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BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ——-— ABERYSTWYTH. JOHN JAMES, TEA, WINE, AND SPIRIT MERCHANT, LONDON AND PROVINCIAL STORES, TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. TEA DEPARTMENT. TEAS. „ „ No. Per lb. 2 Good strong Family Tea 2/0 3 Very fine Choice Black 2/8 To which we call your special attention. I No. irer lu. 4 Rich Strong Oopack Tea 3/0 5 Very rich full-flavoured Tea 3/4 6 Choicest Moning Souchong and Kaisow im- 1 ported S/8 COFFEES. Fine JAMAICA J# Finest PLANTATION Finesi; EAST INDIA 1/8 Hare and Choice MOCIIA 2/0 The Essence of these Coffees in bottles at 1/ and Zf ODlY I requires boiling water to make a cup of excellent COffee instantly. I. I 'I I- I Finest Foreign Chicory 10d. per Pound. COCOAS AND CHOCOLATE. fA Cocoa Nibs, finest Trinidad. 1/4 Flake Cocoa, genuine ••• V4 Ground on the premises. '(Thn/vilnfo "Pfiwrler. loose ••• ••• 1/0 Dunn's Iceland Moss jr' Fry's Pearl Cocoa, £ Packets Do. Spanish Chocolate, J Cakes ••• Peek's Chocolate (recommended) -1/4 w- EPPS'S HOMCLOPATHIC COCOAS, 1/4 per pound. RAW AND REFINED SUGARS AT MARKET PRICES. Also Currants, Rasins, Muscatels, Sultanas, Oranges, Lemons, &c. MISCELLANEOUS DEPARTMENT. It is impossible to enumerate the numerous articles comprised in this department; suffice^ it to say, families will finH the stock as extensive and varied as in any of the largest Metropolitan Establishments including HUNTLEY AND PALMER'S AND PEEK FREAN'S BISCUITS, ALSO, CROSSE AND BLACKWELL'S GOODS IN GREAT VARIETY. WTTTTE WINES. or> Gall. Doz. Bott. SHERRY, agreeable Light Wine 9/- 18/- 1/6 Ditto excellent Dinner Wine 10/- 20/- 1/8 Ditto Standard Pale Wine 12/- 24/- 2/- Q.nrlnrl fi-^1,1 Win A 191. 24/. 2/- Gal. Doz. Bou. Ditto very soft, pale, nutty flavour 15/- 30/- 2/6 Ditto ditto, Gold ditto. 15j- 30/- -/6 JL/UbU a..J"AUUQItAU vivm » ——/ 1 1 • OLD RICH SHERRIES, 36/—42/—48/and 60/per dozon. II RED WINES. T" T).,„ Gall. Doz. Bott. PORT, Sound useful Wine 9/- 18/- 1/6 j Ditto fine fruity Wine 12/* 24/- 2/- Ditto full flavoured Old Wine 15/- 30/- 2/6 | (jr«*ii. uvtf Ditto dry Old Wine, recommended 18/- 36/- 3/- Ditto Choice Vintages 42/-48/-54/- and 60/- WHITE FRENCH WINES. no SATJTERNE, ifne quality 24/- 2/- Ditto extra quality, recom- mended 30/- 2/6 MARSALA, finest imported z'~ Ditto, good sound Wine, grown in Sicily V- 18/" V6 CHAMPAGNE. Pints. Qts. Moet and Chandon's 3/6 6/6 Pftrpiw .Tnnpt arid On, 3/6 6/6 I-«- luiffl. v^ws. Clicquot and Co. ••• •••. "• 3/6 6/6 First qualities. TlUT) FRENCH WINE. Pints. Qts. Medoc, excellent Dinner Wine 0/9 1/6 I)eAr,,y 1/- 2/- Sistrac Racheleon 1(3 2/6 SJhau Mauton ~j~ Chau Grana La Rose 3/6 Qts. Doz. Burgundy, fine soft Wine 2/- 24/- Ditto highly recommended. 2/6 30/- Ditto extra quality 3/6 42/- SPARKLING HOCK. „ Bottles. Doz. 'Sparkling Hock ••• ••• 3/- 36/- mL *ditto 3/6 42/- isottles. lioz. isottles. JJoz. j Sparkling Hock Ju. 4/" 48/- STILL HOCK. Stall Hock 2/6 30/. 1 Still Hock 3/- 36/- SPARKLING MOSELLE. Sparkling Moselle. 