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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. STEAM SAW MILLS, ABERYSTWYTH, R. ROBERTS and SONS, TIMBER AND SLATE MERCHANTS, HAVE JUST DISCHARGED EX "WELLINGTON," L PRIME CARGO OF PITCH PINE LOGS AND PITCH PINE FLOORING BOARDS, PLANED, TONGUED, AND GROOVED. SAWI G, PLANING, MOULDING, &c., BY MACHINERY. F.IREWOOD. NEW DRAPERY ESTABLISHMENT. DAN I E L-H 0 MAS, LINEN AND WOOLLEN DRAPER, 8, LITTLE DARKGATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH BEGS MOST Bgggy. Mo™ XNWNTS ooVH,|oir^^IGH DRAPERY BUSINESS AT THE ABOVE PREMISES. D. T. IS DETERMINED TO SELL ALL HIS STOCK AT THE LEAST POSSIBLE PROFIT FOR READY MONEY ONLY! TOTE THE ADDRESS-8, LITTLE DARKGATE-STREET OPPOSITE THE INFIRMARY, ABERYSTWYTH. DYNAMITE! DYNAMITE! G. WILLIAMS and SON, ABERYSTWYTH, A trG SM'E AGENTS appointed for the sale of the above powerful Explosive hi the counties of convenient Sri 80"16^' °P' Raclnor' Bredaiock, Pembroke, and Carmarthen. Magazines built at several convenient centres. TERMS AND FULL PARTICULARS, TOGETHER WITH DIRECTIONS FOR USE, ON APPLICATION. Gs* Mining and Quarry Requisites of EVERY DESCRIPTION supplied, including TIMBER and BLASTING POWDER, Steel, Iron, Bridge Rails, Anvils, Vices, Crab Winches, Shovels, Wire Work, Leather, Chains, Hemp and Wire Ropes, Tallow, Grease, Oils, &c., &c. JAMES McILQUHAM, BRIDGE-END HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. WHOLESALE and Retail Dealer in all kinds of Glass, China, and Earthenware, Birmingham TnLt Sheffield Goods, Dinner, lea, and Breakfast Services, French and English Dessert Services, S Me",S' &C" 4C' GO°dS °Ut ■ Tea Meetings, Bazaars, Parties, &c., supplied. Pan,BS £ lavd P^t6ry Vvam Bu"er Pots> Milk Pans ^nd Dishes, Bread Pans, Salting S it11 Va«es' rf, Cotta Ware> pl«wer Pots of all kinds, and an endless variety of ^11 kinds ot Earthenware, down to the commonest Culinary Articles. -p • "^experienced packer kej)t. Sacks, Wool Sheets, Cart and Waggon Covers, Tarpaulins, any size, c°mplete, Horse Covers, &c., &c., at manufacturers' prices. Extra strong 5 bushels 5 lbs i. willed otriped Sacks at Is. 8d. each, or 20s. per doz.; ditto, with full name and address printed on both sides of each sack, Is. 9d. eaeh, or 21s. per doz., nett cash. 1 THOMAS ELLIS, DRAPER AND MERCER (OPPOSITE THE POST OFFICE), TERRACE-ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. S2 3IAL ATTENTION SHOWN TO THE HOSIERY DEPARTMENT. CUFFS & COLLARS SCAPFS TIES, RIBBONS, LACES, AND HABERDASHERY ^LLAKb, SCARFb NOTE THE ADDRESS! OPPOSITE THE POST OPFICE. œE ROBERT ELLIS'S FURNITURE CREAM PREPARED BY IN BOTTLES 6d. EACH, ROBERT ELLIS, PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMIST, (EXAM.) TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. THOMAS'S c^I^Kelh«pI. p6r;sELrR horses' "•6<i- grip* ALTERATIVE AND CONDITION POWDERS FOR HORSES, Is. per pound packet. ^Prepared only by JOHN IHOMAS, Chemist, Machynlleth. — Directions accompany each bottle an^ Soie Agent for LONG'S SCAB LOTION for Sheep. — A certain cure for Scab. MACHYNLLETH. TO AGRICULTURISTS, &c. WESTERN COUNTIES MANURE COMPANY. 1 SUPERPHOSPHATE OF LIME. DISSOLVED BONES. < BLOOD MANURES. Agent -.—CATHERINE JONES, Merchant, MACHYNLLETH. EDWARDS AND EVANS, j TREGARON, I BEG to announce that from March 1, 1878, they allow 12J per cent, discount from makers' prices all A.D. Pipes. BEST BLUE SLATES (WHOLESALE), BRICKS, &c., &c., ) AT REDUCED PRICES. EVERY DESCRIPTION OF BUILDING AND OTHER TIMBER, AT REDUCED PRICES. TERMS-READY MONEY. Goods forwarded to any Station on Cambrian and Manchester and Milford Railways- In consequence of spurious imitations of LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, j which are calculated to deceive the Public, Lea and Perrirn have adopted A NEW LABEL, bearing their Signature, thus, 4/æ which is placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SA UCE, and without which none is genuine. ïiir Sold Wholesale by the Proprietors, Worcester; Crosse and Blackwell, London; and Export Oilmen generally. Retail, by dealers in sauces throughout the World. ORDERS FOR nrNTING AND BOOKBINDING RECEIVED BY J. GIBSON, 3, Queen's-road, Aberystwyth. 1 I PORTMADOC. W. T ITTERTON, BILL POSTER, PORTMADOC- I