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ABERYSTWYTH. HIGHWAY BOARI)S.-A'Ieetingii of the Upper Geneu'rglyn CDavid Wiihams, surveyor), Lower Geneu'rglyn (John Edwards, surveyor) Upper Ystwyth (David Pugh sur- veyor), and Lower Ystwyth (David Pugh) District High- way Boards were held on Monday morning, April 15, in ^he J°^Tn I^ain" Tlie_ chairmen were Mr- Lewis Pugh Pugh, Mr. Abraham James, and Mr. John Paull. The accounts of the surveyors for the quarter ended 25th March were passed, and estimates of money required from each parish to defray the expenses during the ensuing half year allowed. 0 ST. MICHAEL'S CHURCH.-In consequence of the large number of communicants at St. Michael's Church on Easter Sunday, as announced last Sunday, by the Rev. Canon Phillips, early morning Communion will be held, as well as after the morning service and in future early Communion will be celebrated on the the third Sunday in every month, and midday Communion once a month as usual, after morning service. GOOD FRrDAY.-Among the Good Friday excursions, that to Devils Bridge is sure to be largely patronised. The advertisement published last week respecting this delightful spot shows that the proprietor, Mr. John James, is resolved to make this spot as popular as it is beautiful. RTWII REK SJ:0"^S' APRIL 17th.—Before David Roberts, Esq. mayor, and Isaac Morgan, Esq. Drunk and Abusive Language.-James Jones, -of Port- abusive to W n. M Lewis with being drunk and Stk as boat house he could hear some one coming, and soon after three men jumped upon his vehicle and used abusive language to him. Drove into the yard with them as they would not go away? Saw Lewis next morning and asked him what he thought of himself and he said that he was very sorry that he had broken his whip. Richard Stirling and Frank Culliford were called to prove that dismissed perfectly sober' and the charge was Cltimney on Fire.Thomas Morris, Mary-street, ad- mitted that his chimnoy had been on fire. Fined Is including costs. J. IUCU I»., Drunk whilst in Charge ef a Horse.—Morgan Evans, L/6inc&e, near Uanfireitlio.- was oharo-prl wi+k whilst in charge of a horse on the 1st of April. De- fendant did not appear, but his father was present. P C Thomas said the defendant passed through the gate about half-past ten, and the gate-keeper was calling out to him because he had not paid the toll in the morning. De- fendant struck witness with the whip and used very bad ianguage towards him, and came down from the cart rnwffif!? ene^ 1° 0ck ¥3 brains out.—Thomas Griffiths called to prove that the defendant was ^nk, fld, th+at defendant fell down. David Jones said defendant refused to give the officer his name, Defendant was drunk and fell down.—John Jones, Pen- parke, said defendant was drunk.-Elizabeth Lyons said he was drunk-To prove the defendant was sober John nrove t' m,ade a most eloquent speech to prove defendant was sober, and wound up by askin- o'cTocl -Dfv7dnFenneSS\ 56 SW defendant at nine tiiu ™S| brother of defendant, saw him starting at the OH Black Lion, and he was quite sober. a /U,n,e °I half-Past.—There was another summons against the defendant for an-assault.—The Officer said there was a witness who was near enough to hear the defendant threaten to knock the officer's brains out, in English.—Elizabeth Lyons said she heard the threat to knock the officers brains out. The defendant jumped from the cart, and was not pulled down hv+h* short speech and^ewr^ bIood:~John Price made another thertdSi Tf total of thp I 9d' costs' for the assault,—The Maliclou*■ expenses amounted to £ 4 Is. 6d. charced Tam U&n Alexander Richards, Penglaise, offence on Th J Moor-street Court, with this threw «f^, T iay lasV~J,°hn Evans said the defendant anfLllTw-lf- a*fe door le?dl?g into a field.—Defend- an called Willialll Morgan who began to speak of some- thmg that occurred on a Saturday.—George Davies also said that the offence was on Saturday.—Alexander Richards said the door prevented trespassing, and it was constantly pelted.-Fined 2s. 6d., the damages 6d Tnd the costs. Larceny.-Richard Edward Morgan, of America, was charged by Samuel Davies with stealing a coat and waist- coft U, property, on the 9th of AprU^The coLpCint said that he slept in the same room with the prisoner at his lodgings at the G0iden M tree £ G on the morning of the 9th, and left prisoner in bed. Left a suit of clothes on the table in the bedroom. He left a tailor's inch tape in the waistcoat pocket, and went up- stairs about half-past ten to get that tape. Prisoner had then left the house, and the coat, waistcoat, and inch tape had left too. The trousers had not been taken away. The value of the articles stolen was from 15s. to 20s. After he found the things were missing went and informed Sergt. J^vans of the case. Did not see the things again until now. Uavid Davies, Llwyngroes, Gartheli, shoemaker, said on returning home from Tregaron on the 9th, he overtook the prisoner. He carried a pack in a handkerchief in his hand. Gave him a pipe of tobacco. Prisoner asked wit- ness if he wanted a coat and waistcoat. Witness said he had no money. Prisoner said he was in search of work. He said he had come that day from Aberdovey, where he had to sell his trousers to pay for lodgings and to buy food. He wished to sell the coat and waistcoat, so as to go by train to Milford, where he had work. He offered both articles for 3s. On being again asked to buy the things he gave him 3s. 5|d. for the things. This was 5id. more than he asked for them. He gave him the extra" 5*J-d. be- cause he took compassion on the prisoner.-P.C. David Jones, Tregaron, said on Saturday, the 13th, he received the articles from the last witness. The prisoner was apprehended on Tuesday.—Superintendent Lloyd said the prisoner on being taken to Aberystwyth told the officer where-the things were, and they were then recovered.— The prisoner, a middle aged, respectable looking man, did not ask the witnesses any questions. He pleaded guilty, and said that he had been unfortunate a long time. He came over to this country thinking he would do better, but work was very bad here. He had been in the American army a long time, and held a good position there.— Sentenced to two months imprisonment.