6lb 42/- SPIRITS. « i. AW-OMY, Pale or Brown, very I rueful 18/- 36/- 3/- Ditto ditto, highly recommended 21/- 42/- 3/6 Ditto ditto, Martell's, finest im- ported in wood. 241- 48/- 412 Bott. Doz. Martell's Finest French Brandy- Ditto one — — 4/6 54/- Dftto two •• 5/6 66/- Ktto three W 78/- Hennessy's Finest French Brandy— Ditto one 4/6 54/- Ditto two 5/6 66/- Ditto three* ••• ••• ••• 6/6 781. Utard, JLmpoy, ana uo.8 xinest, xreuuu Brandies. 4/6 54/- Ditto Ditto V.S.O.P., Old Pale 6/6 78/- WHISKEY, Scotch, very old, re- commanded. 18/- 31- Ditto ditto 10 years old, unequalled — 21J. 42/- 3/6 WHISKEY, Irish, fine old, recom- mended 181- 36/- 316 Ditto ditto 10 years old, equal to Brandy. 21/- 42/- 3/6 RUM, fine Jamaica 16/- 32/- 2/8 Ditto, extra quality, very old. — 18/- 36/- 3/- HOLLANDS, John de Kuyper's. 3/• BRITISH LIQEURS. linger Brandy o/ft I Peppermint, &c. — 1 3/0 Orange Bitters — • — j I Cherry Brandy, &c., &c..„ .v .) BOTTLED ALE & STOUT. Guinness & Co.'s Extra .) au\ Bass & Co.'s Pale Ale .) BRITISH WINES. Orange ••• ••. Black Currant .) Cringer [ 1/4 Red ditto > 1/4 Ra-iain .J And other kinds .) BOTTLES CHARGED TWO SHILLINGS PER DOZEN AND ALLOWED FOR WHEN RETURNED. TERMS:-CASH. FINEST OLD CHEDDAR CHEESE ALSO, PALE AND SMOKED WILTSHIRE BACON. AGENT FOR BASS AND CO. TJHT OF PRICES TO THE TRADE FOR THE SEASON ENDING 1st OCTOBER, 1876. Per Kil. Per Barrel. Mark. India .Pale Ale triangle 30/- 60/- (No. 1 42/- 84/- ■Strong and Bottling Ales -s No. 2 36/- 72/- (No. 3B 33/- 66/- Per KiL Per Barrel. Mark. /No. 3 30/- 60/- ,ri, A1 J No. 4 27/- 54/- Mild Ales S No. 5 24/- 48^- (No. 6 21/- 42/- (No. 6 21/- 42/- AGENT FOR GUINNESS AND CO.'S EXTRA DUBLIN STOUT. BELIANCE HOUSE, GREAT DARKGATE STREET, (Opposite the Meat Market.) WILLIAM^ PROBIN, 6 r WORKING LAPIDARY, JEWELLER, AND SILVERSMITH, BEGS to inform the Gentry, Inhabitants, and Visitors of Aberystwyth, that he has now on hand a well- -D selected Stock of Diamond Rings, Wedding Rings, Signet Rings, and Gem Rings. Bright and coloured Gold Jewellery, in all its branches, made upon the premises. Every article warranted. Also a large Stock of Whitby Jet and Bog Oak Ornaments. Old Gold and Silver purchased. Wholesale and Retail Dealer in New and Second-hand Plate. ABERYSTWYTH. THE QUEENS HOTEL, (Facing and within 50 yards of the Sea.) BOARD, RESIDENCE, AND ATTENDANCE, THREE AND A HALF GUINEAS PER WEEK. TAEIPP ON APPLICATION. W. H. PALMER, Proprietor. (And at Hoop Hotel, Cambridge.) 'i. JOHN ROBERTS, GOGERDDAN ARMS, AND LION ROYAL HOTEL, ABERYSTWYTH. WINE AND SPIRIT STORES, 1, BRIDGE STREET, (Round the Corner.) A First class Smoke Room, and the Largest Billiard Room in Wales. PRICE LIST: WINES. PER BOTTLE. s. d. s. d. s. d. ,.Piiie Old Claret 2 0.2 6 to 3 6 Port 3 0 to 5 0 )> Sherry .2 0 to 4 0 Champagnes .5 0 to 6 0 11 Moet and Chandon's .o 0 to 7 0 Hock, Chablis, Burgundy, Moselle,) The 15nest Brands are and all other Wines „ j sold at lowest prices I qpod Ci,irs 12s. per 100 foreign Fine ditto 16s. I)itt-a splendid bold Cigar for smoking in or out of doors 14s. per box. (These are really a splendid Cigar.) SPIRITS. PER BOTTLE. Fine Old Brandy, Paie °r | g' to 4 Martells 4 fi to n f! Fine Old Irish Whiskey ] 3 0 to 3 6 bcotch ditto. q n t o r Very Fine Jamaica Rum '"5, n Q q Finest Imported ditto o « t q c Best London Gin X £ Ditto Hollands 3 0 to 3 6 Those who appreciate a glass of good Scotch Toddy should try my Mountain Dew—it is really a treat out of Scotland Pale Ale in Bottles 4„ ,i„„ Dublin Stout ditto 1 Burton Bitter and Mild Ales in 9 and 18 gallon" cask's at Brewer's Prices, carriage paid. Burton Bitter and Mild Ales in 9 and 18 gallon casks at Brewer's Prices, carriage paid. N.B.