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MACHYNLLETH. THE PHARMACEUTICAL SOCIETY.—Mr. Hugh Davies of this town has successfully passed the minor examination of the Pharmaceutical Society, as well as having gained- the medal for Chemistry," and the 2nd prize for Materia Medica" in the South London School of Chemistry and Pharmacy. All the examinations were held last week. BOARD OF GUARDIANS, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17.— Present: Mr. R. Gillart, Mr. C. F. Thruston, and Mr. Richard Jones, ex-officio; Messrs. J. Hughes Jones, John J. Jones, Morgan Edwards, David Evans, John Morgan, Andrew Roberts, John Tudor, L. P. Davies, Griffith Jones, Griffith Griffiths, William Pughe, and David Evans, clerk. Statistics.—Out-relief administered during the past fort- night Machynlleth district, per Mr. Thomas Thomas, 1:37 17s. 4d. to 178 paupers; Pennal district, per Mr. John Jones, £ 54 17s., to 242 paupers; and Darowen district, per Mr. Daniel Howell, 1:55 11s. 3d., to 272 paupers. Number in the house, 38, last year, 30; vagrants re- lieved, 62. Election of Chair man. —Mr. J. Hughes Jones said he had no hesitation whatever in proposing the re-election of Mr. Gillart as chairman for the ensuing year. His con- duct in the past had been itnpartial and satisfactory, and no doubt it would continue in the future.—Mr. John Morgan seconded the motion and it was carried unani- mously.—The Chairman, in returning thanks, said, in consequence of the pressure upon his time he should have preferred that some one else should occupy the chair, but as the Board had re-elected him, he would do his' best to ensure the success of the Union. He trusted the Guardians would act harmoniously in endea- vouring to reduce the number of paupers, and to increase the satisfactory state of the half-yearly state- ment laid before them that day. The Chairman then proposed, and Mr. David Evans seconded, the re-appoint- ment of Mt. Owen Daniel as first vice-chairman.—The proposition having been agreed to without contradiction, Mr. Morgan Edwards moved, and ME. J. J. Humphreys seconded, the appointment of Mr. J. Hughes Jones as second vice-chairman, and the election was agreed to unanimously. Co,mmittees. -Finance, Messrs. C. F. Thruston, R. Jones, R. Gillart, O. Daniel, J. Hughes Jones, J. J. Jones, Griffith Griffiths, W. Pughe, and D. Evans. Visiting The whole Board. Assessment The Marquess of Londonderry, the Rev. J. W. Kirkham, Messrs. C. F. Thrulton and R. Jones, ex-officio, R. Gillart, O. Daniel, J. Hughes Jones, Morgan Edwards, David Evans, W. Pughe; Griffith Griffiths, and Griffith Jones. School Attendance The Marquess of Londonderry, Messrs. C. F. Thruston, J. G. W. Bonsall, and R. Jones, ex-officio, J. J. Humphreys, Griffith Jones, John Tudor, J. J. Jones, R. Gillart, W. Pughe, John Morgan, and Griffith Griffiths. Sanitary The whole Board, with the exception of Towyn Guardians. ^Accounts.—The half-yearly abstracts of accounts were laid on the table by the Clerk, and it was resolved to take the same into consideration at the next meeting. Sureties.—The relieving officers were each requested to provide a security of £100 as collectors of relatives' con- tributions. Education. -The three relieving officers were re- appointed officers to enquire into cases of application for payment of school fees in their several districts. SANITARY AUTHORITY, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 17.— Present: Mr. U. r. Thruston, in the chair, Messrs. Richard Jones, Richard Gillart, William Pughe, David Evans, Griffith Griffiths, Lewis Pugh Davies, Morgan Edwards, J. J. Humphreys, John J. Jones, John Tudor, John Morgan, and Andrew Roberts. Medical Officer of Health.-There were four applicants for the appointment of medical officer of health for the whole district of the Board for the year ending 25th March, 1879, namely, Messrs T. Davies and J. S. Matthews, Machynlleth, D. Ferguson, Cerames, Robert Edwards, Llanbrynmair.—Mr. Thomas Davies was ap- pointed, at a salary of 230, subject to the, approval of the Local Government Board. HIGHWAY BOARD, WEDNESDAY, APRIL lo.-Present: Mr. Richard Jones, chairman, Mr, J. G. W. Bonsall, the Rev. J. W. Kirkham, Messrs. Thomas Evans, William Owen, John Rees, Griffith Owen, the Rev. W. Richards, Messrs. Evan Evans, Rowland Morgan, Thos. Jones, John Watkins, and Wm. Pugh Mr. John Williams, clerk Appointm-ent.i.-31r. Richard Jones was re-elected chairman for the ensuing year. Mr. Richards, Cemmaes, was appointed vice-chairman.