "Robert Evans, Hafod, Tud ur"Jappended to it, as the nominator of William Jones, Merllyn Gwyn, but from the evidence before the Board it was clear that the nominator's name had been fabricated and it was the wish of the Chairman and some of the Guardians that payment of the expenses of the con- tested election should be deferred in order that all possi- ble enquiries should be made to bring the person who com- mitted such a serious offence before the magistrates to be dealt with accordingly.




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