-amilies are respectfully informed that none but good sound Wines and Spirits are sold at The Lion. POSTING IN ALL ITS BRANCHES. GOOD HORSES AND STEADY POST BOYS. I" A Break leaves the Hotel every morning at 0.30 a.m., for Devil's Bridge. Fare, 4s. <5 bbb- SALES BY AUCTION. ITHFIE LDT^^BYSTWYTHT~" MONTHLY SALES OF LIVE STOCK, IMPLE. MENTS, &c. MR. G. T. SMITH begs respectfully to announce that he will hold Monthly Sales of Cattle, Horses, Sheep, Pigs, Agricultural Implements, Carriages, &c., in the Smithfield, Aberystwyth, on the FIRST MONDA Y IN EVERY MONTB, At Twelve o'clock. ENTRIES FOR THE SALE ON MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3. Respectfully solicited, To be sent in at least a week previous to sale, to be in- cluded in catalogues and advertisements. TERMS :-2 per cent. on amount sold; and a small fixed Entry Fee for unsold lots, to meet expenses. A- SETTLEMENT ON THURSDAY AFTER SALE. BALA, MERIONETHSHIRE. ¥"'(' < Important Sale of very Valuable FREEHOLD FARMS, BUILDING SITES, AND HOUSEHOLD PROPERTY. MR, EVAN JONES has received instructions from the representatives of the late Miss Jones, of Glantryweryn, Bala, to Sell by Public Auction, at the Plascoch Hotel, Bala, On THURSDAY, the 23rd day of AUGUST, 1877, at two for three o'clock precisely, subject to conditions then produced, the following very valuable FARMS, BUILDING SITES, HOUSEHOLD, SHOP, AND COTTAGE PROPERTY, mostly situated in the rising town "of Bala and its vicinity, consisting of Farms, known as Garth Goch, Pencelli, and Mynydd y Gaer; also two Fields, which are very eligible Building Sites, one called Ffridd y Byrgoed, close to the village of Llandderfel; the other called Waen Fawr, situate on the Bala and Corwen turnpike road, near Bethel, about two miles from Llan- dderfel station. Also the desirable residence known as Glantryweryn, situate is High-street, Bala, and the two houses, situate on the corner of High-street, and Tegid- street, commanding the best business positions in the town, with four cottages in Tegid-street, Bala. Plans and particulars of sale may be had at the princi- pal hotels of the neighbourhood, and from J. R. JONES, Esq.. solicitor, Bala, JOHN LLOYD, Esq., 50, Fox-street, Liverpool, and the AUCTIONEER, Agency Office, Mount- place, Bala. DOLGELLEY. ( ELIGIBLE FREEHOLD BUILDING SITES. | To BE SOLD BY AUCTION, BY ] MR. LEWIS WILLIAMS, at the Royal Ship j Hotel, Dolgelley, On TUESDA Y, the 14th A UGUST next, at 2 o'clock p.m., 13 VALUABLE BUILDING PLOTS, with frontages varying from 31 feet to 44 feet, and con- taining from 702 to 765 square yards each, situate on the Dolgelley to Barmouth Turnpike Road, and adjoining the grounds of the newly-erected Dr. Williams's Girls' School and Messrs. Dickson's Nurseries. These lots are situate on a dry gravelly soil, having a southern aspect and an unobstructed view of Cader Idris and Arran Fawddwy, and of the beautiful vales of the Mawddach and