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CORN AVERAGES, The For the week ending April 20. f„f<?^°wing are the quantities sold and the prices this year 4"d last year:— QUANTITIES SOLD. PRICES. or. This year. Last year. This year. Last year. Vjueat 40,845 43,980 51s. lid. 53s. 9d. J?arley 10,511 9,534 41s. 7d. 41s. 4d. ^ats 3.6S8 3,353 25s. 6d. 24s lOd. Corn, &c. in).IVERPOOL, TUESDAY.—A good business was done to-day Xur~.eat» at an advance of Id. to 2d. per cental on the rates of reqUg /iast- Flour brought steady prices. Beans in moderate r"Jian alul quarter easier and the same applies to peas, tniip.) ^°ni quiet, at a reduction of 3d.$quarter; prime new -American held for 26s. 3d.$quarter. America «R. PRICES (this day). s. d. s. d. Entiii?. ?, Wheat,$cental of 100 lbs 9 6 to 12 0 Foreign £ loUr>$2S0 lbs 41 0 40 0 Emri;°K r^ey> 60 lbs 3 3 3 8 Etrvr t ats, 'iJ 45 lbs 4 0 4 4 J^mun Beans, 480 lbs 36 0 36 6 an corn, American new >vhite 0 0 0 0 r "b- mixed American. 26 0 27 6 1 WEDNESDAY.—The market was quiet, but late {irtiC]B, e)re well maintained for both wheat and flour. Other barter a'Jy> but little business done.—Arrivals Barley, 379 terg. Foreign wheat, 22,800 quarters barley, 3,010 quar- Sactl ° 28.7DO quarters; maize. 17,680 quarters; Jflour, 6,080 ^<1 13,80 barrels. CURRENT PRICES OF GRAIN AT MARK LANE. Wlw Shilling « qr. new Essex and Kent (whiter 56 to 60 Ditto ditto (red) 48 52 Norfolk, Lincoln, and Yorkshire (red) 49 51 Oati8^ (Chevalier) 40 50 English feed 24 28 Iw?8 (Mazagan) 30 34 • White boilers (English) 38 42 „ (foreign) 39 41 J?? 27 35 CEST Town tiousenoias, v sacs 01 ZAU 10"1., to OUS. tICEFIELD, THURSDAY.—The market, being held off the the Ql, y> was only thinly attended by buyers. No change in Sfi- iuns 01 auy article. Oay SATURDAY.—Our market to-day had a holi- gOo(j ejj^ter, and business was limited. Wheat met with a l^lev U-iry> alul last week's full prices were easily obtained °*er at unaltered rates.. Oats and beans Is.$sack • Prices were as follow: v*r. B. a. s. a. lioi?.Wheat, m4 75 lbs 7 9 @ 9 4 ^,llltto' » 7 6 8 6 (malting), '& 33 quarts 6 4 6 9 » 4 9 5 0 oats, 225 lbs 21 o 27 0 £ «a»lS, 225 lbs 20 0 21 0 « 225 lbs 20 0 23 0 J* <& imperia! bushe! 9 0 9 6 v5 SATURDAY.—Good red wheat to-day was worth bushel. There is no change to note in the value of ■Bfc and oats. JJ^GNORTH, SATURDAY.—The quotations at the close of iHvT'w were: White wheat, 7s. 4d. to 8s. Od. # 72 TT>s.; It. %t, 69. 6d. to 7a. 6d.; foreign wheat, 10s. 4d. to lis. 8d 144 149 barley 42s. to tgs. V imp- quarter; grinding barley, barley, 4*8a- imp- quarter; grinding barley, 8c0J to 16s. Od. scores. Beans, 14s. 3d. to 16s. 9d.$ 6 Ifia o8, I>eas» -^3' to 17s- 6d. io scores. Oats, 13s. 6d. Ne, 6d- » 8 scores. Indian corn, 12s Od. to 16s. Od.$10 Jpiij Malt, 9s. 0d. to 9s. 6d V bushel.