—Mr. Richard Jones said—Gentlemen,—I beg to thank you for the honor you have done me in electing me your chairman another year. I hope with your aid and support to fulfil the duties satisfactorily. The Highway Board ere long will be of far more importance than it already is, as the whole of the turnpike roads now under the control of the Commissioners of the Turnpike Trust will be managed by the waywardens. I find by referring to the general statement of accounts of receipts and expenditure of the year ending 31st Dec., 1876, that we spent jE650 11s. 2d., compared with P,714 of this year, ending 25th March, 1878, but you must bear in mind that in this sum is included the charge of Z189, our contribution to the Commissioners of the Turnpike Trust, and therefore really the expenditure is about £ 125 less than last year, but I do not think it is a judicious policy to spend the minimum amount of money we possibly can spend on the roads, as a liberal outlay promptly and timely spent is far better than twice that sum spentm driblets now and again, for the old proverb "a stitch in time saves nine" is more applica- ble to a road than many things. Resignation of the Clerk.—The Chairman said their clerk, Mr. John Williams, had sent in his resignation, not because of any- thing that had transpired at the Board but because he was giv- ing up the law aud.was going into the ministry. Several members bore testimony to the excellent way in which the clerk had dis- charged his duty, and wished him success in his new career.- Mr. Bonsall said that when they were in a difficulty they always went to Mr. Howell's office, and he had great pleasure in proposing that Mr. David Evans should be appointed clerk in the stead of their clerk, who had resigned. If Mr. Evans did as well as Mr. Williams had done they would have no fault to find with him. After some remarks from Mr Kirkham the resolution appointing Mr. Evans was adopted. New Rules.—The Rev. W. Richards proposed that the Board should adopt by-laws and print them in Welsh and English.— The Rev. J. IW. Kirkham seconded this, and suggested that no ex- traordinary expenditure should be decided upon without notice in writing being given.-Other suggestions were made and the proposal was agreed to, and the drawing up of the rules was left to the Chairman, Vice-chairman, the clerk, and Mr. Breeze. Estimates for Next I-ear.-The following estimates for the ensuing year towards the repairs of the road were :-Parish of Llanbrynmair, £ 128; Cemmes, £ 50; Daro-.ven, ^70 Penygroes, 468 Llanwrin, -060; Uwchygarreg, £ 49; Isygarreg, 6e38; Mach- ynlleth, £ 103 14s.; Caereinion Fechan, £ 9.—A conversation arose on the amount estimated for Llanbrynmair, and ultimately Mr. Kirkham moved that the sum of ,i:128 should be reduced to L90. After some unpleasant words from Mr. Pugh, Llanbryn- mair, the reduced amount was agreed to. Cemmes was reduced to £ 48 10s. Darowen was reduced to £ 60 Llanwrin, £ 50; Uwchygarreg, £ 30; Isygarreg, £ 26; Machynlleth, £.90. The common charges and other charges increased these amounts. The Meetiitgs.-The meetings of the Board were fixed to be held every two months instead of four times a year, as at present; the meeting to be held on the second Wednesday every other month, and the April meeting on a Wednesday between 7th and j 14th. The next meeting will be held on the second Wednesday Lin Juie. fontybyllfor Bridge.-This bridge at Cemmes it was said re- quired repairs, but a letter from Mr. Kdward Evans stated that the bridge had not been repaired by either Dugoed or Mallwyd parish. It was observed that a new bridge would have to be erected. Mr. WRichards said the parish of Cemmes was willingto pay its share if Mallwyd parish would do the same. The Clerk was ordered to write to the Surveyor respecting the bridge. The Surveyor's Report.-The Surveyor, Mr. John Jones, pre- sented a report, which was read by the Clerk as follows :-Cem- maes Pontybyllfor Bridge: As directed by you at the last meet- ing, I examined this bridge, and I found that it is gone too rotten to be again repaired. I have spoken to several ratepayers of the parish of Mallwyd respecting it, and they all seem unwil- ling to meet the parish ef Cemmaes in making a new one. Many of the farmers in the neighbourhood have requested me to call your attention to this bridge, and to state that if it be left to go down it will greatly inconvenience them to travel to the Cann Office turnpike road. On the 21st of last month, I attended a vestry meeting at Darowen, and it was decided for me to state to your meeting that they wish to put two more roads on the Board to maintain, namely, the one leading frem Darowen village by Rhosbyrnog to Talywern hamlet, the other from the village of Abercegir through Cwm Nantygasseg to meet the Commins Coch road near Tynant. The vestry meeting also requested me to ask the waywardens of the parish to accompany me to examine it before taking any steps towards repairing it. -The remainder of the report dealt with details