Wnion, and are easily accessible by rail from all parts, being about a quarter of a mile from the stations of the Great Western and Cambrian Railways at Dolgelley. Further particulars and plans to »e had of Mr. LEWIS WILLIAMS, auctioneer, ana Messrs. JONES & DAVIES, solicitors, Dolgelley, and at the principal hotels in the neighbourhood. BALA. J VALUABLE COTTAGE PROPERTY AND BUILDING LAND. To BX SOLD BY AUCTION, BY MR. LEWIS WILLIAMS, on SATURDAY, the 18th day of AUGUST, 1877, at the Plascoch Hotel, Bala, at 4 o'clock precisely, subject to conditions to be then produced, ALL THOSE SEVEN COTTAGES, situate inMount-street, in the town of Bala, together with the gardens at the back thereof, now or late in the several occupations of Robert Roberts, Catherine Evans, Evan Roberts, Owen Roberta, Ellen Evans, and William Evans. ALSO, ALL THOSE TWO COTTAGES, situate in Morris Court, in the town of Bala, in the several occupations of John Jones and Jane Jones, to- gether with the yard and appurtenances adjoining thereto, but reserving a right of way through the same for the tenants of the opposite property. The above property, containing upwards of 1,300 square yards, is situated in one of the most desirable portions of the town, and especially suitable for cottage building pur- poses. As an investment to builders and others, the property is a most valuable one, it having as to the first lot a southerly aspect, with an unobstructed view of the Vale of Edeir- nion. Particulars and plans, with further information, may be obtained on application to A. ANWYL PASSINGHAM, solicitor, Bala, or the AUCTIONEER, Mr. Lewis Williams, Dolgelley. TOWYN. SALE OF MOST DESIRABLE FREEHOLD AND LEASEHOLD HOUSES AND COTTAGES. To BE SOLD BY AUCTION at the White Hall Vaults, Towyn, On FRIDAY, AUGUST 31st, 1877, at three o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, and in the following or other lots. LOT 1 & 2. Those two newly built Leasehold Houses, situate in High-street, and adjoining property belonging to Wm. Parry, Esqre., containing each—Front and back parlour, kitchen and scullery, sitting room, and five bedroooms, yard, coal house, &c., in the several occupations of Mr. Owen Jones and Mrs. Stevens. LOT 3 & 4. Those two Freehold Houses, adjoining the above, con- taining each—Parlour, breakfast room, sitting room, seven bedrooms, w.c., kitchen, back kitchen, yard, &c., in the occupation of Mrs. Lucas. LOT 5 & 6. Those six Skeleton Cottages (timbered ready for roofing in) situate in the Station-road, overlooking the railway and the coast, in lots of three cottages each. Mr. Owen Jones, builder, Towyn, will show the several lots. ] Auctioneer-Mr. DANIEL, Towyn. Solicitors-Messrs. JONES & DAVIES. ABERDOVEY. Important Sale of FREEHOLD HOUSES, SHOPS COTTAGES, WAREHOUSES, LIME KILNs! and desirable BUILDING LAND, the property of the late Mr. Robert Edwards, Pier House. To BE 'SOLD BY A UCTION, at the Dovey Hotel, on THURSDAY, AUGUST 30th, 1877, at 3 o'clock in the afternoon, subject to conditions to be then and there produced, and in the following or such other lots as shall be declared at the time of sale. LOT 1 & 2. ^ra'J^e piece of Building Land, situate between the Aberdovey School and the Life Boat