—There was a good threat11?6 farmers, corn factors, millers, and maltsters. „ "letl lower. Good samples of barley for sowing were for, and both English and French for malting "hanced in value. J^^YSTWYTH, MONDAY. — Wheat, 7s. 6d. to 8s. 6d. w r?tor barley, 5s. 6d. to 6s. Od.; oats, oS. bd. to 5S. od.; eg^s, 0?' shilling; salt butter, 0s. lid. to Is. 0d. fresh butter, S?- Od' f* Is. 6d. « lb.; fowls, 3s. 6(1. to 5s. 0d.$couple; ducks, s- Od't° 0s. Od.; geese, 0s. pd. to 0s. Od. turkeys, 0s. od. to \yRr ach; potatoes, 0s. Od. to 8s. Od. I? cwt. B^ey ^OOL, MONDAY—Wheat, 8s. 0d. to 8s 6d V 80 fts.: 0rl-to 7s-40 iluu'ts; oats> m tr> K to IS for a shilling butter, Is 4d. tols. 6d.$3 lb., °d. to 5s. 3d. couple; ducks, Os. Od. to 0s. 0d. q? • Pofeese. 0s.Od. to0-s. Od. each.; turkeys, 0s. Od. to 00s. Od. ^^toes, 6.s. Od. to 6s. 3d. IP measure. N^HEI. ,^WN, TUESDAY (Apr. 23).—Wheat, 0s. Od. to Os. Od. ¥ K716 f^'ley, 0s. Od. to 0s. 0d.; oats, 00s to 00s$bag eggs, 0s 6d •'i?' "Wiling; butter, 0s. Qd. to Is. 6d. lb.; fowls, 0s. Oa. 8n0(l. tri, couple, ducks, 0s. Od. to 0s. Od.$couple; geese, Vft for S' ^fl- each; turkeys, 0s. Od. to 10s. Od. each; potatoes, Od }lxPence; beef, lOd. to lid.$lb.; mutton, lOd. to lid.; 0 ^\Vl? hlmb, Od. to 12d. K^Uti SFRY, WEDNESDAY (Apr. 24).—The following were the ir 6s n i' Wheat, 7s. 4d. to 7s. lOd. -§ bushel; barley (malt- I' **l. ao »' to 6s. 9d.; oats, 3s. 6d. to 4s. 6d.; butter, Is. 4d. tp Os .-»,eS?s> 14 to 10 for a shilling; fowls, 4s. 6d. to 5s. Od. is *1' «a L f 0s- to 6s. Od. couple geese, 0s. Od. to s fri? eys> 0s- °d. to 00s. Od. each; potatoes, 12 lbs. to 'tiB )Yi;dN^^y. — Whoaten flour, 00s. to 00s.$ OOs/1 "iS'oats, 28s. Od. 315 lbs.; oat- ^J°3°s. Od. 240 lbs.; Indian corn, 17s. Od. qp 240 lbs.; °0^, hiitt0 7s 0d' ? I20,' butter, 0s. 9d. to Is. 3d.$! lb.; ill,?-' ls- 10( nS-Ai -i !h,; f°wls, 3s. Od. to 3s. 4d. Ort pot?* 0s to tl°°"Ple; geese, 0s. Od. to 0s. Od. V f 0s- t° hobbet; new potatoes, Od. to ^°<i 10cl- to 13fl" V to 14d. 13 lb.; veal, Vi^Me i P°lk, od- to 0(lt 7 rabbits, 2s. 2d. to 2s. 4d. ^b P'SS' 00s- fc0 00s- e:lc,h; suckers, 18s. to 24s. Od. 0s. to 0s. 120.; codfish, 2s each; freshwater b. Cattle. MONDAY.-—There was a moderate supply [, .^Coty lriarket, and prices exhibited an upward tendency. ^r»T 4r,rea^zed 6s. 4d.; Norfolks a good trade at 6s. to as ]1,116 for choice quality large coarse oxejn about the jS trade generally slow, but dear. The foreign all i Portuguese 6s., Auieiicans 5s. 8d. to 5s. lod. °°Wru eit|K top prices. All grades of mutton advanced P rj'i (ll"t'; 6s. 2d. stone large-framed white-faced to 5s. 8<i.; lambs a good trade at as. to 0s.$stone. JfW 6sl i • 6s- 6d. to 6s. 4cl.; mutton, 5s. Od. to 6s. 2d.; JO r. c0tlsi-t° 6S. od.; pork, 4s. Od. to 5s. Od. The stock on iiiof i of 2,260 beasts, 0.980 she*p, 70 calves, and sheepU hi which were S50 foreign beasts and 150 LIVERPOOL, MONDAY.