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PENRHYNDEUDRAETH. BOARD OF GUARDIANS.—At the fortnightly meeting of the Guardians of the Poor of the Festiniog Union, held at the Workhouse, Penrhyndeudraeth, on Tuesday, the 2nd April, the following statement, showing the attend- ance of the Guardians at the meetings held during the year ended March last, was submitted :— CD <N c.> m M -5 a M 00 rt in 33 j|'M « o Ti, „ T: M a> o c >, § « 55 5! HJS cc a E-~ _•« *2 n 2 oS s 25 =S o a s » o o 3 Ex-OJjUcio. Mr. John Jones, Chairman 22 14 5 Mr. G. H. Owen (; 3 5 2 Major Mathew 13 10 4 Mr. A. Osmond Williams 2 Mr. Owen Griffith 0 0 Mr. J. E. Greaves 1 0 Mr. E. S. Greaves 2 Mr. D. Llewelyn Lloyd 1 0 Elected Guardians. Mr.-W. E. Morris, Vice-chairman 23 ? Mr. David Williams, do. IS 10 5 3 Mr. John Vaughan, Festiniog 22. Mr. John Roberts, do is Mr. Wm. Davies, do 8 7 1 2 Mr. John Edwards, do. 1 0 Mr. Griffith Williams, Trawsfynydd 13.. 6 5 Mr. Richard Jones, do. 16 8 Mr. Cadwaladr Williams, do. 18 Mr. Edward Evans, Maentwrog 22 10 ..5 Mr. Morgan Jones, Llanfrothen 23 Mr. Robert Jones, Llanfl.-y-traethau 23.. 10 5 Mr. E. M. Roberts, do. 23 13 2 Mr. John Owen, Llanfair 13 5 1 Rev. David Owen, Llanbedr 17 11 5 Mr. Hugh Owen, Llandanwg 15..10.. Mr. William Jones, Llandecwyn 23 4 Mr. David Williams, Dolbenmaen 14 4 Mr. John Parry, Ynyscynhaiarn. 19 Mr. Griffith Griffiths, do. is Mr. H. R. Thomas, Penmorfa. 22 12 Mr. Rice Williams, do. 13. 3 Mr Henry Owen, Beddgelert. 10 4 Mr. Win. Evans, do. 9 6 2 Mr. David Rowlands, Llanlf.-y-Pennant 20 12 PETTY SESSIONS, THURSDAY, APRIL llTH.-Before John Jones (chairmah), A. O. Williams, D. Llywelyn Lloyd, and F. W A. Roche. J Drunk and Disordei-ly.-P.C. John George v; Peter Pool, Church-street, Festiniog. Complainant said that on the 5th March, he saw defendant drunk near Highstone Inn, Blaenau Festiniog. Margaret Lewis, landlady of Highstone Inn, said defendant was at her house that day. From his conduct, she had no reason to think he was drunk, he made no disturbance. She did not see any row outside of the house. She had told Sergeant Vaughan that defendant was drunk early in the morning; but he went home and slept off his drink.—For the defence the following were called-Edwin Pierce said he was out and about 200 yards from Highstone. The first thing he saw was defendant down on the ground and another man holding Pool by the whiskers, and knocking him with the other hand.—Margaret Parry saw him coming out of Highstone Inn; he appeared to be somewhat in drink. Another man went up to him, took hold of him by the whiskers, but defendant did not lift up his hand against him. The case was dismissed.—P.C. John George v. Robert Richards, Devon Terrace, blacksmith, Harlech.— Complainant said that on the 11th March, he was drunk and riotous on the streets at Four Crosses, Festiniog. Several previous convictions having been proved against him, he was fined 15s., and 12s. 6d. costs.—P.C. Cadwal- ladr Jones v. Richard Hughes, Glynllifon-terrace, Blae- nau Festiniog, quarryman.—Complainant said that on the 2nd March, he was guilty of this offence at Highstone Inn, Festiniog. The landlady found him in the parlour very drunk and ordered him out. When he went out, he became very riotous.—Mrs. Lewis, Highstone Inn, said she saw a man like defendant on her premises. He was drunk, but sleeping. She could not swear it was the same man as defend aRt. -]Defendant denied having been to Highstone that evening, and called Sarah Roberts, the person with whom he lodged. She said defendant went home at four p.m. He went on the bed and slept until nine p.m. Saw him next a little after ten, and she did not know that he was at all in drink. He did not appear as if he had been fighting, and he was always a well conducted man.—Pierce Thomas said de- fendant called at his shop on the day in question about ten p.m. He was always a well conducted man. He ap- peared to have had a glass, but was not drunk. He did not appear to have been figbting.-Case dismiised.-P.C: John George v. Wm. Jones, Chapel-street, Blaenau Festiniog.—Complainant charged defendant with the offence on the 16th March.—Defendant admitted the offence, and was fined 2s. 6d., and costs, 10s. 6d.-P.C. Wm. Evans v. Silvannus Davies, Maesywaen, Bala.— Complainant said defendant was guilty of this offence on the 19th March, on the public roads at Festiniog.—Defen- dant admitted the offence, and was fined 5s., and costs 13s. Dog Cases.—John Price Jones, Llanfrothen, was sum- moned by Mr. H. Damerel for having a dog in his possession without licence on the 11th March. Defendant said he had given money before that date to one Thomas Jones to take out alicence, and besides, the dog was not six months old at the date in question.—Defendant was fined 25s., with a recommendation that that fine be reduced to 108. The defendant had taken a licence out the following day. —David Williams, Festiniog, summoned by Mr. Damerel, d acknowledged that he had no licence when the officer called, but he had no idea that the time had expired.— Defendant was fined 25s.—William Lloyd, Festiniog, was summoned for a similar offence. Mr. Mulqueen proved the service of the summons on defendant, and proceeded to say that he found a dog in defendant's shop on the 5th March, and found that he took out a licence the following day.—Defendant admitted that there was a dog belonging to another person on his premises.—He was fined 25st °