House, and con- taining one hundred and twenty feet frontage, in two plots of sixty feet each. LOT 3. The Commodious Warehouse and Premises, adjoining the above, in the occupation of Mr. Wm. Jones, merchant, yearly tenant. LOT 4. Three well-built Cottages and Premises, in the several occupations of Wm. Williams, Jenkin Jones, and Margaret Pughe, yearly tenants. LOT 5. Extensive Warehouse Premises, and two Cottages and Gardens, in the several occupations of Mary Davies, John Jones, and Jenkin Jones, yearly tenants. LOT 6. The Lime Kilns, Stable, and Cottage, in the occupa- tion of the Vendors. LOT 7. Two very desirable Dwelling Houses and Shop, in the occupation of David Owen, Grocer, on lease for an un- expired term of eleven years, together with the four Cottages and Premises adjoining, and in the several occupations of Griffith Roberts, Laura Pughe, and John Jenkins, yearly tenants. LOT 8. All that Block of Buildings, comprising the well arranged Draper's Shop, Warehouse, and Office, and the commodious Dwelling House attached, together with the two Cottages and Custom House Office adjoining, in the several occupations of Messrs. Richard Davies, David a Lewis, Richard Edwards, and the Custom House Officer, yearly tenants. The whole Lots have a frontage into the principal thoroughfare, and wharves, and overlooking the Harbour and Estuary of the Dovey, and are admirably situated for business purposes. The Tenants will show the Lots. Auctioneer—Mr. DANIEL, Towyn. Solicitors—Messrs HOWELL and MORGAN, Machynlleth. SALES BY AUCTION. MONTHLY SALES. ABERYSTWYTH SMITHFIELD. MR. E. J. MORGAN, Auctioneer, begs to state that he will have monthly sales of Live and Dead Stock in the Smithfield on Aberystwyth Fair Days. The next Sale will be held on MONDAY, SEPTEMBER 3rd, at One o'clock. Entries and applications for terms to be sent to Mr. E. J. MORGAN, auctioneer, Penllwyn. WITHOUT RESERVE. IN RE THE CATHERINE AND JANE LEAD MINING COMPANY (LIMITED). IN LIQUIDATION. LEAD MINE TOGETHER WITH THE COM- PLETE MACHINERY AND PLANT. MR. FRANK LEWIS (of the firm of Messrs. Frank Lewis and Kemp) will Sell by Auction, pur- suant to an order of the Chancery Division of the High Court of Justice at the Mart, Tokenhouse Yard, London, E.C., On FRIDAY, SEPTEMBER 1-fth, 1877, at two o'clock precisely, the Mine known as the CATHERINE AND JANE LEAD MINE, situate near the village and railway station of Penrhyn Deudraeth, in the county of Merioneth, held under a lease direct from the freeholder for a term of 21 years from the 1st March, 1873, at a royalty of l-15th and a dead rent of 220, merging into the royalty, together with the PLANT, MACHINERY, and EFFECTS for work- ing the same. The sett is about lk mile in length, and lk mile in width, and is ready for immediate working, large sums of money having been laid out upon it and the machinery, the latter being in capital working order. Particulars and conditions of sale may be had at the Mart; of Messrs. WATSON, Soxs, and RooM, solicitors, 12, Bouverie-street, Fleet-street, E.C. of J. D. GOVER, Esq., solicitor, 2, King street, Cheapside, E.C.; of P. M. EVANS, Esq. (Messrs. Evans & Peirson), Official Liquida- tor, 2, Gresham Buildings, Basinghall-street, E.C.; and