—The stock on offer consisted of 1,789 beasts and 2,735 sheep and lambs. There was a large increase in the supply of cattle, and a falling-off in the number of sheep and lambs, being about 450 more beasts and about 1,200 fewer sheep and lambs than last week. Prices were much lower for cattle and for sheep about the same. There were 68 Spanish and 400 American beasts on offer to-day. A good attendance of country buyers.—Best beasts, 8Jd. to 9d.$tb.; second ditto. 7d. to 8?fd. lb.; sheep, in wool, lOd. to lljd.$lb.; clipped ditto 9d. to lud.$lb.; lambs. 40s. to 50s. each. SHREWSBURY, TUESDAY. — There was a very good show of .stock, both fat and stores, and a brisk trade was done, good meat fit for the butcher being a little slow in price. There was a great show of bulls, which realized only moderate prices. Barrens and store bullocks sold well.—Beef made 9d. to 9id. V lb.; mutton, 1M. to lid.; lambs, 38s. to 42s. each; veal, 9d. to 9kl.$lb. Pigs, hoth stores and porks, lower than last week, BIRMINGH AM, TUESDAY—We had 209 beasts in the market to-day. Anything choice realized full prices; inferior met a steady trade. Sheep 545, for which there was a batter demand, at late prices. Fat pigs 524, and a clearance was made.—Current quotations: Beef, 8d. to 9Jd.$! lb.; mutton, in wool, 9d. to 1034-d.; ditto, shorn. Scl. to 9d.; bacon pigs, 9s. Od. to 10s. 8d. ZtJ score porket ditto, 10s. 6d. to lis. Od. SALFORD, TUESDAY.—The supply of cattle at market was larger, and the quality of a fair average character. Trade ruled slow for all classes, at lower prices. About 400 foreign beasts (Spanish and Canadian) fetched, from 8d. to 9eld. tJ lb. There was a smaller show of sheep, and better trade was experienced, prices advancing in most cases Jd. '1;1 It). A moderate trade was done in calves, and late figures were maintained.—Prices Beef, 6Jd. to 9d.$lb.; mutton, 7jd. to 9Jd.; veal, 9d. to 9Jd. LONDON DEAD MEAT MARKET, MONDAY.—The follow ing were the quotations 13 8 lbs. by the carcase: Middling and inferior beef, 3s. 4d. to 4s. 6d.: prime ditto, 5s. Od. to 5s. 6d.; inferior and middling mutton, 3s. 4d. to 5s. od.; prime ditto, 5s. Od. to 6s. Od.; veal, 5s. Od. to 5s. 4d.: large pork, 3s. 6d. to 4s. Od.; small ditto, 4s. 4d. to 5s. Od.-There was a full supply of meat on offer, and with only a limited demand, prices as a rule were a little flat. Miscellaneous. LONDON PROVISION, SATURDAY.—The butter market con- tinues very slow, with good supplies; all kinds of foreign being pressed for sale, prices have further declined, and are very irre- gular, according to qualities. The bacon market has ruled firm, with a good demand; early in the week, Hamburg advanced 2s.$cwt, and later, Irish also advanced 2s. IRISH AND AMERICAN PROVISIONS, LIVERPOOL, THURS- DAY.