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CARDIGAN. CARDIGAN DISTRICT HIGHWAY BOARD.-The annual meeting of this Board was held in the Shire Hall, on Satur- day, 20th April. Captain Minister was voted to the chair, pro. tern. The estimates for the year for the various parishes in the district were gone through and passed. Mr. T. H. Brenchley was re-elected chairman of the Board, and Mr. W. O.»■ Brigstooke was elected vice-chairman. The annual statement was ordered to be published. The first quarterly meeting of the Board was fixed for the 29th of June next, at 12 o'clock. STEALING HALF A CROWN.—On Wednesday, April 17, in the Guildhall, before the Mayor and Dr. Thomas, Mar- garet Price, a tramp, was brought up in custody of P.S. Richard Roberts, charged with stealing a. half-crown from the shop of Elizabeth Jones, Church-street, on the even- ing of the 16th April.—Prisoner pleaded guilty, and was sent to Carmarthen gaol, under the new Prison Act, for a month's imprisonment, with hard labour. CONCERT. -A concert, in aid of the funds for the re- building Zion Independent chapel, St. Dogmells, was held in the Guildhall on Good Friday. The spacious room was crowded with a highly respectable audience. The chair was occupied by Mr. James Williams, Mayor. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—The first meeting of the new Board was held on Wednesday, the 17th April. Present: Messrs. J. T. W. James, R. D. Jenkins, S. H. Jones- Parry, Thos. Davies, Capt. Minister, Messrs. W. Wood- ward, W. Mathias, Owen Thomas, J. Hughes, David Thomas, Thos. Llewellyn, B. Rees, Rev. J. M. Davies, Messrs. John Griffiths, Daniel Sambrook, Rev. 1. Hughes- Jones, Messrs. James James, Thos. Jenkins, S. Jenkins, Rev. D. George, Messrs. J. George, W. George, Evan Philipps, John Evans, John Jenkins, W. Thomas, and Thomas Williams.—On the motion of the Rev. D. George, seconded by the Rev. J. M. Davies, Mr. J. T. W. James was unanimously re-appointed chairman for the ensuing year. Mr. O. Thomas proposed that Mr. Thomas Harman Brenchley and Mr. R. D. Jenkins, be vice-chair- men for the year. Seconded by Captain Minister and carried. The only contest in the union was for the parish of Mount, where the old guardian was re-elected by a majority of 5, the numbers being 12 to 7. TOWN COUNCIL—Thursday, April 18th.-The Mayor (J. Williams) in the chair. In the matter of the erection of sheds in the upper market yard, it was resolved that the roof of the market-office be taken down and be uniform with the newly-erected shed adjoining. The subject of the water-works was allowed to stand over for a week for Mr. Woodward to reduce to writing and hand to the Mayor what was necessary to be decided upon to close the specifications, and a committee was appointed to wait upon the Mayor as to the terms required by him for a portion of his field for the purpose of a reservoir, and to visit the water source.—The Mayor reported that having gone through the magistrate's clerk's books for the past three years, they found everything correct, and recom- mended a salary of P,35 per annum, based upon the returns shown in the books, exclusive of license fees. Notice of motion was given that at the next meeting the Council consider the appointment of an inspector of weights and measures for the borough; an inspector under the Act against the adulteration of food and drugs; and also an officer to look after explosives. It was resolved that stones for the borough highways, for the ensuing year, be supplied by contract. Resolved, that the pavement in front of the market buildings be put in order. An appli- cation from the Eisteddfod Committee, that the Council would officially join in a procession to open the Eisteddfod was agreed to. BOROUGH PETTY SESSIONS, MONDAY, APRIL 22. —Before the Mayor and Mr. T. Davies. Market offences against the Bye-lavs.-Thomas Evans, inspector of market, charged Stephen and Thomas Mor- gan, butchers, with allowing 40 sheep skins to remain in the market yard on the 12th. 13th, 14th and 15th of April, the bye-law stating that they should be removed before seven a.m. on the first day. Defendants pleaded guilty, but wished to know where they were to put the skins, in other towns proper places were provided. The magis- trates considered they were not called upon to go into that matter, and fined the defendants in the mitigated penalty of d. each per skin and costs.-Same against Jacob Trollip, lessee of the markets and slaughter-house, for not removing the blood from the slaughter-house according to the terms of taking. As the inspector had not given the twelve hours' notice set forth in the bye-laws, the .case was dismissed. The Corporation v. Mary Davies, ejectment case, was adjourned for a week.