of Messrs. FRANK LEWIS and KEMP, Auctioneers, &c., 26, Gresham-street, E.C. NOTICE. MR. O. DANIEL, Auctioneer, Valuer, and Estate Agent, Towyn, begs to announce that he has OPENED an OFFICE at MACHYNLLETH, and re- spectfully solicits the patronage of the nobility, gentry, Mid inhabitants of the town and surrounding country. SALES and VALUATIONS of LAND, HOUSES, LIVE STOCK, FURNITURE, and all other personal Effects, undertaken with care and personal supervision. OFFICEB-MAENGWYN STREET, MACHYNLLETH, and HIGH STREET Towix. V Towyn, Jan. 1st, 1875 BUSINESS ADDRESSES. ABERYSTWYTH. -IL.Jfc t, t'; it! I" r 'i BOOTS. SHOES. BOOTS. For Sand Boots, For Sea-side Boots, For Sand Shoes, For Sea-side Shoes, For Button Boots, For Lace Boots, For Elastic Boots, For Glove-kid Boots, For Summer Boots, For French Boots, For Men's Boots, For Women's Boots, For Boys' Boots, For Girls' Boots, For Babies' Boots, For GOOD Boots, DF EVERY DESCRIPTION, AT READY MONEY PRICES, GO TO DICK'S. Repairs of every description done neatly and with despatch. NOTE THE ADDRESSES :— ABERYSTWYTH—16, Darkgate-street. MACHYNLLETH—Maengwyn-street. DOLGELLEY—Victoria Buildings. BARMOUTH—Church-street. LAMPETER-High-street. rr t r T a 2 ■ :t,'J:; "°1 w.{;/ COALS. RICHARD JONES, Lewis Terrace Coal Yard and Weighbridge, SUPPLIES all kind of Coals as follows :— per ton. NEWPORT 18s. BEST CANNOCK 18s. SMALL 13s. Best Ruabon Coal at 16s. per ton in quantities of not less than 5 tons. Delivered to any part of the town for Is. per tonlextra. Fresh burnt Lime always on hand at the Bridge End Kilns. E. P. TAYLOR, New Market Hall, Terrace Road, DEALER IN GAME, FRUITERER, AND GENERAL PROVISION MERCHANT. BUSINESS ADDRESSES., ^EB^STWYTHT^ JAMES McILQUHAM, BRIDGE END HOUSE, ABERYSTWYTH. WHOLESALE and Retail Dealer in all kinds of EARTHENWARE, GLASS, CHINA, BIRMINGHAM V Y and SHEFFIELD GOODS, &c., &c. Goods Let out on Hire. An experienced Packer kept. SACKS, OIL SHEETS AND TARPAULINGS, a Large Stock always on hand. MRS. M. THOMAS, 3, LITTLE DARK GATE-STREET, ABERYSTWYTH, HAS just received her Summer Goods in CHILDREN'S PELISSE COSTUME, ULSTERS FROCKS H A T S & C HOSIERY, HABERDASHERY, RIBBONS, LACE, FEATHERS, BERLIN WOOLS, &c., &c. THOMAS SMITH, FISHMONGER, FRUIT, AND PROVISION MERCHANT, PIER HOUSE, PIER STREET, And NEW MARKET HALT., TERRACE ROAD, ABERYSTWYTH. Wiltshire Hams and Bacon. Licensed Dealer in Game. Cambridge Sausages. The Choicest Fruits and Vegetables of the Season. Drapery Establishment, 21, Great Darkgate-Street, Aberystwyth. PROPRIETOR, EVAN MORGAN, AGENT for the best makers in Sewing Machines. J. P. Coats, Kerr, and Taylor's Cotton Reels, Silk and Thread Reels. Oil. Needles at Is. 6d. poc dozen, to fit any Machine, always in stock. J MACHINES ON HIRE. ESTABLISHED IN THE YEAR 1820. WILLIAM JULIAN, WHOLESALE AND RETAIL GROCER, TEA, COFFEE, PROVISION, AND FLOUR DEALER^ 10, NORTH PARADE, ABERYSTWYTH. A constant supply of First-Class Australian Preserved Meats, Labrador Sftinywi, Lobste Sardines, &c. ,'0" HOME-CURED BACON AND HAMS. A CONSTANT SUPPLY OF CROSSE AND BLACKWELL'S GOODS. i SLATES SLATES SLlfETiTT R. ROBERTS and SONS, (LATE T SOMAS AND ROBERTS), MERCHANTS, ABERYSTWYTH, TTAVE pleasure in drawing the attention of