-Butter: Little choice old remains on the market, and such as there is seils at very irregular rates, the season now being so far advanced. Bacon has been quiet at about previous currencies. Lard without change. Cheese in fair request; white, from scarcity, brings outside figures. Beef and pork are both a trifle easier. LONDON POTATO, SATURDAY.—A dull market prevails for potatoes, and prices are semewhat unsettled. Anything sound is firm in price. Kent Regents 200s. to 240s. ï\] ton. Essex Regents 130s. to 190s. Rocks 100s. to 140s. Flukes 200s. to 240s. Victorias 190s. to 220s. LONDON HOP, MONDAY.—The hop market is dull, and prices are nominally the same. The holidays naturally tend to reduce business. The supplies are very moderate of really choice hODS. East and Mid Kent £ 3 10 £ 4 o £ 5 10 Weald of Kent 2 15 3 io 4 10 Sussex 2 10 310 4 4 Farnham and Country 4 10 5 0 5 15 Worcester 4 4 415. 5 10 WOOL, MONDAY.— In the wool market there is still no feature of importance. Since the close of the public sales, transactions in Colonial produce have been on a limited scale, and prices have ruled about nominal. English wool has sold slowly. scale, and prices have ruled about nominal. English wool has sold slowly. CURRENT PRICES. This year. Last year. (Per lb.) s. d. s. d. s. d. s. d. FLEECES.—Southdown hoggets ..1 3 tol 4 ..1 31 to 1 5, Half-bred ditto. 1 2i to 1 3J—1 4 to 1 ó Kent fleeces 1 3 tol 3k.1 4 tol 6 S. Down ewes and wethers 1 3 to 1 i 1 4 to 1 6 Leicester ditto 1 21 to 1 31..1 3 to I 4 SORTS.—Clothing, picklock 1 5 tol 6 ..1 5f to 1 6 Prime 1 4 to 1 5 ..1 4J to 1 5A Choice 1 3 tol 4 ..1 3 to 1 Super ] 2} tol 3J..1 2.V to 1 3) Combing wether mat 1 6 to 1 7 1 7; to 1 8 Picklock 1 4 tol 4J..1 4J to 1 5 Common 1 21 to 1 3 ..1 2 to 1 3 Hog matching 1 to 1 6J..1 6} to 1 7 Picklock matching 1 4 to 1 4|l 4^ to 1 5 Common 1 2J to 1 3 ..1 2 to 1 31 "T,?:T '"J.r,y n" LJ 1 v liiiruoii nooij, 1111 K5i)\v.—mere is no improvement in the demand to report this week, and the only sales worth mentioning, in addition to a. few lots of Peru, Lima, Buenos Ayres, and black Spanish, are 325 bales inferior alpaca at 7Jd. and lild. V lb., and about 250 bags mohair at from 2s. 6jd. to 2s. lid.$lb.—Current quotations are: East India, white, 5d. to 131d. V lb.; yellow, 4id. to lild.; gray, &c., 3d. to 10d.; washed Peruvian, lOd. to "l5Jd.; washed River Plate, lOVd. to 13id.; unwashed River Plate 6d. tolOd.; washed Morocco, 8d. to lO.^d.; unwashed Morocco, 5d to 7d.; Egyptian white, 8d to 14UI.; Oporto fleece, 12kl. to 13d.; mohair, 2s. 10d. to 2s. lld.; alpaca, Is. 6d. to Is. 9d. LONDON PRODUCE, THURSDAY. Sugar: The market was very quiet, without alteration in values. Coffee dull and neglected. Rice firm, but inactive. Cotton market remains dull. Jute quiet, and unaltered. Tallow, new, 38s 6d. to 38s. gd., V cwt. on the spot. Oils Rape 33s., linseed 26s. 10ld. V ewt. