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TOWYN. LOCAL BOARD, THURSDAY, APRIL 18.—Present: Mr. James Webster, Messrs. W. Parry, J. Lloyd Tamber- lain, J. Hughes Jones, John Williams, Edwin Jones, Evan Newell, Adam Hunt, John Dtiiiel. -fohn Roberts, Henry Jones, and W. R. Davies, clerk, P. H. Hughes, surveyor, and Owen Williams, inspector. New Members. Messrs. J. Hughes Jones, John Williams, and Henry Jones made the usual declarations, and took their seats at the Board. Appointment of Chairman.— Mr. Parry proposed, Mr. Hunt seconded, and it was unanimously agreed to re- elect Air. James Webster as chairman of the Board for the ensuing year.—The Chairman thanked the members of the Board, and said if he consulted his own feelings he should be glad to resign the duties to someone else, but as they had appointed him he should be glad to act.—Mr. Newell thought the chairman deserved a. vote of thanks for his conduct in the past. He had presided over the Board with admirable tamper, and had given a great deal of his time to the transaction of public business. As a chairman, he ha.d thrown oil on the troubled waters in a gentlemanly manner. It was not requisite in the present days for anyone to be rough in public meeting, in telling speakers to shut up," seeing that gentle means would secure the same ends.-Mr. Parry said it was wonderful how the Chairman kept his temper sometimes. — Mr. Edwin Jones thought the Chairman deserved the thanks of the Board and the ratepayers.—The motion was put to the meeting, and carried unanimously.—Mr. J. Hughes Jones remarked that that being his first appearance- at the Board meetings he had, for that reason, refrained to hold up his hand. Air. Parry: You can put an amendment. (Laughter.)—The Chairman thanked the Board for the compliment which had been paid him that day. He would say no more than to remark that he should continue to do in the future as he had done in the past. He had always tried to act fairly towards everybody, and should always endeavour to do so. Officials.—On the motion of Mr. Hunt, seconded by Mr. Parry, it was agreed to re-appoint Mr. Owen Williams inspector, at a salary of R30 a year instead of £ 40, the former sum having been named by the Inspector as ade- quate payment for the work of inspection.—Severel mem- c 10 bers having said that Air. P. H. Hughes had given the Board the greatest satisfaction in the past, it was agreed to re-appoint him as Surveyor, at R25 per annum, on the motion of Mr. Parry, seconded by Mr. Tamberlain.—Mr. Green was appointed collector of water rates, and Supt. Hughes, inspector of petroleum, at two guineas per annum. Trcasurership.—The Board then proceeded to further consider the appointment of treasurer, and the resolution of the last meeting in reference thereto.—The Clerk ex- plained that the subject had been placed on the agenda paper at the request of Mr. John Daniel and Mr. John Morgan.—Air. Daniel said several ratepayers had spoken to him respecting the appointment of the bank as trea- surer of the Board at a salary of £ 10 per annum, and had objected to it on account of the expense. He also thought it would be inconvenient for workmen residing at Bryn- crug to have to go to Towyn to have the cheques cashed. -Mr. Edwin Jones, Mr. Newell, and other members of the Board thought the appointment of the bank was more in accordance with nineteenth century principles. At present £ 1 13s. 4d. was paid in salary to treasurers, and frequent sums in interest had to be paid. Cheques could be cashed at Bryncrug as easily as at Towyn.-Mr. John Daniel not making any proposal on the subject, the dis- cussion ceased. Securities. -The question concerning officers' securities was then taken into_ consideration and, although it was considered the appointment of the bank as treasurer had done away with much of the necessity to have a security from the collector, Mr. Tamberlain moved, and Mr. Newell seconded, that that officer should be asked to provide security for £ 50.—Mr. John Williams proposed, and Mr. J. Hughes Jones seconded, that a security of £100 should be required.—In answer to Mr. Edwin Jones, the Clerk said the collector would never have in his hands above £ 70.—Air. Tamberlain's motion, on a division being taken, was declared to be carried. ° Collector.—Mr. Davies was reappointed collector of general district rates for the Towyn Local Board district. P,cpoi,ts.-The Inspector and Surveyor presented re- ports, which were considered, and various orders made. The Surveyor, in his report, recommended that the drains leading down to the river near Penhelig.should be con- tinued down to the river, and that shoots should also be constructed to carry away ashes and other house refuse which now created a nuisance. A Cicrt Idea.-In reply to a question respecting the provision of a privy at Cwrt, the Inspector stated that the owner said as regarded health the place was better without a.privy, but for the sake of decency it was better to have one.—Mr. John Williams remarked that many persons were of the same opinion, even doctors. Public Slips.—Mr. J. Hughes Jones having complained )f the obstruction of the public slips at Aberdovey, the Clerk itated that any private person could take proceedings in )rder to have the obstructions removed.