Builders, Contractors and others, to the excellent Slates whiek XX they are now supplying. These slates are of light colour, and contrast agreeably with the dark blue sW. hitherto sold m the district. They are of first rate quality and cheap. R. ROBERTS and SONS have discharged ex Wellington a cargo of Pitch Pine Logs Bawn and hewn. Quotations on application. ana -"——' '¡'r.V' BARMOUTH, NORTH WALES, Barmouth Hotel, opposite the Church. THIS HOTEL ifl pleasantly situated in the centre of this rapidly rising Watering Place. The scenery k varied and beautiful. Capital Lake and River Fishing in the immediate neighbourhood. Good Sea Fishing in the Bay. There is a spacious Coffee Room and Private Sitting Rooms, and the accommodation is such as to afford every comfort and convenience to Visitors. Charges moderate. Boats can be had from the Hotel. An Omnibus meets all trains. PRIKTED TARIFF ON APPLICATION. Burton Ales and Dublin Stout on Draught and in Bottle. T WINES AND SPIRITS OF A SUPERIOR QUALITY. PRIME HEREFORDSHIRE CIDER CASK AND BOTTLED. BILLIARDS. T. P. EVANS, Proprietor. THE WREXHAM BREWERY COMP AN Y LIMTTTcn MARCH BREWING, 1 D- THE GUINEA WREXHAM PALE INDIA. ALE. Delightful Tonic of a delicate straw colour and fine flavor, brewed expressly for family use at thp RroW„„, Wrexham. The Celebrated India Pale Ale. The Guinea Wrexham, 18 Gallons, for 21s. 9 Gallons 10s 6d DELIVERED CARRIAGE PAID. PRIVATE FAMILY PRICES. MILD ALES. 36 galls.. 18 galls. 9 galls. XXX ) Royal Extra S. ) 1 Wrexham 80s. 40s "Vk 2 66B- & l«T6d. XXX 3 60s. 30s. I5g XXX 4 48s. 24s. 12s XXX 5 40s. 20s. 1< £ XXX 6 36s. 188. 9s. PALE INDIA ALES. W1 60s. 308. 158. W 2 54s. 278. 13S W 3 48s. 24s. lis W 4 (Guinea Wrexham) 42s. 21s 108.6d. SOLE AGENT IN BARMOUTH- T. P. EVANS FINDLATER & CO'S NOURISHING "DUBLIN" STOUT. i. r"vSi Xner0n' Analyst for "Dublin," saj's—(tI have never examined a specimen of porter in which the solid or nutritive constituents were so abundant as in this Stout, and so remarkably free from acidity." Their XXX, XX, and X qualities in good condition, Direct from the Mountjoy Brewery, Dublin; or through their Agent, T. P. EVANS, Barmouth Hotel (opposite the Church), Barmouth. I ESTABLISHED 1750. .¡ I ti.i .( I -> :< "t:" JONATHAN HILL, ..• •■■! I i .!• '• ?' WHOLESALE CABINET MANUFACTURER, ■yvrrrxrt a TIMBER, MAHOGANY, & OAK MERCHANT, (' Merchant Street, BRISTOL. i xr T r T 7 PRICE LISTS ON APPLICATION TO TRADE ONLY. MACHYNLLETH. THOMAS'S CELEBRATED WELSH GRIPE POWDER FOR HORSES, Is. 6d. per Bottle. Also GRIPE MIXTURE FOR HORSES, 2s. 6d. per Bottle. ALTERATIVE AND CONDITION POWDERS FOR HORSES, Is. per peund packet. Prepared only by JOHN THOMAS, Chemist, Machynlleth. Directions 'accompany each bottle and packet. Sole Agent for LONG'S SCAB LOTION for Sheep. — A certain cure for Scab. In consequence of spurious imitatio7is of LEA AND PERRINS' SAUCE, which are calculated to deceive the Public^ Lea and Perrins have adopted A NEW LABEL, bearing their Signature, thus, t2; •which is Placed on every bottle of WORCESTERSHIRE SA UCE, and without which none is genuine. ;t: ■S-Vd by the Proprietors, Worcester; Crosse and Slackwell, London; and E_> Oilmen generally. Retail, by dealers in sauces throughout the World.