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------__-------Tl " A FEW…


Tl A FEW INCHES." ih'he following letter from Canon Walsham How appeared m F.xprem of Tuesday, July 17 — tap-Sume one lias sent mo anonymously some printed verses „t*tlert as above. I have no reason to suppose myself singled f(,l* tlls mark of favour, and imagine it probable that others received the same attention. I hardly know how to write lh''lout expressing too strongly the indignation which made cheek burn as I read these lines. Their subject is the de- ,it,Wt. (,f St. -,klb;tii's n^cUam. Folkestone, St. Vedast s, and ^t. Lthelburga's by the in U)n of the Persecution Party," which is charged with wish- tl 'i th:»t Christ's sheep shoald perish and the harvest of souls i''c: rather than that the shepherd should lilt the chalice an rhi too hi"h, or the reaper bend his forehead an inch too low. t. {Reprosecutionshave, in plain English, emptied the churches, f'3^ed hungry souls of the bread of life, driven away the shepherds, and scattered the helpless flock Lallll all for a few inches An inch too high, or an inch too low, Is more than their endless weal or woe." a :Wn not going to defend the prosecutions. They are a shame JY1'! misery to us. liut there are other things which are a ''lame ainl misery too. And among them I know of faw things JV'fe uttcrfy humiliating than the policy of those parish priests h°, for the sake of An inch too nigh or an inch too low" i r our versifier has forgotten that his weapon has a double A), liave themselves stripped the altar," denied their people lie Bread of Life, reduced their services to the most chilling .^eness, and created the desolation which th#> would fain lay the door of their adversM'1^ r,, out were this all, I should not trouble you with this letter. j° the gross slander and bitter unchantableness of what follows can recollect no parallel. It is simply infamous. After a describing the language of t leir foes as x00 much devo- <, 'r> by half I" ''Bar the church dooi except once a week 1 ^trip the altar Who wants to be fed every wuek on the Ye let (^law.dlwitl-1; l^'irtoolow I' or an inch tiff) 1(| scatter the sheep, e would smite the sliephei tt .u i, That devils may laugh and angels v\ oep. Zeal of party hath eaten you up •Gainst the bended knee and the lifted clAT). But for His house ye have little What reck ye of ignorance, e™1; 'Tis only the gnat hurts your delicate • • ?, You can swallow your camels and ca* • »• ] 0f V,such a spirit as breathes hi these lines annates any men her & Ritualist" party, there is no hope of po.^e- a»e ancl labouring for peace, and it make- in(y A| s it i! w'th all this "evil speaking, lying, and slanrtei^ {ro: 0t>ly a sample of the production. With men f (n0 anja Us in some exaggerations (as they seem to us) W:thmtin vv. Practice, we can have large anil loving sympat Q0can use the hinguage of these verses we wiH^ ^ow.



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