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ABERYSTYWTH GRAMMAR SCHOOL. This school was examined on the 13th and 14th of June, and a prize was awarded to the most distinguished boy in each class :—Senior Classics, Bray, Strata Florida Senior Mathematics, T. Jones, Lledrod; Junior Greek, Paull. Brynllys .Junior Latin, Phillips, Ponterwyd: Senior French Prize, Paull, Montgomeryshire; Junior French Prize, Bray, Strata Florida; Arithmetic and Geometry, John Davies, Penvgreen, Llanidloes English Grammar. Green, Prescot, Lancashire: Geography and History. Wilkinson, Vicarage, Ditton Priors, Salop; Map-Draw- ing from Memory, Evan Ellis, Aberystwyth. The aggregate of marks obtained by each boy during the last half year was as follows :— First class.—Thomas Jones 725, J. Davies, 696, David Richards 692, David Morris 514, *Green 436, *Wilkinson 412. Second Class.—John Hughes 991, Robinson 988, T. Evans 904, J. P. Griffiths 963, Phillips 951, Paull 921 I) L. Davies 910, E. D. Rees 813, E. Hughes 732, Bray 719, Samuel 716, Evan Ellis 702, Richard Hughes 594, Stephen Davies 571, Smith 473, M. J. Morgan 442, J. Williams 410, T. Jones 400, T. R. Davies 356, David Jones 312, Issac James 198. Third Class.—G. W. Williams 849, Thomas L. Jones 839, H. Parry s:a, Daniel 833, Williams, major, 826, Michael Williams 818, David Davies 794, Lewis Enoch 793, H. W. Kirkby 791, T. J. Evans 774, J. D. Davies 762, Simon 057, Morris 384, C. O. Williams 327, J. LI. Edwards 312. Fourth. Class.—J. T. Jones flJG, W. Williams 903, M. Morgans 813, J. Phillips 813, Edwin James 712, D. J. Jones 482, J. Jones 475, E. R. Edwards 400, J. K! Jones 412, D. M. Jones 407, E. A. Jones 401, D. R. Roberts 207, Enoch Davies 207. Junior Boys-First Class stood thus :—Jenkin Thomas Jones, minor, Ellis, White, E. W. Kirkby, Ede, Jones, major. Second Class. Pocock, R. C. Kirkby, Doughton, H. Lloyd. Junior Boys-Prizes :—Latin, E. W. Kirkbv, Euclid, White, Arithmetic, Ellis. Those marked thus (") were present at the Oxford Local Examinations during some days, and lost marks. REPORT OF THE EXAMINER. "This school consists of 72 boys, the largest number, I believe, it has ever attained; and the teaching staff in- cludes, besides the Head Master, one graduate and four teachers. The majority of the boys do Latin, 13 Greek, and 13 French. All do Arithmetic and Mathematics. Great, attention is given to History, Geography, Map- Drawing, English Grammar, Book-Keeping, and Penman- ship. The same principle of thoroughness seems to me to run through the whole work of the school, and character- ises that of the younger boys no less than the senior ones. I was pleased to see in the list of the Cambridge Previous Examination for Easter Term, and which arrived on the day of the distribution of prizes, that Mr. George Evans of Trinity Hall, till April last, and for the previous three years pupil in this school, had passed first class in Classii. s and Mathematics, and also in the additional subjects for honours. Only one other out of 307 candidates passed in his first term, -a fact that speaks for itself. I have great pleasure in bearing testimony to the flourishing condition of this school, and feel sure that the boys have been taught patiently, perseveringly, and with conscientious thoroughness.—H. R. RODERICK, B.A., Exhibitioner of Jesus College, Oxford." The school re-opens on Monday, the 30th day of July.





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