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE, WEDNESDAY.- Sugar was quiet, but a firm feeling pervades the markets for rum, coffee, cocoa, and especially rice. Nitrate of soda firm at 16s. to 16s. 3d. V ewt. on the spot. Linseed oil steady at 26s. 9d. to 27s. 3d. in export casks. Rape oil, refined Stettin, 42s. Cottonseed oil 31s. 6d. to 32s. 6d. for Liverpool refined. Palm oil steady. Olive oil without change. Lard 36s. 6d. to 36s. 9d.$cwt. Tallow 38s. 6d. to 39s. for North American. Ashes, old pots 22s. 6d.; new 23s. 6d.$cwt. Rosin, common, 5s. 3ll. 1)1 cwt., Spirits of turpentine, 24s. to 24s. 3(t. P ewt. Petroleum, refined oil 10d. gallon. LEATHER.—LEADENHALL, SAUTRDAY. p lb. s. d. S. d. Hides, crop, 28 lbs. to 40 lbs 1 0@1 4 Ditto, 40 lbs. to 60 lbs 1 3 1 9 English butts, 14 lbs. to 24 lbs 1 1 2 5 Ditto, 25 lbs. to 36 lbs 1 5 2 10 Foreign butts, 16 lbs. to 50 Jbs 1 1 2 3 Crop bellies 0 7 0 11 Shoulders. 0 10 1 4 Dressing hides, common 0 11 1 G Ditto, shaved. 1 1 1 8 Calfskins 1 4 2 6 WOLVERHAMPTON HIDE, SKIN, AND FAT, SATUR- DAY.—Hides, 95 1b. and upwards, 5d. íJ tb.; 85 to 94, 4d.; 75 to 84, 32d.; 65 to 74, 3|d.; 56 to 64, 3d.; 55 and under, 3d.; Cows, 2Jd. to 2d.; bulls, 2fd.; flawed and irregular, 2Jd.J kips, Od. to 3d. Horse hidbs, Os. Od. to 12s. 6d. each. Calf, 17 lb. ami upwards, 1,id.; 12 to 16, 5:1,cl.; 9 to 11,51d.; light, 3d.; flawe i and irregular, 3:1-d. Wools, A-l, Os. Od.; A, 7s. 3d.; B, 5s. 2d. each. Pelts, A, 0s. Od.; B, 0s. Od. each. Lambs, A, 0s. 0d.; B, 0s. Od. each. Fat, 2Jd. to 2|d.$lb.—JNO. S. D'ARCY, Broker, Claveland-street. HAY AND STRAW.-LONDON, TUESDAY. s. d. s. d. Prime meadow h,,ty (:P ton) 85 0 @ 102 6 Inferior ditto 70 0 So 0 Prime clover 100 0 140 0 Inferior ditto 85 0 95 0 Straw (P load) 44 0 53 0 AGRICULTURAL PRODUCE.—LIVERPOOL, WEDNESDAY. Hay,$20 tbs. s. d. s d.$ton. Old 0 10 @1 2 s. d. s. d. New 0 0 0 0 Carrots 0 0@0 0 Straw— Turnips 0 0 0 0 Wheat. 0 9! 0 10 Mangel Wurzel.. 0 0 34 0 Oat 0 74 0 8J Manure 5 6 7 6 Barley 0 7! 0 0 Grass,$20lbs. 0 2 0 2i Trade Intelligence. WOLVERHAMPTON IRON TRADE.— WEDNKSDAV. Shyness characterized the iron market this afternoon. The continual uncertainty touching the war, combined with the absence of strength in several quotations, make men hesitate to buy beyond pressing requirements. In the open market prices were declared unaltered. Some works are resuming in part. Most activity is observable where gasometer plates, girder plates, best sheets, and Government requisites in large sections are being turned out. Stocks of pigs are increasing. Furnaces producing best pigs are being prepared to be laid off, but preparations are in progress to increase the make of medium sorts.










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